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Dont look back

posted on Wednesday, 30th December 2009 | find under Fitness

An insatiable hunger to improve is part of what makes you an athlete. It is what gives me drive to keep on going. It provides me with company when i am pursuing a lonely goal and helps on cold and early mornings. I am hardest on myself because i am aware of what i have. I value everything that the synergy of my body and mind has acheived- and yet i am never satisfied. I am constantly ready to fight forward and refuse to stay dancing on the back foot. This mindset has always made me an easy person to coach and train with. It also means however that i find it very very hard when i am stopped in my tracks. The reality of fighting a life threatening illness does sometimes however rear its ugly head in the form of a compromised immune system. When in training i will do all i can to keep on running and not give in. When it affects my form i find myself running with the reminder of my own fallibility. When i am forced to walk it off in the middle of a lap i almost want to explain to passersby that i am strong but im only just getting back on track. Sometimes i think that i want people to cut me some slack as its only been a year...do i really though? Surely thats just me wanting to give myself a break. Will I? No. Because that pursuit of personal perfection is the very driving force of my life.

claire cahill on Dont look back
By claire cahill - 28th September 2010
And you'll reach it, none of us have any doubts about that xx
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