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Day 28: The Neom Relaxation Reward

posted on Friday, 26th September 2014 | find under Fitness
You’re nearing the end of the 30 day challenge and we know that you’re feeling good on the outside but are you still taking care of your inner self?  The last of our three Neom mindfulness challenges is about truly letting go of the stresses and strains in your life. Let Emma Mills, Neom’s mindfulness expert, talk you through how to relax…

Don't forget to do Charlie's 15-minute yoga class today - watch the video below. Charlie wears the Mukha Yoga Vest and Salabasana Reversible Yoga Capris.
The Relaxation Reward
We spend a lot of time doing something whilst thinking about what is going to happen next. Planning and setting goals can spur us on, but too much time spent in this state can overwhelm our mind, and often this means our minds and in turn our bodies can never truly relax.
This exercise is about rewarding yourself with the time to do something that makes you truly happy - even though it may not serve a particular purpose. It is simply about treating yourself to something that makes you happy and focusing on doing something without any next point - a single activity you focus on which allows your mind to be calm.
Focus your attention in the moment, de-clutter your mind and you’ll bring true relaxation to your outlook - the perfect reward to end the 30 Day Sweat Challenge.
How to do this exercise:
This is actually a really simple exercise to do, but many of us forget how to do it. Children do this a lot with play time but as adults, at times we can forget that not everything we do needs to be instrumental.
1. Schedule a little time in this week to do something that is fun or relaxing that serves
no purpose.
2. Choose something that makes you happy. For example: bake a cake for no reason other than you'd like to. It’s not for anyone, or serving any purpose other than you’re enjoying the experience.
3. Write a poem or a story, even though you aren't intending to publish it.
4. Schedule yourself some time to have a bath. It’s imperative this is done without any technology - this means no looking at Facebook whilst in the tub! No phones, books or time limits. Use fragrance oil or muscle soak. My favourite is Neom Real Luxury with de-stressing properties. Adding something like this makes that bath work twice as hard for your body and mind, naturally.

Today's the day to do Charlie’s stretch class. Try it home below.

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