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Day 24: Glute Pulse Challenge

posted on Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 | find under 

Dancer, yogi and Pilates instructor Simone De La Rue is the creator of Body By Simone and one of the top trainers in the US. With celebrity clients, two LA-based studios and a must-read 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan, Simone is well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to set today’s fitness challenge.

Here, Simone shares all on how to do a glute pulse and what benefits it will provide.

How to do a glute pulse

Lie face-down on the floor with your legs extended behind you. Bend your knees and splay them out to the sides. If you have a Pilates ball then place it between your heels with your feet flexed. Whether you are exercising with or without a Pilates ball, bend your knees so your shins are perpendicular to the floor with the soles of your feet facing the ceiling. Place your elbows and forearms on the floor to prop your chest up. Squeeze your glutes and lift your knees and thighs off the floor as high as you can. Lower your knees back to the floor – this is one repetition.

The challenge
Set the timer for 1 minute and count how many glute pulses (also known as ‘Froggies’!) you can do before the timer goes off.

The benefits

“Everyone wants a perky dancer's butt and the best way to get one is to fatigue your glutes,” explains Simone. “Learning to fire up the glute muscles correctly will help build them much faster. Working the glutes, core and lower back, this is one of my favourite moves as it is so effective! It is in my book and all my classes.”

Don't forget to get your 10 a day with the Detox Kitchen today, then It's time to move onto day 25.

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