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Close second to Jamie Oliver at Retail Interiors awards last night

posted on Wednesday, 30th September 2009 | find under 

Big night out at Hilton Park Lane last night for a black tie awards dinner.  Sweaty Betty was a finalist in the 'Best Small Shop' category at the 2009 Retail Interiors awards.  We lost the title to Jamie Oliver's Recipease but received a 'highly commended'.  No hard feelings towards Jamie, I love his Fifteen Cornwall at Watergate Bay (fantastic staff as well) and I am sure Joules has been photographed in the press with a Sweaty Betty bag.  I need to get down to Recipease in Clapham Junction asap as everyone says it is great and they took all the awards last night - congratulations.

I went to the awards with Yolanda (star of this weeks boxing video and pro boxing coach) who was the Manager of our Soho store when it was re-fitted (now officially the second best new store design of 2009!). We were guests of Caulder Moore, the brilliant brand design agency who have helped us on our 'brand rehydration' journey and who designed this award winning store for us. Poor Suzy, our store designer from Caulder Moore, won the runner up prize last year as well.  She took the disappointment well and we have promised never to mention it to anyone...

Can I be excused for this behaviour given that I am a retialer?  I arrived without a bow tie and saw there was a shirt and tie shop located in the Hilton.  They had no bow ties that you could tie yourself but did have clip-on bow ties - at £65!!  I couldn't bring myself to pay that for a clip-on and the concierge had told me on the phone that there was a gift shop in the lobby.  Sure enough there is a tiny shop in the lobby selling everything you could want for a night in a hotel.  And sure enough she had a £10 clip on bow tie which I think looked fine....

Simon, MD

TJ on Close second to Jamie Oliver at Retail Interiors awards last night
By TJ - 28th September 2010
Its a shame you didn't win the award for store design. The new store look is fab. Much more inviting that the old white which looking back could be a little stark. And the layout is easy to navigate, though it would be useful to have the "trouser bar area" organised by leg length as well as by size. It would also be nice to see the accessories, such as bottles and towels in the new sweaty betty colours (however you describe that colour!!) rather than the old pink with the new logo. And while on the subject of products it would be great to see the water bottles coming with a rubber cap over the mouthpiece, especially as you are now doing the cycling gear as you can't really use your bottles when doing this as the mouthpiece gets covered in mud, dirt and even mucky water from puddles (its a similar issue for other outdoor activities like running).
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