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Caroline Sandry's New Pilates DVD

posted on Tuesday, 20th July 2010 | find under 

If you haven't heard of Caroline Sandry yet, you soon will. She is a world leading fitness expert who I met at this year's Vitality Show. Caroline counts pop stars and models amongst her wide portfolio of client and brings decade of Pilates experience to make this DVD a top tummy trimming workout.

The exercises bring together classic Pilates moves, with aspects of Yoga and body conditioning. The two main workouts only take half an hour each (with an added bonus stretchband workout out as well) which is perfect to fit in to any busy schedule. The series focuses on toning and strengthening the whole body, particularly the core.

The opening section 'What is Pilates' is an essential must-see. As Caroline explains, many people have had unsuccesful experiences of Pilates and usually this is because the basics have not been explained properly. Just like Caroline says about her clients, through my own practice and teaching of Pilates I have learnt that as soon as you understand the basic points of posture, abdominal control and breathing you will find not only your pilates technique will improve but you will also find everyday actions like sitting, standing and lifting more comfortable and much safer.

If you worry about self motivation when it comes to at home DVD's, all you need to do is take one look at the Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain, which provides the beautiful backdrop to this DVD. This, combined with Carolines' enthusiasm, knowledge and Pilates-perfect body, will inspire you to become a regular Pilates fan in days!

To purchase the DVD go to www.carolinesandry.com


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