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Better Booties Part 1: Quick Fixes

posted on Wednesday, 18th November 2009 | find under 

Bottoms: big ones; small ones; flat ones; long ones and then of course bottoms that you can rest your glass of Chablis on! This week I’m bringing you a bootylicious blog, inspired by the gorgeous and oh so talented Beyonce, who I got to see in all her fierceness on Monday night at the O2.

Do you have a love hate relationship with yours?  Or just a hate hate? We all have them.  And in spite of super skinny celebs promoting bony bottoms, there’s a team of beautiful celebrity booties itching to kick them in to touch:


  • Beyonce (who just happens to have fabulous legs too);
  • J-Lo;
  • Brooke Shields (awesome athletic physique);
  • Scarlett Johansson; and then of course the curvacious
  • Eva Mendes.


Far from being purely aesthetic, a firm, round, peachy bottom is a good indicator of what we in the industry call a ‘functional bottom’.  Put simply - it works properly.  With a strong rear you are less likely to suffer with lower back problems and less prone to over-developed thigh muscles. Your buttock muscles should be activated with every step you take, so if yours is a little lazy, the chances are that isn’t happening which can ultimately affect your posture.

There’s good news if you are the proud owner of a juicy pear shape too. Fat on your hips and thighs is better for your long-term health than fat on your tummy.  Although if your squidgy booty is getting you down, it could be an indicator of too much of the female hormone oestrogen in your system.  Hitting the weights in the gym, finding an alternative to the contraceptive pill and dietary changes are all important considerations to redress the balance (I’ll talk about this more soon).

But this is part one: Quick Fixes.  So we’ll start easy.  Christmas parties aren’t far away and there’s lots you can do with a few retail indulgences.


Oh yes … I now live in mine!  Cosy, warm, snugly and comfy plus the foot bed gives you great foot support and works your bottom when you walk just like their summery sisters. But by far the best selling point is the way they support your foot arches. Collapsing in to the insides of your feet when you walk is not good for your bottom or for your posture (just bear with me since the science bit can come later).


Be they my personal M&S favourites 'magic tights' (I discovered them last Christmas and would swear they drop a dress size) or Spanx pants, suck-you-in-and-lift-you-up spandex will give you smoother lines under your slinky dresses.  I recently learned that all the fabulous girls in the cast of Lipstick Jungle wore them!  And if you’re after a similar effect under your gym capris, may I suggest Sweaty Betty’s own fluoro knickers for a budget nip-tuck?!


Walk up hills.  That’s it!  Walking up hills with big strides and paying particular attention to pushing off with your big toes will activate your glutes, thus lifting your booty!

 Stay tuned for the best exercises you can do at home or in the gym for training your bottom.  I’ve got an action plan for you but wanted to ease you in gently.Wink


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