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Day 18: Behind The Scenes of The Hiitgirl Video - Meet The Models

posted on Thursday, 18th September 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
One very sweaty day in July, the founder of Hiitgirl Susan Dyson came together with three extremely fit women to film the Get Fit 4 Free video for Autumn 2014. It took 3 film crew members, 1 studio manager, 1 Sweaty Betty stylist, 1 behind-the-scenes photographer, 1 blog writer and 1 Sweaty Betty content & events manager (as well as the 4 being filmed!) to capture this workout on video. 

In one very short break in between takes, Sweaty Betty managed to sit down with each of the ladies on-screen to find out all on their go-to exercises, ultimate cheat foods and favourite places in London.


Susan Dyson – Founder of Hiitgirl
Favourite health food: Nak’d bars
Can’t-live-without cheat food: Lemon tart
Most loved place in the world: Italy
Favourite place in London: Hampstead Heath

Hiitgirl Founder Susan Dyson

Meet the models - Hollie and Anya are Sweaty Betty Ambasadors for the Islington boutique. Hollie is a keen pilates enthusiast and is Head Trainer at PilatesHQ, while cardio queen Anya is a trainer at the formidable Barry's Bootcamp. Georgie is Sweaty Betty's Area Manager and a qualified personal trainer who is also a fan of Barry's.

Left to right: Hollie wears the Athlete Workout Vest, Anya the Training Over Tee GF4F and Georgie the Mukha Yoga Vest.

Favourite health food: 
Georgie – Edamame beans
Hollie – Eggs
Anya – Avocado

Can’t-live-without cheat food: 
Georgie – Butterscotch ice cream
Hollie – Chocolate
Anya – Chips

Most loved place in the world: 
Georgie – Ibiza
Hollie – South of France
Anya – LA

Favourite place in London: 
Georgie – Primrose Hill
Hollie – Richmond Park
Anya – Hampstead Heath

With both Anya and Hollie being fitness instructors themselves, we were keen to hear how it felt to do someone else’s routine…

Hollie – “It was fun! Nice to have someone else telling me what to do, and trying out a different routine.”
Anya – “I really enjoyed it! I found it challenging, and it was nice to get a different perspective on training.”

Now see the team in action - watch the Hiitgirl workout video below:
Time to move onto day 19.
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