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Bbrrrr Betties, the seasons are changing and so should your wardrobe...

posted on Friday, 9th October 2009 | find under 

Ooh, it's gettin' a little frisky outside.  Somehow my thinking is, I'm gonna have to part with my summer clothes and get my autumnal swerve on.  Ooh but my 3/4 length leggings are so cute, they give great shape to the calves no?  And what about the lovely Betty vests...they're gonna have to be an indoor-training-session-only option.

Thank God the Queens of fitness-fashion at SB Headquarters have given me something to smile about as the nights get darker.  I can be chilly and look darling at the same time.  Here's how I'll be keeping toasty in the coming months...

First my ear-pieces, these little bambinos need to be covered and toasted, wind-chill is not an option here, which is why I'm lovin' this cute Earwarmer £12  

Next to my torso.  Don't you know you have to keep this bit real warm Betties, it's where all of your organs are and stuff, the important parts that need heating!!  So you know the way when it's freezing and your hands and feet get super cold, well that's cos all of your blood rushes to your organs to keep them warm and functioning well.  We're made pretty smart huh?  So anyways, SB HQ sre all about keeping the vital organs toasty, cue Body Warmer Gilet £75


Finally a girl needs to look after her pins.  For years I have always doubled up with leggings, followed by tracksuit bottoms for an extra thermal effect.  Then SB came up with thermal leggings!!  Who knew?  One item of clothing: thermal on the inside; fab, shiny and legging-y on the outside.  Multi-tasking at it's best SB, fabulous.  So here they are...I present to you, the Thermal Run Pant £65


Wear them well Betties, you owe it to the SB movement!!




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