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A fifth season

posted on Thursday, 13th May 2010 | find under 

I have decided that spring, summer, autumn and winter simply werent enough for me. I needed another season...race season! It has been a while (coming up for 3 years) since i competed at a high level in sport. Since then i have dabbled here and there and generally just enjoyed the fruits of my labour, by that i mean that an early introduction to sport has meant that I have enough years of experience and training to simply enjoy the sports that i now do. That said i need a goal and a focus now more that ever.

The winter just gone was more than just a little tough. I felt like i was permentantly running against an arctic wind, and most days i actually was! - my asics are not made for snow!. I bounced from one chest infection to another and never got past 15milers. I was stuck at a certain point and it is testment to my friends that i still have any - winter blues? you could say that! But spring has sprung, and with it a whole new set of challenges and goals. I am looking forward to running in the early morning sunshine. I am relishing the thought of power yoga in the garden or the park. I have my sights set on a full race season. There wont be any gold medals but to compete for a full season is good enough for me - we will start time trials in October and my first competition? Well a winter triathlon of course, but more on that later.

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