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A breathe of fresh air

posted on Sunday, 16th May 2010 | find under 
Fresh air probably isnt in Londons top selling points

Fresh air probably isnt in Londons top selling points but right now it is a bit of a focus for me. This week all my sport has concentrated on helping to improve the strength of my lungs. As a boxer I had the finest coach in the country, Jimmy Tibbs, and he knew a thing or two about lung power. We would often retreat to the top floor of the gym after an early morning session. We would escape the dark and sweaty confines of the rings and the noise of the weights and bags. Upstairs in the dojo, with light streaming through the windows Jimmy would install in me the importance of lung exercises. He would explain to me that lungs need training, just like every other part of my body, and that if i neglected this practice i would suffer the consequences. We would stand together, Jim towering above me and begin to take deep breathes inwards, holding for a second and then releasing the air as slowly as possible. We would stand like this, sometimes circling our arms, sometimes with our arms outstretched, until I would feel faint and have to stop. Jimmy would then always remind me that "whoever has the strongest lungs will win the fight". This understated and currently poingnant message was with me this morning as i began a slow and steady run around the park. Spring had sprung and i was warm in my vest as i made my way round the 5miles. I focused on my breath, making each inhale and exhale last as long as possible. This morning I didnt run with Gaga or JayZ determining the pace. Instead i chose to listen to the soundtrack of a runner- my feet hitting the earth and the sound of my lungs getting stronger.

www.hccmis.com on A breathe of fresh air
By www.hccmis.com - 28th September 2010
I think that he is right. Really, whoever has the strongest lungs will win the fight. Hang in there and keep breathing. Thanks for taking the time to post this information.
shn on A breathe of fresh air
By shn - 28th September 2010
Very Zen and very yoga....
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