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The holistic practice of yoga has a variety of disciplines, from the slow sequence of Hatha and energising Vinyasa Flow, to sweaty Bikram and heart-opening Anusara. While each practice varies in temperature, the fluidity of the movements and the series of asanas; they place equal emphasis on the breath, working towards the same shared goal of chitti vritti nirodha (to quieten the chatter in the mind). Using the poses to detox the body, align the chakras (energy centres) and de-clutter the mind, the strength and stability necessary to master certain poses tones the physique and enhances flexibility. The meditative and restorative nature of yoga has been shown to relieve stress, aid sleep and enhance overall well-being, while the physical benefits complement other forms of training from swimming to running.

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what to wear for yoga

During any yoga class, the body must be able to move freely through asanas without restriction. Yoga tops and bottoms should stay in place during a variety of inversions, so choose a fitted cami layered beneath a loose-fit vest and paired with opaque leggings.

Elasticated waistbands and hems on tops and bottoms to keep clothing in place through Warrior and Sirasana (headstand).


Comfortable designs that avoid buttons, underwires, belts and protruding seams. Anything that will chafe or get caught on your yoga mat will inhibit your practice.


Loose-fitting tops layered over camis are useful in maintaining body temperature once you reach savasana (motionless relaxation post-class – also known as corpse pose), as well as for wearing to and from the studio.


Sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabrics are ideal to keep you dry and comfortable during high energy practices such as Bikram and Power Yoga.


Seamlessly-engineered fabrics allow for a greater range of movement during practice, and eliminate chafing due to fewer seams.


100% opaque yoga bottoms ensure full confidence from Downward Dog to Plow Pose. Visit the product testing page for details on their performance.

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