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A full-body workout that targets nearly every muscle group at once, swimming has multiple benefits such as conditioning the cardiovascular system, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and aiding in rehabilitation. The typical swim training session will include sculling and skating to improve strength, power and technique, often followed by endurance drills and sprints. The challenge is to keep a steady pace from push-off to the final length, and it can take diligent training to master bi-lateral breathing, sighting and drafting while concentrating on your rhythm.

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what to wear for swimming

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Redefine your pool session with a choice of swimsuits and sports bikinis...

For maximum support, swimwear with a high neckline, racerback design and built-in bust is best.


Flatlocked seams on bikinis and swimsuits will prevent chafing and allow for a more streamlined swim.


Technical features like chlorine and UV-resistance will ensure your swimwear endures regular training.


Fully-lined designs and extra panels beneath zips ensure full coverage so you feel confident in and out of the water.


Functional features like zip cords and fastening can improve your experience when you're getting in and out of a swimsuit.


Swim caps and anti-fog goggles with polycarbonate tinted lenses will streamline your swim and reduce distractions. 

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