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A marathon is a challenge for any runner. A long-distance race of 26.2 miles that can take you up mountains, through jungle or along urban streets, marathons push the runner to their limits both physically and mentally. The runner must be a master of their pace; reading the terrain to assess how much energy to exert at each moment, and knowing when to up the speed and when to focus on miles, rather than minutes. Why do it? Because you can. Do it for the overwhelming sense of accomplishment, and because there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line. Once you've conquered the 26.2, up the distance to the ultimate runner's event; a 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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what to wear for marathon

To conquer a marathon, you need run kit that will keep you comfortable and supported from start line to finish post. Technical, sweat-wicking tops, high-impact sports bras, specifically-designed trainers and recovery-aiding run bottoms will boost performance to the max.

what to look for

A high-impact sports bra for maximum support, to reduce bounce while running.


Running trainers – those that are suited to your gait and foot type will help prevent injury and enhance your run.


Technical fabrics in both tops and bottoms. Those with sweat-wicking capability and anti-chafe, flatlocked seams are designed to keep the runner comfortable and strong through the full 26.2 miles.


Run socks with blister resistance to enhance comfort during endurance races.


Compression technology in run garments such as socks, tops and bottoms will reduce muscle fatigue and aid recovery post-run. Choose compression run leggings for maximum performance.


Extra functionality – e.g. long-sleeved tops with thumbholes and mittens - ideal for adapting to temperature changes while running.


Practical run accessories - water bottles, media armbands, headbands and bumbags. Ideal for comfort and convenience on longer runs.

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