blog Sat, 28 Nov 2015 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 9 people you need in your fitness crew /blog/9-people-you-need-in-your-fitness-crew/ /blog/9-people-you-need-in-your-fitness-crew/#comments Wed, 30 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/9-people-you-need-in-your-fitness-crew/ With F1 superstar Susie Wolff proving a significant source of inspiration for this season’s Tomboy collection, we were intrigued by the support network Susie and other athletes rely on to perform their best. What we see on the track or podium is the very tip of the iceberg, with plenty of grit, dedication, failure and lessons learned lurking beneath the surface. As raw talent is best nurtured in the company of others, we asked trainer and female empowerment spokesperson Karen Laing to outline the 9 people you need in your ‘crew’…

1. Your fitness inspiration

This might be the person who encouraged you to try sport as a child or the one who flicked the switch and illuminated your active lifestyle. They may not be part of your inner circle now, but they set you on the right trajectory for success. Keep them close to your heart and do them proud in every workout, fitness class or competition.

2. Your coach

Whether it’s a personal trainer, a like-minded gym trainer or a class instructor, this is the person who inspires you, challenges you and motivates you. Turn to them for training questions (or training woes), and trust in the depth of their knowledge to approach your personal goals with a well-informed and carefully considered plan of action. 

3. Your race day cohort

You know the one. You find an event and book two places because you know they’re in. You train together, bunk together and abstain from drinking together. And they’re in every post-event selfie on your Instagram page. Success shared is success magnified. 

4. Your live-in counsellor  

The people you share a roof with have a huge role to play in your fitness success. Whether it’s a partner, friend or family, get the people closest to you on board with your goals and they’ll have your trainers at the ready every time you think about skipping your morning run for a lie in. 

Katie Bulmer-Cooke, top personal trainer, author and former BBC Apprentice star, knows a thing or two about this: “Having positive influences around me has always been important. When someone else believes in you, you really feel you can take on the world. Whether it be in the gym and having a training partner to push you through your last few reps or in my case my mum, dad and husband saying, 'I know you can/will' when I share with them my latest business idea. Positivity breeds success!”

5. Your best friend

She knows when you need a stern talking to and when you need to skip training for a cream-smothered hot chocolate. For life or for fitness, your best friend is always on call and knows to help you find the balance of active pursuits and well-deserved rest.  

Sweaty Betty healthy friends

Team SB makes time to laugh and share the benefits of active living

6. Your devil’s advocate

Believe it or not, you need a fitness sceptic in the corner. She secretly envies your get up and go and one day you know that your unstoppable energy will rub off on her. In fact, that’s one of the motivations keeping you going. Could you be someone else’s ‘fitspiration’? Do it for her.

7. Your injury prevention professional

Masseuse, chiropractor or physiotherapist, this person keeps you in one piece during even the most intense training regime. They care about your health and preventing injury, because they understand that not being active is not really living.

8. Your nutritionist

Like your physical therapist, you need your food scientist on speed dial or messenger at all times. No sports car has ever risen to the top without the best fuel in the tank, and your body is the same. Dietitian or informal food fanatic, make sure you have a culinary sage on hand for new recipe inspiration.  

9. Your tribe

There’s security in number, and the best way to secure your next big fitness success is to have a team of active women who love to share ideas, try out new classes and occasionally meet for a post-workout cappuccino. Friends, colleagues or neighbours, having a fitness gang gives social context for your personal pursuits and helps to hold you to account. If you’re not sure where to start, try joining a local fitness club, attending a free in-store class at a nearby Sweaty Betty boutique or signing up to organisations like Women in Fitness Empowerment (WIFE), which is all about connecting active within a supportive networking environment.

Sweaty Betty barre friends

Team SB meets at the barre instead of the bar

Karen Laing is a writer, presenter and co-director of She specialises in pre and post natal Pilates and fitness and loves to meet and write about inspiring women. Karen is also a guest speaker at the WIFE Rising Stars conference. Read more of her work on

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The Holiday Edit: What to pack for your active break /blog/sweaty-bettys-essential-holiday-wardrobe/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-essential-holiday-wardrobe/#comments Tue, 09 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-bettys-essential-holiday-wardrobe/  
Sweaty Betty founder Tamara gets away by following ‘the waves and the wind'. While a quick peak at Vogue columnist Calgary Avansino’s stunning Instagram feed shows lust-worthy, sun-drenched and super healthy holidays.
Whether you’re mixing up triathlon training with a relaxing beach break or practising your inversions on a laidback island yoga retreat, Sweat Betty has your holiday workout wardrobe covered. Here's our top picks...

Sweaty Betty Holiday Edit

Pictured (from clockwise): Dive in Bikini, Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit, Rejuvenate Retreat Knit Hoody and Triple Jump Run Shorts


Never travel without supportive, high-performance trainers. A favourite at Sweaty Betty are the Gel Noosa Tri 10s by ASICS. Engineered for triathletes, these lightweight trainers have a breathable, open mesh upper and elastic laces. Lightweight and easy to slip into your luggage or perfect for running to and from the plane, plus their bright shade perfectly complements a tan.
Supportive swimwear

Create a sleek silhouette on the beach or by the pool with swimwear that doubles as supportive underwear for a workout. Ideal for beach sprints, sea swimming and pool-side drills, the colour-popping Dive In Bikini is an investment that will truly endure - with colour fade protection that perserves its vibrancy for long-lasting style and performance. 
Multi-sport leggings

Save on valuable suitcase space by choosing versatile multi-sport bottoms. The Visama Yoga Leggings reverse from statement blue to neutral grey, giving you two outfits in one. Convenient!

Sun protection

Soak up the sun without worrying about damage to your hair and skin with a sport-specific sun protector. We love Garnier UV Sport - a sweat-proof, long-lasting, alcohol-free mist that will nourish and protect your skin as you transition from surf to sun.
Day-to-night style

Go straight from savasana to the dinner table in the Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit. A perfect piece that blends holiday chic and functional style. Sweat-wicking fabric and loose tailoring ensure that you’ll flow freely in your practice. Simply add heels and a cocktail (optional) to nail your evening look.

The Vogue-approve vest

Recommended by Vogue as a must-have for the summer season, the Air Rush Rash Guard is a long-sleeved, high-stretch swimwear top that’s ideal for breezy days at the beach when you need a little more protection. The bold X-Ray Dragonfly print will also ensure you stand out at sea - great for spectators to spot you in the surf.

Statement prints

Holiday style is all about summer brights, and Sweaty Betty’s new Summer Run collection is filled with a range of get-fit gear in sherbert shades. The Triple Jump Run Shorts in the collection’s signature Butterfly Wing print are a must-pack for inspiring early morning runs and daytime hikes.

Easy-wear basics

Don't forget those wear-with-everything tops for poolside lounging, yoga practice and travel. The Reflect Yoga Tee is a lightweight, cotton tee with a feminine neckline and capped sleeves - and it sits effortlessly over a bikini. Choose from four colours and pair with workout capris or denim shorts for days out.

An evening cover-up

Ideal for throwing on post-workout or for on long walk on the beach, the Retreat Knit Hoody in lightweight merino is a stylish yet practical cover-up for cooler evening and autumn days. Crafted from soft breathable fabric with a cool see-through aesthetic, it’s the only holiday knit you’ll need.

Portable gym essentials 

Upgrade your holiday workouts by popping a resistance band or skipping rope into your suitcase for a do-anywhere HIIT workout you can do in your room or in the early morning shade. A water bottle is an essential accessory if you’re working out in the summer heat. Pack it in the Deluxe Studio Holdall (which doubles as carry on luggage). That's summer sorted...

Words by Harriet Tisdall  
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Wellbeing entrepreneur Nicola Elliott on how to stay grounded /blog/neom-founder-nicola-elliot-on-how-to-stay-grounded/ /blog/neom-founder-nicola-elliot-on-how-to-stay-grounded/#comments Wed, 13 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/neom-founder-nicola-elliot-on-how-to-stay-grounded/ As founder and creative director of ultra-zen fragrance brand Neom Organics, Nicola Elliott from Neom Organics knows a thing or two about staying calm and collected when life wants to run away with us. Here she shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, and helps you turn a frenetic lifestyle into a (mostly) tranquil existence…

Neom founder Nicola Elliot

As founder of Neom Organics, mum to Charlie (7) and Alexa (5), and someone who enjoys having a busy social life, I don’t always get it exactly right.

Which is why my top tip is to acknowledge that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. The first rule of balance in my book is to accept that it swings like a pendulum – some days I feel quite smugly as though it's all under control and others I’ve been tempted to book a one way ticket (for one) to Australia. But that’s OK. Because it will pass. Tomorrow’s another day.

It’s also important to prioritise time for yourself. I don’t treat those moments for me as a luxury, but a necessity. With the World Health Organization stating that by 2020 the top four global diseases will be stress-related, switching off is as pivotal to your health as a consistent workout regime. 

Of course, others depend on you to stay healthy (and sane), too. By making space in your diary to do the things you love and enjoy a break from responsibility, you will be better able to look after your family and the people around you. Do the sports and exercise that you enjoy (in attire that makes you feel good). Stop and think about what you’re eating, and whether it’s truly nourishing for your body. Make sleep a priority – that means turning off those damn smart phones after 8pm, because they wreak havoc with your body’s circadian rhythm.

Personally, my favourite way to reflect and unwind is to run a bath filled with the therapeutic Neom Scent to Instantly De-Stress Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil. The warm water centres my mind and washes away the demands of the day, so that an hour later I can put my head on my pillow and have a truly restful sleep. 

To keep stress at bay, it’s essential to maintain a 360 degree approach to life. I refuse to skimp on the pleasures I reserve for myself – the food I eat, a little meditation, uninterrupted family activities and the odd glass of wine. And I always surround myself with people who remind me to stay grounded. I've just read a brilliant book called Eat Move Sleep by Tim Roth, which I would highly recommend. You can never have too much motivation.

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10 ways to have a more active beach break /blog/10-ways-to-have-a-more-active-beach-break/ /blog/10-ways-to-have-a-more-active-beach-break/#comments Thu, 07 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/10-ways-to-have-a-more-active-beach-break/ Beach Sport range launching today, Sweaty Betty is here to show you how many ways there are to enjoy a healthier holiday wearing the most fashion-forward, highly-technical beach clothes and sports swimwear.

Sweaty Betty Beach Sport 2015

“We always follow the waves or the wind,” says Sweaty Betty founder Tamara about her family’s own seaside adventures. “As such, our definition of a beach holiday is somewhat different to the ideal many imagine.”

But getting active will multiply all those feel-good hormones racing through you as the vitamin D hits your skin and everyday stresses sail further out to sea.

Here are just a few of Sweaty Betty’s favourite ways to get off the sun lounger…

1. Set out on an early morning run, when fellow joggers will be out to catch the cool dawn sun.

2. Grab a paddleboard and challenge your friends with a race to the horizon.

3. Draw a grid in the sand for beach bootcamp exercises like squats, planks and sit-ups; try counting your reps to add an element of competition.

4. Check the tidal forecast and grab your board for mid-tide, when the waves are most amicable to surfers.

5. Let loose and combine beach time with classic lawn games – think wheelbarrow races, tug of war and sack hops. 

6. A game of beach volleyball never goes amiss, with the sand proving a forgiving surface for your most daring dives and drills.

7. Practice your tuck n’ tumble. The beach is a great place to try your hand at a spot of gymnastics – from yoga handstands to human pyramids.

8. Speaking of yoga, many resorts and hotels offer yoga classes on or overlooking the beach. Book yourself in for a more revitalising savasana.

9. Choose your favourite form of sailing and get ready to control the wind. Windsurfing demands exceptional core strength, while catamarans and yachts will test your agility on the deck.

10. Make one with the fish in the sea and keep a snorkel and fins at hand for swim training with a view.

Whitehaven Beach human pyramid
Sweaty Betty's ecommerce content assistant Zoe and her friends get playful on Whitehaven Beach in Australia

What one thing do these activities have in common?

As well as helping you do more exercise on holiday, they encourage you to make your beach activity more social. This is important, because ample research shows that people who exercise with others enjoy greater benefits of stress-reduction – and isn’t this, after all, the whole purpose of a holiday?  

Shop the Beach Sport range and pack smarter for your next active beach break. And don’t forget to share your highlights with Sweaty Betty on Twitter and Instagram!]]>
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Diary of a workout wardrobe: Cat Meffan /blog/diary-of-a-workout-wardrobe-cat-meffan/ /blog/diary-of-a-workout-wardrobe-cat-meffan/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/diary-of-a-workout-wardrobe-cat-meffan/ Cat Meffan is the UK based jewellery designer and fitness blogger behind, where she frequently posts about her workouts, yoga practice and nutrition finds. Here she gives us a private peek into her typical week in fitness, and the outfits she loves to wear for every workout…

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty run outfit

Cat wears the Halasana Leggings with the Demi Dance Knitted Vest and Virasana Bra

Day: Wednesday
Workout: Circuit training

I absolutely love the Kayla Itsines' workouts. 30 minutes of high-intensity sweating gives me such a rush of endorphins! Kayla has created an amazing online community of girls completing her guides, so you’re constantly getting support from others. I always like to have a nice sports bra on underneath my vest, as I know that after the first 7-minute section I’ll be desperate to strip off!

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty yoga outfit

Cat wears the Flow Yoga Vest, Circuit Tech HoodyHaven Retreat Pants and Virasana Bra

Day: Friday
Workout: Yoga

Friday is definitely my favourite morning of the week, starting with an amazing Sun Power Yoga class. I’m used to wearing leggings, so these pants were a new experience for me – and a very good one. I love how freely they move with my body. The crop top and tank are perfect for me too, as our studio usually gets quite warm with the sunshine on the windows and I like the versatility of covering up or peeling back the layers.

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty sprint training

Cat Meffan Sweaty Betty sprint training

Cat wears the Resistance Workout Bra, Gait Run Shorts and Brise Dance Knitted Jumper

Day: Sunday
Workout: Sprint training

My partner Rob is one of my favourite people to work out with. He’s so good at motivating me and we help push each other further with each workout. We hadn’t done sprint training for a while, so I found this week’s session really tough. Running is such an amazing full body workout, and definitely one that requires me to wear the right clothing for maximum freedom of movement… and sweating! My body cools down quite quickly after doing sprints, so I like to have a jumper on hand while I’m walking back from the park or track.

Whose week in fitness would you love to see on the Sweaty Betty blog? Share your favourite sources of fitspiration over on Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

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The finest fabrics for your yoga practice /blog/the-finest-fabrics-for-your-yoga-practice/ /blog/the-finest-fabrics-for-your-yoga-practice/#comments Thu, 02 Apr 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/the-finest-fabrics-for-your-yoga-practice/ Perhaps more than any other workout, fabric can have substantial impact on your yoga practice. Sweaty Betty's design and buying team are obsessed with finding the most premium fabrics that combine elite performance, luxury feel and a beautiful aesthetic. So we caught up with Charlotte, yoga teacher and head of buying for Sweaty Betty's yoga ranges, to find out how fabrics pass the most exacting of checklists and which of this season's products best exemplify these qualities.

Charlotte Yoga Sweaty Betty

For opaque coverage

It is a point of pride for Sweaty Betty that every single pair of our yoga leggings are fully opaque. Whether you opt for a brushed fabric like that of the Chandrasanas and Halasanas or a more lightweight all-natural cotton pair like the Tolasana Yoga Leggings, you'll have peace of mind that your dignity is intact through every asana and downward dog.  

Sweaty Betty opaque leggings

For versatile styling

Sweaty Betty has achieved the perfect balance of lightweight fabric and complete opacity using an interlock knit design. This means two different threads are woven together, which also allows us to incorporate bold prints and reversible styles. This season’s reversible leggings include the Suptas, Urdhvas and Salabasanas.

Sweaty Betty reversible leggings

For a featherlight feel

When you want a weightless practice, a lightweight top is essential. Sweaty Betty’s 100% cotton pieces like the Breathe Yoga Vest and linen blend favourites like the Drishti and Om Yoga Vests promote a liberating practice and effortless vinyasas. For a more structured shape, the Utthita Yoga Cami with its bamboo fabric is indulgently soft on skin as well as being lightweight for a distraction-free flow. For a Yoga Retreat vibe, the linen blend Holistic All In One also makes for an easy-wear cover-up.

Sweaty Betty lightweight yoga tops


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What's your global workout style? /blog/whats-your-global-workout-style/ /blog/whats-your-global-workout-style/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/whats-your-global-workout-style/ From New York to London to Milan to Paris, the Fashion Weeks are a twice annual opportunity to witness the world’s most iconic fashion brands and styles. To prove that activewear has a place in even the most discerning wardrobes, Sweaty Betty sent top blogger Electra Formosa off to London Fashion Week in our most fashionable current season pieces. We also recruited the help of bloggers Rebecca Gawthorne of Nourish Naturally in Sydney and Evann Clingan from New York City to style up the Spring Summer 2015 collection in a way that highlights their own personal style and the fashion influence of their trend-setting cities. The results are in…  

The London Edit: By Electra Formosa

Electra Formosa London Fashion Week

Electra wears the Malasana Tunic

How would you define your London workout style?

I like to stay stylish even when working out so I love going for printed pieces and bright colours. It's also important for me to stay warm and comfortable when training in London, so Sweaty Betty's long sleeved hoodies and super soft leggings are always a must!

What are your favourite things about the look you’ve created and why? 

My favourite thing about this Malasana Tunic is how versatile it is. As well as being the ultimate cover up for a post-yoga savasana, the two-tone colours and cut-out shoulders make it so beautiful I couldn’t wait to wear it to London Fashion Week. I paired it with a matching grey beanie to carry the tones through my outfit. 

Talk us through your perfect active day in the city. 

It's hard not to stay active in London as you walk everywhere (or at least I do!). My perfect active day in the city would probably kick off with a Pyscle or SBC class. I always like to pick up a green juice after working out to rehydrate and give me an energy boost. Then you can usually find me running around Oxford Street picking up pieces for my latest shoot or popping in and out of meetings. I wear a Nike Fuel Band and can tell you the steps really add up! My favourite evening activity is hot yoga. I love the twists, which feel especially detoxing after a long day on my feet.  

The Sydney Edit: By Rebecca Gawthorne of Nourish Naturally 

Rebecca Gawthorne Sweaty Betty

Rebecca wears Virasana Yoga Bra and Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper

How would you define your Sydney workout style?

I've created a relaxed beach yoga workout style with a bright contrasting crop and chilled luxe grey jumper. It's comfy, effortlessly eye-catching and extremely versatile.

What are your favourite things about the look you’ve created and why?

The Virasana Yoga Bra is strikingly bright in the monarch orange flame against the beach background where I work out. The cropped fit is not only smooth and comfortable, while the fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying so I can jump into the ocean to cool off after my beach yoga workouts! 

I'm always on the lookout for workout gear that doubles as weekend wear, so I teamed my yoga crop with a slim fit and versatile Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper in stonemarl. It's very chic with a relaxed vibe that suits the Sydney lifestyle. I love to throw on this jumper after my yoga sessions and head to my local beach-front cafe for a coffee with my husband. 

Talk us through your perfect active day in the city. 

My perfect active day in Sydney starts with an early morning sunrise run along Cronulla beach out to the sand dunes for an intense HIIT session. Then it's home for my favourite homemade tropical mango smoothie followed by a Barefoot Coffee on the beach with my husband. After surfing some waves together, I'd head home for some lunch and then an afternoon walk and yoga session - on the beach of course! 

The New York Edit: By Evan Clingan

Evann Clingan Sweaty Betty

Evann wears the City Lights Jacket (sold out) from AW14. Sweaty Betty recommends the new season 3 in 1 All Trail Jacket.

How would you define your NY workout style? 

New Yorkers are known for wearing a lot of black, as it's chic and easy to pair with other colours. I often wear one piece of black gear and choose a second printed or colourful piece. I also prefer functional activewear that can be worn in the gym and on the street.

What are your favourite things about the look you’ve created and why? 

I loved the City Lights jacket (now sold out) from the AW14 collection from the first time I saw it. The print stands out in an urban setting, and the hood and back pocket work well for a long run. I also love the Chandrasana Yoga Leggings. They are the first pair of reversible leggings I've owned. You get a pair of black leggings and a pair of printed leggings in one!

Talk us through your perfect active day in the city. 

New York offers so many unique options for living a healthy lifestyle. I'd start my perfect active day in the city with an early yoga class at Exhale, followed by brunch with pressed juice. I'd spend the afternoon exploring Central Park with friends. At sunset, I'd head to the West Side Highway for a run. After a healthy dinner, I'd have to grab Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit.]]>
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Catwalk transformations: Do modern-day supermodels count as athletes? /blog/catwalk-transformations-do-modern-day-supermodels-count-as-athletes-/ /blog/catwalk-transformations-do-modern-day-supermodels-count-as-athletes-/#comments Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/catwalk-transformations-do-modern-day-supermodels-count-as-athletes-/
This paradigm shift is particularly poignant for Sweaty Betty, with Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton recalling many seasons of struggling to source models with athletic figures and personal experience across our favourite workouts. Acknowledging and celebrating this catwalk revolution, Tamara asked #TeamSB to consider whether today’s models can also be considered athletes. Here’s the verdict that followed a lengthy debate…   

Candice Swanepoel in the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Earl's Court, London 

Although the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place late last year, the brand’s famously beautiful models are helping to lead the charge for this new wave of high-fashion fitness. Eating well no longer means eating to stay slim, but eating to get the necessary fuel for frequent and challenging workouts. From Doutzen Kroes’ Ballet Beautiful training sessions to Adriana Lima’s intense gym workouts and Lindsay Ellingson’s Muay Thai practice, there’s evidence everywhere of supermodels having superpower strength. 

“Start the New Year off feeling Healthy and Strong,” said Karlie Kloss, while holding a solid side plank in one of many inspiring Instagram posts. The advent of social media makes it even easier for us to track the physical transformation that today’s models achieve, and to see how they advocate healthy messages to catwalk audiences and social media admirers alike. “To be the best, got to make it rain,” says Adriana Lima in a make-up free post-workout photo that shows just how much sweat it takes to win the spotlight. Many of today’s models also dabble in sport, such as Lindsay Ellingson who talks of learning “the art of eight limbs” in a private lesson with her Muay Thai coach.  

Victoria's Secret models post their fitness snaps on Instagram, including @lindsellingson (top left), @doutzen (top right), @adrianalima (bottom left) and @karliekloss (bottom right) 

Intense workout and nutrition programmes start for Victoria’s Secret models around a year in advance of the next fashion show, and their toned bodies provide infinite inspiration for fellow models and fitness enthusiasts. In fact, former Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampio released a series of workout and nutrition videos with i-D magazine, clocking up 156,605 views on YouTube from people increasingly looking to models as authorities in fitness and wellbeing. Search #TrainLikeAnAngel and you’ll find hours’ more workout motivation direct from the past and present faces (and bodies) of Victoria’s Secret. 

An early influencer in this model movement was Sports Illustrated magazine, which championed sculpted physiques belonging to the likes of Elle Macpherson. In fact, the supermodel also known as “The Body” first appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1985, and was featured a further four times over the next 21 years. One of Sweaty Betty’s earliest fans, Elle Macpherson is someone #TeamSB continues to celebrate as a kindred spirit and someone who exemplifies the virtues of training hard, eating smart and doing everything with dedication. 

So as we look to Fashion Week for style and fitness inspiration, Sweaty Betty celebrates every show that helps to cement this paradigm shift and emphasise strength and fitness through female role models. And to answer the question of whether models are athletes, we look to the Oxford Dictionary for guidance: 

“Athlete: A person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.” 

If Alessandra Ambrosio’s perfect plank is anything to go by, we think the question answers itself… 

Alessandra posts from her Instagram account @alessandraambrosio

Join the conversation on Twitter using #ModelsAsAthletes to share your opinion. ]]>
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Sweaty Betty X SLT: Our biggest ever NYC studio takeover /blog/sweaty-betty-x-slt-our-biggest-ever-nyc-studio-takeover-/ /blog/sweaty-betty-x-slt-our-biggest-ever-nyc-studio-takeover-/#comments Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-x-slt-our-biggest-ever-nyc-studio-takeover-/ SLT locations. The prestigious Megaformer studio promises a full-body workout combining cardio and conditioning. And for those who were lucky enough to sign up before the nine Sweaty Betty X SLT complimentary classes filled up across Flatiron, Upper East Side and SoHo, there has never been a better opportunity to experience it first-hand. 

For event updates and coverage, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also learn more about SLT (which stands for the objectives to Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone), read our exclusive Q&A with studio founder Amanda Freeman… 

SLT uses what you call a “Megaformer”. How did you discover it and how is it different from traditional reformer beds?

I discovered the Megaformer during a work trip to Los Angeles five years ago. I fell in love with it immediately! It's best described as a reformer on steroids, and represents an evolution of the traditional Reformer because it’s bigger and equipped with far more handles, straps, bungees and pockets. 

With cardio, strength training and Pilates all combined in one, is the entire workout completed on the Megaformer?

The workout is all done using the machine in some way. You may have one or two feet on the machine, and some moves are hands-free while others require your hands for support. There are hundreds of exercises so every workout is different.  

Tell us why you chose to partner with Sweaty Betty for this event. Are we two peas in a pod? 

For obvious reasons, fitness is so much more than just the 50 minutes a day I spend working out. It's my life. I eat, breath and sleep fitness. Sweaty Betty also understands that fitness is about lifestyle, not just working out. That’s why the clothes and accessories are functional during a workout as well as being fashionable enough to feel confident in and out of the studio. 

How many times a week do you personally practise SLT training? Do you supplement your studio workouts with any other forms of exercise? 

I take an SLT class every other day. It's such an intense workout (especially for the core) that it is hard for my body to do any more than that. It's best to give your muscles some time to repair between workouts. On my non-SLT days, I go for a walk or run, practice yoga or take a rest day. In warm weather months, I will also mix in swimming, paddle boarding and tennis. I love to get outdoors when I can! 

Can you explain the top physical and/or psychological benefits a first-time SLT client can expect? 

Physically, you will feel and work muscles you've never felt or worked before, and you will be sore in places you've never been sore before. It is a low impact workout. There is some cardio but the environment is extremely safe and the risk of injury is very low. Psychologically, your first SLT class can be humbling, as it can be challenging for even the fittest. But very quickly you feel yourself getting stronger and begin to see changes in your body, leading to a great sense of satisfaction. It is also a workout that requires you to focus on the moves you are doing (so you don't fall), so it's a great opportunity to unplug from whatever stresses you have.  

Can you name your single favourite SLT exercise? Why is it your hero move?  

It’s hard to pick a favourite because I love all the SLT exercises, but I might be partial to a move called Mermaid. It is an amazing oblique exercise that uses a strap connected to the base of the Megaformer. You place one foot under that strap while you sit on the opposite hip, so the strap holds down your foot while you lower your torso towards the floor and back towards the ceiling. It's very intense and has lots of variations to help sculpt a chiselled waist. 

Describe the ambience in your classes – do you prefer upbeat music or is it more a state of yoga-like zen? 

The vibe at SLT is all its own. It's definitely not zen or mellow, but it's also not headache inducing. The music is certainly upbeat, as it's a necessary motivator and distraction to help you through the challenge of the workout with as few breaks as possible. Classes are always small, which helps us create a friendly, intimate atmosphere.

How do you prefer to dress for your workouts. Is there an ideal ‘SLT outfit’? 

I like to do SLT in capri leggings (sometimes black and sometimes patterned), a brightly coloured sports bra, a loose-fitting vest top and a pair of high-grip socks.

Shop Amanda’s top Spring Summer 15 picks 

Amanda loves to wear the body-sculpting Define Workout Leggings with a cool slogan yoga vest over the flattering Virasana Padded Yoga Bra in grey. She always has a pair of high-grip socks at the ready for extra stability on the Megaformer.  
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#SBFlyFlexFlow in numbers: Highlights from our hardest ever workout /blog/sbflyflexflow-in-numbers-highlights-from-our-hardest-ever-workout-/ /blog/sbflyflexflow-in-numbers-highlights-from-our-hardest-ever-workout-/#comments Fri, 13 Feb 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sbflyflexflow-in-numbers-highlights-from-our-hardest-ever-workout-/ Adrenaline sky-rocketed. Muscles (abs in particular) felt the burn. Mindfulness was found in stretch and savasana. And those were just #TeamSB’s results from #SBFlyFlexFlow. How did you get on? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll help celebrate your success! 

As a recap, here’s just a few of our highlights from what fans are calling Sweaty Betty’s “most challenging workout yet”…. 

With 114 in-store classes across 40 of Sweaty Betty’s UK and US boutiques – each of them fully booked - #SBFlyFlexFlow fostered an incredible sense of community. 

You listened to Annie Fould’s 30 minute run podcast over 2,500 times, showing that a little motivation can see you supercharging your sprints from the second you press ‘play’. 

Between the Fly video and the Flex & Flow videos, you completed 8,503 at-home workouts

More than 18 countries got involved in this three-week workout programme – one of Sweaty Betty’s biggest reaches ever.  

Back home in London, 60 Sunday Times readers joined us 72 floors up the Shard for a live #SBFlyFlexFlow workout with a very special view. 

Honestly Healthy’s 3 nutrition-packed recipes proved extremely popular, ensuring you take in all the energy, protein and nutrients you need to get the most from your training. 

Now is your time to build on your strong fitness foundations. Follow our online workout videos when it suits you, and book your favourite Sweaty Betty classes in a boutique near you. ]]>
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