blog Sun, 07 Feb 2016 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 Meet Mila the face of Sweaty Betty Rumble /blog/meet-mila-the-face-of-get-fit-4-free/ /blog/meet-mila-the-face-of-get-fit-4-free/#comments Thu, 04 Feb 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/meet-mila-the-face-of-get-fit-4-free/ Get Fit 4 Free campaign. Her tough attitude and unforgettable energy will keep you motivated through every stage of Sweaty Betty Rumble. A former dancer and choreographer, who has become a firm favourite with celebrities and fitness fans alike, we caught up with her to talk workouts, pantry essentials and her knockout style.

meet mila the face of get fit 4 free
Mila wears the the Infinity Workout Bra, Splits Run Leggings and Anusara Yoga Vest

How often do you workout a week?

I teach 26 classes a week and try to add in two hours of dancing for my spirit.

Why should we try Sweaty Betty Rumble?

There’s a lot of reasons, the mix of exercises from punches to jabs, kicks and burpees works your entire body. It also gets maximum results in a really short amount of time, the 30 minute workout video really builds up a sweat.

What’s your favourite thing about the workout?   

It’s a great way to get rid of your frustrations, no matter who you are everybody has them, so why not punch them out?

What do you think about the current trend of women in boxing?

I think we shouldn't underestimate girls, women are often the toughest participants in my classes.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Seeing everyone smile after they have finished a tough class and achieved a new personal best.

What three ingredients are always in your fridge?

Eggs, Coconut Water and Fruit.

What is your guilty pleasure food?

Peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter.  

What one thing do you hope to achieve in 2016?

Happiness, always happiness. 

the boxing uniform
The Infinity Workout Bra, Splits Run Leggings, Anusara Yoga Vest and Avesha Yoga Vest.

The story behind Mila's look

‘Mila has such great legs that we really wanted to show them off, so the urban cool Splits Run Leggings were the ideal choice for this’ says Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara. ‘Paired with the colour-pop Infinity Workout Bra and super-soft coral Anusara Vest, these leggings really standout' she adds. ‘Plus, the mish-mash of prints makes them so versatile if you want to change up your look, the looser fitting Avesha Yoga Vest looks equally great.’ 'Support is also vital during such a high-intensity workout, so we ensured that the sweat-wicking leggings and sculpting bra would enable her to show off every move with ease.'

Need we say more? Find out more here and try a free in-store class at your local boutique every Tuesday until 16 February or try the home workout video to fit round other commitments. #GetFit4Free #SBKnockout]]>
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Creative Director style: Why I wear the Zero Gravity leggings /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-zero-gravity-leggings/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-zero-gravity-leggings/#comments Mon, 01 Feb 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-zero-gravity-leggings/ Meet your new wardrobe heroes. Sweaty Betty’s Founder and Creative Director, Tamara Hill-Norton has highlighted her favourite new season pieces and tells you how and why she wears them, including the ultimate shaping bottoms the Zero Gravity leggings.

creative director style why i wear the zero gravityModel Karol wears the Zero Gravity tights and High Intensity Run Bra

The Zero Gravity leggings are our brand hero, I challenge anyone to try them on and not feel instantly transformed - they are a bum-sculpting miracle.  

Why I love them

The key to a good pair of leggings is the material and our signature Italian Sensitive-sculpt fabric defies gravity to make your legs and bum look amazing. I always feel great when I put on a pair. They are instant confidence boosters as they lift and amplify my natural shape and hug in all the right places.

As much as I could talk about the sculpting benefits of the Zero Gravity leggings all day, the reason we introduce a new pair season after season is their performance enhancing benefits. I wear them to run, spin and for barre as they are so comfortable and feel like a second skin. During a difficult workout, the sweat-wicking fabric and muscle-compressing benefits really ensure you go the distance.

How I wear them

I need versatility in my workout wardrobe as I am constantly on the go. Every Monday I am a loyal member of the Sweaty Betty run club and after a busy day of meetings it is great to not have to change more than my top. My current go-to workout look is a pair of Zero Gravity leggings worn with the bright merino-blend Heart Rate Run Top. When the weather gets warmer I can’t wait to wear them with the classic Tempo Tee or slogan Pacesetter Run Vest.

When I’m not working out, I always think layers are key when styling leggings. I like to throw them on with a longer line top like my big patterned knitted poncho for easy weekend style. For a smarter look, this season’s Cabana print looks really chic worn with a tailored jacket and platform trainers, my current favourite is the Selva Luxe Coat.

Shop the Zero Gravity leggings today and view the new collection here. #SweatYourStyle]]>
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Girls who box: A history of women in boxing /blog/girls-who-box-a-history-of-women-in-boxing/ /blog/girls-who-box-a-history-of-women-in-boxing/#comments Wed, 27 Jan 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/girls-who-box-a-history-of-women-in-boxing/
a history of women in boxing

Early in the 18th century, boxing unravelled in the form of prize fighting at fairgrounds and exhibition halls around Europe. Over the centuries, as the sport evolved into a more popular fitness discipline, women too were drawn to the ring. Described as a “monstrous, degrading, disgusting idea” by a BBC reporter in the 1940s, women’s boxing has taken a battering to get where it is today. 

In the 19th century women’s boxing was prohibited in the UK and a number of US states. This attitude continued for a number of years with prolific figures including the English Home Secretary banning a female fight in the 1920s, as he was unable to believe "such a disgraceful exhibition would be staged in this country". Despite famous female athletes including 'Battling' Barbara Buttick aiming to alter the stereotype for women in boxing, it was not until the end of the 20th century that the International Amateur Boxing Association finally lifted the ban on female fighters. After the first European cup for women in 1999, ten years later women were officially welcomed to participate in Olympic boxing. Fast forward to 2012 when Nicola Adams MBE beat China’s Ren Cancan to become the first female boxing Olympic champion, inspiring a new generation to take up the sport. 

With films like Million Dollar Baby and Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video transforming the reputation of women’s boxing (and showcasing the strong and sculpted physiques that rigorous boxing training can achieve), luxury boxing gyms and women’s only sessions are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. London’s 1Rebel and New York’s Shadowbox studios are just two of the boxing studios attracting the most discerning female fitness enthusiasts. And that includes some of the world’s most famous faces (and bodies), with the likes of Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima enjoying regular workouts in the ring and model-turned boxing champion Mikaela Mayer proving that the world’s fiercest sport is fit for women. 

To celebrate female boxing and the fitness benefits inherent to speed jabs, roundhouse kicks and circuit-style conditioning, Sweaty Betty has created an exhilarating new Get Fit 4 Free boxing-inspired Rumble workout. Devised exclusively for Sweaty Betty by London’s 1Rebel studios, Rumble is the new knockout workout your fitness regime is missing. 

Book a free in-store class and try the at home workout video. Find out more about Sweaty Betty Rumble here. #SBKnockout #GetFit4Free ]]>
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Creative Director style: Why I wear the Selva Luxe Coat /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-selva-luxe-coat/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-selva-luxe-coat/#comments Tue, 19 Jan 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-selva-luxe-coat/ Meet your new wardrobe heroes. In a new series Sweaty Betty’s Founder and Creative Director highlights her favourite new season pieces and tells you how and why she wears them, starting with the Selva Luxe Coat.

tamara why i wear the selva coat
Model Karol wears the Selva Luxe Coat, Sono Luxe Trousers and Stamina Sports Bra

The Selva Luxe Coat is my favourite jacket ever, it is a must-have statement for colder days. A dream combination of function and effortless style, this is a game-changer.

Why I Love It:

This is the kind of cover up that you can instantly throw on and look like you aren’t trying too hard. The cocoon shape, collarless neck and bracelet sleeves fall perfectly, creating a slouchy fit designed for layering.

Fashion-forward and technical, the coat’s faux-leather details and rose gold accents add a luxe edge, which I love. When we designed the new Sports Luxe collection, the design team and I wanted to fuse activewear fabrics with fashion shapes, so the weighty neoprene fabric is great for the current freezing weather!

How I Wear It:

Whether worn over sportswear for studio to street style or layered over knitwear, this versatile coat is timeless. I’ve been travelling a lot recently, so this has become my airport hero, worn over the Rhythm Merino Pants and a fine knit cashmere tee, it’s a great extra layer when transitioning between climates.  

The muted grey colour palette works over everything, so post-exercise I like to throw it on over a pair of printed leggings - my current favourites are the graphic Amrita Yoga Leggings. For a Sports Luxe look, I’ll wear it over the wide-legged Sono Luxe Trousers with a chunky knit and white Acne trainers. 

Shop the Selva Luxe Coat today and view the new Sports Luxe collection here. #SweatYourStyle]]>
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Style Guide: Clashing Prints /blog/style-guide-clashing-prints/ /blog/style-guide-clashing-prints/#comments Wed, 13 Jan 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/style-guide-clashing-prints/ Wondering how to style this season’s prints? It’s time to embrace the unexpected and get clashing. Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton shows you how to mix, match and clash prints like a pro. 

Fashion’s rule book has been written and torn up so many times, I think these days pretty much anything goes. Take print, once restricted to single garments, now it’s time to clash. Inspired by the vibrancy of Rio this season’s prints are our fiercest yet – leggings, vests and pants are covered with graphic shapes, carnival brights and geometric tile prints to ensure you stand out in and away from the studio.  

style guide clashing prints

Wear the Oste Luxe Sweatshirt with the Amrita Yoga Leggings

Rule 1: Wear it black

Balance an eye-catching print with black staples to master modern chic. Inspired by the geometric tiles on Rio’s Ipanema beach the statement, graphic and versatile Amrita print is my favourite this season. Fuse Brazilian colours with the oversized British cool of the Oste Luxe Sweatshirt, as the discreet jacquard print ensures your legs will really make a statement in this hero style.  

style guide clashing prints 2
Wear the Kinetic 7/8 Leggings with the Avesha Yoga Vest and Yama Padded Yoga Bra

Rule 2: Don’t be afraid

Don’t fear clashing prints, you just need to follow some basic rules. Keep accessories low-key and break up your look with block colours. A bright bra always adds edge to an outfit and highlights the bold geometric print of the Kinetic 7/8 Leggings. If you're adding a flash of colour to your look try experimenting with shapes, I love to pair a loose-fitting vest with interesting details with fitted bottoms.

style guide clashing prints 3
Pair the Contour Printed Workout Leggings with a printed Athlete Vest

Rule 3: Be bold

Rio is such an energetic city, iconic tiled pavements and urban graffiti were everywhere, providing a flash of colour across the landscape. When it comes to prints this season fashion favours the bold, so channel the body-confidence of Rio’s Cariocas and wear clashing geometric styles. These daring monochrome leggings contrast just the right amount with the bright graphic Athlete Vest. For added body confidence, the seams on all our new season leggings are designed to sculpt a true Brazilian bottom, so be prepared to feel amazing.  

style guide clashing prints 4
Wear the Adrenaline Run Leggings with the Resistance Workout Bra

Rule 4: Make it statement

Choose one print to dominate and use the other as an accent. The bright space dye of the Resistance Workout Bra really pops against the muted Cabana print on our bum-sculpting heroes the Adrenaline Run Leggings. Although, if just a sports bra and leggings isn’t quite your style, add the playful Clubhouse Seamless L/S Top for a look that transcends the studio. 

Shop the print filled Flying the British Flag collection today, and if you’re looking for fitness and fashion inspiration follow #SweatYourStyle on FacebookTwitter and Instagram]]>
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Sweaty Betty in 2015: The year in numbers /blog/sweaty-betty-in-2015-the-year-in-numbers/ /blog/sweaty-betty-in-2015-the-year-in-numbers/#comments Tue, 29 Dec 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-in-2015-the-year-in-numbers/
sweaty betty 2015 in numbers

1 designer collaboration with Richard Nicoll. After an appearance at London Fashion Week, the much talked about Sweaty Betty x Richard Nicoll collaboration launched fusing fashion and fitness. 

1 new digital flagship website, with beautiful visuals, effortless navigation and inspiring editorial.

2 Get Fit 4 Free campaigns. More than 18 countries got involved with Fly, Flex, Flow, a three-part workout that combined the best of running, conditioning and yoga principles. Then in September, celebrity trainer and fitness icon Simone de la Rue created an exclusive dance cardio workout for Sweaty Betty. 

Sweaty Betty travelled around the world in 2015 with 7 new boutiques opening across the UK and US. British shores welcomed Farnham, Sevenoaks and Marylebone, while over the Atlantic… Short Hills in New Jersey, Flatiron and 59th Street in New York and Abbot Kinney in LA all opened their doors. 

The most hard-working piece in your workout wardrobe - Sweaty Betty’s supportive range of yoga and run bras were a hit this year with 11 bras selling every hour

From hero products, to healthy recipes and cardio workouts from health-conscious LA, Sweaty Betty kept you inspired and motivated with a record 44 videos uploaded to You Tube. Get inspired here. 

60 Sunday Times readers came for a live #SBFlyFlexFlow workout with a very special view, 72 floors high at The Shard. 

It has been another great year working with our 80 + ambassadors, comprised of top trainers and highly-respected PT’s. If you’re a fitness professional interested in becoming a Sweaty Betty ambassador, simply enquire in your local boutique.  

300 outdoor yoga class attendees at Sweaty Betty’s Zen Den, the go-to chill out space of choice at Wilderness Festival 2015. The daily yoga classes attracted 300+ people to practice in unison and start the day in style.   

Ever wondered what the secret is to Get Fit 4 Free trainer Simone de La Rue’s washboard abs? The perfect plank. During this year’s in-store classes you rocked up a total of 578 minutes of planking! - ouch.  

5437 miles from London to Los Angeles. Sweaty Betty’s first ever store opened in 1998 in Notting Hill and 5,437 miles away you’ll find the recently opened Abbot Kinney, California. 

10,000 bum-sculpting heroes. The first time you slip into a pair of Zero Gravity leggings is a moment you’ll never forget and it seems like 10,000+ of you agreed. 

19,000 #GetYourOmBack hashtags. This year Sweaty Betty teamed up with four Instagram yogis to showcase a daily yoga pose. With 19,000 of you worldwide using the hashtag during the campaign, July was the month for finding your om. 

New boutiques and ambassadors mean more free classes, with 43,000 in-store class attendees trying out yoga, barre, bootcamp, run clubs. For more information on in-store classes find out what’s happening at your nearest boutique.]]>
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9 people you need in your fitness crew /blog/9-people-you-need-in-your-fitness-crew/ /blog/9-people-you-need-in-your-fitness-crew/#comments Wed, 30 Sep 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/9-people-you-need-in-your-fitness-crew/ With F1 superstar Susie Wolff proving a significant source of inspiration for this season’s Tomboy collection, we were intrigued by the support network Susie and other athletes rely on to perform their best. What we see on the track or podium is the very tip of the iceberg, with plenty of grit, dedication, failure and lessons learned lurking beneath the surface. As raw talent is best nurtured in the company of others, we asked trainer and female empowerment spokesperson Karen Laing to outline the 9 people you need in your ‘crew’…

1. Your fitness inspiration

This might be the person who encouraged you to try sport as a child or the one who flicked the switch and illuminated your active lifestyle. They may not be part of your inner circle now, but they set you on the right trajectory for success. Keep them close to your heart and do them proud in every workout, fitness class or competition.

2. Your coach

Whether it’s a personal trainer, a like-minded gym trainer or a class instructor, this is the person who inspires you, challenges you and motivates you. Turn to them for training questions (or training woes), and trust in the depth of their knowledge to approach your personal goals with a well-informed and carefully considered plan of action. 

3. Your race day cohort

You know the one. You find an event and book two places because you know they’re in. You train together, bunk together and abstain from drinking together. And they’re in every post-event selfie on your Instagram page. Success shared is success magnified. 

4. Your live-in counsellor  

The people you share a roof with have a huge role to play in your fitness success. Whether it’s a partner, friend or family, get the people closest to you on board with your goals and they’ll have your trainers at the ready every time you think about skipping your morning run for a lie in. 

Katie Bulmer-Cooke, top personal trainer, author and former BBC Apprentice star, knows a thing or two about this: “Having positive influences around me has always been important. When someone else believes in you, you really feel you can take on the world. Whether it be in the gym and having a training partner to push you through your last few reps or in my case my mum, dad and husband saying, 'I know you can/will' when I share with them my latest business idea. Positivity breeds success!”

5. Your best friend

She knows when you need a stern talking to and when you need to skip training for a cream-smothered hot chocolate. For life or for fitness, your best friend is always on call and knows to help you find the balance of active pursuits and well-deserved rest.  

Sweaty Betty healthy friends

Team SB makes time to laugh and share the benefits of active living

6. Your devil’s advocate

Believe it or not, you need a fitness sceptic in the corner. She secretly envies your get up and go and one day you know that your unstoppable energy will rub off on her. In fact, that’s one of the motivations keeping you going. Could you be someone else’s ‘fitspiration’? Do it for her.

7. Your injury prevention professional

Masseuse, chiropractor or physiotherapist, this person keeps you in one piece during even the most intense training regime. They care about your health and preventing injury, because they understand that not being active is not really living.

8. Your nutritionist

Like your physical therapist, you need your food scientist on speed dial or messenger at all times. No sports car has ever risen to the top without the best fuel in the tank, and your body is the same. Dietitian or informal food fanatic, make sure you have a culinary sage on hand for new recipe inspiration.  

9. Your tribe

There’s security in number, and the best way to secure your next big fitness success is to have a team of active women who love to share ideas, try out new classes and occasionally meet for a post-workout cappuccino. Friends, colleagues or neighbours, having a fitness gang gives social context for your personal pursuits and helps to hold you to account. If you’re not sure where to start, try joining a local fitness club, attending a free in-store class at a nearby Sweaty Betty boutique or signing up to organisations like Women in Fitness Empowerment (WIFE), which is all about connecting active within a supportive networking environment.

Sweaty Betty barre friends

Team SB meets at the barre instead of the bar

Karen Laing is a writer, presenter and co-director of She specialises in pre and post natal Pilates and fitness and loves to meet and write about inspiring women. Karen is also a guest speaker at the WIFE Rising Stars conference. Read more of her work on

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The Holiday Edit: What to pack for your active break /blog/sweaty-bettys-essential-holiday-wardrobe/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-essential-holiday-wardrobe/#comments Tue, 09 Jun 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-bettys-essential-holiday-wardrobe/  
Sweaty Betty founder Tamara gets away by following ‘the waves and the wind'. While a quick peak at Vogue columnist Calgary Avansino’s stunning Instagram feed shows lust-worthy, sun-drenched and super healthy holidays.
Whether you’re mixing up triathlon training with a relaxing beach break or practising your inversions on a laidback island yoga retreat, Sweat Betty has your holiday workout wardrobe covered. Here's our top picks...

Sweaty Betty Holiday Edit

Pictured (from clockwise): Dive in Bikini, Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit, Rejuvenate Retreat Knit Hoody and Triple Jump Run Shorts


Never travel without supportive, high-performance trainers. A favourite at Sweaty Betty are the Gel Noosa Tri 10s by ASICS. Engineered for triathletes, these lightweight trainers have a breathable, open mesh upper and elastic laces. Lightweight and easy to slip into your luggage or perfect for running to and from the plane, plus their bright shade perfectly complements a tan.
Supportive swimwear

Create a sleek silhouette on the beach or by the pool with swimwear that doubles as supportive underwear for a workout. Ideal for beach sprints, sea swimming and pool-side drills, the colour-popping Dive In Bikini is an investment that will truly endure - with colour fade protection that perserves its vibrancy for long-lasting style and performance. 
Multi-sport leggings

Save on valuable suitcase space by choosing versatile multi-sport bottoms. The Visama Yoga Leggings reverse from statement blue to neutral grey, giving you two outfits in one. Convenient!

Sun protection

Soak up the sun without worrying about damage to your hair and skin with a sport-specific sun protector. We love Garnier UV Sport - a sweat-proof, long-lasting, alcohol-free mist that will nourish and protect your skin as you transition from surf to sun.
Day-to-night style

Go straight from savasana to the dinner table in the Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit. A perfect piece that blends holiday chic and functional style. Sweat-wicking fabric and loose tailoring ensure that you’ll flow freely in your practice. Simply add heels and a cocktail (optional) to nail your evening look.

The Vogue-approve vest

Recommended by Vogue as a must-have for the summer season, the Air Rush Rash Guard is a long-sleeved, high-stretch swimwear top that’s ideal for breezy days at the beach when you need a little more protection. The bold X-Ray Dragonfly print will also ensure you stand out at sea - great for spectators to spot you in the surf.

Statement prints

Holiday style is all about summer brights, and Sweaty Betty’s new Summer Run collection is filled with a range of get-fit gear in sherbert shades. The Triple Jump Run Shorts in the collection’s signature Butterfly Wing print are a must-pack for inspiring early morning runs and daytime hikes.

Easy-wear basics

Don't forget those wear-with-everything tops for poolside lounging, yoga practice and travel. The Reflect Yoga Tee is a lightweight, cotton tee with a feminine neckline and capped sleeves - and it sits effortlessly over a bikini. Choose from four colours and pair with workout capris or denim shorts for days out.

An evening cover-up

Ideal for throwing on post-workout or for on long walk on the beach, the Retreat Knit Hoody in lightweight merino is a stylish yet practical cover-up for cooler evening and autumn days. Crafted from soft breathable fabric with a cool see-through aesthetic, it’s the only holiday knit you’ll need.

Portable gym essentials 

Upgrade your holiday workouts by popping a resistance band or skipping rope into your suitcase for a do-anywhere HIIT workout you can do in your room or in the early morning shade. A water bottle is an essential accessory if you’re working out in the summer heat. Pack it in the Deluxe Studio Holdall (which doubles as carry on luggage). That's summer sorted...

Words by Harriet Tisdall  
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Wellbeing entrepreneur Nicola Elliott on how to stay grounded /blog/neom-founder-nicola-elliot-on-how-to-stay-grounded/ /blog/neom-founder-nicola-elliot-on-how-to-stay-grounded/#comments Wed, 13 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/neom-founder-nicola-elliot-on-how-to-stay-grounded/ As founder and creative director of ultra-zen fragrance brand Neom Organics, Nicola Elliott from Neom Organics knows a thing or two about staying calm and collected when life wants to run away with us. Here she shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, and helps you turn a frenetic lifestyle into a (mostly) tranquil existence…

Neom founder Nicola Elliot

As founder of Neom Organics, mum to Charlie (7) and Alexa (5), and someone who enjoys having a busy social life, I don’t always get it exactly right.

Which is why my top tip is to acknowledge that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. The first rule of balance in my book is to accept that it swings like a pendulum – some days I feel quite smugly as though it's all under control and others I’ve been tempted to book a one way ticket (for one) to Australia. But that’s OK. Because it will pass. Tomorrow’s another day.

It’s also important to prioritise time for yourself. I don’t treat those moments for me as a luxury, but a necessity. With the World Health Organization stating that by 2020 the top four global diseases will be stress-related, switching off is as pivotal to your health as a consistent workout regime. 

Of course, others depend on you to stay healthy (and sane), too. By making space in your diary to do the things you love and enjoy a break from responsibility, you will be better able to look after your family and the people around you. Do the sports and exercise that you enjoy (in attire that makes you feel good). Stop and think about what you’re eating, and whether it’s truly nourishing for your body. Make sleep a priority – that means turning off those damn smart phones after 8pm, because they wreak havoc with your body’s circadian rhythm.

Personally, my favourite way to reflect and unwind is to run a bath filled with the therapeutic Neom Scent to Instantly De-Stress Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil. The warm water centres my mind and washes away the demands of the day, so that an hour later I can put my head on my pillow and have a truly restful sleep. 

To keep stress at bay, it’s essential to maintain a 360 degree approach to life. I refuse to skimp on the pleasures I reserve for myself – the food I eat, a little meditation, uninterrupted family activities and the odd glass of wine. And I always surround myself with people who remind me to stay grounded. I've just read a brilliant book called Eat Move Sleep by Tim Roth, which I would highly recommend. You can never have too much motivation.

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10 ways to have a more active beach break /blog/10-ways-to-have-a-more-active-beach-break/ /blog/10-ways-to-have-a-more-active-beach-break/#comments Thu, 07 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/10-ways-to-have-a-more-active-beach-break/ Beach Sport range launching today, Sweaty Betty is here to show you how many ways there are to enjoy a healthier holiday wearing the most fashion-forward, highly-technical beach clothes and sports swimwear.

Sweaty Betty Beach Sport 2015

“We always follow the waves or the wind,” says Sweaty Betty founder Tamara about her family’s own seaside adventures. “As such, our definition of a beach holiday is somewhat different to the ideal many imagine.”

But getting active will multiply all those feel-good hormones racing through you as the vitamin D hits your skin and everyday stresses sail further out to sea.

Here are just a few of Sweaty Betty’s favourite ways to get off the sun lounger…

1. Set out on an early morning run, when fellow joggers will be out to catch the cool dawn sun.

2. Grab a paddleboard and challenge your friends with a race to the horizon.

3. Draw a grid in the sand for beach bootcamp exercises like squats, planks and sit-ups; try counting your reps to add an element of competition.

4. Check the tidal forecast and grab your board for mid-tide, when the waves are most amicable to surfers.

5. Let loose and combine beach time with classic lawn games – think wheelbarrow races, tug of war and sack hops. 

6. A game of beach volleyball never goes amiss, with the sand proving a forgiving surface for your most daring dives and drills.

7. Practice your tuck n’ tumble. The beach is a great place to try your hand at a spot of gymnastics – from yoga handstands to human pyramids.

8. Speaking of yoga, many resorts and hotels offer yoga classes on or overlooking the beach. Book yourself in for a more revitalising savasana.

9. Choose your favourite form of sailing and get ready to control the wind. Windsurfing demands exceptional core strength, while catamarans and yachts will test your agility on the deck.

10. Make one with the fish in the sea and keep a snorkel and fins at hand for swim training with a view.

Whitehaven Beach human pyramid
Sweaty Betty's ecommerce content assistant Zoe and her friends get playful on Whitehaven Beach in Australia

What one thing do these activities have in common?

As well as helping you do more exercise on holiday, they encourage you to make your beach activity more social. This is important, because ample research shows that people who exercise with others enjoy greater benefits of stress-reduction – and isn’t this, after all, the whole purpose of a holiday?  

Shop the Beach Sport range and pack smarter for your next active beach break. And don’t forget to share your highlights with Sweaty Betty on Twitter and Instagram!]]>
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