blogs Wed, 26 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 Sweaty Betty x modelFIT: The highlights /blog/sweaty-betty-x-modelfit-the-highlights-/ /blog/sweaty-betty-x-modelfit-the-highlights-/#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-x-modelfit-the-highlights-/ modelFIT. 50 attendees joined Sweaty Betty USA across five signature modelFIT classes. Catch the highlights below… 

modelFIT classes use light weights but high repetitions and targeted muscle movements to maximise your results. 

Long and lean limbs is the focus at modelFIT, with exercises designed to stretch out the muscles and enhance balance and flexibility within the body. 

Event guests were able to try several different pieces of equipment, using dumbbells, bands, Pilates rings and their own bodyweight for resistance. 

Just when you thought an exercise was over, modelFIT instructors encouraged class attendees to finish with tiny pulses that blast through any remaining energy stores.  

After the class, guests were treated to organic juices and snacks by Nourish – a prestigious New York health food company. 

Finally, guests were able to choose a Sweaty Betty outfit of their choice. Favourite pieces included versatile vests for layering over colour pop sports bras

See more event photos on the modelFIT Facebook album. To stay in the know about all Sweaty Betty’s events and collaborations, follow @sweatybetty on Twitter and Instagram, or join the conversation on Facebook. ]]>
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Meet Sweaty Betty's newest Elite Ambassador: GB Heptathlete Jess Taylor /blog/sweaty-betty-elite-ambassador-jess-taylor/ /blog/sweaty-betty-elite-ambassador-jess-taylor/#comments Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-elite-ambassador-jess-taylor/

Jess wears Pace Run Tights and the Ultra Run Jacket

Do you remember the first moment you fell in love with fitness?

My parents would probably tell you from the age I was walking! There’s a picture of me in reigns at the age of 1 from a family holiday to Disney World. I apparently stole a mini mouse out the shop and ran off so they felt reigns were needed! After that, my first sports day in school gave me a real buzz after winning my first ever race. I was used to constantly being beat by my older brother so finally having some glory was rather nice!

How did you discover and decide to compete in the heptathlon?

My dad started taking me to the local athletics club in York, where I started off as a sprinter. I was ranked in the top 10 in the UK for the 75m in the U13 age group and always dreamed of being the fastest woman in the world! I competed for my club in the West Yorkshire League, which encourages you to do lots of events by granting points for your performance in each competition. At the end of the season, the three kids with the most points were awarded trophies, something which motivated me a lot! 

I got silver and found out I was fairly good at a few events so was encouraged to enter for the county combined events championships later that year, where I qualified for the national championships having had no training other than sprinting. From then on I continued to do heptathlon alongside my sprinting. It wasn't until I came to university in Manchester that I trained with an actual heptathlon coach and received my first England vest from the U23 age group. Perseverance is definitely key if you want to make it in sport!

You’re currently #3 in Britain – a huge accomplishment. Looking ahead, what is your next big challenge?

My next big challenge is the British Indoor Championships for pentathlon (hurdles/high jump/shot putt/long jump and 800m) on the 10/11th Jan. Ideally I would like to win this as I haven’t won the British Championships before and I feel really on form at the moment!  And if I place in the top 3 I will gain selection for Great Britain for an international match in Holland, so fingers crossed!

For the upcoming outdoor season, my main aim is to qualify for the World Championships in Beijing in August 2015. This would be an incredible experience and to compete in the Bird’s Nest would be amazing!

Describe a week in your running shoes – how many times are you exercising and what types of training are you doing?

I usually train 4/5 times a week, mixing medicine ball conditioning, technical hurdle training, hill runs and plyometrics, and weights and kettlebells. 

Like Sweaty Betty, a lot of your work involves ‘empowering others through fitness’. Can you tell us about some of your coaching experience?  

Absolutely! I coach a variety of athletics events to different groups from hearing impaired sports days and community athletics sessions to a weekly girls’ after-school club. I also have my own long jump and high jump groups, which I coach for the local athletics club. It’s great to get more people involved in sport and I’m so passionate about inspiring future generations. I have recently started doing some work for a company called Sport for Schools, running fitness circuits for the whole school to boost activity levels.  It’s a really great company and the kids seem to absolutely love it!

With Christmas just around the corner, what’s the current season Sweaty Betty piece you’d love to find under the tree?

Definitely the Orbital Down Gilet in Mountain Blue. It looks so snug and would be great for my winter training sessions such as hill runs, as normal jackets tend to restrict my arm movement when running! My family and I also always go on a lovely country walk on Boxing Day so it would also be perfect for that. I Hope Father Christmas delivers! ]]>
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Hidden Treasures: Susannah Taylor's London highlights /blog/hidden-treasures-susannah-taylors-london-highlights/ /blog/hidden-treasures-susannah-taylors-london-highlights/#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/hidden-treasures-susannah-taylors-london-highlights/ Calgary Avansino about her favourite city spots. This week, Editor-in-Chief of Get The Gloss steps up to share her London insights and explain why Sweaty Betty’s current Hidden Treasures in an Urban Jungle collection resonates with her own city living experience. 

What’s your favourite run route and why?

I actually love to get out of the city when running. I live in Oxfordshire and my favourite route is from our house, down the lane, around to the next village (which takes you past a farm) and back across the fields. Sometimes I see fields full of pheasants, sometimes deer cross my path, and most recently I saw a beautiful hare.

Which is your must visit juice bar for a post workout refuel, and your favourite kind of juice/smoothie?

I love Roots and Bulbs on Marylebone High street and if I'm near I'll always pop in (their nut butter is amazing). I make my own smoothies at home for post-exercise, which usually comprise of nut milk and berries with whatever supplement powders I can find to throw in. I have a great collagen powder I think transforms your skin and I swear by Udo's Choice Oil too! 

What 3 boutiques would you love to have on your local shopping street?

Sandro, Matches and Kabiri – the amazing jewellery shop on Marylebone High street. I love jewellery almost more than clothes.

What’s your must-have piece of kit that people may be surprised to learn about?

My Reebok boxing gloves. I absolutely LOVE boxing... it’s an amazing workout. I box with my trainer Steve Mellor from Freedom2Train, and also a guy called Daza who owns Bicester Boxing Club. You need your own gloves really as it's quite stinky using someone else's! I also love my Aqua Sphere swim goggles – no others come close! 

Describe your ideal active retreat.

It would include something that pushed me out of my comfort zone, maybe learning something new. I'd like to box, swim, paddleboard and cycle. It would be somewhere hot near a beach, with amazing scenery and there would be evening massages and amazing healthy, fresh food. When can we go?

What fitness or wellbeing event is on your bucket list?

A sprint triathlon. I did two super sprints this year and am ready to step it up. There is a wellness/fitness retreat in Devon called Yeotown that sounds amazing, too. And I recently heard about a great healthy holiday called Swim Trek, where you swim from island to island around Sardinia, followed by a boat in case you need a break! 

What’s the one class that you never cancel, no matter how busy you are?

I have trained with Steve Mellor of Freedom2Train for about 2.5 years and – I’m not quite sure how I've managed this – I’ve NEVER cancelled a session. Not even when it’s snowing or I'm drowning in work. 

Who do you follow on Instagram for fitspiration?

@Kayla_Itsines, @TheBodyCoach, @yoga_girl, @amandabisk and @calgaryavansino

What do you pack for holiday to ensure you don’t lose your fitness?

My ASICS trainers, vests (always Sweaty Betty) a pair of shorts, sports bra, running socks, swim goggles and bikini (my favourite is Heidi Klein). 

What do you always have to hand for a post-workout snack?

Nuts and berries.

What websites do you have on standby for quick at-home workouts?

I don't do at-home workouts – I’d much rather get outside or go out to the gym. I use exercise as an excuse to get out and have a change of scenery, so if I had a gym at home I don’t think I’d use it! 

In next week's 'Hidden Treasures' interview: Sweaty Betty creative director Tamara Hill-Norton. ]]>
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Effective layering for the ski slopes: Sweaty Betty's 3-step system explained /blog/effective-layering-for-the-ski-slopes/ /blog/effective-layering-for-the-ski-slopes/#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/effective-layering-for-the-ski-slopes/

Base layer

The first thing you’ll put on in the morning, base layers are crafted from sweat-wicking fabric that moves moisture away from the skin. Designed to fit snugly to the body, they act as a second skin and traps in the warmth from your body to create a naturally-insulating micro-environment. “When it comes to staying warm on the slopes, base layers are the single most important item you should never sacrifice,” says senior designer Lisa Ndukwe.  

Sweaty Betty base layers are available in full length tops and bottoms or capri and vest styles. The Alpine Ski Merino Capris ( end at the mid-calf for easy layering with ski socks, reducing excess bulk beneath the ski boot. Likewise, the Fall Line Cami provides thermal coverage for your core while offering added breathability around the back and arms. During extremely cold conditions, you can even pair these with full-length base layers like the Criss Cross or Ski Betties for extra warmth.  

Mid layer

This optional layer is useful on particularly cold days. It’s usually thicker and looser, crafted from either merino wool or technical fleece with essential sweat-wicking capabilities. By sitting further from the body, the mid layer creates air pockets between your base and outer layers for extra insulation.  Shop the Mountain Climber Ski Merino Knit and Knit Leggings.  


The final piece of the ski puzzle is your jacket and salopettes or all-in-one. These act as the barrier against the elements  like wind, rain or snow, so technical weather-proof performance is crucial - look for waterproof fabrics with over 6,000mm water-resisting capability to stay dry on the slopes.  The fabric of the jacket should also be breathable to effectively transfer body moisture. Shop the Exploration Ski Jacket, Astro Ski Salopettes and Avalanche Ski All In One
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Sweaty Betty X Equinox preview: Meet barre instructor Nicola Cher Geismar /blog/sweaty-betty-x-equinox-preview-meet-barre-instructor-nicola-cher-geismar-/ /blog/sweaty-betty-x-equinox-preview-meet-barre-instructor-nicola-cher-geismar-/#comments Mon, 17 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-x-equinox-preview-meet-barre-instructor-nicola-cher-geismar-/
Sign up here, then read on to learn what Equinox’ own guest instructor Nicola Cher Geismar has to say about staying fit and inspired. 

What is your fitness background, and how did you become an instructor?

I started to dance as a kid for personal therapy and self-expression, then came to Pilates later on as a young adult when I needed to smooth out some muscular imbalances caused by dancing. The fitness world was always very inviting to me, as I was drawn to the varied cross section of people that health and wellbeing centres attract. 

You also run a beautiful photo blog on How does health and fitness tie into this? 

Health and wellbeing play an important aspect in my life, so much so that it has completely informed and inspired all of my projects, including City is my Playground. The photos on the blog are a visual reflection of a lifestyle I live, breathe and use for self-expression. It demonstrates how empowered I am by the benefits of making healthy, active choices on a daily basis. 

Have you posted any particular photos with extra special significance?  

The photo above was taken in Paris, not long after I was bedbound for some weeks as a result of tearing a ligament in my knee. I had to change the way I trained, stop dancing and learn to express myself in an alternative way that would still be authentic to my physicality and creative expression. The result is what you see in the photo, flexing in the city.

What’s unique about Inside Out Barre? Please give our Guest Instructor Event winners an idea of what to expect! 

It’s such a fun, dynamic workout that combines postural elements from Pilates, yoga-inspired stretches and functional movements to remind you that the body is designed to MOVE! We then go a step forward by cranking up your metabolism with LOTS of reps. The class will fully awaken the most important muscle groups, without placing excess impact on the joints.  

What are your favourite ways to stay fit? 

I am a big advocate of cross training so I try to fit it all in. I do love my yoga and gyrokinesis classes, and more recently I’ve become a fan of House of VOGA as I really like to get down to some 80s sounds while practicing traditional yoga postures.

However, my favourite way of staying in tiptop form is playing outdoors and doing what I call ‘flexing in the city’. This is an invigorating way to work on my strength, flexibility, balance and cardio skills all at once. 

If we were to peek inside your gym bag, what would we find? 

In my gym bag you will find a Bobble water bottle – always full. Self-massage balls, loads of sports tops and a few pairs of leggings. I always like to have choices in activewear! 

How are you most likely to treat yourself after a tough workout? 

After a tough workout, I often treat myself with something sweet like a Ben’s Cookie. The peanut butter ones just melt in your mouth! 

Finally, in which bar or club do you most like to practice your dance skills (outside of class)?  

I often have a good ol' boogie anywhere, anytime and everywhere. If a good tune comes on that I can jam to, I am up and away! 

Feeling inspired? Enter for your chance to train with Nicola on 29 November. We’ll meet you at the barre! ]]>
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Hidden Treasures: Calgary Avansino's urban hit list /blog/hidden-treasures-calgary-avansinos-urban-hit-list-/ /blog/hidden-treasures-calgary-avansinos-urban-hit-list-/#comments Wed, 12 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/hidden-treasures-calgary-avansinos-urban-hit-list-/

What’s your favourite run route and why?
I love running around Battersea Park. It’s near my house and I always find a new route to keep it interesting.   
Which is your must visit juice bar for a post-workout refuel, and your favourite kind of juice/smoothie?
I’ve just launched a range of three fresh cold-pressed juices, exclusive to Itsu, so they’re definitely my favourite post-workout fuel! They’re low in sugar and taste delicious – perfect when you’re on the go. At home, I will mix as many greens as possible and add one peeled lemon for natural sweetness. 
What 3 boutiques would you love to have on your local shopping street?
Organic Avenue from New York, The Conran Shop and JCrew. 
Describe your ideal active retreat. 
Any retreat that pushes you physically, helps you look inwards, serves clean and plant-based food and doesn’t allow phones!
What fitness or wellbeing event is on your bucket list?
I once did a 7-day silent meditation retreat, which truly changed the way I think. I would love to try this again, but for even longer!  
What’s the one class you never cancel, no matter how busy you are?
I really try to never cancel classes I have booked. I schedule them in like work events and I give them the same priority. It’s the only way to be consistent in this busy life.
What do you pack for holiday to ensure you don’t lose your fitness?
All I need is a pair of trainers, some leggings and a sports bra! With these in my bag, I can use the hotel gym, book in for a fitness class nearby or just go for a run around the block. Even if I don’t have anything to wear, I always have my laptop with me and will do an online workout in my pyjamas!
What do you always have to hand for a post-workout snack?
I always keep a bag of nuts and an apple in my bag. And a bottle of water! Too often we confuse thirst with hunger.
What websites do you have on standby for quick at-home workouts?

I love the online programmes on,,,,, and
In next week's 'Hidden Treasures' interview: Susannah Taylor, Editor-in-Chief at Get The Gloss 
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Sweaty Betty takes on the Spartan Race /blog/sweaty-betty-takes-on-the-spartan-race-/ /blog/sweaty-betty-takes-on-the-spartan-race-/#comments Thu, 06 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-takes-on-the-spartan-race-/

One of the Sweaty Betty principles is to 'Practice What We Preach', pushing personal boundaries and inspiring others to do the same. Here Social Media Exec Jemma Crow tells us about the trials and tribulations of her latest challenge: the Spartan Race... 

I won the chance to take part in the Spartan Race earlier this year through the lovely people at ELLE magazine, and was given the chance to choose either the Sprint (5K + 15 obstacles), Super (13K + 21 obstacles) or Beast (20K + 26 obstacles). Looking for a real challenge, I decided to sign up for the South London ‘Beast’ with a friend, as I’d run half marathons before and thought it would be a great next step to take before running the London Marathon in April.


I have to say I didn’t really train for the race as much as I should have done – I had the running down fine, but the strength tests I definitely underestimated. I’d also taken on the Mudderella race with #TeamSB in the summer, and assumed the obstacles would be similar. How wrong I was… 

Race day nerves

When race day came around, my friend and I took the train to East Grinstead and met some fellow 'Spartans' to share a taxi with down to the event. Definitely a bad move as one regular racer scared the living daylights out of us with tales of his dislocated knee at last year's event and narrowly missing out on his Trifecta medal the extra medal you get for completing all three of the annual. Yet, somehow, he was back to secure his Trifecta medal for 2014. 

The nerves properly set in when we got to the race course and saw a lot of (mainly) stacked men ready to take part in this battle of the fittest. We got into our starting heat and the Gladiator welcomed us to the race with a big ‘AROOO’. And then we were off! Immediately after setting off we struggled to stay upright on the course with it being soo muddy. It was clear our trainers weren’t going to cut it – I highly recommend trail shoes with plenty of grip. However we kept running through the woods, overcoming our first few obstacles and emerging to the sight of an army training zone. Our faces fell when we learned we were not yet three miles in. 


The first big obstacle for me was a water task. Although we were informed that we didn't need to be a confident swimmer to make our way around the course, I had no choice but to swim as the water was deeper than I am tall. My phobia of open water didn't help, but completing the task made me feel really proud and keen to continue challening myself. Suffice to say, several water tasks later including a massive swim across an icy lake  I was freezing when we finally saw the finish line. 

The big finish 

Six hours after crossing the start line, we completed the course. There were battle wounds to show for our efforts – cuts, bruises and scrapes from hitting our legs on tree stumps in the water and falling off the huge wall climb at the last hurdle. Oh, and the final obstacle? Only to jump over a fire pit.

I do feel like I’ve accomplished something pretty amazing and can look back on the experience fondly (now that I can walk again), but I've definitely decided it will be my last obstacle race. To anyone looking to take on the race, I would say that strength training is essential. The Spartan organisers actually run their own training sessions which would be good for getting accustomed to the cold water and any specific phobias you may have to overcome.  


Entries are already open for next year's Spartan Race events. If you ran this year, do let us know what you thought! 

Well done to Jemma for making it to the finish line and collecting her Spartan Beast finishers medal! ]]>
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Avoid the gym: 8 unexpected places to work out /blog/avoid-the-gym-8-unexpected-places-to-work-out-/ /blog/avoid-the-gym-8-unexpected-places-to-work-out-/#comments Wed, 05 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/avoid-the-gym-8-unexpected-places-to-work-out-/
Yoga on the slopes 

Anne Kerrigan Anderson developed Snowga with a mission to “enliven, enlighten and empower those who want to improve their performance on the slopes through the compassionate teachings and wisdom of yoga.” Surround yourself with pristine white power while you bring focus to your breath and move through strengthening, flexibility-enhancing postures.  

Circus practice in the park 

Every summer the Gorilla Circus hosts a pop-up in London’s Regents Park, inviting you to take to the flying trapeze and attempt the gravity-defying tricks championed by the Cirque du Soleil. It’s harder than it looks, calling your core into action and stimulating the body’s calorie-burning “fight or flight” mode to mimic the fat-blitzing benefits of HIIT training. In the winter the school moves to the Hanger Arts Trust in North Greenwich – so you’re free to fly whenever you like. 

Yoga at The Shard 

A trip to the top of Europe’s tallest building is exciting in its own right, but throw in a Vinyasa yoga class and an exclusive goody bag and you’ll come away with a whole new perspective on life. New to the schedule is an evening meditative flow session every Sunday, aptly called ‘The City of Light’ as you’ll be looking out over the glistening London skyline. Visit for more info. 

Cycling in a pool 

If you’re a spin class regular looking for a new challenge, this one’s for you. HydroSpinning is the newest cycling trend across Europe and the US, burning upwards of 800 calories in single session and increasing the muscle-toning benefits by adding water resistance to your workout. It’s also a great option for people with joint injuries, as the impact is much gentler compared to traditional HIIT workouts. Try it in London at Aquallure, Aqua Studio in NYC (you can read about #TeamSB’s experience here) and other hydrospinning studios near you.  

Rock climbing indoors 

Bouldering gyms are the go-to workout destination for both keen rock climbers and beginners in search of a unique, full-body workout. It entails sashaying up and across walls using foot and hand holds for varying levels of difficulty, requiring you to move your body in three-dimensional ways and switch on your brain while you’re at it. There are few better ways to block out everyday stresses and immerse yourself in your workout. Try it at Vauxwall in London, the Manchester Climbing Gym, Chelsea Piers in NYC or at an alternative climbing centre near you. 

Bouncing on trampolines 

By putting a trampoline beneath your feet, you’ll use almost every muscle in order to stabilise your body, and you’ll send your heart rate skyrocketing in the process. Try it at Sky Zone in the US and Canada, bari in NYC or sign up to a ‘rebounding’ class at Frame in London. 

Running over urban obstacles 

If a straightforward 10K doesn’t appeal to you, try jumping over walls and ducking under rails to take your mind off the distance and incorporate more muscle groups. That’s the idea behind parkour – the free running discipline that makes for a great away to explore the hidden corners of your city. Discover your nearest parkour club at or

Mountaintop yoga 

Trek the Himalayas and refine your yoga practice at height with daily flows, stretches and meditation. Plus, explore the temples and rich cultural heritage of Kathmandu. Find out more

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Q&A with modelFIT founder Vanessa Packer /blog/interview-modelfit-founder-vanessa-packer/ /blog/interview-modelfit-founder-vanessa-packer/#comments Mon, 03 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/interview-modelfit-founder-vanessa-packer/
So as we gear up for our much-anticipated Sweaty Betty takeover at the modelFIT studios at 212 Bowery on Thursday 20 November, including a free class of your choice, complete Sweaty Betty outfit and complimentary treats and juices, we go behind the scenes with Vanessa. In a hurry? Just scroll down to the bottom for the sign-up link. 

Don’t miss your chance to try modelFIT for free. To book your free class on Thursday 20 November, go to and click on the EVENTS tab for the full schedule. 

What inspired you to open the modelFIT studio?
I fell in love with the modelFIT workout techniques by exercising with my personal trainer and now business partner Justin Gelband. I felt there was a void in the fitness space for a workout like that, and there wasn’t a studio that had an aesthetic I really loved. I wanted to design a studio that felt clean, zen, and as aesthetically pleasing as the workout is physically pleasing. Being healthy and fit is about more than just drinking juice and working out – it’s a lifestyle and I feel that our studio embodies that. 

How would you define the modelFIT training philosophy?
The modelFIT Method is about being mindful. Its focused, small, slow movements are designed to lengthen and tone all the little muscles that often get overlooked. The effect is a more sculpted, tighter physique. 

Your tagline reads “It’s not model thin. It’s modelFIT.” Why is this an important message for you?
The name modelFIT refers to being the model of health and wellbeing – it’s not about having the body of a fashion model. We put an emphasis on sustainable results over a 'quick fix’ type of workout. We try to educate our clients on healthful eating habits to complement their regular exercise. 

Who is most likely to benefit from the classes you offer? Are there any specific goals you can help people achieve?
We welcome everyone to our studio. Men and women can both benefit from our style of training. We cater to mostly women, which the method works especially well for because it leans out and tones those hard to reach places. 

What is unique about ModelFit’s nutrition programme?
The holistic nutrition program is really more of a lifestyle. Like everything we do, it is built for the individual and really tailored to their needs. We try to teach our clients balance and sustainability when it comes to their nutrition and exercise, but we also value rest and stretching. When it comes to nutrition specifically, we bring in Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet as well as a host of other dietary theories. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone so we try to work with each client and find what works best for them. 

You also run online healthy lifestyle magazine bonberi – what drives you to share your wellbeing insights with others?
bonberi was created to share the world of wellness in an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful way. It’s meant to inspire, educate and share the many ways you can live a healthy life. It’s been an inspiring journey to meet so many incredible people and discover new ways we can all be healthier. The process is very educational for us – every interview we do, we learn something new.  

How do you personally enjoy keeping fit in NYC?
I live and breathe modelFIT and bonberi. Cooking from the recipes we’ve created on bonberi and working out at modelFIT daily is how I keep fit. 

If you were to give us a peak in your gym bag, what would we find?
Since I opened modelFIT, I only really work out here, so I keep a locker rather than a gym bag. In my locker there are two pairs of Nike sneakers – Air Pegasus are my favorite. There are tea tree face wipes and Tom’s deodorant, and also an extra set of workout clothes. Our changing rooms at the studio are stocked with wonderful epicuren beauty products, so I use those regularly.

Get the modelFIT look 

Chandrasana leggings, Black Athlete Workout Vest and Double Yellow Training Over Tee 

Don’t miss your chance to try modelFIT for free. To book your free class on Thursday 20 November, go to and click on the EVENTS tab for the full schedule. ]]>
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Sweaty Betty arrives (again) in Manchester: An insider's look at the city's hot spots /blog/sweaty-betty-arrives-again-in-manchester-an-insiders-look-at-the-citys-hot-spots-/ /blog/sweaty-betty-arrives-again-in-manchester-an-insiders-look-at-the-citys-hot-spots-/#comments Thu, 30 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-arrives-again-in-manchester-an-insiders-look-at-the-citys-hot-spots-/
One centrally located gym with a difference, yoga studios at the city’s heart and a gazillion more in its outer perimeter (including one specialist Jivamukti centre), an exclusive health club with a cinema screen in the cardio room, a newly opened Barrecore studio to share Sweaty Betty Selfridges Exchange’s birthday, tea shops galore, flour-free cake eating havens, loft-style dining destinations and more. Sweaty Betty Roadshow Manager Georgie and blogger Sarah share their favourite places to work out and hang out. 

Eat and drink… 

The Northern Quarter: Manchester’s answer to London’s Shoreditch, this area is home to kooky tea and gift stores like Fig & Sparrow, Teacup Kitchen and Earth Café. “Earth Café has great vegetarian food and juices. It’s especially popular with cyclists – there’s always a long line of bikes chained up outside,” says Georgie. “And at the
Teacup Kitchen you get a little timer with your tea so it’s brewed for the perfect time. Cute!” 

Spinningfields: Great for dining out, locals love to go from brunch to dinner at the NYC loft-inspired Artisan Kitchen. But the most glamorous venue in town is located beneath Spinningfields. Georgie says you have to “dress to impress” if you want to wile away the night in ultra-cool restaurant and bar Australasia

Further afield: There are also great healthy eating options outside of the city centre, including Love Juice in Chorlton and The Yard in Alderley Edge. 

“Louise, the owner of Love Juice, has a juice solution for every problem. Ask for the raw burger on weekends, and finish with a peanut butter brownie. So divine!” says Georgie. Good thing they also host a run club on Saturdays, giving you a chance to justify your indulgence.    

The Yard is conveniently located near The Edge walking trails with the National Trust. Work up an appetite then head to The Yard for a protein-based main like salmon or chicken plus three salads of your choice. Georgie’s advice: “Make sure you opt for the Kale Salad. And the Beetroot. And the Sweet Potato with Feta!” 

Work out… 

TRAIN: “This is an awesome CrossFit box headed up by former CrossFit Games champion Samantha Briggs,” says Sarah. 

Lifestyle Fitness: Located on Deansgate, this is a favourite fitness hot spot for lunchtime and after work exercise. “They have the most selective recruitment process of all the city centre gyms, so expect an abundance of knowledge from the PTs,” says Georgie. 

Hale Country Club: For the most premium fitness experience around, head out to Hale to take in its incredible health club. It’s frequented by celebrities and is loved for its amazing classes, enthusiastic instructors and lovely spa. And its crowning jewel is a cinema room with treadmills and cross trainers. “Sarah’s spin class is a must for cardio fiends,” says Georgie. “Or to slow down your workout, book a private session with Martina in the super soothing Kaizen studio.” 

Barrecore: This much-loved ballet-inspired studio from London arrives in Manchester on the very same day Sweaty Betty opens its Selfridges Exchange concession. To celebrate their joint birthdays, Sweaty Betty and Barrecore are hosting a pre-launch event on Sunday 2 November, featuring free goodie bags and a chance to win a head-to-toe Sweaty Betty outfit plus five Barrecore classes of your choice. If you’d like to attend, e-mail for more information.  

Go running… 

Heaton Park: “Just a short tram ride out of Manchester city centre, you’ll find yourself in the company of friendly runners for a great workout atmosphere,” says Sarah. 

Still Waters Run Deep: Experience the social side of running and join this high-energy group every Monday at 7pm at Greengate Square. “There’s a Steady and Fast group,” says Sarah. “Whichever one you choose, expect whoops of encouragement and high fives.”  

Do yoga and Pilates… 

One Yoga Chorlton: This is a wonderful studio, and the only one in Manchester with a qualified Jivamukti instructor. “The owner, Andrea, is really inspiring and teaches the most high-energy classes,” says Sarah. “It’s also great for Ashtanga and Mum and Baby classes,” adds Georgie. 

Yoga Express: With the tagline “Compact classes for people on the go,” you know what you’re getting at Yoga Express. “The teaching is good and the pay-as-you-go system is great for young professionals who want to drop in on their way to and from work,” says Georgie. 

Come visit us from Monday 3 November at the Selfridges Exchange. You'll find us on the third floor, next to The Kooples Sport and Ted Baker! 


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