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“I like to balance my more indulgent treats with a conscious effort to include healthy meals and snacks and stay hydrated. This makes me feel that I’m still in control.” – Jayne Rodgers, Leeds Ambassador 

“Over the holidays, I love to practice gratitude meditation. It’s really simple. Sit somewhere quiet and allow your body to relax further which each deep breath. As you inhale, think about a person you love and are grateful for. And as you exhale, send them that love and gratitude for being in your life. This makes me feel more connected to all my loved ones scattered around the world – especially at a time of year when family and friends are so important.” – Nikkita Hope-Brown, Battersea Ambassador 

“Although the sofa can be tempting, I try to go outside as often as possible. Walking in a quiet spot, away from all the technology, can help you focus on what’s important. My favourite place to walk is by the sea – even when I’m feeling overwhelmed, that big blue expanse always brings me back to earth.” – Gerry Broom, Brighton Ambassador 

“Over Christmas my family and I go to Suffolk, where we’re surrounded by nature. My favourite form of escape is cardiovascular exercise, so I usually prefer a gentle jog to a walk. Whatever pace you prefer, notice your surroundings and take a moment to observe even the most minute details.” – Annie Foulds, Harrods Ambassador 

“One of my all-time favourite yoga poses is called Supta Baddha Konasana and it comes in very handy during the craziness of Christmas. It essentially entails chilling out for ten minutes, but it also opens the chest, hips and thighs, eases digestion and calms the nervous systems. Use a yoga bolster or roll up a pillow and lay it vertically along your mat. Then rest your lower back on the base of the pillow (pictured below), and sit with the knees apart and the soles of your feet together. Keep your palms up by your side and enjoy!” – Angie Newson, Muswell Hill Ambassador 

“When I’m feeling a bit frenzied, my go-to yoga practice is Nidra. It’s a profoundly relaxing guided meditation which is great for relieving stress, and it requires no prior experience of meditation. There are several free Yoga Nidra recordings available on to try it for yourself.” – Mandy Penalver, Guilford Ambassador 

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Calgary Avansino's Christmas wish list /blog/calgary-avansinos-christmas-wish-list/ /blog/calgary-avansinos-christmas-wish-list/#comments Tue, 16 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/calgary-avansinos-christmas-wish-list/
For the ski bunny
Avalanche Ski all in one
Ski Betties Seamless Top

For the zen within
Chandrasana Yoga Leggings 
Nidra Yoga Capris 
For January detox prep
Zero Gravity Tights
Ultra Run Bra in Green Alert 

For your inner dancer
Coupe Layered Dance Vest
Wknd Luxe Sweatshirt

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#TeamSB's favourite Sports Luxe pieces /blog/teamsb-favourite-sports-luxe-pieces-/ /blog/teamsb-favourite-sports-luxe-pieces-/#comments Thu, 11 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/teamsb-favourite-sports-luxe-pieces-/
“I love wearing the Liberty Luxe pants with the Tessellate Luxe Top and Freestyle Beanie. The trousers are so cosy and look amazing next to the statement tessellate pattern!” – Becca, Glasgow 

“I am wearing the Tessellate Luxe Leggings, which are super comfy, along with the Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper in stonemarl, which will be perfect for throwing on after yoga. As the length is a bit cropped, I can show off the Anusara Yoga Vest I have on underneath – the perfect pop of colour! Oh, and I love anything comfy so I styled the whole ensemble with my favourite Luxe Faux Fur Snood. Well, we need it here in Glasgow!” – Robyn, Glasgow 

“I love my Honeycomb Luxe Pants and Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper in yellow for throwing on after yoga and going straight to the library for a late night study session.” – Emma, St. Albans 

"I love how versatile the Tessellate Luxe Leggings and Escape Luxe Jumper are! I wear this outfit to do the school run and walk the dog before heading to spin class." - Ellie, St. Albans 

“I like my clothes like I like my ice cream – with a sprinkling of honeycomb. The Honeycomb Luxe Pants are my Sports Luxe winner!” – Jos, Fulham 

“Here I am shopping for organic raw cacao hot chocolate in Leeds’ lovely Victorian Quarter. I feel great wearing the new Sports Luxe base layers – the Tessellate Luxe Leggings and the Tessellate Luxe Top - with a pop of colour from the yellow Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper on top. I’ve completed the look with the Luxe Faux Fur Snood, perfect for a spot of Christmas shopping!" - Erin, Leeds

Shop the Sports Luxe collection now. ]]>
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Introduction to barre: Exclusive Sweaty Betty X Heartcore offer /blog/introduction-to-barre-exclusive-sweaty-betty-x-heartcore-offer-/ /blog/introduction-to-barre-exclusive-sweaty-betty-x-heartcore-offer-/#comments Tue, 09 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/introduction-to-barre-exclusive-sweaty-betty-x-heartcore-offer-/ between 10-31 December to purchase the Sweaty Betty X Heartcore package. 

Here to introduce you to Heartcore’s unique barre concept is Natalie Halcroft, the brains behind the newest barre workout in London. 

As the brains behind Heartcore’s exclusive new barre class, tell us about your training background…

I fell in love with dancing at the age of five and trained in classical technique. I worked professionally in both classical and commercial dance internationally, and then later completed my teaching qualifications at the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

In 2008 I completed my Level 4 Personal Training, deepening my knowledge of biomechanics and physiology, alongside Reformer & Mat Pilates training. As the US barre movement gained momentum in the UK, I decided to train as a barre instructor because I was excited by the opportunity to combine my love of choreography with my knowledge of optimal training techniques.  

What makes the new barre programme different from the others already out there? 

The barre workout was originally created in the 1950’s, based on a combination of ballet and dance training techniques to form a full-body workout that helps to hone that all-desirable dancers’ physique.  Since then, biomechanics has evolved significantly and we have a much greater understanding of muscular physiology.

I designed the new barre programme with all the latest scientific principles in mind, including intelligent sequencing and isolated micro-movements to work the muscle fibres to the point of fatigue. Energising beats combined with Heartcore’s signature precision techniques deliver a fast, effective and fun workout that promises immediate results. 

If you had to pick the single biggest benefit of Heartcore Barre, what would it be?

Micro-sculpting! The Heartcore barre precision technique delivers long lean limbs, tight upper arms, elongated legs and a zipped-in waistline. It’s all about creating a natural ‘corset effect’ and a lifted curvaceous butt. 

How should Heartcore Barre students supplement their classes to maximise their all-round fitness?

Barre is an incredible total body conditioning workout, so something more cardio-based like TRX or running would be a good complement. Our TRX HIIT offers high-intensity cardio training and fast fat burn.  

We also recommend integrating Dynamic Reformer Pilates as part of your overall exercise, focusing on the full range of motion and using resistance to build core strength. The combination of barre and pilates achieves a strong, long and lean micro-sculpted physique. 

What do you look for in a great outfit for barre?

I love being able to see my muscles engage during a workout. Statement leggings are my go-to piece, especially those with a sexy mesh panel or clever detailing (the Adrenaline Run Capris fit the bill perfectly). Coming from the dance discipline, I love layering. A sheer or cutout vest (like the Training Over Tee) that highlights my arms and shoulders is great, and I’ll pair it with a colour pop bra underneath. 

Get the Heartcore Barre look 

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Hidden Treasures: Christine Bibbo Herr on fit living in NYC /blog/hidden-treasures-christine-bibbo-herr-nyc-/ /blog/hidden-treasures-christine-bibbo-herr-nyc-/#comments Wed, 03 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/hidden-treasures-christine-bibbo-herr-nyc-/ Calgary Avansino, Susannah Taylor and Sweaty Betty’s own Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton – US blogger Christine Bibbo Herr of agreed to share some of the urban gems she’s discovered during her life in the Big Apple. 

What’s your favourite run route and why?

I like to run around Central Park as it’s so grounding to immerse myself in nature while looking out to New York City all around me. I also like Riverside Park – I find water really relaxing so running along the Hudson is great.  

Which is your must visit juice bar for a post workout refuel, and your favourite kind of juice/smoothie?

The Meatpacking District is full of smoothie bars and all of them are amazing. I love any kind of green juices with beetroot and antioxidants. 

What 3 boutiques would you love to have on your local shopping street?

Sweaty Betty, Anthropologie and a great independent vintage shop! 

Describe your ideal active retreat.

Somewhere warm like Hawaii or Costa Rica, where I can surf and run around. Getting on foot or on a bike is my favourite way to see a city.

What fitness or wellbeing event is on your bucket list?

Wanderlust festival. It would be a great way to explore an exotic destination while trying new organic foods and wellness brands at the same time.  

What’s the one class that you never cancel, no matter how busy you are?

I’m really into yoga at the minute, so I do that once a week to balance out all the running I do. Vinyasa Flow is my favourite, as I still get sweaty and I can do it in a small local studio.  

What do you pack for holiday to ensure you don’t lose your fitness?

I have to take my running trainers everywhere. If I’ve got those I can do anything. 

What websites do you have on standby for quick at-home workouts?

The is good – pretty basic but good for daily inspiration. I also contribute to Well + Good so love catching up on the latest health and fitness news on there. ]]>
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Sweaty Betty's guide to ski touring /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-ski-touring/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-ski-touring/#comments Tue, 02 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-ski-touring/ Ski-2 to set them up with a ski guide, and weeks later she was in the Italian Alps with experienced skier and ice climber Patrick Chasseur. Here Patrick tells us about the challenges (and joys) behind ski touring… 

Tamara wears the Orbital Down GiletUphill Ski Jacket, Downhill Ski Pants and Anon Wren Ski Helmet

What first inspired you to head up the mountain as opposed to down it?

I am the nephew of a mountain guide, and have always lived in a village 1700m above sea level, so naturally grew up playing on mountains and climbing them year round. 

Tamara found her hip flexors were especially targeted during ski touring. What other physical challenges can the first-time ski tourer expect to encounter?

Ski touring is an aerobic sport but also very technical, so expect to spend a day or two establishing the most efficient technique as you learn to climb using skis. 
Do you recommend any specific training in preparation for a ski touring holiday?

Good aerobic fitness is key, and some basic full-body conditioning can also help prevent fatigue when you’re midway up the mountain. But everyone can get involved, and there are easier routes available for beginners and children alike.  
What about nutrition? Choosing uninterrupted trails means there aren’t likely to be any chalets or cafes in sight, so how do you keep yourself properly fuelled for a day on the mountain?

Everyone will prefer different types of food, but quick and convenient snacks like nuts and cold-pressed bars will maintain your energy levels. If the route requires multiple days’ ski touring and sleeping in a bivouac, then it’s essential to carry fire, water and dry food rations. 
If you could choose just three worldwide destinations to ski tour, what would they be?

The Alps in Italy, over the fjords in Norway and Alaska. 

Any other tips for Sweaty Betty fans interested in ski touring? 

Slide or shuffle your skis rather than picking them up, which requires more energy. Follow behind a more experienced skier so they can carve you an easier path. Stand straight when you feel like you’re losing traction – you may feel tempted to lean forward but that will actually make you more likely to slide backwards. 


The Haute Route, France/Switzerland

Connecting two famous resorts in the Alps, Chamonix (France) and Zermatt (Switzerland), this tour can take up to eight days and entails huge glaciers, steep passageways and ever-changing scenery. 

Need to know: You will need an advanced level of fitness to tackle this challenge, which will require unfailing endurance of up to 10 hours every day. 

The Silvretta Traverse, Austria

Running along the Swiss/Austrian border, this route makes a great introduction to hut-to-hut ski touring. There are plenty of easy summits for beginners, and accommodation is very comfortable with hot showers and great après-ski food and drink. 

Need to know: Wear layers that are easy to pull on or remove, as you’ll come across varied elevations and need to dress accordingly. 

The Italian Dolomites Circuit, Italy 

A great choice to combine fitness, cuisine and culture. There is fascinating history in this area – look out for iron ladders built into the cliff face, which served as fortifications during WWI. 

Need to know: Intermediate off-piste skiers are best suited to this route. The average day will require between five to eight hours of steady skiing; fitness and determination are essential. 

Queyras National Park, France

Staring in Saint-Véran, one of Europe’s highest villages, this route takes you all the way to Abriès via stunning castles and incredible wildlife. 

Need to know: Previous ski-touring experience is recommended and off-piste confidence is crucial. 

Central Bernese Oberland, Switzerland/Germany 

For breathtaking views – among the best you’ll find in the Alps – head to the Bernese Oberland range. You’ll enjoy vistas across the Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger mountains, but you’ll have to tackle some of the toughest climbs in the process. Thrilling descents of up to 4000m are a welcome reward. 

Need to know: This route is one of few suitable for late spring skiing as it stays very high in the mountains. Be prepared for serious thigh-burning ascents.  

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It's a print thing: A look back over the key prints of AW14 /blog/the-key-prints-of-aw14/ /blog/the-key-prints-of-aw14/#comments Fri, 28 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/the-key-prints-of-aw14/

The defining print of the AW14 Ski range came to life when Sweaty Betty designer Julia paid a visit to New York’s High Line: a lush, elevated walkway juxtaposed with road signs and urban architecture. It was this punctuated strip of disused railway that inspired Sweaty Betty’s edgiest print yet, guaranteed to stand out against pristine mountain trails. Shop the Ski range now

Ski graphics 

Continuing with the urban trend, this season’s Ski range also features men-at-work inspired graphics, like the ski jumper seen across the Criss Cross and Ski Betties base layers and the ultra-ironic Ski Jumper. Sweaty Betty’s British heritage plays an important role in these designs, embracing a culture of dry humour and eccentricity. Also true to Sweaty Betty’s origins is the Luxe Knitted Jumpsuit, which combines a traditional Fair Isle print with the playful, on-trend onesie. 

Neon & Camo Floral 

Futuristic florals are at the heart of the collection; both of these prints are the designer’s graphic interpretation of a photograph taken at Kew Gardens. It’s a new perspective on the flower – lit up like the neon lights of the city or blacked out for an ultra-edgy camouflage aesthetic. These were featured across many sell-out designs, with only the Cadence Run Jacket, Glide Swimsuit and Splash Bikini in the Camo Floral remaining. 

Monochrome & Lilac Chalk Floral 

Another sell-out yoga print, this graffiti-like take on the very same Kew Garden photograph was developed by in-house Sweaty Betty designer Laura. She spent hours manipulating the original photograph and creating sharper black outlines, then completing her masterpiece with a torn-away effect throughout the pattern. Although the more colourful Lilac Chalk print has now sold out, you can still get the Chandrasana Yoga Leggings in Monochrome Floral before they go. 

City Lights 

Tamara Hill-Norton, Sweaty Betty’s Creative Director, spends many nights running along the bank of the River Thames – watching the city’s skyscrapers reflect off the murky waters below and blur into the deep navy of the night sky above. She wanted to recreate this effect with this Run Pro print. It’s now available in the bright and highly visible Ultra Run Jacket, designed to promote and epitomise the joys of running at night. 

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Sweaty Betty x modelFIT: The highlights /blog/sweaty-betty-x-modelfit-the-highlights-/ /blog/sweaty-betty-x-modelfit-the-highlights-/#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-x-modelfit-the-highlights-/ modelFIT. 50 attendees joined Sweaty Betty USA across five signature modelFIT classes. Catch the highlights below… 

modelFIT classes use light weights but high repetitions and targeted muscle movements to maximise your results. 

Long and lean limbs is the focus at modelFIT, with exercises designed to stretch out the muscles and enhance balance and flexibility within the body. 

Event guests were able to try several different pieces of equipment, using dumbbells, bands, Pilates rings and their own bodyweight for resistance. 

Just when you thought an exercise was over, modelFIT instructors encouraged class attendees to finish with tiny pulses that blast through any remaining energy stores.  

After the class, guests were treated to organic juices and snacks by Nourish – a prestigious New York health food company. 

Finally, guests were able to choose a Sweaty Betty outfit of their choice. Favourite pieces included versatile vests for layering over colour pop sports bras

See more event photos on the modelFIT Facebook album. To stay in the know about all Sweaty Betty’s events and collaborations, follow @sweatybetty on Twitter and Instagram, or join the conversation on Facebook. ]]>
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Meet Sweaty Betty's newest Elite Ambassador: GB Heptathlete Jess Taylor /blog/sweaty-betty-elite-ambassador-jess-taylor/ /blog/sweaty-betty-elite-ambassador-jess-taylor/#comments Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-elite-ambassador-jess-taylor/

Jess wears Pace Run Tights and the Ultra Run Jacket

Do you remember the first moment you fell in love with fitness?

My parents would probably tell you from the age I was walking! There’s a picture of me in reigns at the age of 1 from a family holiday to Disney World. I apparently stole a mini mouse out the shop and ran off so they felt reigns were needed! After that, my first sports day in school gave me a real buzz after winning my first ever race. I was used to constantly being beat by my older brother so finally having some glory was rather nice!

How did you discover and decide to compete in the heptathlon?

My dad started taking me to the local athletics club in York, where I started off as a sprinter. I was ranked in the top 10 in the UK for the 75m in the U13 age group and always dreamed of being the fastest woman in the world! I competed for my club in the West Yorkshire League, which encourages you to do lots of events by granting points for your performance in each competition. At the end of the season, the three kids with the most points were awarded trophies, something which motivated me a lot! 

I got silver and found out I was fairly good at a few events so was encouraged to enter for the county combined events championships later that year, where I qualified for the national championships having had no training other than sprinting. From then on I continued to do heptathlon alongside my sprinting. It wasn't until I came to university in Manchester that I trained with an actual heptathlon coach and received my first England vest from the U23 age group. Perseverance is definitely key if you want to make it in sport!

You’re currently #3 in Britain – a huge accomplishment. Looking ahead, what is your next big challenge?

My next big challenge is the British Indoor Championships for pentathlon (hurdles/high jump/shot putt/long jump and 800m) on the 10/11th Jan. Ideally I would like to win this as I haven’t won the British Championships before and I feel really on form at the moment!  And if I place in the top 3 I will gain selection for Great Britain for an international match in Holland, so fingers crossed!

For the upcoming outdoor season, my main aim is to qualify for the World Championships in Beijing in August 2015. This would be an incredible experience and to compete in the Bird’s Nest would be amazing!

Describe a week in your running shoes – how many times are you exercising and what types of training are you doing?

I usually train 4/5 times a week, mixing medicine ball conditioning, technical hurdle training, hill runs and plyometrics, and weights and kettlebells. 

Like Sweaty Betty, a lot of your work involves ‘empowering others through fitness’. Can you tell us about some of your coaching experience?  

Absolutely! I coach a variety of athletics events to different groups from hearing impaired sports days and community athletics sessions to a weekly girls’ after-school club. I also have my own long jump and high jump groups, which I coach for the local athletics club. It’s great to get more people involved in sport and I’m so passionate about inspiring future generations. I have recently started doing some work for a company called Sport for Schools, running fitness circuits for the whole school to boost activity levels.  It’s a really great company and the kids seem to absolutely love it!

With Christmas just around the corner, what’s the current season Sweaty Betty piece you’d love to find under the tree?

Definitely the Orbital Down Gilet in Mountain Blue. It looks so snug and would be great for my winter training sessions such as hill runs, as normal jackets tend to restrict my arm movement when running! My family and I also always go on a lovely country walk on Boxing Day so it would also be perfect for that. I Hope Father Christmas delivers! ]]>
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Hidden Treasures: Susannah Taylor's London highlights /blog/hidden-treasures-susannah-taylors-london-highlights/ /blog/hidden-treasures-susannah-taylors-london-highlights/#comments Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/hidden-treasures-susannah-taylors-london-highlights/ Calgary Avansino about her favourite city spots. This week, Editor-in-Chief of Get The Gloss steps up to share her London insights and explain why Sweaty Betty’s current Hidden Treasures in an Urban Jungle collection resonates with her own city living experience. 

What’s your favourite run route and why?

I actually love to get out of the city when running. I live in Oxfordshire and my favourite route is from our house, down the lane, around to the next village (which takes you past a farm) and back across the fields. Sometimes I see fields full of pheasants, sometimes deer cross my path, and most recently I saw a beautiful hare.

Which is your must visit juice bar for a post workout refuel, and your favourite kind of juice/smoothie?

I love Roots and Bulbs on Marylebone High street and if I'm near I'll always pop in (their nut butter is amazing). I make my own smoothies at home for post-exercise, which usually comprise of nut milk and berries with whatever supplement powders I can find to throw in. I have a great collagen powder I think transforms your skin and I swear by Udo's Choice Oil too! 

What 3 boutiques would you love to have on your local shopping street?

Sandro, Matches and Kabiri – the amazing jewellery shop on Marylebone High street. I love jewellery almost more than clothes.

What’s your must-have piece of kit that people may be surprised to learn about?

My Reebok boxing gloves. I absolutely LOVE boxing... it’s an amazing workout. I box with my trainer Steve Mellor from Freedom2Train, and also a guy called Daza who owns Bicester Boxing Club. You need your own gloves really as it's quite stinky using someone else's! I also love my Aqua Sphere swim goggles – no others come close! 

Describe your ideal active retreat.

It would include something that pushed me out of my comfort zone, maybe learning something new. I'd like to box, swim, paddleboard and cycle. It would be somewhere hot near a beach, with amazing scenery and there would be evening massages and amazing healthy, fresh food. When can we go?

What fitness or wellbeing event is on your bucket list?

A sprint triathlon. I did two super sprints this year and am ready to step it up. There is a wellness/fitness retreat in Devon called Yeotown that sounds amazing, too. And I recently heard about a great healthy holiday called Swim Trek, where you swim from island to island around Sardinia, followed by a boat in case you need a break! 

What’s the one class that you never cancel, no matter how busy you are?

I have trained with Steve Mellor of Freedom2Train for about 2.5 years and – I’m not quite sure how I've managed this – I’ve NEVER cancelled a session. Not even when it’s snowing or I'm drowning in work. 

Who do you follow on Instagram for fitspiration?

@Kayla_Itsines, @TheBodyCoach, @yoga_girl, @amandabisk and @calgaryavansino

What do you pack for holiday to ensure you don’t lose your fitness?

My ASICS trainers, vests (always Sweaty Betty) a pair of shorts, sports bra, running socks, swim goggles and bikini (my favourite is Heidi Klein). 

What do you always have to hand for a post-workout snack?

Nuts and berries.

What websites do you have on standby for quick at-home workouts?

I don't do at-home workouts – I’d much rather get outside or go out to the gym. I use exercise as an excuse to get out and have a change of scenery, so if I had a gym at home I don’t think I’d use it! 

In next week's 'Hidden Treasures' interview: Sweaty Betty creative director Tamara Hill-Norton]]>
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