blog Tue, 23 May 2017 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 Sweaty Betty x Movemeant Foundation /blog/sweaty-betty-x-movemeant-foundation/ /blog/sweaty-betty-x-movemeant-foundation/#comments Tue, 09 May 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-x-movemeant-foundation/ Dare to Bare last October, we've teamed up with Movemeant Foundation on a mission to help promote body confidence through fitness. From bras on spin bikes to scholarships in the San Francisco community, we have a lot planned to help empower women over the next 12 months, here's the lowdown on the collaboration. 

dare to bare 1

Who are Movemeant Foundation?

Movemeant Foundation is a charity on a mission to empower women to feel confident about their bodies by using fitness and physical movement as a way to build self-worth and positive body image. Founded by senior Soul Cycle instructor, Jenny Gaithor after she was tired of being bombarded with images of so-called 'perfection' on Instagram. Movemeant aims to offer self-confidence building tools, resources and experiences where fitness and physical movement play a central role. 

What do they do?

Research has found that by middle school, 40-70 percent of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body, and body satisfaction hits rock bottom between the ages of 12 and 15. To compound body dissatisfaction, 51.7% of women reported no participation in any physical activity.

Aiming to counter this, Movemeant Foundation addresses these issues with large scale 'Dare to Bare' events and grants to schools, communities and other non-profit organizations—providing women across the country with opportunities to move in ways they never thought possible. Now in multiple middle schools, the Movemeant Curriculum offers career and mentor opportunities for women to facilitate conversations with young girls to foster the many ways we can feel about our bodies beyond appearance. 

What is Dare to Bare?

Did you see hundreds of women sweating it out in their Sweaty Betty sports bras last autumn? Introducing 'Dare To Bare'Movemeant Foundation's flagship outdoor charity fitness event and the largest body-positive event in the US, supported by Sweaty Betty. Occurring twice a year, in Marina, San Francisco and Union Square Park, New York,  you’ll find thousands participating in a series of fitness classes with a  twist in their Sweaty Betty sports bras.

Why have we teamed up?

'Sweaty Betty is all about making women feel amazing and as a Mum of two daughters, I find it so empowering to see Jenny and her team working to increase female self-confidence, so I can't wait to help drive the message even further.' says Sweaty Betty's Founder and Creative Director Tamara. 'After the success of last October's Dare to Bare event, where we raised over $132k we wanted to continue the momentum.'

What's to come?

Save the date. Saturday May 20 for Dare to Bare San Francisco, where we'll be supporting a day of workouts (in your Sweaty Betty sports bra obviously) from Soul Cycle and the Bay Area's top instructors, get your tickets here and look out for Sweaty Betty leggings and sports bras on the day. Not on the West Coast? Register for Dare to Bare New York in Union Square on October, 1 2017.

Find out more about Movemeant Foundation here and keep an eye out for more exciting events this year. ]]>
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Sweaty Betty's guide to York /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-york/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-york/#comments Fri, 21 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-york/ Sweaty Betty is joining the likes of Whistles, The White Company and countless rumoured ghosts on Stonegate. To celebrate our beautiful new shop, we've rounded up our favourite places to eat, sweat and get a cultural fix in the area.


york where to eat

Betty's Tea Room

Need to balance out hours of walking the cobbled streets? Step in the North's little kept secret Betty's. Head to these historic tea rooms for beautiful art-deco interiors, traditional Yorkshire hospitality and the best afternoon tea in town. Our tip, try a Fat Rascal, you won't regret it.

Filmore and Union

If you're more green juice than afternoon tea, Filmore and Union's healthy menu is your answer. With beautiful views of York Minster, head here for turmeric lattes, fresh salads and our personal favourite the Earth Bowls.

The Botanist

For any necessary post-shopping cocktails, The Botanist located a few doors down from our new shop is filled with unusual concoctions, including drinks in a watering can, we're sold. 


guide to york sweat

The Stables

Home to our ambassador Fran, this light-filled studio is just a short walk from the centre of York. Offering yoga, Pilates and mindfulness courses for all levels, The Stables is our go-to for serious zen. 


York's first purpose built hot yoga studio YogaBomb offers a fun, fast-paced and sweaty workout for all levels. Book early to try a class with Lou the founder.

Mi Pilates

Combining traditional Pilates with Somatics (simple and effective movement therapy), Mi Pilates is our go-to for a serious stretch with the amazing Janet. 


guide to york to do

York Minster

You can't go to York and avoid historical sites, but if you only have time for one we recommend the stunning York Minster. This Gothic Cathedral with vast stained glass windows, high towers and a new interactive Undercroft exhibition (less historic). 

The Shambles

One of our favourite things to do in York? Simply wonder around and try to learn the unusual names - from the Bitchdaughter Tower to The Shambles. Finish off at The Shambles for shopping in the cutest shops in town. 

York's Chocolate Story

Move over Cadbury's. Head her to find out about York's rich chocolate history while sampling a variety of local cuisine (there are free sweets and you will enjoy them). 

Find out more about our York boutique and visit us in-store at 9 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AN. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for opening day insights and York event news!
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Workout and Refuel with Frame Studios /blog/workout-and-refuel-with-frame-studios/ /blog/workout-and-refuel-with-frame-studios/#comments Sat, 14 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/workout-and-refuel-with-frame-studios/ 31 days to fit

Meet Frame

frame studios gedeGede wears the Upbeat Bra and Zero Gravity Leggings

Frame Studios are on a mission to make sure keeping fit and healthy never feels like a chore. Known for our feel-good, energetic and fun-filled classes, their two signature workouts will have you sweating or stretching it out like it's 1999. Created by Pip Black and Joan Murphy to form a more positive approach to health and fitness, their four studios in Shoreditch, Queen's Park, Victoria and Kings Cross are far more than just your regular gym session, with a wide choice of classes (from Music Video to Yin Yoga), a store with handpicked gems and a Fuel Bar stocked with healthy treats.

To help you kickstart your New Year with a boogie, Frame have not only shared two delicious post-workout recipes, their trainer Gede is on hand to take you through a sweaty workout. A professional dancer known for her high energy classes,
she gives the word “burn” a whole new meaning.

Protein Pancakes Recipe

Makes 12 smaller 2.5 inch pancakes; pour more batter in the pan per pancake for larger sizes.

frame protein pancakes recipe

50g (1/2 cup) ground almonds
50g (1/2 cup) gluten free flour
1 cup rice milk (or other milk of your choice)
1 tablespoon chia seeds or ground flaxseed
1 tablespoon vanilla protein powder
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 smashed ripe bananas
2 eggs


Heat a skillet over high heat while you mix the batter.

Throw the banana and eggs into a food processor and blitz together.

Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl.Then slowly whisk the banana and egg mixture into the dry ingredients, before adding in the rice milk slowly and whisking until you have a batter consistency.

Pour desired amount of batter on your pan, which should now be very hot.

When you see small bubbles appear on the top of the pancake, flip it and then press the pancake down with your spatula for a couple of seconds. Cook for 1-2 minutes or until underside is golden brown.

Serve with a handful of blueberries and nut butter. Add cinnamon, bee pollen or other superfood topping of your choice!

The Face Lift Smoothie

Good for: detoxing and skin health, add a vegan protein powder for post-workout recovery.

frame the face lift smoothie


½ medium beetroot
2 apples
¼ avocado
juice of ¼ lemon
2 frozen strawberries
3 frozen raspberries
5 frozen blueberries
handful of ice
1 heaped teaspoon coconut oil

Place avocado, berries and ice in blender. Then juice beetroot and 2 apples before adding this into the blender with the lemon juice and coconut oil. Blend and enjoy!

Three burning questions

Your favourite workout? 

I love doing a variety of workouts, it keeps your body challenged and you avoid reaching that plateau stage. But, if I did have to choose one it would be Dance Cardio hands down. It is just such a feel good, endorphin-high workout and it really takes me to my happy place. In September, I had the opportunity to teach this workout at Sweaty Betty Live and it was so incredible that i was flying high for about 3 days after. 



Describe your morning routine?

Nothing happens before coffee! I am a slow starter in the morning so I like to allow myself time to wake up and think about my day. I have a recap through my class plans and if I am leading teacher training then I'll recap on whatever I have prepped for the session. Then I'll check through emails and set a to do list for the day. By then, my coffee unfortunately has probably all gone and its shower time and off to the studio to teach for 7am. 


Number one goal for 2017?


My general goal for the 2017 is to spend more time with friends and family. My whole life ends up being work, work, work. Living in London can be very demanding as everything is always so constant (I’m sure you can all relate?). It also doesn’t help that I love my job and look forward going to work, so it’s easy to see how it all blends into one. But I am determined to have time out and separate work from home. 


Find out more about Frame at and @moveyourframe and @gedefoster. Work out with Gede here and join us for your fittest January ever at with exclusive workouts, wellness tips and more. Share your sweaty workouts and recipe snaps with #31DaysToFit. ]]>
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4 exercises to balance out December indulgence /blog/4-exercises-to-balance-out-december-indulgence/ /blog/4-exercises-to-balance-out-december-indulgence/#comments Thu, 01 Dec 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/4-exercises-to-balance-out-december-indulgence/ Fit Brit Collective to ensure you're not shaking your belly like a whole lot of jelly (sorry Santa). 

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Mountain Top Seamless Base Layer and Mountain Top Seamless Leggings

Complete each of the following exercises as a circuit. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before moving straight to the next exercise. Complete 5 rounds for a 20-minute full-body workout that will have you gleefully gobbling up the season’s finest treats. 

North Pole Jumps 

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Mountain Top Seamless Base Layer and Mountain Top Seamless Leggings

Time to unleash some power from your center and work your core more dynamically. Rock back onto your thoracic spine, generating momentum as you roll back to your heels and push explosively into a vertical jump. Soften your knees to land and repeat. Use your hands for an extra push if necessary, or go hands free for an advanced abdominal challenge. 

Chimney Crawl

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Pacesetter Vest and To The Beat Reversible Leggings

Get into a wide press-up position and lower your chest between your elbows, keeping your hips in line with your shoulders so your lower back doesn’t dip towards the floor. Now crawl forwards by sliding the right knee to the right elbow and pushing through your right foot as you slide left knee to left elbow. Make your body as strong and flat as possible as you progress along the floor (we don’t advise trying this in an actual chimney). And you thought Santa’s job was easy! 
Swan Lake Squat

sweaty betty december workout
Brit wears the Mountain Top Seamless Base Layer and Mountain Top Seamless Leggings

Assume a hip width squat position and sink your hips over your heels into a deep squat. As you come to stand, push dynamically through your heels and elevate one leg out to the side for a glute and hip strengthening abductor challenge. Pause briefly at the top, finding stability by drawing your navel to your spine, before slowly returning to your squat and repeating on the other side. Odette has nothing on you!
St Nick Burpees

sweaty betty burpees
Brit wears the Pacesetter Vest and To The Beat Reversible Leggings

Make like Santa and perform one long broad jump, landing in a soft squat position (no heavy feet!), then plant your hands and kick back into a full burpee. Jump up and repeat – lucky for you it’s just for 40 seconds and not all night long. 
Join Brit for Bootcamp & Bend on the afternoon of Saturday 10 December – a festive fitness party including bootcamp, yoga, healthy canapés and early Christmas gifts. For more information and tickets, visit Or enjoy a free in-store festive bodyweight bootcamp at Sweaty Betty Wimbledon at 12.30pm on Wednesday 21 December. 
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Sweaty Betty's guide to West Hollywood /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-west-hollywood/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-west-hollywood/#comments Fri, 04 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-bettys-guide-to-west-hollywood/ West Hollywood! Melrose Avenue we are coming for you with our third West Coast store on December 1.'Opening a store in Los Angeles was always an aim when I started Sweaty Betty in 1998, so to open a third is amazing', reflects Founder & Creative Director Tamara, 'I absolutely love the healthy active lifestyle there'. To celebrate our shop opening, we've rounded up where to sweat, eat and stay in the area. 

Where to Sweat

sweaty betty west hollywood sweat


We love to spin and when we're looking for a great cardio session, Cycle House in The Alfred Alley is our place of choice. You'll find us at Nichelle or Aaron's classes. 

For a workout with a difference, Rise Nation is the place to go - the first 30 minute full body workout, this climbing based workout is designed for serious results and sore muscles.  


A winning combination of beautiful decor and an intense workout, Carrie's Pilates Plus is home to one of our favourite workouts in LA. A mixture of cardio, Pilates and weight training, this class promises a lithe, lean physique in less time than your usual Pilates class.

If you like your yoga with a twist, Playlist Yoga is the place. With classes focused around you guessed it, music this is a dynamic upbeat workout where you match your breath to the movement, and movement to the music. Not your standard yoga class.


Known as 'the Soho House of wellness', Wanderlust is the place to go in West Hollywood for all things meditation and yoga. With three floors, multiple studios and a clean-eating cafe, head here to seriously chill out. 

Were to Eat

sweaty betty west hollywood eat


Made for Instagrammable moments, Joan's on Third is a speciality food marketplace where you can spend hours. From gourmet foods you won't find anywhere else, to baked goods and a restaurant for celeb-spotting, head here for gourmet groceries. 

Located minutes from our West Hollywood shop, Urth Caffe is where all health-conscious Los Angeles residents head for organic coffee, signature fresh salads and vegan desserts. 

You can't go to California and not eat Mexican food. With a healthier take on the cuisine Gracias Madre offers a plant-based, organic alternative. Tequila optional. 


You can't go to the home of health and wellness without a smoothie pit stop. Our place of choice - Beaming. With a menu filled with superfoods, we love the acai bowls. 

If caffeine is more your thing, try Alfred on Melrose for cool decor and well-trained baristas and a great cup of coffee. 


For an evening meal with a difference, head to E.P. and L.P for delicious asian fusion food followed by cocktails on the rooftop.

The Nice Guy has quickly become a frequented spot for A-list celebs. With its intimate booths, rat pack ambiance, and delicious menu, head here for drinks with friends. 

What to Do

west hollywood


West Hollywood is one of Los Angeles' most popular shopping destinations. Head to Melrose Avenue for edgier, cooler places including Restoration Hardware’s Gallery and LA’s Rag and Bone or try Melrose Place for high-end boutiques from the likes of Oscar de la Renta. 


For a more organic take of Los Angeles head to Runyon Canyon. This 160 acre park lies just 2 blocks from Hollywood Blvd and is known for its scenic trails and stunning views of the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign. 


Few hotels are as famous or as notorious as the Chateau Marmont, for over eighty five years the Chateau has been home to wild parties, secretive trysts and Hollywood legends. Whether you're behaving or not, this hotel located high above Sunset Boulevard is the place to be. 

Find out more about our third West Coast boutique and visit us in-store at 8549 Melrose Avenue (between W 46th St and W47th St), West Hollywood, 9006. Don't forget to follow us on Snapchat and Instagram for opening day insights and LA event news!]]>
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5 tips to conquer stress /blog/5-tips-to-beat-stress/ /blog/5-tips-to-beat-stress/#comments Mon, 10 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/5-tips-to-beat-stress/ Jacqueline Hurst for her top tips on how to get a handle on more stressful moments. 

5 tips to conquer stressModel wears the Chandrasana Leggings, Studio Bra and Energy Workout Hoody

1. Sometimes its good to take a step back and ask yourself, 'Is this going to make any difference in ten years' time?' 90% of the time, the answer is no. Take a step away to get perspective and think about it, as once you accept that most of your worry isn't life or death, it suddenly won't seem like such a big deal after all.

2.  Balance your expectations. So many of us have sky-high expectations of ourselves, which are way higher than we would set it for anyone else. Whatever it is you are stressed about ask yourself how you would talk to a friend in this situation. Would you be yelling at her that she will never get it sorted out or would you treat her with kindness? Be nicer to yourself and the stress will start to slip away.

3. Be aware of yourself. Noticing that you are 'stressed' can actually be good for you, because it's a signal that something is in need of change. 

4. Small changes can yield big results. First of all, our thoughts rule how we feel. None of us are taught how to 'think' or 'deal' with emotions at school, though it is so important to understand that your thoughts create how you feel. When you are stressed try to write down how you are feeling to get it out of your head quickly. 

5. Start to look at how your thinking. In other words are you choosing thoughts that feel good or feel stressful? Let's say you are stressed about a presentation you need to do for work. If you are thinking 'I can't do this' you won't be feeling great. Instead you need to start thinking about it differently and postively, to convince yourself you can do it. 

Jacqueline Hurst is a master life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. She has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, The Sunday Times, Harpers Baazar and The Daily Telegraph. Jacqueline is also the founder of the Life Class, an online personal course for self development. ]]>
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What's your #PowerHour? /blog/powerhour-inspiration/ /blog/powerhour-inspiration/#comments Tue, 27 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/powerhour-inspiration/ world's most versatile leggings, the Power. It's safe to say we're obsessed. To celebrate the Power leggings moment, we've teamed up with three #PowerHour ambassadors to talk all things workouts, snacks and more.

Jessica Tran

An Aussie girl living in New York, Jessica of Jess Loves Fred is a PR by day and blogger and fitness fan by night.

whats your power hour jessica tran

What's your #PowerHour workout?
My #PowerHour is my me-time at the gym where it's just me and the weights, with nothing else on my mind. 

What’s your go-to workout?
Powerlifting. I lift weights on average four times a week following the 5/3/1 programme. I'll balance this with yoga to stretch my body and HIIT training for cardio. 

What’s your favourite post workout snack?
Definitely pho if I'm feeling like I need comfort food
What’s your go-to item in your gym bag?
My chalk for deadlifting and a water bottle! 

Who’s your fitness inspiration?
So many small powerlifting girls on Instagram! @annephung is one that comes to mind because she has such a beautiful and clear perception on the difference between obsession and keeping it balanced.

Ashlee Nichols

Texas Mum, Ashlee of Little Lovelies is a former Kindergarten teacher who more than understands balance, two toddlers anyone?

ashlee nichols power hour
Ashlee wears the Power Leggings

What’s your go-to workout?
I am a mom of two toddlers so my cardio usually consists of chasing the two of them, but I love Pilates, jogging and incorporating squats and lunges into my daily routine.

Who’s your fitness inspiration?
I follow a few fitness bloggers, but in all honesty, I’m inspired by those that have a busy life but still find time to be healthy and stay in shape!
What’s your favorite post workout snack?
I love apples and almond butter or KIND bars. Water with True Lemon is my favourite drink!
What’s your go-to item in your gym bag?
My wireless headphones! I couldn’t live without them.

Describe yourself in 5 words:
Determined, spiritual, giving, loving and encouraging.

Lauren Taus

Meet Lauren Taus, writer, life coach and yoga instructor, who can regularly be found teaching at retreats in beautiful locations.

power hour lauren naus
Lauren wears the  Power Lava Leggings and Superior Crop Top. Lauren wears the Contour Leggings.

What is your #POWERhour?
My #PowerHour is the first one of my day, and it always begins the night before as I tuck into bed with my phone outside the bedroom. Waking up without emails, news, or social media notifications - allows me to experience more space and possibility in my life. 

What’s your go-to workout?
Yoga asana is my favourite form of exercise, but I also love high intensity interval training at The Fhitting Room.

Who do you sweat with?
I love to workout with all my friends and I especially love to sweat in classes taught by my besties.
Who’s your fitness inspiration?
I find inspiration in all my friends, many of whom work in my industry. There's nobody that really steals the prize as my muse. I think it's because I aspire to be well rounded. Nobody has it all, and that's kind of an awesome reminder.

What’s your go-to item in your gym bag?
Sun cream because I'm outside all day, and I've learned to appreciate the health of my skin in my 30s. I also always have water with me as a reminder to stay hydrated! 

Discover the world's most versatile leggings the Power here. Show us how you style yours in your #PowerHour on Instagram]]>
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Sweaty Betty x Living Beyond Breast Cancer /sweaty-betty-x-living-beyond-breast-cancer/ /sweaty-betty-x-living-beyond-breast-cancer/#comments Mon, 26 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /sweaty-betty-x-living-beyond-breast-cancer/ LBBC (Living Beyond Breast Cancer) to show our support to the 60,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year. $1 from every Sweaty Betty sports bra purchased this month will be donated to LBBC, a charity on a mission to provide people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. 

sweaty betty LBBCModel wears Stamina Bra and Challenge Shorts

Who are LBBC?

In 1991 Marisa C. Weiss, MD, a radiation oncologist, was looking for resources and support for her patients who had completed treatment for early-stage breast cancer. She realised that little was available and so teamed up with some of her patients to provide a safe space where women could gain accurate and easy-to-understand breast cancer information from medical experts, while finding and connecting with each other. So LBBC was born.

What do LBBC do?

With a vision to create a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels alone, LBBC work with sufferers and their families to connect them to information they can trust and support. Whether your a young woman or living with metastatic breast cancer, they offer a option for every age and patient. From an online hub with tips and advice, to a telephone support line provided by volunteers with a personal history of breast cancer - they are on hand to help and educate you on everything from side effects to different types of the disease. 

LBBC also provide a range of events from fun to educational. Alongside webinar's on coping with treatment, there are Twitter chats about Breast Reconstruction and plenty of themed events including 'Pink Wine To Do Good' and 'Paint The Town Pink'. Not to forget their yearly conferences which are designed to help make the best decisions for your treatment and future. LBBC reaches out to over 70,000 people in need of support and information each year, to provide a 'new normal'. 

Sweaty Betty will be donating $1 of every bra sold to LBBC during October 2016, find out more about the charity here. Discover our full range of sports bras and get ready to #stopthedrop and find the perfect bra here.]]>
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Sweaty Betty's running playlist /blog/the-best-songs-to-run-to/ /blog/the-best-songs-to-run-to/#comments Thu, 25 Aug 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/the-best-songs-to-run-to/ run? Whether it's a 5k along the river or a full marathon, the right music can make or break a run. To inspire you as you spring, we've put together a pumping playlist of our team's favourite running songs to get your blood—and feet—moving to the beat.

sweaty betty running leggings
Adrienne Herbert wears the Fast Track Run Jacket and Contour Leggings

Black Skinhead - Kanye West

It's all about the bass with this one, be prepared to feel like you're on the way to the boxing ring. 

Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Losing your mojo? Worry no more this upbeat song will get you pumped up. 

Something New - Axwell Ingress

A positive song with a funky techno beat that’s oh-so motivating. 

99 Problems - Jay Z

Whether you're running for fitness or pleasure, the beat and hook of this classic song will make sure you'll speed along quickly. 

Something In The Way You Move - Ellie Goulding

This feel-good song keeps the beat up while running, helping to push through any tough moments. 

All Of The Lights - Kanye West

Kanye again we know, the guy may have questionable views, but he sure knows a good beat. 

Lose Yourself - Eminem 

Dreading that last mile? Blast this song to keep going, however much your energy is depleted. 

Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

A retro choice here, usually equated with long drives. However, blast this tune through your headphones and you'll be kicking dust in no time.

Elastic Heart - Sia

Put headphones on, play Sia, run faster. It's an equation that works for us anyway. 

Beat It - Michael Jackson

This eighties classic guarantees an immediate runner's high, let's face it Michael could get us moonwalking an entire marathon.

Feeling inspired? Shop Sweaty Betty's newest run collection today and get sprinting to the checkout. ]]>
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The reversible leggings to conquer inversions /blog/the-reversible-leggings-to-conquer-inversions/ /blog/the-reversible-leggings-to-conquer-inversions/#comments Tue, 23 Aug 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/the-reversible-leggings-to-conquer-inversions/ Urdhva leggings

the urdhva leggings

Then there’s the matter of ensuring they move and stretch through every pose, never distracting you with the need to readjust. “I always look for a higher waistband so you’re not forever pulling your leggings up in class,” says Sweaty Betty’s designer Lisa. “I love that the Urdhva leggings have this feature, as well as an adjustable drawcord for safe measure”. 

Finally, you deserve to feel comfortable while also looking stylish enough to go from the studio to the street in the very same outfit. The statement print of the Urdhva leggings can be worn in one of two ways giving you more bang for your buck so to speak. Choose from a geometric all-over print with black side panels or black with contrasting printed panels. This not only means you can style up your leggings two ways with bright tops and neon bras, but they can be reversed from the yoga mat to brunch after class. “The Urdhvas come in such a soft yet technical, sweat-wicking fabric, but on top of that the print and mesh panels are really different and striking,” adds Lisa. 

See the leggings in action on ambassador Kathryn Fielding at Equinox below.

Find out more about the Urdhva Reversible Leggings now, then put them to the test on and off the mat. Shop all of Sweaty Betty's reversible leggings here
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