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Need help feeling fit as f**k? In need of workout motivation? Well fear not we'll have you desperate to get on it in no time with this on point playlist. Curated by our Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton, just put this on and we can guarantee exercise motivation.

tamara playlist

I often find January exercise requires an extra kick, so every New Year's Day I put together a seasonal playlist for added motivation. I like to listen to a variety of old classics and new music, which I usually steal off my teenage daughters Spotify (they are far more on it than me!). When I'm running or sweating it out I like a good beat, plus for yoga and stretching I usually look for slower, more chilled music. 

This year I've gone for a real mix of my favourites from years gone by (I love the Eurythmics), songs that remind me of travel (give the Brazilian beat of Parov Stelar a try), current classics and songs that I love to dance to (Swedish House Mafia never gets old). I hope you enjoy and maybe unearth some new tracks you haven’t listened to before.

Tamara's Motivation Playlist

Booty Swing - Parov Stelar. 

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics. This classic never goes out of fashion.

Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

Rio - Netsky Digital Farm Animals. This song reminds me of one of my favourite cities in the world.

When Love Takes Over - David Guetta and Kelly Rowland

All of Me (Tiesto Remix) - John Legend

Rockin' - The Weeknd. Starboy was one of my favourite albums of last year. 

Alarm - Anne Marie

The Ocean - Mike Perry

Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers. Amazing beat for running and HIIT sessions.

Promesses - Dimmi

Millionaire - Digital Farm Animals

Hymn for the Weekend (remix) - Coldplay. An upbeat remix of one of my favourite songs.

Let It Be - The Beatles

Start a Fire - John Legend. My favourite cool down song.

False Alarm - Matoma

Headlights - Robin Schulz feat Ilsey. When I put this on it really gets me through any challenging moments in my workout.

One Day (Vandaag) - Bakermat

Would I Lie To You - John Gibbons

One - Swedish House Mafia. Even when I'm running along the Thames in the cold, this song can transport me to Ibiza.

Spoken Word - Chase & Status

Gecko (Overdrive) - Oliver Heldens feat Becky Hill

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify and find out more about Tamara here and share your own workout playlist in the comments below. Join us for your fittest January ever at with exclusive workouts, wellness tips, exclusive recipes and more. Share your workout selfies, recipe snaps and tag your friends with #31DaysToFit. ]]>
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Behind the scenes on Sweaty Betty SS17 /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-ss17/ /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-ss17/#comments Thu, 05 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-ss17/ Designed in London, inspired by Morocco, welcome to Sweaty Betty SS17. To kickstart the new season, we shot our favourite products and hero pieces in a East London warehouse. Founder and Creative Director Tamara takes you behind the scenes. 

behind the scenes ss17

This season we were really inspired by London style and how women are wearing clothes here with an urban cool edge. We really wanted to reflect this in the styling and location, so chose an East London warehouse that was really utilitarian and gritty. To add a Moroccan element we added some amazing props, including plants, chests and traditional rugs.

behind the scenes sweaty betty ss17
Charlotte wears the Laila Leggings and Zohra Top

When we were casting a model, I was looking for a English Rose with an edge. Step in Charlotte Wiggins, a Liverpool girl who lives in London and has walked for Burberry (among many others!). Charlotte not only looked amazing in the collection, but she was so much fun to have around and constantly made us laugh in between takes. 

behind the scenes ss17

I've worked with the photographer Julia Kennedy for the last two seasons and it's been a really natural collaboration, her images really take the collection to the next level. She flew out to Iceland to shoot our last campaign days after having a baby, so it was great to work together again.  

sweaty betty behind the scenes ss17
Charlotte wears the Chandrasana Leggings and Earthshine Sweat

To beat any January blues, I wanted our prints to be really fun this season. From goats to cacti and bright florals, these are made to stand out. One of my favourite images this season is our goat print set against an amazing rug, though Charlotte had fun in the foliage. 

behind the scenes video

Our video this season is one of my favourites ever, shot on the rooftop of The Old Truman Brewery with views over the entire city. On this video shoot we not only threw buckets of water over Charlotte (which she did not complain about once), but it was also an excuse to have a dog on set. Watch the full video here.

Shop the new collection today, and get your daily fix with @sweatybetty on on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Read our exclusive Q+A with Charlotte here. ]]>
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Tamara introduces Spring Summer 2017 /blog/tamara-introduces-spring-summer-2017/ /blog/tamara-introduces-spring-summer-2017/#comments Thu, 05 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-spring-summer-2017/ January at Sweaty Betty is not only time to get back to the gym, it marks a new direction. For the first time, instead of focusing on activity, we’ve created four different stories filled with our favourite products and hero pieces. Intrigued? Founder and Creative Director Tamara fills you in on what to expect.
sweaty  betty goatsModel wears the Earthshine Sweat

When I started Sweaty Betty in 1998 I wanted to reinvent activewear, creating one wardrobe that will take you from barre to bar, so to speak. As activewear evolves, I’ve found I no longer look for specific clothes for yoga, running, spin or even the office – I want pieces for every occasion. With this in mind we have adapted our way of designing, dividing SS17 into four stories which are carefully edited. This means you can style up everything really easily, choosing the colours and prints you like for your workout.

This season we were really inspired by the urban cool style of London and how women are dressing in the city. However, travel is always central to our design team and this year it was Morocco. I spent some of my childhood in Gibraltar and my bedroom window overlooked Morocco, so I was really excited to take the design team there. Marrakech is such an amazing city with so much hustle and bustle, that each of the four stories naturally developed from our time there.  

sweaty betty nomad
Model wears the Jamila Jumpsuit. Model wears the Moon Bra and Power Leggings

Inspiration:  The Nomad collection is inspired by the Berber culture of North Africa. This tribe’s pagan beliefs and semi-nomadic lifestyle are translated into a new story, with pieces that draw upon the earthy palette of traditional Berber houses, the cycles of the moon (super reflective leggings) and oversized wares of the tribe. This is the collection for our quirkiest prints to date, you'll find goats in trees, a protective Hamsa hand and tattoo inspired styles.

My favourite pieces: I am not kidding, I am obsessed with the goat print Chandrasana Leggings (pun intended)

sweaty betty textilesModel wears the Infinity Bra and Zero Gravity Leggings. Model wears the Atlantica Tee and Danca Pants.

Inspiration: In Marrakech there is so much going on and the infamous souks are a true assault on the senses with an onslaught of colours, sights and smells. This collection is really inspired by the sensory overload as we discovered the marketplace, there is so much to see, touch and buy.

My favourite pieces: My wardrobe is calling out for the Atlantica Tee, I love that you can wear it two ways as a tee or jacket.

sweaty betty boho
Model wears the Berber Cardi Coat. Model wears the Shanti Bra and Contour Leggings.

Inspiration: This is inspired by the luxe traveller visiting Yves Saint Laurent in his iconic Jardin Majorelle. Just outside the city, the colours and plants are absolutely amazing here, so the beautiful palm trees, cacti and azure blue and red shades translated to beautiful reversible leggings, optical prints and bright separates.   

My favourite pieces: The workout essential Contour Leggings in an optical print, though I am VERY excited about the tracksuit (coming February)

tamara introduces ss17 retreat
Model wears the Oasis Sweat and Danca Pants. Model wears the Thermodynamic Leggings

Inspiration: Little palace's among the city walls, Morocco's Riads are an oasis of calm from the craziness of the city. This collection recalls the peaceful interior feeling of the Riad, where women are able to shed layers and embrace tranquillity. These beautiful spaces with intricate tiling, fountains and spacious rooftops inspired loose easy separates and our coolest layers to date.

My favourite pieces: The Taha Tee is super soft with a high neck, I love it.

Shop the new collection today, and if you’re looking for fitness and fashion inspiration follow @sweatybetty on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. ]]>
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Tamara's 2017 New Year's Resolutions /blog/tamaras-2017-new-years-resolutions/ /blog/tamaras-2017-new-years-resolutions/#comments Fri, 30 Dec 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-2017-new-years-resolutions/ Tamara is looking ahead to 2017 and what's to come. Read on to find out what Tamara has planned this year, and please leave your own resolutions in the comments below.

tamaras new years resolutions

1. Eat more plants

Both my daughters have recently decided to turn vegetarian and after watching the documentary Cowspiracy, I’m going to try and adopt a flexitarian attitude to meat. I’m not short of inspiration, when I was in Morocco the Ottolenghi style dishes were so delicious that I didn’t miss meat all, so I plan to try and recreate these with produce from my husband’s vegetable garden.

2. The dream holiday

Next year I want our family holiday to combine three of my favourite things travel, yoga and surfing. My current dream destination is the soon-to-open San Cristobal Hotel in Baja California (one of my ultimate destinations), I've been checking the website regularly to find a launch date. I want to spend time running along the beach, before an hour of yoga then surfing with my kids. I may struggle to keep up with them at times but I’ll keep trying.

3. Take my supplements

I recently met Henrietta and Charlie from Wild Nutrition and they've made me determined to take my supplements. With soil up to 80% less nutrient-rich than it was 60 years ago, 2017 is the year I will be taking them daily. They also offer a teen and kids range, which I’ll be getting my three to take, particularly as my ten-year old currently refuses to eat vegetables.

sweaty betty modelfit
Find out more about Sweaty Betty x modelFIT here

4. Mix up my workouts

I train five times a week and sometimes I can be a creature of habit, so in 2017 I plan to shake up my workout routine and try new classes. This January, we’re teaming up with the New York studio modelFIT for two exclusive free workouts formed of slow, small movements designed to sculpt. I loved the class in New York, so my daughters and I are going to add this to our weekly routine. When I am going to the studio, I also want to work out in an environment with great instructors and beautiful surroundings. I’ve recently started going to Heartcore and I love going to a studio where they pay such attention to detail (my tip: try Robbie’s Pilates).

5. No dry January

Can I just say, dry January is not a thing in my house. I do not believe in it. However, I am going to try to swap my sugary cocktails for a healthier alternative. I like a vodka, soda and lime but I am planning on trying a few new recipes too, possibly with added kale.

sweaty betty goatsModel Charlotte wears the Earthshine Sweat

6. Talking point pieces

2017 is the year to inject humour into my look. We have a goat, cactus and Hamsa prints in the new collection, so this won’t be a challenge.

7. Fit is it

When I was in Rio in 2015, I was taken with how totally at ease the Brazilians are with their bodies. So inspired by the confident Cariocas (Rio locals), I will be embracing my body for how strong and capable it is. Plus, if I ever need an extra confidence boost I will rely on our sculpting Zero Gravity leggings.

8. Spend time with girlfriends

Work, husband, kids - life happens and can get in the way of seeing some of the most important people in my life, my girlfriends. So this year, I am determined to make time for these women who make me feel good and have fun building a community around working out and wine. 

Find out more about Tamara here and share your own New Year's resolutions below. ]]>
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5 reasons to workout outdoors /blog/5-reasons-to-workout-outdoors/ /blog/5-reasons-to-workout-outdoors/#comments Thu, 17 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/5-reasons-to-workout-outdoors/
5 reasons to workout outdoors
Model wears the Intensify Merino Seamless Top, Lateral Run Leggings and Luxe Knitted Beanie
Mighty merinos

Make outdoors workouts a breeze with our temperature-regulating superhero fabric - merino. This ultra-fine wool is quick drying when you sweat, yet protects against the cold, ensuring that it's the perfect partner for outdoor workouts. It is also breathable, absorbs odour and feels amazing meaning you may develop an urge to wear it outside of exercise. Choose from leggings, tops and beanies in this super soft blend. We love the Intensify Merino Seamless Top and matching Intensify Leggings.
Don’t worry, be happy

Research from the University of Michigan has proven that there is a clear connection between time spent outdoors and reduced stress. Fresh air also helps release serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical also found in chocolate - leading to improved mood and wellbeing.
More gain, less pain

‘Tis the season of mince pies, prosecco and parties. As much as we’re all about balance, it’s always a positive to know that you work harder when you exercise outside.  The resistance from the wind burns more calories when running or cycling, plus, uneven surfaces and slopes use different muscles to a traditional treadmill for extra burn.
Whenever, wherever

You never have to travel out of your way, wait in a queue or book into a class for an outdoor workout. All you need is trainers and the right kit and you’re good to go. Swap the bus home for a brisk run, try a Saturday morning cycle or try a 20-minute workout in your garden. Plus parks are full of free things that will help you tone muscle. They are home to a wide range of objects that can double-up as exercise equipment. Take a park bench – you can try tricep dips or step-ups. 
Embrace the base layer

Don’t want to save your seamless base layers just for the ski slopes? An outdoor workout may be your answer. Wear the Mountain Top Seamless Top with black leggings for running, the quick-drying fabric will keep you warm and dry, or try the Scandi Seamless Leggings with a plain top. Disclaimer: the bright print and technical fabric may motivate you to run further.
Embrace the outdoor workout movement with our full range of merino styles, shop new arrivals today for new leggings, exclusive prints, cosy knits and more. 
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What to look for in your skiwear /blog/what-to-look-for-in-your-skiwear/ /blog/what-to-look-for-in-your-skiwear/#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/what-to-look-for-in-your-skiwear/ beautiful and technical ski styles. Welcome to ski uncut.

what to look for in your skiwear
Model wears the Uphill Ski Parka, Astro Ski Pants and Luxe Knitted Bobble Hat
Protective Fabric 

Sorry to state the obvious, but it goes without saying that the ski slopes can get extremely cold. Therefore, our skiwear is constructed in the best technical fabrics to protect you from the elements. All our jackets and trousers are completely waterproof and windproof, plus they're lined in a eco-friendly, insulating thermal lining to ensure you stay dry and warm. Our base layers are equally technical, they're completely seamless for comfort and dry really quickly when you sweat. 
RECCO® Reflector

This is a new feature for our skiwear this year that I am so excited about. The RECCO® Rescue System is designed to ensure you can stay safe on the mountain. A two part technology, ski resorts and mountain rescue teams carry RECCO® detectors, which send out a search signal. The RECCO® reflectors then bounce back a signal that directs the rescuer straight to the reflector. We’ve included this technology in all our ski jackets and ski pants to keep you extra safe on the slopes.
Three Layering System

When you experience extreme body temperatures, it's so important to get the layering system right. I've found three layers keep me insulated best: merino or seamless base layers, followed by a fine mid layer fleece and finally by my outer jacket. A heat-regulating hero, our merino fabric is a staple in my multi-seasonal workout wardrobe. It's not only super-soft on skin, the advanced technology ensures it maintains body temperature and locks in warmth on colder days.

The essential extras  

Our skiwear is designed to make your life easier. I am quite a hard skier so like to stay as hands free as possible, so our Uphill Ski Parka and Method Ski Jacket have a pocket for your ski pass and an attached goggle wipe. Warmth is also a priority, so the Backcountry Ski All-In-One and Exploration Ski Jacket both have removable, adjustable hoods, storm cuffs with thumbholes and an inside snow skirt to keep snow out.

Beautiful and Technical 

Like the rest of my wardrobe, I like my skiwear to be flattering. As an avid skier, finding a warm, high-stretch ski pant that looks amazing on the body was vital, and with the technology of softshell we were able to create the Astro Ski Pants which fit really well. Our jackets are equally technical and beautiful, they all have small details that combine style with substance. The Method Ski Jacket had an asymmetric zip and printed panels, whereas the Uphill Ski Parka has a sleek removable faux fur trim.   

Shop Sweaty Betty's new Bond girl inspired ski and snowboard collection today here. Share your slope style with #IamaSweatyBetty]]>
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Tamara introduces Sports Luxe /blog/tamara-introduces-sports-luxe/ /blog/tamara-introduces-sports-luxe/#comments Tue, 25 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-sports-luxe/ With athleisure the current buzzword in fashion circles, it is no surprise that the runways are filled with an array of inspiring Sports Luxe looks. With an undeniable shift in the way women dress and shop, Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton explains why she thinks this is the new way of dressing. 

tamara on sports luxeTamara wears the Kvasir Luxe Dress and Contour Leggings. Model wears the Resto Luxe Jumper and Arctic Luxe Pants.

There has been an undeniable shift in the way women dress and shop; largely owing to the sports luxe trend which has taken hold in recent years. After being spotted on the catwalks from Alexander Wang to Vetements, I’ve noticed this style evolution becoming more and more prevalent. You can’t fail to see it everywhere in London and beyond; gyms, coffee shops, and even pubs. Women are dressing in a new way and it’s cool, comfortable and most importantly effortless.

Our sports luxe range was traditionally something that was a personal passion of mine – creating items that go beyond the studio. Like most women I have a busy lifestyle so squeezing in my workout, whatever and whenever it may be, is so difficult as I try to meet the endless demands of three children and a hectic schedule. Beautiful clothes that help me to and from the studio are now becoming paramount in my life, and my friends and the girls in the office are all saying the same. In our shops we are receiving the same feedback and we listen to feedback! So each collection I try to include more and more pieces that are not necessarily just for the studio. 

This season I have been really inspired by the 90s trend, I loved wearing baggy pants, high-neck knits and bodies the first time round, so this is my take on the look in new luxury fabrics. With our sports luxe range, I have always made sure quality plays a central role. I always look for performance in the sweat and stretch gear and our fashion pieces receive the same attention. These cashmere, alpaca and merino-blends are super soft and high-performance. 

These sports luxe pieces create one wardrobe for every occasion filled with technical leggings, luxury knits and fashion pieces that will take you from a yoga class to evening drinks. I'd love you to show me how you style yours with #iamasweatybetty.

Shop Sweaty Betty's new Sports Luxe collection today. To find out more about Tamara click here]]>
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Introducing Winter 2016 /blog/introducing-winter-2016/ /blog/introducing-winter-2016/#comments Tue, 04 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/introducing-winter-2016/ Winter 2016 recalls the awe-inspiring land of fire and ice. Travelling from Reykjavik to the wilderness beyond, the new collection explores the spectacular scenes encountered by Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton with a touch of London cool. Meet layers you won’t be able to resist.
It's Time to Layer

sweaty betty winter collectionModel Ilse wears the Exploration Jacket and Shakti Jumper 


I love my winter wardrobe because of all the layers, knitwear and beautiful cashmere and merino. Styling up these pieces makes it so easy to brave London’s endless showers. Our knitwear this season has made autumn dressing so much easier with these oversized high neck styles designed to be layered over leggings.
Printed Pins

introducing sweaty betty winter 2016
Model Raghnild wears the Power Leggings and Sprint Start Run Hoody

For winter, I wanted our prints to blend into your wardrobe seamlessly as I like my leggings to work all day long, from a morning yoga class to evening drinks with friends. Our new Iceland-inspired prints are made to be styled with loose vests, chunky knits and merino-blend layers.

Mighty Merinos
Even in winter I still like to run outdoors. My secret? Our temperature-regulating merino pieces. Merino wool is matchless for moisture control and regulating body temperature, it is also breathable, absorbs odour, durable and has a super soft hand feel. I always say cast aside any thoughts of itchy knits as this fabric is made to be worn on skin, I’ll be conquering the chill in Intensify Merino Seamless Top and matching Seamless Leggings.
Wonder Jackets

introducing winter 2016 sweaty betty
Model Ilse wears the Brave The Elements Jacket, Shakti Jumper and Zero Gravity Leggings

The weather in London and Iceland is notoriously unpredictable. So with this in mind, our jackets this season have been tested in-house to brave the elements. Whether waterproof, windproof or insulating, we have it covered. Plus, with winter marking the time for a new coat, this season’s are my favourite yet. I love the oversized shapes, faux fur trims and asymmetric zips.
London Cool
This winter the 90s are back and it’s all about bodies, baggy pants and crop tops. In luxe fabrics and cashmere-blends, the new Sports Luxe collection coming later this month is my grown-up take on the look. Having worn it the first time round, I can’t wait to wear these the Sweaty Betty way.

Shop the new winter collection today, and if you’re looking for fitness and fashion inspiration follow @sweatybetty on FacebookTwitter and Instagram]]>
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Creative Director style: Why I love the Power Leggings /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-love-the-power-leggings/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-love-the-power-leggings/#comments Thu, 08 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-love-the-power-leggings/
When I am designing, I always aim to create pieces that are high performance and beautiful to make you feel powerful and amazing. With the Power Leggings, I have to say we’ve nailed it. Here are seven reasons why.

tamara power leggings
Tamara wears the Power Leggings, Kvasir Shirt Dress and Upbeat Padded Bra

The super stretch fabric is made to perform for over seven sports including running, spin, boxing, barre, HIIT, TRX and Pilates. They also work for yoga, though as the fabric isn’t officially 100% opaque, I have to downward dog at my own risk.

The inspiration

The Lava Print
Power Leggings truly combine Icelandic inspiration with London design. The colours and energy of the lava from Iceland’s volcanoes inspired this season’s must-have print. Not to forget the Union Jack Power, I wanted to create a legging that celebrated our British heritage and this subtle flag print adds a patriotic edge. 
The fit 

With a high-waist to flatter the tummy and hips, carefully placed seamlines and a high lycra count, the fit of the Power Leggings are simply flattering.
The fabric
The Power Leggings are crafted in our super stretch fabric which is has compression properties while allowing lots of movement, so they aren't at all restrictive. Plus, being sweat-wicking and quick drying they are really high performance when I go running or spinning. 

The perfect length 

We designed the Power Leggings in the 7/8 length as it is universally flattering. Hitting on the perfect point of the calf to lengthen the legs, they also double as a full length style for petite ladies.

The selection
The Power Leggings are available in five different styles and colourways meaning there is endless choice. My current favourites are the lava print. The print is so bright and you can wear so many colours with them from blush pink to bright blue and coral, or classic grey and black.
If I had to choose another pair, I absolutely love the fluoro paradise. They are double layered at the back for extra coverage, meaning I can wear such a bright shade with confidence.
So easy to style
I absolutely love layering the Kvasir Luxe Shirt Dress over my Power Leggings. It’s our take on the denim dress and looks awesome layered over the leggings with a neon Upbeat Padded Bra. When I want to work out, I just swap the shirt dress for a sheer vest - my current go-to is the Flex Workout Vest.

Discover the world's most versatile leggings the Power here. Show us how you style yours in your #PowerHour on Instagram]]>
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Tamara's Summer Scrapbook /blog/tamaras-summer-scrapbook/ /blog/tamaras-summer-scrapbook/#comments Tue, 06 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-summer-scrapbook/ Tamara Hill-Norton.

Sweet 16
tamara scrapbook 1

We started the summer off in style as my eldest daughter Daisy turned 16. To mark the end of her GCSEs, I agreed to host a party for 75 of her friends at our house in West Wittering. Despite a few ‘are you serious comments’, I set down some ground rules (no boys, for one) and got planning. We went for a seventies festival theme and set up a fire pit, tepees for the girls to camp in and roped in my friend to DJ. Bar having to mop up the tears of a few overzealous teenagers, the party was a huge success. Now for the 18th…
Rest and Recovery

After hosting so many teenagers, my husband and I needed a few days to recuperate, so we headed to Soho Farmhouse. Set in beautiful Cotswolds farmland, the latest offering from the Soho House group did not disappoint. We stayed in one of the spacious log cabins, complete with timber beams and its own wood burning fire.

The weather was typically British, but I still loved travelling around the grounds by bike thanks to my waterproof Keep Dry Luxe Cape. Though, when we wanted to stay put, the travelling milk floats (one delivered breakfast, another cocktails), made it very easy.

Raising the barre

tamara scrapbook 2
I swear by regular barre classes for bum toning, so when my friend Calgary Avansino invited me to try out the new Xtend Barre studio I couldn’t resist. Already popular in the US, their new Marylebone studio combines the lengthening and sculpting benefits of ballet with the strengthening and toning effects of Pilates. With every muscle challenged and ballet burpees involved, it’s safe to say I left with sore abs and thighs. Though you know what they say sore today, strong tomorrow. 
Off to the Cape

Then to the US for a board meeting, before my family and I decamped to Nantucket for a week of relaxation. A small island on the Atlantic, roughly 200 miles from New York, this is one of North America's coolest holiday spots. We took a 30-minute plane from Cape Cod and arrived in a town that’s steeped in history. With 17th century buildings clad in cedar shingle and cobbled streets, there is such a chilled vibe here that we knew we were in for a good time.

An active break
tamara scrapbook 3

Nantucket is a great place to stay active. Every day we’d cycle around the island, heading to the South side for great surf or the North for fishing and wakeboarding. All this activity definitely helped as the food was amazing; we feasted on delicious clam chowder, shrimp tails and blue fish rolls, all washed down with locally-brewed Whales Tale Pale Ale.

Into the wild

Once we landed back in the UK, it was time for our annual family trip to Wilderness Festival. I am not your typical festival goer but I absolutely love heading to Oxfordshire for days of dressing up, amazing food and camping (though with nice showers and loos!). I call Wilderness the four Fs – freedom, friends, fashion and fitness – and we started every day with a wild run, before ending with a fancy dress party. I also have to mention the food, everything is organic and so delicious. My personal highlights were the Petersham Nurseries supper club and the vegan duck wraps from Happy Maki.  

Piece of the Moment: The Power Leggings

tamara scrapbook 4

The one piece I can’t take off right now has to be our lava print Power Leggings. When we were designing these, I wanted to create a workout pant that was both versatile and super flattering. I'm pleased to say these tick every box. In a 7/8 length with a seriously cool print, I’ve been layering mine under the Kvasir Luxe Shirt Dress.
And relax…

After a hectic few months, my family and I stayed at home for some quality time together in August. The weather was amazing so we spent every day on the beach with our dog Ennis, before enjoying fresh home grown food from my husband’s vegetable garden. 

Find out more about Tamara here and show us how you wear the World's Most Versatile Leggings, the Power with #PowerHOUR. ]]>
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