blog Sat, 06 Feb 2016 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 Tamara's scrapbook: Why I love to swim /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-why-i-love-to-swim/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-why-i-love-to-swim/#comments Tue, 26 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-why-i-love-to-swim/ A dedicated member of a ladies’ outdoor swimming club, Sweaty Betty founder Tamara reaps multiple rewards from her regular pool sessions. Here she outlines five of the benefits she most enjoys from swim training.

Tamara Sweaty Betty Swim Club

Tamara's swim club gets colourful and creative in the pool

1. No impact with amazing fitness improvements

I’ve personally had to face up to the injuries that regular running and other high-impact sports can cause, so swimming has proved a safe way to maintain my training when I’ve been told to give my joints a rest. And the physical benefits are so diverse. As well as getting that endorphin-boosting cardiovascular workout, I find it strengthens my core and gives me great definition across my back.

2. Meditative escape

Breathing is the most important part of swimming. In a way, the rhythmic nature of the movement and the repetitive lengths makes it very similar to yoga in its meditative focus. Recently during my training sessions, the coach has asked us to complete sets of 1500 metres. Counting 60 lengths takes a lot of concentration, which helps to keep my mind in the moment and reduce distraction or daydreams.

3. A tight-knit social community

Swimming is surprisingly social. I swim with my sister most Tuesdays and Fridays, and I’ve made great friends from my coached sessions. We always gather between sets, and there are the inevitable chats in the changing rooms afterwards.

4. Creative inspiration

The women in my swim club provide an amazing sounding board when I’m brainstorming new ideas for Sweaty Betty product. I get very honest feedback on our swimwear and many women volunteer to get involved in product tests. When they’re full of praise, I know we’ve hit the mark.

5. The restorative nature of training outdoors

I’m lucky enough to train in an outdoor pool at my club. It’s so beautiful swimming at night when the sky is clear and full of stars. Swimming is also an ideal way to stay fit on holiday – if I’m by the sea, I will always prefer the waves over the pool. I take my goggles and a bright swim cap – so other swimmers and boaters can see me!

Sweaty Betty Swim Training

Erika wears this season's ultra-flattering Streamline Swimsuit

Shop Sweaty Betty’s Sports Swimwear to update your pool and seaside style, then follow in Tamara’s footsteps and make the most of training in the water.

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Explore Tamara's Summer Fashion Edits /blog/explore-tamaras-summer-fashion-edits/ /blog/explore-tamaras-summer-fashion-edits/#comments Wed, 06 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/explore-tamaras-summer-fashion-edits/ Following on from Sweaty Betty’s Spring Fashion Edits, Tamara’s favourite looks this summer continue to combine rich colours with playful shapes. And as the weather warms, Sweaty Betty continues to strip back the layers even further. In fact, Tamara lets the most technical of products speak for themselves in both the Wave Master Edit and The Performer Edit.

SS16 Swimwear Fashion Edits

“With something as technical as the Splash Bikini, there is joy in celebrating the art of design. Truly innovative products are worthy of being showcased in all their simplistic perfection,” says Sweaty Betty founder Tamara. “The Wave Master Edit champions seasonal blue hues, pairing the bikini with nothing more than the Gel Kinsei 5 trainers and the Half Zip Windbreaker – the perfect minimalist outfit for a sunny day’s walk on England’s rocky shores.”

Likewise, The Performer Edit comprises of nothing more than the statement-making Carve Swimsuit. Technical purity reigns as this ultra-feminine summer piece shines for its strength and sensuality. “I love the juxtaposition of the natural softness of the swimsuit’s aubergine colour and mesh cutaway, alongside top-end performance fabrics designed for competitive pool sessions,” says Tamara.

Tamara adds more layers with the Ujjayi Zen Edit and Sea Dreams Edit. Both proving versatile workout looks that transcend your training, these off-duty outfits remind us to be present and playful as we leave winter in our wake. At the heart of both looks are the Stamina Sports Bra and the Gait Run Shorts – staples for your summer sprints.

For the Ujjayi Zen Edit, Tamara layers the Breathe Yoga Vest over the ombre printed shorts to serve as a reminder to focus on the present during every workout. And the blues of the natural world pervade the look from top to toe with the addition of the Cumulus 16 trainers.

Another multi-discipline outfit fusing run with dance, the Sea Dreams Edit adds a pop of orange via the Stamina Bra and Gel Noosa Tri 10 trainers to evoke the vibrant horizon over the blue seascape. For a more sensual take on the transition to dusk, the Demi Dance Knitted Vest is pictured over bare skin to capture the spirit of adventure that overcomes us in the late summer afternoon. This edit suggests just a hint of vulnerability, paying tribute to the sea as a source of renewal and new beginnings.

“Like all of the edits this summer, Ujjayi Zen and Sea Dreams encourage daring and liberation – two concepts I feel are inseparable from the Sweaty Betty lifestyle,” concludes Tamara.

Click here to read more about Tamara’s Fashion Edits and shop her favourite looks of the summer. 

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Jamie Palmer's scallop shell print inspiration /blog/jamie-palmers-scallop-shell-print-inspiration/ /blog/jamie-palmers-scallop-shell-print-inspiration/#comments Tue, 28 Apr 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/jamie-palmers-scallop-shell-print-inspiration/ Following our Q&A with the SS15 scallop shell print designer, Jamie Palmer shares the inspiration behind the statement pattern seen in this season’s boldest Yoga Retreat pieces. Shop the look with this yoga jumpsuit, Repose yoga top, yoga pants and beach-perfect bikini set. And read on to learn how Jamie’s most popular print on Tumblr came to life… 


Sweaty Betty Scallop Shell Print

Pictured: Repose Retreat Vest, Haven Retreat Harem Pants and Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit

How did the scallop shell graphic evolve from an idea into the finished design?

It started off as a drawing in a sketchbook, fusing inspiration from seashells on the beach with the intricate patterns on Japanese fans. It’s difficult for me to relax, but I find the act of doodling to be very meditative. Like many of my patterns, the scallop shell graphic was not a design I set out to create – it was a very subconscious process.

What do you think is the defining characteristic of the print?

The whole pattern is hand drawn, so although it may look repetitive and symmetrical from a distance, you’ll see minute differences between each shell when you study it up close. 

Black and white is very prominent in your work, but you also introduce colours in a really bold way. How important is colour to your work? 

I really like working in black and white as I don’t have to think about it too much! However, I am really drawn to bold colours and enjoy taking my black and white drawings as a template and finding ways to transform them using different colour combination.

Jamie Palmer Scallop Shell Art
Photo by @penandgravy

You occasionally fuse human portraits with your prints and doodles. Are you relaying any particular message about expressing or perhaps masking human identity?

Not really. I’ve just never grown out of the habit of doodling on faces in magazines… although I like seeing other people’s reactions to them. Responses can vary from shock horror to love at first sight!

You also mix your modern, graphic doodles with antique photos. How does the past inform the present in the process of creation?

I think we always look to learn and seek inspiration from the past, and the inherent challenge for any artist is to then apply that inspiration in fresh and creative ways that are relevant to the present.

Sweaty Betty Scallop Shell Jumpsuit

If you love Jamie’s print, shop the Yoga Retreat range to incorporate it into your wardrobe for yoga practice, holiday and everyday wear.

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5 race day rules for surviving 26 miles /blog/5-race-day-rules-for-surviving-26-miles/ /blog/5-race-day-rules-for-surviving-26-miles/#comments Wed, 08 Apr 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/5-race-day-rules-for-surviving-26-miles/ Running Fitness magazine and founder of Sarah’s Runners. Then join the hordes of women climbing to the top of the world’s marathon elite…

Sarah Russell Sweaty Betty Ambassador

Sarah wears the Chandrasana Leggings and Elite Seamless Run Top

Set a steady pace

The reason some runners hit the wall at 20 miles comes down to running too quickly at the start. As little as 10 seconds per mile too fast in the first half will slow you down by up to two minutes per mile in the last six miles. Keep your pace the same or slightly slower than your long training runs, and have the confidence to let others pass you - you’ll thank yourself in the sprint to the finish line.

Fuel frequently and modestly

Hopefully you’ll have found the right balance in your diet during your training, because getting enough fuel is crucial to success on race day. Running causes you to burn through glycogen stores, and as your body only stores around 90 minutes’ worth you’ll need something to hand for replenishment. From about 40 minutes into the race, top them up with a mouthful of easily absorbed carbs like gel or energy chews – repeat every 20 minutes.

Hydrate on demand

Before a condition called ‘hyponatremia’ came to light, involving depleted blood sodium levels due to over-hydrating, marathon runners were told to drink as much water as possible. Today we know how important is to get the balance right. Choose a good quality sports drink with higher levels of electrolytes, and sip only as you feel thirsty – your body will tell you when it needs water.

Prepare for every eventuality

What will you do if the weather is unpredictably hot? Or unusually cold? Or raining? Have you got a plan of action? What will you wear? Will the temperature affect your pace? Plan for your race with military precision, using the following motto: “Preparation, Planning and Practice Prevents Poor Performance”. It’s no joke that pre-marathon toilet queues are often worse than the race itself, so leave more time than you think you’ll ever need!

Manage your expectations

Like all Sweaty Betty enthusiasts, you love to dream big. But running a marathon is a highly unpredictable challenge and if it’s your first time you should set your mind to crossing the finish line with a smile on your face. Keep any targets realistic – use your training runs to help establish achievable goals. And when the day comes, pause to soak up the atmosphere and relish in your amazing accomplishment.

Get more of your marathon questions answered directly by Sarah during her Sweaty Betty Twitter takeover on Thursday 9 April. Follow #SBMarathonChat to get involved.
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Where's your #WorkoutWithAView? /blog/wheres-your-workoutwithaview/ /blog/wheres-your-workoutwithaview/#comments Wed, 01 Apr 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/wheres-your-workoutwithaview/
To get you started, here are a just a few of #TeamSB's own #WorkoutWithAView snaps...

Workout view Glastonbury

Digital designer Abi enjoys a spot of hula hooping at Glastonbury, with this colourful scene for a backdrop.

Workout view Greece

Amanda from the Selfridges London concession tackles the crow position while stand-up paddleboarding in the Greek Islands.

Workout View South Africa

Becs from the Chiswick boutique climbing Lions Head in Cape Town, South Africa.

Workout view Harrogate

Ella from the Harrogate boutique loves running in her local park The Stray, which she describes as a "playground for fitness".

Workout view Whitstable

Emma from the Bluewater boutique loves this stretch of beach between Tankerton and Whitstable, near where she lives on the southeast coast of England. "It's a great place to clear your head, take in the beautiful view and get some much needed fresh air into the lungs," says Emma.

Workout view Hamilton

Direct marketing manager Jenn always tries to do a yoga class whe she's on vacation. This one at the Qualia resort in Hamilton Island, Australia overlooks beautiful gardens for unsurpassable tranquility.

Workout view Spain

Finance and operations director Mark is particularly proud of this view from his bike during the descent of Sa Calobra in Majorca. It's an iconic challenge for any cyclist, ending in a dead end that requires you to turn around and climb back up again.

Workout view LA

Rachel from the Battersea boutique took this snap during a trip home to Los Angeles over Christmas. A 5am hike up Runyon culminated in a beautiful sunrise yoga practice.

Workout View Costa Rica

Ciara from the Cambridge boutique follows a mountain trek in Costa Rica with a headstand to take in the beautiful vistas.

Workout view East London

Shelena and Nina from the Shoreditch boutique assume the tree pose on top of iconic East London gig venue the O2 - which they climbed to watch the recent solar eclipse.

Now it's your turn. Share your photos on Instagram and follow #WorkoutWithAView to add some more workout destinations to your bucket list.
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Yoga retreats with a twist: Yoga for Bad People /blog/yoga-retreats-with-a-twist-yoga-for-bad-people/ /blog/yoga-retreats-with-a-twist-yoga-for-bad-people/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/yoga-retreats-with-a-twist-yoga-for-bad-people/ A typical day in the office for Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston looks somewhat different from your average 9-5. For a start, the co-founders of Yoga for Bad People work from some of the world’s most exotic destinations, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Turkey and Montauk. And they forego a desk in favour of a studio floor, where they’re joined by holiday makers eager to combine the popular ‘retox’ elements of a free-spirited holiday with the restorative ‘detox’ elements of a traditional yoga retreat. Here Sweaty Betty catches up with the yoga-loving tour guides who want you to let loose and feel amazing on your well-deserved time off…

Yoga for Bad People Sweaty Betty

Heather (left) wears the Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit in black; Katelin (right) wears the Repose Retreat Vest and Balance Dance Shorts

Twitter challenge! Tell us in 140 characters why we should book a Yoga for Bad People retreat?

Solid practice with a light-hearted twist, and enough time to party like you want to without feeling bad about it!

Take us through a typical day at Yoga for Bad People, from waking through to bedtime… 

Wake up, smell the coffee and eat some fresh fruit…
Meditate for 20 minutes…
Physically challenging Vinyasa yoga practice…
Free time to surf, read, sunbathe, nap, go exploring and do as you please…
Yoga workshop plus restorative poses…
Free time... 

Your ethos is very accessible for people who want to be mostly virtuous on holiday, but also have a little fun. What does having a ‘good time’ mean for you?

Heather: Having a good time means listening to yourself and pursuing whatever you need most to feel balanced inside and out. That could mean dressing up saucy and hitting the nightlife or staying in, journaling and getting a good nights’ sleep.

Katelin: Everyone has a different idea of what it means to have a good time. To me, it’s all about feeling like you have the freedom and time to do what you want to. That may mean you take off for a hike, or it may mean you lay down for hours on the beach. Maybe your dream is to be in bed by 9pm every night while others are deadset on going out to party with the locals.

As well as encouraging people to have fun off the mat, you also bring the fun to the studio with super modern music. List your five favourite yoga tracks…

• Ninna Nanna by Lulu Rouge (feat. Trentemoller & Alice Caerreri)
• Boss by Ryan Hemsworth
• Mi Mujer by Nicholas Jaar
• Ocean by Dream Koala (feat. Soko)
• Phone Tap by AZ, Dr Dre, Nas and Nature

• Energy by Drake
• The Jane Doze - I See Cali Biggie Smalls Remix
• Aphrika by Seth Troxler
• Waiting in Vain (feat. Cutty Ranks) by Cocoa Tea
• Paraty by Mia Doi Todd

Yoga for Bad People Sweaty Betty Partner Yoga

Katelin wears the Balance Dance Shorts; Heather wears the Poise Retreat Top

What physical and mental benefits can people expect to enjoy from a Yoga for Bad People retreat?

Enlightenment, lengthened IT band, deeper understanding of meditation and enviable Instagram pics…

You host retreats in some amazing locations! When researching and exploring a new location, what qualities and characteristics does a place have to meet?

• Easy access to a beach
• Not saturated by other retreats and holiday makers
• A yoga room with props
• Good food at the hosting venue
• Nearby nightlife
• Availability of physical activities other than yoga
• Good weather
• Convenient transportation links

Yoga for Bad People Sweaty Betty holiday

Katelin wears the Getaway Retreat Track Top and Balance Dance Shorts; Heather wears the Cruise Retreat Shorts and her own cover-up

List the three most amazing places you’ve practiced, and tell us why they stand out…

Praia do Rosa, South Brazil: A super-secret South American hotspot, this town is the birthplace of Yoga for Bad People and continues to set the bar for every new retreat destination. Perfect beaches, tropical rainforest, excellent surf, pristine ocean and plenty of restaurants and nightlife – it’s a tough destination to beat!

Faralya, Turkey: On the south eastern coast of the Mediterranean, this Turkish gem is covered in fig trees, gets all-day sunshine and is bordered by beautiful turquoise waters. Our hosts are excellent cooks and know just how to support our retreats to deliver Yoga for Bad People’s signature combination of wild fun and deep practice. 

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: The expansive beach that wraps around this retreat location offers surf breaks for both beginner and intermediate surfers; it’s excellent for socialising and solitude alike. Although the surrounding area is a relatively rustic representation of Central America’s natural beauty, there are plenty of high-quality restaurants and health food options to fuel your practice.

Name your favourite yoga pose and explain why you love it…

Utkatasana (Chair Pose) because it reverses hyperextension of the knees, resets the pelvis, supports the natural curves of the spine, releases the groin, lengthens the waist and demands a high level of focus. That’s a long list of benefits, but overall it challenges many of our habitual misalignments from excess time spent sitting in chairs. 

Katelin and Heather wear pieces from Sweaty Betty's Yoga Retreat collection. Shop the range today.

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Sweaty Betty's Insider's Guide to Upper East Side, NYC /blog/sweaty-bettys-insiders-guide-to-upper-east-side-nyc/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-insiders-guide-to-upper-east-side-nyc/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/sweaty-bettys-insiders-guide-to-upper-east-side-nyc/ Friday 27 March is an important date for Sweaty Betty USA, with the launch of its third stateside boutique in Bloomingdale’s on the Upper East Side, New York. Joining a collection of luxury fashion brands in a venue steeped in history, the new concession will be a fashionable pit stop for health-conscious locals and visitors treating themselves after a workout at nearby Soul Cycle, Flywheel, Fhitting Room and Earth Yoga. Here Sweaty Betty’s New York roadshow manager Kate rounds up some of the neighbourhood’s hotspots…

Sweaty Betty Roadshow Kate
Roadshow Kate wears the Monarch Orange Athlete Vest and To The Beat Dance Leggings

Work out…

Exhale – “I love pulsing it out at Exhale’s Core Fusion Barre Classes with our Bloomingdales Ambassador Elizabeth Halfpapp,” says Kate.  A member of Exhale's founding team, Elizabeth leveraged years of teaching to co-create the company's highly publicised Core Fusion® program and develop Exhale's exclusive Core Fusion Yoga and Core Fusion Sport classes. Look out for her in the top US health and fitness titles, where she is frequently featured.

Earth Yoga – A beautiful neighborhood yoga studio fronted by founder Yanti Amos, Kate loves to start the day with Earth Yoga’s 7am power yoga class. Yanti is also a #TeamSB Bloomingdale’s Ambassador, and perfectly represents Sweaty Betty's multi-sport focus as an established black belt in karate.  

Soul Cycle – This 63rd Street studio brings in hoards of Soul Cycle fans inspired by instructor Olivia Ward, who shot to fame after winning NBC’s Biggest Loser in the show’s 11th season. She successfully lost 50% of her bodyweight and is an inspiration to everyone on a mission to live more healthily. 

Equinox – The luxury fitness centre’s flagship club, Equinox Upper East Side is a bright and beautiful gym located in the historic Barbizon building just minutes from Central Park. Work out your own way with a plethora of cardio and strength equipment, swim laps in one of the numerous pools or take a time out in its full-service spa. The group fitness studios also house some of the best classes in the city – Pilates and Barre with Cathe Thompson are always fully booked. 

Eat and drink…

Atlantic Grill – After 15 years, this restaurant is still a local favorite where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Equally enticing at brunch as it is at dinner.

August – August is a charming little neighbourhood restaurant, surrounded by great boutique shops. Chef Josh Eden whips up inventive new dishes for every visit. Some of the fan favourites include Honey Sirracha Brussel Sprouts, Roasted Squash Ravioli and Cauliflower Risotto.

Alice Tea Cup  – An eclectic Alice in Wonderland themed tea house, this is one of Kate’s favourite haunts. Her first choice is the Indian Chai Black Tea, and fresh pastries are always available for a perfect pick-me-up. The weekend brunch is also a big hit. 

Juice Generation – Spin class at Soul Cycle or Equinox is best followed by a stop at Juice Generation on 63rd and Lexington. “The Mr. Greengenes smoothie is an all-time favorite and you must try their Almond Butter Acai Bowl,” advises Kate.

Birch Coffee – Known for their amazing ice coffee, Birch Coffee always has an incredible sense of community with a free lending library and conversation cards to inspire fresh topics for those feeling interactive. Customers open to meeting new people can choose a card and approach strangers with the icebreaker of their choice. 

Go running…

Central Park – Sometimes the obvious choice is also the best choice. With its many paths of various difficulty levels to suit every runner, Central Park is a true urban oasis and the ultimate picture of clarity and freedom. An excellent time to run is when the park is closed to traffic, Monday through Friday from 10AM - 3PM and 7PM - 10PM, and also on the weekends starting at 7PM on Friday until 6AM on Monday. If you can't fit in a workout during these times, a runner's lane is always available.

Bloomingdales Upper East Side

Stop by Bloomingdale’s at 59th Street and Lexington on Friday 27 April to shop Sweaty Betty’s new Summer collection in the beautiful new boutique. As part of Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family Weekend, Bloomingdale’s card holders can also enjoy 25% off all purchases until Monday 30 March.

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Sweaty Betty's Fashion Week Sports Luxe Edit /blog/sweaty-bettys-fashion-week-sports-luxe-edit/ /blog/sweaty-bettys-fashion-week-sports-luxe-edit/#comments Thu, 12 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/sweaty-bettys-fashion-week-sports-luxe-edit/ You need look no further than the recent round of Fashion Week shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris to see that being fit (and wearing the kit) is more in vogue than ever. Tommy Hilfiger even went so far as to transform the runway into an American football pitch and accessorise some of the looks with helmets. Both on and off the catwalk (look to the Frow where fashion editors and world-renowned bloggers were frequently sporting trainers), this was the season that cemented activewear's fashion credibility.

We paired up with freelance stylist Basma Khalifa to find the most wearable looks. And we give you a sneak peak at what we have coming in Autumn...

London Fashion Week 2015 Preen

Preen – London Fashion Week 

“Always cool with a hint of boho, this season Preen designer Thornton Bregazzi went for ribbed high-neck crop tops with a pop of neon yellow,” says Basma. This look straddles the line between performance and fashion, making for effortless transitions from workout to night out. Look out for more midriff-baring crop tops and mixed length layers in Sweaty Betty's Autumn collection...

Milan Fashion Week 2015 Tods

Tod’s – Milan Fashion Week

We love that Tod’s puts the sporty girl up on a very fashionable pedestal. “Never deviating from its signature Italian clean lines, AW15 at Tod’s is all about contrasting romantic shades of blush pink with iridescent leather textures,” says Basma. The Sweaty Betty X Richard Nicoll collection is right on cue, and coming this August you will see our collection change from summer brights to more understated pastel hues.

New York Fashion Week 2015 Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang – New York Fashion Week

Long a champion of the quilted aesthetic, with popular accessories like the On The Go Luxe Bag, Sweaty Betty was thrilled to see Alexander Wang take this style to the runway. “Guaranteed to appeal to the fast-paced city girl, Wangs’ sleek black-on-black styling and statement quilted jackets are on just the right side of undone,” says Basma. In Autumn we'll take the quilted look from our accessories to more standout pieces, including our coolest ever Sports Luxe trousers.

New York Fashion Week 2015 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger – New York Fashion Week 

“This year Hilfiger took it to the track,” Basma says. “Literally!” Bomber jackets and basketball shoes were consistent features across all this season’s looks, and we certainly felt the inspiration to shoot for the net. Stay tuned for brand new Sweaty Betty styles in the next season of outerwear...

Paris Fashion Week 2015 Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant – Paris Fashion Week 

Long a favourite designer of our founder Tamara, Isabel Marant struck an inspiring nerve with her sheer panels juxtaposed against fine silks. Transparency will be a top trend in Sweaty Betty’s AW15 collection, and we’ve always loved mixing performance fabrics with ultra feminine features.

New York Fashion Week 2015 Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali – New York Fashion Week

“Nothing is more sports chic than reflective outerwear,” says Basma. “Norma Kamali says it loud and clear with this reflective silver zip jacket.” Look to the Run Statement range next season for a serious focus on nighttime visibility…

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Tamara's sporting inspirations: Susie Wolff /blog/tamaras-sporting-inspirations-susie-wolff/ /blog/tamaras-sporting-inspirations-susie-wolff/#comments Wed, 04 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-sporting-inspirations-susie-wolff/ In the second instalment of our new blog series celebrating the sporting icons most loved by Sweaty Betty Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton, we join British racing driver Susie Wolff in the fast lane…

She first grabbed my attention…

“I met Susie at a charity dinner she was hosting to raise money for Wings for Life – a charity that helps people with spinal cord injuries. She was wearing a fabulous Roland Mouret dress that hugged her incredible figure. She also carried an incredibly cool clutch with a pop art logo saying "Vrooom" on it, and a clasp shaped like a helmet.”

Susie Wolff vrooom clutch

Like Tamara Rojo, Susie is petite, but so strong. She is funny, bubbly, beautiful and has a fierce determination to be on the F1 starting grid. She is the only woman driving an Formula 1 car. There is no reason women can’t represent the sport of racing just as well as men – the physicality of the sport is extreme as you have to be both strong and light, and Susie is a great role model because she fits the bill perfectly. She has huge potential to inspire more women to join the sport.”    

I was inspired…

“I totally respect Susie’s passion and determination in a male dominated sport, and love the fact that she is feminine and fashionable as well as being super strong.”

She rose to fame…

“In July 2014 Susie made history when she became the first female in 22 years to drive on a Grand Prix Weekend at Silverstone. She also impressed at Hockenheim during a Free Practice session, finishing just 0.227 seconds behind her teammate Felipe Massa - an 11-time Grand Prix winner. This performance, and her dedication throughout her career, saw Susie promoted to official test driver for the Williams Martini 2015 racing season."

She joins the Sweaty Betty dream team…

“I'm proud to have Susie as one of our global Ambassadors because she works out so much and takes care over combining performance and aesthetics in her activewear. She is the perfect embodiment of the Sweaty Betty woman – adventurous, risk-taking and strong in both mind and body.”

Susie Wolff Sweaty Betty Ambassador

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Ambassador Charlie Morgan on the rise of healthy holidays /blog/ambassador-charlie-morgan-on-the-rise-of-healthy-holidays/ /blog/ambassador-charlie-morgan-on-the-rise-of-healthy-holidays/#comments Tue, 03 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/ambassador-charlie-morgan-on-the-rise-of-healthy-holidays/ Respected yogi and the Sweaty Betty Ambassador behind last year’s #30DaySweat stretch challenge, Charlie Morgan is our go-to expert for learning more about yoga and advancing our practice. So to celebrate this Wednesday's launch of the new Yoga Retreat range, we asked Charlie to indulge us in a personal story about her own experience with healthy holidays…

Charlie Morgan Yoga Ambassador

Yoga and detox retreat holidays are massively on the boom. Instead of taking a week off to sit in the sun, overeat and overdrink, people are becoming more and more drawn towards ‘healthy holidays’. Most of my clients report that they’re working harder than ever, spending crazy amounts of time behind computer screens and generally struggling to maintain a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. As a result of this, their minds and bodies are craving a detox when they are finally able to enjoy some time off. And once you’ve experienced one detox, most find it so revitalising that it becomes a top priority when spending their annual leave. 

A few summers ago, after working like a beaver for several months and not taking a holiday, I flew to Bali hoping to enjoy a couple of weeks of yoga and sunbathing. I visited a friend of mine who was living there at the time, and the second she spotted the dark circles under my eyes she posted me through the doors of one of the island’s best 7 day detox retreats.

Initially I was reluctant. I had always believed a detox retreat would be a little dull, and, especially as I’m a real foodie. But I soon learned otherwise… 

The daily routine consisted of: waking up, checking your pH levels, drinking a cup of hot water and lemon and taking a handful of supplements. We then had a gentle yoga and meditation session before taking more vitamins and drinking a nutritious shake. Most afternoons entailed a nutrition talk, which was followed by the most sumptuous yoga nidra (I am still convinced that I floated off of my mat during one of the sessions) I’ve ever experienced. Finally, in the evenings we were 'treated' to a vegetable broth – which was admittedly pretty unpalatable but definitely felt cleansing. 

The detox was hands down one of the most challenging things I have ever accomplished in my life, but words cannot describe how incredible I felt afterwards. Everything from the whites of my eyes to the colour of my gums was sharper and more vibrant. My energy stores were amplified and my mind was weightless and clear.

In light of this life-changing experience, I have been eager to share what I learnt in Bali with others. This summer, I will be teaming up with the amazing Gogashala and Jamie Meek from Glo Juice UK to run my own detox retreats in sunny Ibiza.

Charlie Morgan Yoga Retreat

Glo Juice UK have helped me plan a delicious daily menu to clean and energise the body. A typical day of juicing will look like this:

  • 4 x freshly pressed juices and smoothies
  • 1 x homemade nut milk
  • 1 x SOS (piece of fruit or something raw)
  • 1 x apple and ginger shot
  • 1 x warm water and lemon
  • Herbal teas, electrolytes, psyllium husks and water available throughout the day

Why do a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse allows you to take a break from the typical stresses your body encounters when digesting the foods you consume. By taking this break and flooding your body with vital nutrients, it can focus on eliminating toxins that have built up over time through diet and lifestyle.

To name just a few, here are 10 benefits of a juice cleanse:

  • Give your stomach and digestive system a break
  • Rest the liver (yep, that means no alcohol)
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Increase stamina and energy
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Enhance your sleep quality
  • Give your skin, nails and hair a radiant glow
  • Change your attitude towards food
  • Reduce physical problems
  • Lose weight

Add twice daily yoga practice and your body is going to feel amazing! If you’d like more information about my Ibiza detox retreats, please visit Exclusive to Sweaty Betty members, use the code TC15M to get £50 off when booking. And shop the Yoga Retreat range online and in-store for a holiday capsule collection that streamlines your packing and helps you make the most of your practice abroad.


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