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tamara why i wear the volley tennis dress 
Prepare to make a racket on and off-court in this twist on the traditional tennis dress.
Why I love it

What do Anna Wintour, Wes Anderson films and Serena Williams have in common? Really great tennis style, that’s what. With Queen’s in progress and Wimbledon round the corner, my mind has turned to court-appropriate clothing. In the summer I regularly play tennis with my husband and family and this year I plan to swap my classic whites for the Volley Tennis Dress.

Just traditional enough to work on court with a fashion-forward edge, I can’t wait to wear it.
In a retro sixties shape with a flattering drop waist, I love how this dress combines classic tennis whites with a fun tropical print. The inspiration for this came from a beautiful beach club just outside of Rio, so wearing it always brings back fond memories. Plus, this dress doesn’t only look good, it’s designed to perform – with short sleeves just wide enough for movement, sweat-wicking fabric and UV protection.
How I wear it

The Volley Tennis Dress speaks for itself, so on court I just add a pair of Half Court Tennis Shorts underneath and the classic white New Balance Tennis Trainer. These are specifically designed for playing tennis so allow me to move really easily.

When the match is over I have been known to head for a glass of rose (or two), so usually throw on the Baseline Tennis Sweat. Oversized, super soft and with a cool vintage feel, this is my current go-to layer and I love how the fluoro details of the collar stand out layered over it. Plus, having this sweat to hand means I can just throw it on with my Danca Luxe Sweatpants post-workout.

Shop the Volley Tennis Dress today and view the whole tennis collection here. #SweatYourStyle]]>
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Tamara Hill-Norton: What's in my travel bag /blog/tamara-hillnorton-whats-in-my-travel-bag/ /blog/tamara-hillnorton-whats-in-my-travel-bag/#comments Fri, 03 Jun 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-hillnorton-whats-in-my-travel-bag/
tamara whats in my travel bag
Tamara runs along the beach in Rio (left), Her packing essentials including the Origins Post Workout Paradise range and the Shallow Water Leggings (right)

The bag

Big enough to fit a laptop, a change of clothes and multiple essentials – introducing my most well-travelled companion the Luxe Gym Bag.


On the Plane

If it’s a long haul trip then I always bring an in-flight spray to stop my skin drying out. My go-to is This Works’ In Transit Spray as it smells lovely and hydrates instantly. On top of this I love StriVectin’s face creams, they are quite intense so balance out the air on the plane.

Sleep is my next priority, so alongside an eye mask (my absolute essential), I usually pack a miniature of Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Travel Mist to help me zone out.

On Holiday

Wherever I am in the world I try to stay active by trying new studios, running along the beach or surfing. This means that a good SPF is a priority, I never go out without Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser with SPF 20+.

After working out I like to spoil myself by using Origins Post Workout Paradise range. These products have been designed for active women to counteract the effects of sweat and fatigue, so using it is a real treat. I like to start with the mineral-infused Body Wash, before exfoliating with the Lava Scrub (which heats up on the skin to relax the muscles) and finally the cooling Moisturiser.


I am not the biggest fan of plane food, so always keep my bag stocked up with snacks. I generally try to be healthy on a flight so usually take a mixture of unsalted nuts, Nakd Bars, boiled eggs and apples. That being said, I can never resist Lindt sea salt and caramel dark chocolate, so there’s a high chance you’ll find that packed.

I always also keep a bottle of water to hand, I was told by a nutritionist friend to try and drink at least ½ a litre an hour to keep myself hydrated.

What to wear on the plane

Travelling all the time means I have this nailed. Start with comfortable underwear, I always wear the Brahma Padded Yoga Bra as it is so soft on skin and pack a pair of soft comfortable socks. My go-to flight outfit is the Rhythm Merino Pants with the soft Warm Up Over Tee and the cashmere-blend Assemble Jumper for when it gets cold on the plane. These pants are honestly the best travelling companion ever, they are temperature-regulating and as comfortable as pyjamas.

Off the plane

If you have the room it is always worth packing a change of clothes for when you land, particularly if like me you often head straight to meetings. The Supinity Retreat Jumpsuit is an easy choice, as it is so lightweight that it takes up no room and looks great.  


In case I get creative on a flight I always pack a notebook and pen. I love leather bound pads and have just bought a marble journal that I can’t wait to use. Though I do like to get some work done, the best part of the flight is putting my headphones on and catching up on films or reading Vogue or Elle Decor underneath my cashmere travel blanket. 

Discover Sweaty Betty's new summer styles here and find out more about Tamara here]]>
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Creative Director style: Why I wear the Ocean Bay Zip Through /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-ocean-bay-zip-through/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-ocean-bay-zip-through/#comments Fri, 03 Jun 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-ocean-bay-zip-through/ Meet your new wardrobe heroes. Sweaty Betty’s Founder and Creative Director, Tamara Hill-Norton has highlighted her favourite new season pieces and tells you how and why she wears them, including the Ocean Bay Zip Through.

tamara ocean bay zip through

There’s no better time than summer to embrace bright colours.
Why I love it

Living in England I have to be prepared for rain at all times, as even in June a cloud burst can be imminent. Despite this, in summer I don’t like to wear heavy layers - so step in the Ocean Bay Zip Through. Lightweight, protective and standout, it ticks every box.

After a winter of monochrome, and looking at the catwalks more to come for AW16, now is the time to embrace fun designs. More refined than a printed legging, but still a standout piece, I love the bright blue hues of this jacket and its cool colour pop lining.

Plus, it’s as geared for high-performance as it is style. The double bonded fabric is wetsuit inspired with a laminated finish, so looks good on and is fully showerproof. Plus, there’s a hood, which means when it does start to rain I don’t need to worry.
How I wear it

In the summer I like to stay active outdoors as much as I can. I either cycle to work along the river or run near my home in West Wittering, so I like to layer the Ocean Bay Zip Through over my current favourites the Sunrise Run Tank and Shallow Water ¾ Leggings. The leggings are reversible to so I can choose between black or a beautiful watercolour print depending on my mood.

Once I get to work, I’ll usually change into the Quick Step Dance Pants. They are my current go-to for easy style as they are lightweight and drape perfectly. On colder days I’ll keep on the Ocean Bay Zip Through  over a white tee and my Acne trainers for a pop of colour. 

Shop the Ocean Bay Zip Through today and view our new summer styles #SweatYourStyle.]]>
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8 ways to get active outdoors /blog/tamaras-summer-fitness-scrapbook-8-ways-to-get-active-outdoors/ /blog/tamaras-summer-fitness-scrapbook-8-ways-to-get-active-outdoors/#comments Tue, 31 May 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-summer-fitness-scrapbook-8-ways-to-get-active-outdoors/ Even on holiday, Sweaty Betty's Founder and Creative Director Tamara never shies away from staying active. Encouraging her family to get involved, she embraces the British summer and the outdoors to their full extent. To celebrate the launch of our new summer collection, she has shared her top tips for staying active and healthy outdoors. 

tamara staying active outdoors

Tamara (left) wears the Padamasana Yoga Leggings and Lateral Run Tunic

1. Get dressed in yoga or workout clothes every morning when it's acceptable, I appreciate the Sweaty Betty office is a rarity for allowing casual wear at work. Every piece we design has fashion and function in mind, so you'll look good and feel motivated to do something active. If this doesn't work? Invest in some new summer kit you'll want to show off. 

2. Stand up paddleboarding is one of my favourite activities – I always try to choose a destination so that it feel more like a journey than just a paddle. It’s also a great way to catch up with friend; sometimes we’ll paddle to a coffee shop and paddle back. Even our dogs love to come along for the journey.

3. I cycle into the office everyday in the summer, it's a great way to stay active and enjoy some fresh air. At the weekend I try to go on a long cycle ride with my kids, I love the long chats, excited shouting over the wind and discovering new cafes and pit stops en route.

4. With the help of YouTube and Sweaty Betty's free online workout videos, there are endless possibilities for at-home and outdoor workouts. My daughters and I usually relocate to the garden with the iPad and stream our favourite sessions. We usually switch between boxing and yoga, it's much easier practising headstands on the grass, without the fear of crashing into someone.

5. In London I attend open water training twice a week with my coach, though I find swimming in the sea on another level of enjoyment. It's also a great chance to embrace our new swimwear, I always wear a bright style like the Carve Swimsuit and a colourful Swim Cap to feel safe and confident.

6. To me, coastal runs mean going barefoot on the beach. It feels great to have the sand between your toes, and your legs have to work so much harder to hold the pace. I usually wear the printed Plyometric Training Capris with a Obstacle Vest and a supportive Ultra Run Bra

7. I used to windsurf growing up and on holiday with my husband Simon, but I’ve only recently started doing it regularly again near our home in West Wittering. My son is getting really into it – it’s so much fun getting out on the water and teaching him all the little tricks I learned over the years. 

8. I'm always inspired to eat healthier in the summer. My current go-to recipe books are Madeleine Shaw’s Ready, Steady, Glow and Livia's Kitchen by Olivia Wollenburg. I have a naturally sweet tooth so love to make healthier alternatives, I always keep a batch of superfood energy balls or millionaire bites in the fridge. They are really delicious and full of natural ingredients like coconut, almond, dates, raw cacao and cinnamon.

How are you staying fit this summer? Share your workouts with Sweaty Betty on Twitter and Instagram. And get renewed motivation for all your summer training with new summer styles

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Tamara's scrapbook: March - April /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-march-april/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-march-april/#comments Tue, 24 May 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-march-april/ Tamara Hill-Norton.

tamaras scrapbook iceland
Family time
The last few months I have been exceptionally well-travelled (as you’ll see below) so I’ve been enjoying quality time at our house in West Wittering when I can. Growing up my family were incredibly active and I’m the same with my own kids - we’ve been spending weekends running on the beach, paddle boarding and surfing with Ennis the Lucas terrier.
The land of fire & ice
First stop Iceland, the otherwordly land of fire and ice for a family holiday. We stayed in the beautiful Hotel Ion and spent our time climbing Europe’s largest glacier, discovering secret lagoons, visiting volcanoes, exploring black beaches and relaxing in the hotels amazing spa. The contrast between Reykjavik’s urban architecture and the vast natural landscape is just awe-inspiring I cannot recommend Iceland enough for adventure seekers.

tamaras scrapbook copenhagen
Scandi style
I then found myself in the seriously cool Copenhagen with our design team. The interiors, fashion and general vibe here are like nowhere else in Europe. I loved running and cycling around exploring. I was particularly inspired by the relaxed Scandi style here and it’s safe to say my suitcase did not come back empty! I loved Hay and Cinnober for interiors and Wood Wood, Mads Norgaard and Filippa K for clothes.
Nordic dining
As the home of the world’s number one restaurant, Copenhagen offers unbeatable dining opportunities. We spent our first night at Host; where the award-winning interiors are matched only by the food. Amongst raw wood, industrial lamps and greenery we enjoyed eight courses of delicious Nordic-inspired plates. Fast food is also so fresh and incredible, I ate the best salad I have ever had at Palæo, which focuses on simple, innovative meals based on the Stone Age diet. We need one in the UK.

tamaras scrapbook akt new york
Welcome to Louisiana
Like something out of a fairytale, a mere thirty-minute train ride out of the city you’ll find Copenhagen’s famous museum of modern art, Louisiana. Sitting amidst tall trees and green slopes and with incredible views of the sea, this beautiful museum had a couple of awesome exhibitions; ‘Fire Under Snow’ and ‘Eye Attack’, with loads of Bridget Riley whose work I love.    
Working out: Movement with purpose

I was in New York for press launch and our quarterly board meeting, but I managed to fit in a fantastic workout at AKT in Motion, a studio with a philosophy of ‘movement with a purpose’. Fusing dance choreography with yoga and weight exercises this was a seriously hardcore class. I loved it. I also managed a run round Central Park with my other directors, enjoying the cherry blossom trees.  

tamaras scrapbook piece of the moment
 Piece of the moment: Mill Pool Poncho
As an avid surfer (though I still have a lot of catching up to do with my kids!), I was really excited about the launch of the new Beach Sport collection. Alongside the body-sculpting wetsuit, printed leggings and tops I snapped up the Mill Pool Poncho as the perfect cover-up for post-surf cool. This super-soft poncho doesn’t only work on the beach, it looks great in the office layered over my Zero Gravity Tights or Rhythm Pants. The navy hue, oversized shape and fluoro accents have received so many compliments.
A young entrepreneur
I try to eat a fresh organic diet as much as I can, using produce from my husband’s lovingly tended vegetable garden. So when our lovely stylist bought me fresh eggs from her chickens, I was thrilled. Looked after by her son Arthur in Somerset, I think there may be an entrepreneur in the making.

For more from Tamara see her edits and story here]]>
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5 reasons to try the Urdhva Reversible Leggings /5-reasons-to-try-the-urdhva-reversible-leggings/ /5-reasons-to-try-the-urdhva-reversible-leggings/#comments Mon, 16 May 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /5-reasons-to-try-the-urdhva-reversible-leggings/ Urdhvas are the ultimate summer leggings. A regular fixture in Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara’s wardrobe, here she gives you 5 reasons to try them for yourself.

5 reasopns to wear the urdhva
 Ambassador Charlie Morgan wears the Mukha Yoga Cami and Urdhva Reversible Leggings


I love a pair of reversible leggings, it’s like doubling your workout wardrobe. The Urdhvas offer two looks in one legging and I often wear the bright tropical print for a class before reversing to classic black for meetings.  
No VPL allowed

Whether worn black or printed side out, the Urhdvas stay fully opaque through every movement. You never want to be the person at the front of the class with your underwear showing, so the opaque fabric has been designed to be completely downward dog safe for a distraction-free workout.
They never fall down

There is nothing more annoying than when you have to constantly pull your leggings up during a workout. With this in mind, we designed the Urdhvas to sit high on the waist with an adjustable drawcord so they don’t fall down however much you jump around. The high waist is not only great during exercise, it flattens the tummy to create a super flattering silhouette.  
All-day comfort

I cannot even begin to emphasise how soft and comfortable these leggings are on your skin, to the extent that I never want to take mine off. The fabric is so stretchy and breathable that you stay comfortable all day.
Instant style guaranteed

With mesh panels, a vibrant print and contrasting cuffs, the Urdhvas are more than your regular yoga pants. Whether in the studio or at meetings I love to style mine up, either with a top tucked in to lengthen my legs (I love the Indaba Yoga Tee) or with a longline Utthita Yoga Cami to emphasise my waist. You also can't beat the Bakasana Vest with its matching tropical bra for a cool studio look. Post workout, I’ll throw on the Selva Luxe Coat or Baseline Tennis Sweat and my trusty Acne trainers for casual style.
Are you Team Palm or Team Chic? To win your own Urdhva outfit visit our Instagram to find out more. Find more about the Urdhvas here and shop the reversible edit.]]>
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Where Sweaty Betty's founder likes to surf /blog/where-sweaty-bettys-founder-likes-to-surf/ /blog/where-sweaty-bettys-founder-likes-to-surf/#comments Thu, 05 May 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/where-sweaty-bettys-founder-likes-to-surf/ Beach Sport collection is filled with sports swimwear, bikinis, cover-ups and wetsuits in bright hues and exclusive prints.

'We always follow the waves', says Sweaty Betty founder Tamara about her family’s time at the beach. 'So our definition of a holiday is somewhat different to the ideal many imagine'. As she plans where to take her Drift Wetsuit this year, she has compiled the places where she loves to surf worldwide.

tamara where i like to surf
Model Aline wears the Air Rush Rash Guard and Wave Break Bikini Bottom

West Wittering Beach, Sussex

Growing up I was constantly involved in sport and I often get my entire family involved in something active at our home in West Wittering. I tend to paddleboard every weekend, but West Wittering beach is also a great spot for surfing when the waves are strong. Admittedly, I have some catching up to do with my kids, but it's great fun.   

Ditch Plains, Montauk

The popular Ditch Plains community is a favourite spot with New Yorkers on holiday in The Hamptons. The super-long break makes this wave haven ideal for newbies or veteran long-boarders, before they spend their evening at the cool Surf Lodge. Look out for Sweaty Betty popping up in The Hamptons and Montauk this summer.

Grumari Beach, Rio

The location for this season’s yoga campaign, Grumari Beach has nearly two miles of white and red sand and some of the best surf in Brazil. A far more tranquil location than the central beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, this is where locals head at weekends to relax and it’s well worth the short coastal drive from the city for the peaceful surf alone.

tamara where i like to surf
Tamara runs across West Wittering beach with her daughters in the Beach Sport collection 

Santa Monica Beach, California

Riding the waves is so addictive and an activity we can all do as a family, last year when we were on holiday in California surfing was a particular highlight. We were staying near Santa Monica Beach, so mostly surfed just off Bay St where the waves aren’t too crowded. When we next go back I want to try Zuma Beach in Malibu which is known for its excellent surf.   
Kuta Beach, Bali

Next on my list is Kuta Beach, this is where surfing began in Bali, with perfect white sands and palm-fringed beaches. 

Surf Set, Worldwide

Believe me when I say this is the next big thing in fitness, with no waves or wetsuit required. In this class you're on a mechanical surfboard that moves and shakes while you have to use your core to keep your balance. It’s such a fun class and it’s seriously challenging to follow the instructor through a series of exercises such as squats and jumps.

To try Surfset head to Gymbox in London and various locations across the USA, click here to find out more. 

Shop the Beach Sport range and get ready for your next active beach break. And don’t forget to share your highlights with Sweaty Betty on Twitter and Instagram.]]>
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Creative Director style: Why I wear the Isolate Capris /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-isolate-capris/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-isolate-capris/#comments Wed, 30 Mar 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-isolate-capris/ Meet your new wardrobe heroes. Sweaty Betty’s Founder and Creative Director, Tamara Hill-Norton has highlighted her favourite new season pieces and tells you how and why she wears them, including the tropical Isolate Capris.
There is a reason the Isolate Capris are a customer favourite season after season and in a new tropical print they are back and better than ever.
tamara why i wear the isolate capris
Why I love them
When I was in Brazil we came across a sixties-style beach club just outside of Rio, which served as the inspiration for the statement prints in our summer collection. Adding a touch of fun to any wardrobe, the tropical floral design on the Isolate Capris is my favourite print of the season. Eye-catching and designed to make a statement, these leggings are made for summer workouts.
In true Sweaty Betty style the Isolate Capris are as technical as they are fashion-forward. The lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric means they are totally breathable so I can wear them for every workout from running to spinning. Plus, they are super-flattering as the carefully placed seams and high-waistband really sculpt your bum.

How I wear them
The bright print on these statement capris means I usually go for a classic black Athlete Vest to really make my legs pop in the studio. While the weather is still on the colder side, for outdoor runs I have been wearing the sweat-wicking Glisten Top. I recommend everyone invest in one of these as the body temperature regulating fabric is really insulating. 
Post-workout I like to add a pair of Stan Smith’s and a warm knit such as the Akasha Tunic Top to go from the studio to brunch. When the warm weather finally arrives I’ll swap my extra layer for the new Warm Up Over Tee in a burnout floral print. 
Shop the Isolate Capris today and view the new workout collection here. #SweatYourStyle]]>
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Style Guide: Wide Leg Trousers /blog/style-guide-wide-leg-trousers/ /blog/style-guide-wide-leg-trousers/#comments Mon, 21 Mar 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/style-guide-wide-leg-trousers/ wide-leg trousers? Well fear no more, leg-lengthening flares are making a serious comeback. Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara shows you how to style the trend.

Skinny pants have held court for years now, and while a slim leg will never go out of style I’ve found myself opting for a looser cut recently. Wide-leg trousers accentuate the waist and lengthen the legs, to give such a flattering silhouette. A fixture on the catwalks for SS16, our new collection contains bohemian and tailored styles to ensure you stand out in and away from the studio.

style guide how to wear wide leg trousers
Tamara wears the Sono Luxe TrousersLeste Luxe Tunic and Glisten Top

Go faster pants

The Sono Luxe Trousers are my current go-to as the weather is getting more spring like. They are made in a really soft silky fabric with a fabulous drape that looks amazing with platform skate shoes, the Leste Luxe Knit Tunic and classic black Glisten Top. For a recent shoot with Psycle I wore a classic white collar tennis top underneath a black knit, keep an eye out for this hitting shelves soon. I love to pair these with my Acne trainers or a pair of Stan Smith’s, though when wearing trainers with a wider cut pant I always make sure my toes are showing so my silhouette isn’t overwhelmed.   

style guide how to wear flares
Tamara's daughter Daisy embraces seventies style in the Haven Retreat Pants

Boho chic meets activewear

An ode to seventies rock groupies and bohemian style, the Haven Retreat Yoga Pants let your legs do the talking. One of our most fashion-forward styles to date, keep accessories minimal and embrace summer style with the slogan Poise Retreat Vest. As technical as they are on-trend, the high-stretch fabric is sweat-wicking for comfort on and off the mat. 

style guide how to wear wide leg trousers
Look 1: Holistic Retreat Pants and Patanjali Jumper. Look 2: Holistic Retreat Pants and Atlantica Luxe Crop

Classic denim

Denim is the easiest way to nail the trend and for a spring update try the vintage wash Holistic Retreat Pants. Wear these loose-fitting chambray flares now with the Selva Luxe Coat and the roll neck Patanjali Jumper for cool spring style. As summer approaches, contrast with the billowing cut of the trousers by swapping your knit for the waist-accentuating Atlantica Luxe Top.

Feeling inspired? See Sweaty Betty’s full collection of pants here and shop the new Yoga Retreat collection for bohemian style. Feeling inspired? Discover the full Yoga Retreat lookbook. #SweatYourStyle

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How to find the right sports bra /blog/how-to-find-the-right-sports-bra/ /blog/how-to-find-the-right-sports-bra/#comments Mon, 14 Mar 2016 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/how-to-find-the-right-sports-bra/ sports bra. The right fit is imperative to a good workout, so we have asked Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara for her top tips for finding the perfect bra.

finding the right sports bra
Model Karol wears the High Intensity Run Bra and Adrenaline Run Leggings
1. Expert Advice
With so many different activities available, we understand that finding the right bra for your workout can be a challenge, which is why we offer a personal fitting service in our boutiques and an online bra fitting guide.
2. The right support
Unsurprisingly the same bra that supports you through every vinyasa of your yoga practice won’t suit a long distance run. It is worth researching whether you need a low, medium or high impact bra.
Low Impact

These light support bras are designed for less impactful activities such as yoga and Pilates. Lightweight and super soft, they are so comfortable for workouts where I need less support. For yoga my favourite style is the Brahma Yoga Bra as it so comfortable. Recently for a statement look I have been layering the Shanti Yoga Bra under a sheer vest to show off the beautiful front detailing.
Medium Impact

If you’re a cardio fan then a medium-impact bra is for you to run, cycle and train with just the right amount of support. My current go-to the Upbeat Padded Bra has been updated for SS16 in new spring colours and is so comfortable due to the adjustable straps.

High Impact

A high-impact bra with minimal stretch is vital support for running long distances. Our bestselling Ultra Run Bra ensures everything stays in place.

3. What to look out for in the fitting room

For the perfect fit

Bras should have a comfortable yet firm fit, if it’s chafing and feels too tight you won’t enjoy your workout.

If you’re a runner compression and encapsulation is vital, so when trying on a bra check if your breasts are held firmly in place and unable to move.

The right hem, raise your arms when trying on a bra and check no flesh escapes underneath, if you don’t feel supported try going for a smaller band size.

Coverage of the sides of the breast tissue is very important to reduce the movement sideways and prevent sagging. 

Soft fabric, we engineer our bras to feel like a second skin.

What to avoid
Sports bras with very stretchy straps as this will counteract the rest of the bra and allow the bust to move up and down.

Avoid bras made from very stretchy fabric as you want everything held in place.

See Sweaty Betty's full range of sports bras here. If you're ensure on fit or what bra you need try our online fitting guide or visit your local boutique
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