blogs Wed, 04 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 Tamara's sporting inspirations: Susie Wolff /tamaras-sporting-inspirations-susie-wolff/ /tamaras-sporting-inspirations-susie-wolff/#comments Wed, 04 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /tamaras-sporting-inspirations-susie-wolff/ In the second instalment of our new blog series celebrating the sporting icons most loved by Sweaty Betty Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton, we join British racing driver Susie Wolff in the fast lane…

She first grabbed my attention…

“I met Susie at a charity dinner she was hosting to raise money for Wings for Life – a charity that helps people with spinal cord injuries. She was wearing a fabulous Roland Mouret dress that hugged her incredible figure. She also carried an incredibly cool clutch with a pop art logo saying "Vrooom" on it, and a clasp shaped like a helmet.”

Susie Wolff vrooom clutch

Like Tamara Rojo, Susie is petite, but so strong. She is funny, bubbly, beautiful and has a fierce determination to be on the F1 starting grid. She is the only woman driving an Formula 1 car. There is no reason women can’t represent the sport of racing just as well as men – the physicality of the sport is extreme as you have to be both strong and light, and Susie is a great role model because she fits the bill perfectly. She has huge potential to inspire more women to join the sport.”    

I was inspired…

“I totally respect Susie’s passion and determination in a male dominated sport, and love the fact that she is feminine and fashionable as well as being super strong.”

She rose to fame…

“In July 2014 Susie made history when she became the first female in 22 years to drive on a Grand Prix Weekend at Silverstone. She also impressed at Hockenheim during a Free Practice session, finishing just 0.227 seconds behind her teammate Felipe Massa - an 11-time Grand Prix winner. This performance, and her dedication throughout her career, saw Susie promoted to official test driver for the Williams Martini 2015 racing season."

She joins the Sweaty Betty dream team…

“I'm proud to have Sweaty Betty as one of our global Ambassadors because she works out so much and takes care over combining performance and aesthetics in her activewear. She is the perfect embodiment of the Sweaty Betty woman – adventurous, risk-taking and strong in both mind and body.”

Susie Wolff Sweaty Betty Ambassador

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Ambassador Charlie Morgan on the rise of healthy holidays /blog/ambassador-charlie-morgan-on-the-rise-of-healthy-holidays/ /blog/ambassador-charlie-morgan-on-the-rise-of-healthy-holidays/#comments Tue, 03 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/ambassador-charlie-morgan-on-the-rise-of-healthy-holidays/ Respected yogi and the Sweaty Betty Ambassador behind last year’s #30DaySweat stretch challenge, Charlie Morgan is our go-to expert for learning more about yoga and advancing our practice. So to celebrate this Wednesday's launch of the new Yoga Retreat range, we asked Charlie to indulge us in a personal story about her own experience with healthy holidays…

Charlie Morgan Yoga Ambassador

Yoga and detox retreat holidays are massively on the boom. Instead of taking a week off to sit in the sun, overeat and overdrink, people are becoming more and more drawn towards ‘healthy holidays’. Most of my clients report that they’re working harder than ever, spending crazy amounts of time behind computer screens and generally struggling to maintain a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. As a result of this, their minds and bodies are craving a detox when they are finally able to enjoy some time off. And once you’ve experienced one detox, most find it so revitalising that it becomes a top priority when spending their annual leave. 

A few summers ago, after working like a beaver for several months and not taking a holiday, I flew to Bali hoping to enjoy a couple of weeks of yoga and sunbathing. I visited a friend of mine who was living there at the time, and the second she spotted the dark circles under my eyes she posted me through the doors of one of the island’s best 7 day detox retreats.

Initially I was reluctant. I had always believed a detox retreat would be a little dull, and, especially as I’m a real foodie. But I soon learned otherwise… 

The daily routine consisted of: waking up, checking your pH levels, drinking a cup of hot water and lemon and taking a handful of supplements. We then had a gentle yoga and meditation session before taking more vitamins and drinking a nutritious shake. Most afternoons entailed a nutrition talk, which was followed by the most sumptuous yoga nidra (I am still convinced that I floated off of my mat during one of the sessions) I’ve ever experienced. Finally, in the evenings we were 'treated' to a vegetable broth – which was admittedly pretty unpalatable but definitely felt cleansing. 

The detox was hands down one of the most challenging things I have ever accomplished in my life, but words cannot describe how incredible I felt afterwards. Everything from the whites of my eyes to the colour of my gums was sharper and more vibrant. My energy stores were amplified and my mind was weightless and clear.

In light of this life-changing experience, I have been eager to share what I learnt in Bali with others. This summer, I will be teaming up with the amazing Gogashala and Jamie Meek from Glo Juice UK to run my own detox retreats in sunny Ibiza.

Charlie Morgan Yoga Retreat

Glo Juice UK have helped me plan a delicious daily menu to clean and energise the body. A typical day of juicing will look like this:

  • 4 x freshly pressed juices and smoothies
  • 1 x homemade nut milk
  • 1 x SOS (piece of fruit or something raw)
  • 1 x apple and ginger shot
  • 1 x warm water and lemon
  • Herbal teas, electrolytes, psyllium husks and water available throughout the day

Why do a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse allows you to take a break from the typical stresses your body encounters when digesting the foods you consume. By taking this break and flooding your body with vital nutrients, it can focus on eliminating toxins that have built up over time through diet and lifestyle.

To name just a few, here are 10 benefits of a juice cleanse:

  • Give your stomach and digestive system a break
  • Rest the liver (yep, that means no alcohol)
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Increase stamina and energy
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Enhance your sleep quality
  • Give your skin, nails and hair a radiant glow
  • Change your attitude towards food
  • Reduce physical problems
  • Lose weight

Add twice daily yoga practice and your body is going to feel amazing! If you’d like more information about my Ibiza detox retreats, please visit And shop the Yoga Retreat range online and in-store from this Wednesday for a holiday capsule collection that streamlines your packing and helps you make the most of your practice abroad.


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Insta-cool: How today's Instagram stars are carving their careers /blog/insta-cool-how-todays-instagram-stars-are-carving-their-careers/ /blog/insta-cool-how-todays-instagram-stars-are-carving-their-careers/#comments Tue, 24 Feb 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/insta-cool-how-todays-instagram-stars-are-carving-their-careers/
Sweaty Betty’s own team members and ambassadors use Instagram to keep a finger on the pulse of the current trends within fitness and fashion. And it’s not a social circle reserved for the young – many of today’s most established professionals have had to recognise Instagram as a tool for growing their reputations and winning lucrative work. 

With two teenage girls, Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton is forever fascinated by the online influencers making an impression on her daughters. She too admires the resourceful bloggers, experts, trainers and models who have tapped into the power of Instagram to accelerate their careers. In fact, she hopes to see more inspirational personalities take to Instagram to extend their positive influence to new corners of the world.

“My oldest daughter is part of a generation obsessed with achieving the ideal ‘thigh gap’, but it’s my priority to teach her that acquiring muscle and strength is so much more important than striving to be skinny,” says Tamara. 

Here we highlight nine of our favourite Instagram icons and why we think they’re worth following… 

Best for fashion: Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad @chiaraferragni 

Italian-born fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni has been blogging for six years. In that time, she has mastered the art of mixing high-end labels with high street favourites. For everyday style inspiration, she can’t be beat. Her empire comprises of 3.3 million followers, so she must be on to something…  

Best for British eccentricity: Cara Delevingne @caradelevingne 

‘STOP LABELLING START LIVING’, Cara advises in her bio. The muse for our Spring Summer 2015 collection and the subject of infinite British pride, Cara is always inspiring us to be spontaneous and embrace our eccentricity. You never quite know what to expect from her daily posts, but you can count on a surprising collection of bold fashion, exclusive designer campaign insights and convention-challenging soundbites.   

Best for beauty: Fleur De Force @fleurdeforce 

Zoella may be dominating the beauty blogging scene for teenagers, but Fleur De Force appeals to a more mature demographic and attracts a respectable 514,000 followers. Her natural beauty shines through and her advice is practical, easy to follow and sophisticated enough for work day to soiree. Plus, her purely indulgent @FurDeForce sister page promises adorable snapshots of her five fiercely sweet dogs. Enough to soften your heart every lunch break. 

Best for British fitness: Hollie Grant, The Pilates PT @thepilatespt 

Sweaty Betty Ambassador and top British trainer Hollie Grant has been hugely prominent in the media over the last year, and much of her success is down to her innovative daily workouts and realistic nutrition advice. She leads by example and brightens up your screen with cheerful photos and videos of challenging exercises and deliciously nutritious food. Her workout style choices are also worthy of a double tap. 

Best for US fitness: Christine Bibbo Herr, NYC Pretty @nycpretty

New York studio insights, iconic city snapshots and styling advice are the focus of Christine Bibbo Herr’s inspiring Instagram page. Both a fashion director and a fitness-loving lifestyle blogger, everything Christine posts promotes the cause of looking and feeling amazing. It makes us want to board a flight to the Big Apple right now… 

Best for global fitness: Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines

Co-writer of the internationally successful Bikini Body ebooks and Australia’s most popular fitness trainer, Kayla’s reach extends to every corner of the world. Her frequent fan and client transformation stories are evidence of the immense success her programmes have enjoyed, and her own workout photos are just the motivation you need to get up and go train.  

Best for yoga: Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl @yoga_girl 

Set to release an illustrated yoga book this March, Rachel Brathen is a respected purveyor of international yogi inspiration. Although based on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Aruba (prepare to envy her beach shots), her global workshops in vinyasa foundations and inversions are a bucket list staple for millions of yogis. And when you can’t make it to her home or international classes, her Instagram feed provides plenty of #fitspiration at your fingertips. 

Best for kitchen inspiration: Ella Woodword, Deliciously Ella @deliciouslyella

Beautiful vegan food to make your mouth water. Uplifting photos and thoughts to put a skip in your step. Impressive yoga and Pilates moves. These are just a few of the reasons we love to follow Ella Woodword, author behind the hit British nutrition blog She is also a client of The Pilates PT and proves to be another example of Hollie’s successful training programmes. 

Best for travel inspiration: Bex, The Healthy Traveller @thehealthytraveller

Determined to seek health and happiness in every corner of the world, Bex behind The Healthy Traveller will enlighten you not only beautiful holiday destinations but also worldwide fitness trends. After raising her profile with her impressive results doing Kayla’s Bikini Body workouts, she is now a respected influencer in her own right. Make her page your first stop when you experience those initial symptoms of wanderlust. 

Join us on Twitter and Instagram to share your favourite sources of #fitspiration. ]]>
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Celebrating Fashion Week with Tamara's favourite looks /blog/the-inspiration-behind-tamaras-ss15-fashion-edits-/ /blog/the-inspiration-behind-tamaras-ss15-fashion-edits-/#comments Wed, 11 Feb 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/the-inspiration-behind-tamaras-ss15-fashion-edits-/

“For Sweaty Betty, sporty fashion is about looking just a little undone,” says Tamara. “It’s effortlessly chic and confidently quirky – and as such it captures the eccentricity that has put British style icons in the spotlight.” 

Tamara often talks of her 14-year-old daughter Daisy, whose daily dressing tactic consists of reaching into her wardrobe and throwing on whatever she touches first. Yet she always emerges looking cool. She holds herself with confidence. She represents an evolution of fashion that is unconcerned with perfectly matched separates and complementary accessories. 

Like her mum, Daisy also takes inspiration from Instagram. Favourites on her follow list include Rita Ora, Jourdan Dunn, Suki Waterhouse and Montauk surfer Quincy Davis. A common link between these icons is a love for laid back trainers and a mismatch of high fashion with everyday comforts. 

A recent holiday to Marrakech highlighted just how much a care-free aesthetic appealed to Tamara’s friends. Her travel cohorts loved the way she layered shades of grey with the Ardha Yoga Harem Pants and Flow ‘You Give Me Butterfies’ Vest. A fusion of cultures also came to the fore, with Middle Eastern inspired trousers blending beautifully with the statement English slogan top.  

“Perhaps this all points to the idea that we shouldn’t think too much when choosing our outfits,” says Tamara. “Feeling and intuition can be even more important than reason when presenting a new look.” After all, it’s the element of emotion that fashion designers will hope to elicit when New York launches the worldwide Fashion Weeks this Thursday. 

Click here to read more about Tamara’s Fashion Edits and shop her favourite looks of the season. ]]>
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Tamara's sporting inspirations: Tamara Rojo /blog/tamaras-sporting-inspirations-tamara-rojo-/ /blog/tamaras-sporting-inspirations-tamara-rojo-/#comments Thu, 29 Jan 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-sporting-inspirations-tamara-rojo-/ To celebrate women in sport, this new blog series will highlight some of the amazing icons who inspire Sweaty Betty Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton on a daily and seasonal basis. Sometimes it’s their spirit she channels during a workout. Sometimes it’s their essence she captures in the ethos behind a new collection. Always they’re exceptional at what they do. A role model for fitness enthusiasts and a benchmark for success in all areas of life. 

To launch the series, Sweaty Betty’s Tamara could think of no woman more fitting than Principal Dancer and Artistic Director of English National Ballet Tamara Rojo. Here she explains what makes this extraordinary ballerina stand out…  

She first grabbed my attention…  

“I remember when I first met Tamara. She had just been made Artistic Director in the first year that Sweaty Betty sponsored English National Ballet. I knew we’d made the right decision when she introduced herself, a fireball of energy in sky-high Louboutins, and instantly demonstrated a drive for perfection. Seeing her on stage the same year, I knew the emotional connection she achieves in performance was the result of untiring practice and dedication.” 

I was inspired… 

“I loved watching Tamara dance opposite Carlos Acosta in Romeo and Juliet. It was a beautiful contemporary take on a classical performance and it helped to keep ballet relevant in today’s dynamic creative environment. There was a particular moment after Juliet’s death when she is supposedly a corpse and Romeo dances with her body – it was the first scene in a ballet that brought me to tears. Although she appears weightless and effortlessly graceful, I was in awe of the strength and poise required to master such an illusion.” 

She rose to fame…  

“Honoured for her work and dedication, Tamara received the 2013 II Fundación Banco Santander Prize in the Spanish Embassy in London and was highly celebrated in the media. Despite finding success at a very young age, she’s become a tremendous icon for sport and the arts in both England and her home country of Spain.”  

She joins the Sweaty Betty dream team… 

“Not satisfied with the status quo, I respect how Tamara continues to challenge conventions in ballet and consistently shows a deep-seated passion for the art. As such, she shares Sweaty Betty’s internal values of ‘pushing boundaries’ and ‘loving what we do’.”

Shop the Sweaty Betty X English National Ballet Dance collection here]]>
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Tamara's scrapbook: Inspired by feminine strength /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-inspired-by-feminine-strength-/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-inspired-by-feminine-strength-/#comments Tue, 20 Jan 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-inspired-by-feminine-strength-/ A month of hibernation for many, Tamara has defied the temptation of the sofa and enjoyed a very social, active start to the year. From collaborative workouts like the Elle Pilates event held across Sweaty Betty’s 40 UK stores, to unforgettable performances of Swan Lake by English National Ballet, and attempts to emulate that beauty in her local Barrecore class, Tamara fills us in on her inspirational January… 

Liaising with Elle 

Last week, Sweaty Betty and Elle magazine joined forces to host informative Pilates classes across all our stores. Together, Elle Editor Lorraine Candy and I set about spreading the word and planning enticing goodie bags for our guests. We also joined in on the action, spending an evening in the Kings Road boutique with Ambassador Hollie Grant teaching challenging core exercises that can be moderated to suit people at all stages in their training. 

Lorraine also hand-picked her favourite capsule collection from our new Spring Summer 2015 collection, which you can browse for yourself here

Tamara presents the Elle Pilates event with co-hosts Lorraine Candy and Amy Lawrenson from Elle magazine. Hollie (below) led the class at the Kings Road boutique. 

An evening of fine entertainment 

The following evening, I met up with more editors from top magazines to take in a performance of Swan Lake by English National Ballet. Many of them were former dancers themselves, but had since traded in their ballet slippers for heels or trainers. We spoke of how seeing the ballet reminded them of their youth and liberated their imaginations, while at the same time remarked on the incredible grace and power of principal dancer Tamara Rojo as Odette and her evil double Odile. 

Our most recent theme at Sweaty Betty has been all about the Power of Transformation and the real struggle that takes place in rehearsals and training. Having had some insight into the immense effort that goes into the ballerina’s movements, it was particularly inspiring to see how feminine and pretty Tamara looked on stage. Madison Keesler, our campaign model for the dance collection, also looked effortless. Not for one second did she show signs of back strain, when in reality she was straight off stage for an ice bath when the performance finished.   

The weekend after watching Swan Lake, Tamara saw this pair of white and black swans near her beach house in West Wittering. One of life's uncanny coincidences. 

Emulating English National Ballet

Wanting to channel the ballerina’s strength and grace, I couldn’t wait for my next Barrecore class. It’s one of my favourite workouts of the week because the atmosphere is friendly yet challenging, with only yourself to compete against and no need to psyche yourself up beforehand. While we were practising leg lifts, I recalled how Tamara Rojo had easily reached her toe out and up in a perfect arc. It was the ultimate example of ‘little by little’ training where you aim to progress just a small amount with every workout, building up to a semblance of the stunning strength displayed on stage at the ballet. 

Another reason I love Barrecore is the opportunity to wear beautiful, feminine clothes while working out. Whether it’s a full outfit from our Dance range or a mixing of layers with key Yoga Statement pieces, there’s a noticeable confidence boost that comes with looking amazing before and during your training. 

My favourite barre outfit from this season is the Adagio Dance Leggings with the Mukha Yoga Vest and the Flow Yoga Vest featuring the ‘You Give Me Butterflies’ slogan, which I tuck into the leggings. The seamless leggings are so supportive and the stirrups under your feet add lovely length to your body. Plus, I love the customised, edgy look of the Flow vest with its raw edges layered on top. Once I’m warmed up, I’ll wear the Mukha on its own because I can see all my muscles working. Of course, I always take my barre socks with the high-grip soles, too!  

Next week on the blog: In a brand new blog series, Tamara reflects on some of the female sporting icons who have inspired her throughout her career. Some of them seasonal muses and others a constant source of empowerment. Find out who sprung to mind first… 

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Tamara's 2015 New Year's Resolutions /blog/tamaras-2015-new-years-resolutions/ /blog/tamaras-2015-new-years-resolutions/#comments Mon, 29 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-2015-new-years-resolutions/

1. Have a low-sugar January, using my new juicer from Christmas to make vegetable-based smoothies.

“When I take on a new personal challenge, I inevitably rope the rest of my family in. I’m calling January my low-sugar month because I’m not prepared to cut out fruit but will be removing as much processed sugar from my diet as possible. And that means my kids had better buck up, too. My first mission is to get them off sugary cereals.”

2. Practice windsurfing ahead of a family holiday in Jericoacoara, Brazil.

“I used to windsurf before we had the kids. Now they’re all old enough for water sports, I’d love to get back into it, particularly as Simon (my husband and Sweaty Betty CEO) is an avid kitesurfer. This autumn, we’re visiting friends on this beautiful coastal stretch of northern Brazil and it’s such an incredible place for windsurfing. In preparation, I’ll be fine-tuning my skills during weekends in West Wittering.” 

3. Combine fitness classes with friendly catch-ups and enjoy a healthier way to socialise. 

“A few of my favourite London studios are Lumi Yoga, Psycle and Barrecore. My aim is to bring more friends along when I attend classes there. I love the concept of ‘sweatworking’, made popular in New York City, and think exercise is a great platform for people to get together and build relationships.” 

4. Build a capsule wardrobe around my favourite new Tessellate Luxe Leggings.

“Like everyone, my wardrobe can often expand beyond my control. This year, I want to streamline my clothes collection by building capsule wardrobes around my favourite pieces. The new Tessellate Luxe Leggings are my current favourites, and I’ve already planned three different outfits in which they’ll feature: 

Ski: As a base layer beneath my Downhill Ski Pants and Uphill Ski Jacket

School run: Under the Uplift Luxe Cape, paired with Uggs or Isabel Marant wedges.

Work: With a J.Crew white shirt and the yellow Steady Luxe Knitted Jumper.” 

5. Commit to one family activity every weekend; either paddleboarding, running or swimming with my children. 

We used to be really good at exercising as a family, but this has slipped a little bit in recent months as I’ve gotten more lenient about letting the kids lie in. In 2015 I’m going to be a lot more proactive at getting them out of bed and starting the weekends with a healthy dose of sport. 

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Tamara's scrapbook: London press days /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-london-press-days/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-london-press-days/#comments Thu, 04 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-london-press-days/ After returning from Sweaty Betty’s recent press day in the New York, Tamara caught up with her friends in the media during a busy week of UK press days to present the SS15 ‘Social Butterfly’ collection. Here she gives you the inside scoop, and hints at some of the press favourites from next season.  

Getting sporty (and spiritual) in Soho 

85 attendees joined me in our Soho boutique for the UK press day, giving me a chance to catch up with journalists and bloggers from the worlds of fashion and fitness. From the conversations I shared, it was clear that sport is very much on-trend. We talked about new studios, compared our favourite new juice bars and discussed plans for active holidays in the New Year. And, of course, we talked about the SS15 Social Butterfly collection – with Sweaty Betty designers by my side, we explained how the natural world has influenced key prints of the season. Blues were particularly popular, with classic blacks giving way to bolder blues as the go-to colour.  

We were joined by fitness enthusiasts from all disciplines, including CrossFit extremists and yogis alike. Interestingly, everyone felt united by the spiritual themes running through the collection. As well as sweating, more and more people are recognising the need to step back and establish a balance in their personal lives with more meditative forms of exercise. Our ethereal yoga pieces, such as cut-away vests in soft colourways, stood out as firm favourites among attendees. 

Bonding on the Bike at Psycle 

Just last week, we also held an exclusive Sweaty Betty X Richard Nicoll press event at the Psycle in central London. Combining an early morning spin class with closer look at the 10-piece Richard Nicoll collaboration, I was thrilled to demonstrate how fitness and fashion really do go hand in hand. The fiercely athletic instructor Rhian led 45 minutes of cardio intervals and a series of on-the-bike conditioning exercises, all while looking amazing in the Nui Reflective Double Time Run Tank and Shibori Run Tights. Meanwhile, I felt so comfortable and confident in the Muiura Reflective Over Tee. 

There is nothing like a high-energy workout to bring people together and build relationships; after the class there was such an invigorating buzz. Plus, we were treated to delicious Imbibery juices and breakfast pots by 26 Grains -  made from almond milk, oats, chia seeds, coconut flakes and goji berries. I loved the breakfast pots so much that I’ve started making them at home! 

Look out for the SS15 collection launching early January. For more behind the scenes action, read Tamara’s blogs about shooting SS15 in England and Switzerland.
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Hidden Treasures: Tamara Hill-Norton on life in London /blog/hidden-treasures-tamara-hill-norton/ /blog/hidden-treasures-tamara-hill-norton/#comments Wed, 26 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/hidden-treasures-tamara-hill-norton/ Calgary Avansino and Get the Gloss editor-in-chief Susannah Taylor, Sweaty Betty's creative director Tamara Hill-Norton shares some of her favourite spots in London. 

What’s your favourite run route and why?

Gunnersbury or Richmond park. I love London parks - some of them make you feel as though you could be anywhere, not in the middle of a great urban sprawl. Running past deer in Richmond is especially thrilling. At the weekends I also love to run on the beach with my kids and dog down in West Wittering. It gets rid of all the stress of the week, and I love catching up with my kids as we run. 

Which is your must visit juice bar for a post workout refuel, and your favourite kind of juice/smoothie?

I'm often frustrated how few juice bars there are in London - we don't have any near where I work out in west London. I'm trying to persuade Montauk Juice Factory to expand over here. My favourite juice they do is the citrus-filled Liquid Sunshine - it reminds me of being on the beach. 

What 3 boutiques would you love to have on your local shopping street?

I live in Acton which is a friendly and diverse community, but the shopping is really not great! Luckily we have Whistles, but I would also love to see Zadig & Voltaire, Trilogy and Zara. 

What’s your must-have piece of kit that people may be surprised to learn about?

A tempo trainer (a small beeping device you wear inside your swim cap). I use it during swimming to track my pace and ensure I'm moving as efficiently as possible. 

Describe your ideal active retreat?

Last year in Champoluc I had an amazing time ski touring up to a hut and practising yoga in the mountains. I would also love a holiday that involves surfing every day, interspersed with yoga classes. 

What fitness or wellbeing event is on your bucket list?
The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio!

What’s the one class that you never cancel, no matter how busy you are? 
Swim training, as our coach is so scary and doesn't like us missing sessions. 

Who do you follow on Instagram for fitspiration?
@calgaryavansino, @beachyogagirl, @stylerunner, and @sportluxe.

What do you pack for holiday to ensure you don't lose your fitness?
Travel yoga mat, iPad to watch yoga videos, ASICS trainers, Sweaty Betty swim goggles and City Lights Streamline Swimsuit and resistance bands. None of them take up much space.  

What do you always have to hand for a post-workout snack?
Almonds, Bounce balls and naked bars.

What YouTube channel do you have on standby for quick at-home workouts? 
Yoga for runners with Charlie Morgan. 

Next week, in the final 'Hidden Treasures' interview, Sweaty Betty will be talking to blogger Christine Bibbo Herr]]>
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Tamara's scrapbook: Manhattan musings /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-manhattan-musings-/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-manhattan-musings-/#comments Fri, 14 Nov 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-manhattan-musings-/ As a business woman always on the go, Creative Director Tamara hosted the recent Sweaty Betty press day in NYC following an actively relaxing week with her family on the UK's South Coast. Here she indulges us in a few of her highlights. 

Keeping active 

I loved spending half term with my kids in West Wittering before heading to NYC for a busy few days of press meetings! The weather was so unusually warm for this time of the year that we were in the sea paddleboarding. I've recently sustained an ankle injury, so I've been replacing my usual long runs with YouTube yoga, cycling and swimming. It's OK but I'm missing the endorphin rush that running offers.

Once in NYC, I took advantage of early mornings due to jet lag to continue with my YouTube yoga. It was a great way to prepare for the days ahead – which often entailed 16 hours of non-stop activity. 

Staying local 

My view during these daily yoga classes wasn’t bad either. From our hotel in Williamsburg, we looked out across to Manhattan – the city lights still twinkling in the early hours of the morning. Some Sweaty Betty team members preferred to work out at Soul Cycle, which was conveniently just around the corner. 

Liaising with Vogue 

The day before Vogue moved to its new office in the iconic One World Trade Centre, I met with Vogue’s style editor Emma Elwick-Bates to discuss the magazine’s annual Shape issue. I was more than happy to oblige when she asked us to style NYC’s ultra-cool Orchard Street Run Club

Sharing SS15 stories 

Of course, the main reason for our team visit was Sweaty Betty’s second US press day in our award-winning SoHo store. The boutique’s downstairs studio was transformed with beautiful paper butterflies displayed across the wall, Jonathan Adler candles, English art books and tables lined with amazing drinks from the Montauk Juice Factory.  

Journalists from a wide range of papers and magazines joined us to talk about the English heritage at the heart of the upcoming SS15 collection, and how art and nature inspired the soft prints and pastel aesthetic seen across key pieces. Of course, at the heart of it all is the social butterfly – and I couldn’t believe my luck when I strolled across this inspirational message marked in graffiti on the Williamsburg Bridge.   

To learn more about the inspiration behind SS15, read Tamara’s scrapbook from behind the scenes of the SS15 shoots in England and Switzerland.]]>
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