blog Tue, 27 Jun 2017 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 The Sweaty Betty story /blog/the-sweaty-betty-story/ /blog/the-sweaty-betty-story/#comments Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/the-sweaty-betty-story/ From Notting Hill to Los Angeles, it's safe to say Sweaty Betty has travelled far since 1998. From spotting a gap in the market to over 50 shops worldwide, our Founder and Creative Director Tamara shares her story.

the sweaty betty story

When I started Sweaty Betty in 1998, it's safe to say women's activewear was a very different market. After graduating, I was working as a buyer at Knickerbox and we started to do a little bit of sportswear. I was buying this when I came across an American brand that was just starting out. I’d never seen anything like it. It was all bright colours and it wasn’t designed for men and then transformed for women, which was what the market generally offered. I was just like, “Wow, this is incredible!” and thought this is a real gap in the market. 

After being made redundant, I decided I wanted to fill this gap, reaching out to women who live active lifestyles. Whether a yogi, runner or skier, I wanted to reinvent activewear to make clothes that make women feel powerful and amazing. Despite a few 'are you mad' comments, I teamed up with my husband Simon and found a site in Notting Hill to open our first shop, though first we needed a name. Teaming up with my fiancé (now husband and CEO of Sweaty Betty) Simon I wrote a business plan.

We then needed a name, I wanted to challenge the notion that it’s not cool to sweat. Who cares if you’re a Sweaty Betty? So I took the ultimate cool chick Betty, juxtaposed this with Sweaty and we had it.

We then found a store in Notting Hill, London an up and coming area (at the time), there was a really nice gym and one of the first Pilates studios and we were where the early customer was — they just got it. We filled our store with beautiful and technical workout wear for run, ski, yoga, swim and every discipline for the British fitness enthusiast. Not that everyone was quite there, my first assistant quit on the day before we opened, but I persevered and it taught me a lot about our customer, I also discovered yoga (a lifesaver).

Affirmation then came from the Evening Standard, which named Sweaty Betty as “one to watch” two weeks after it opened. Then ‘Sports Retailer of the Year’, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, a WGSN award and awards for our ecommerce, retail and design teams. AND then top designer collaborations and an appearance on the London Fashion Week runway
I am now a mum of three, or four if you count my dog Ennis and we have over 50 shops from London to Los Angeles, including concessions in Harrods and Bloomingdale’s.

We design our collections seasonally inspired by a place I've travelled to, and that fused with our inherent London style creates collections which are uniquely Sweaty Betty in style but ever-changing season to season. Our all-female design team create beautiful styles that go from studio to street in the best technical fabrics. I think it's safe to say we're obsessed with fabrics, if we can't find them we make them. 

These are clothes for busy active women. Like most women I try and squeeze in a workout, whatever and wherever it may be – so beautiful clothes that work for both are becoming paramount in my life. What's next? I can't tell you everything, but I can promise more London-designed activewear that will help you create a fashion-forward wardrobe for daily life.

Find out more about Tamara here and shop Sweaty Betty's new arrivals. ]]>
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Tamara introduces Summer 2017 /blog/tamara-introduces-summer-2017/ /blog/tamara-introduces-summer-2017/#comments Wed, 29 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-summer-2017/ four stories filled with beautiful pieces to take you from studio to street.  
summer 2017 souk
Tarah wears the Demi Drape Yoga VestZero Gravity Leggings and Holistic Dress


Inspiration: The vibrant colour palette of Marrakech's infamous souk was juxtaposed with London street-style for a collection full of bright shades, tile prints and mesh tees. Morocco’s souks are a true assault on the senses, from every angle there are new sights, smells and textures.

My favourite pieces: I love bright prints for summer and our tile print Zero Gravity Leggings. definitely tick this box. I love how many colours they have in them, this means I can throw them on with loads of different tops.  

summer 2017 traveller
Tarah wears the Celestial UnitardSalma Vest and Dina Culottes.


Inspiration: The Nomadic Berber tribe of Morocco inspired this collection full of luxe layers, celestial prints and super-soft leggings. This range is inspired by the sun and stars, expect to find plenty of beautiful backs, an amazing reversible unitard and our most beautiful swimwear to date.

My favourite piece: Spring is here and I am obsessed with culottes. Ever since we designed these cropped Dina Culottes, I’ve been dying to get my hands on them to style with a white vest and my Stan Smith’s.  

summer 2017 riad
Tarah wears the Drift Wetsuit and Glo Bikini.


Inspiration: The Moroccan riad is a striking contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, which is a constant hub of activity. It is amazing entering a riad. They are small palaces of tranquility among Morocco’s busy streets and the one place where a woman can shed her countless layers. Our cool shades of blue, loose separates and beautiful prints are inspired by evenings spent among the lush surroundings of Riad Yamina, cocktail in hand.

My favourite pieces: I am going surfing in Mexico this summer with my family, so it's safe to say the Drift Wetsuit is at the top of my packing list.

summer 2017 hippie trail
Tarah wears the Lagoa Poncho, Practice Tee and Urdhva Leggings

Hippie Trail

Inspiration: Monochrome prints, oxblood shades and sleek swimwear were inspired by the free-spirited traveller journeying from Marrakech to Essaouria. We really looked back to the seventies with this collection, I based it on the cool bohemian style of the women who hung out with Jimi Hendrix on the ramparts.

My favourite piece: I always try and go to a festival every summer and living in England, waterproof layers are an essential. I’ll be beating endless showers and cycling along the Thames in the Lagoa Poncho.

Shop the new collection today, and if you’re looking for fitness and fashion inspiration follow @sweatybetty on FacebookTwitter and Instagram]]>
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International Women's Day: The women who inspire Tamara /blog/international-womens-day-the-women-who-inspire-tamara/ /blog/international-womens-day-the-women-who-inspire-tamara/#comments Wed, 08 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/international-womens-day-the-women-who-inspire-tamara/ Founder and Creative Director, Tamara has shared which five women inspire her the most.

Amelia Freer, Nutritionist

international womens day amelia freer

I met Amelia for lunch in Notting Hill last year and love her down to earth philosophy on healthy eating and nutrition. I’m a firm believer in balance around food and I love how sensible she is and how she doesn’t promote an authoritarian approach to healthy eating. Amelia said to me that she encourages her clients to ‘eat less and move a little more’ and to cook from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients. This is a method I certainly agree with. With clients including Boy George, Sam Smith and Victoria Beckham her book Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan is released this month and I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.

Meet Amelia 

What is your morning routine?

I start the day with a black coffee - I look forward to it every single morning. Then for breakfast, I always try to eat a little protein, some veggies, some healthy fats and a portion of fruit. Eggs and avocado is my staple breakfast, though sometimes I have leftover supper – I don’t mind eating curry for breakfast. 
Where is your favourite place to eat out?

I don’t eat out that much but when in Wiltshire, The Beckford Arms and when in London, The Providores in Marylebone is always a favourite.
What’s on your bucket list?

To spend time working with elephants, go to Bhutan and to learn to play the piano.

My Mother

international womens daytamara
My Mum, centre left

My parents inspired in me a love of adventure. We moved around the world as a family growing up and my Mum was always so enthusiastic about travel and immersing herself in the local culture. She also has an incredible enjoyment of life and people, she's constantly busy and incredibly sociable and just loves being with people (as well as her herd of alpacas).  She is patient and wise and I love how she treats everyone with respect and kindness. Plus, she looks amazing in our goat print Chandrasana Leggings!  

Lizzie Currie, Athlete

international womens day lizzie currie
Lizzie wears the Backcountry All-in-One

My friend Lizzie is one of the most inspiring women I know. She’s not only a fellow Mum of three, but an incredible athlete who is always on the lookout for a bigger and better challenge. What I admire about her is how driven and committed she is in terms of endurance sports and setting herself goals. In the last few months alone she has cycled across America and is about to take on the toughest footrace on earth, the Marathon des Sables, where you run five marathons in as many days. Alongside this she is really good fun and always looks incredible in our product, rocking fluorescent colours better than anyone.

Meet Lizzie

What is your morning routine?  

I have 3 children at 3 different schools so every morning starts with a 6.30 alarm, a cup of hot lemon in bed then a multitude of wake up times, breakfast offerings and hunts for missing uniform. Every morning I make a fresh juice or smoothie for everyone to have before they leave and make sure I drink mine too. By 9 am they’re all at school and I can hit the training schedule. 

What has been your favourite challenge to date?

My favourite to date was Race across America in 2015 - a 3000 mile bike ride from the west to east coast through the most stunning scenery. I raced in a team of just 4 cyclists and this was a frantic and epic journey like I’d never experienced before.

What’s on your bucket list?

If I survive the heat of Marathon des Sables then the Badwater Ultramarathon would be next on the bucket list - a 135 mile race through Death Valley. I would also love to run the Grand Canyon - just for fun!  

Victoria Beckham, Designer

international womens day victoria beckham

I admire Victoria for her success at reinventing herself in the face of the cynical fashion world. Her tenacity, passion, focus and desire to succeed are quantities I admire. I also really like how she has moved with the time and is providing a cool, contemporary sports luxe look to empower the modern woman.

Jess Schuring, Founder Heartcore

international womens day jess
One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to change up my fitness routine and I’m not sure if this would have been possible without Jess. One of the first people too really ‘get’ the boutique fitness scene, she bought Heartcore to London ten years ago determined to provide a seriously tough workout in beautiful surroundings. Like us at Sweaty Betty, she considers an active lifestyle to be a choice of how you live, not just as part of your life. She also has a very cool dress sense and I love the studio design – you feel pampered as well as worked.

What is your morning routine?

My mourning routine changes depending on my work commitments but it always starts with a large glass of water followed by a black americano. Whenever I can, I get my workout in early but if I don't have time, I compromise with a shower and a cold rinse off to wake me up and get going. I check my emails and the news with a second coffee and a light bite to eat - either a banana, oatmeal or scrambled eggs.

What makes Heartcore so effective?

First of all, I’d say that we very much care about everyone who comes to train with us and that we give our very best to get everyone into the best shape possible.  All our training methods focus on working the muscles under tension for the long/lean look, working towards muscle fatigue by designing certain sequences and keeping downtime to a minimum.

What's on your bucket list?

Inspire as many people as possible to life a healthier, happier and more courageous life. Make the world a better place. Learn how to sail and travel more, especially in Africa and South America.

Which women inspire you? Tell us in the comments below as we celebrate #IWD2017. Find out more about Tamara here]]>
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Tamara's scrapbook: January & February /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-january-february/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-january-february/#comments Mon, 27 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-january-february/ Tamara Hill-Norton.
On and off-piste

tamara scrapbook ski

I’ve just returned from our annual family ski holiday to St Anton, where we enjoyed a week of sun, skiing and snow. I used this as a great opportunity to trial our new season ski pieces, so see above for a sneak peak of our AW17 collection. The theme of the week had to be retro: our friends all had an amazing collection of eighties-style skiwear, plus my daughter Daisy rocked our Bond Girl-style Backcountry Ski All in One. We received so many stares on the slopes and the girls loved getting so many compliments about their outfits. Then on to après, where my Jardin Seamless Base Layer Top and Leggings matched the cocktails perfectly.
Riding to Tone

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to shake-up my exercise routine, so I’ve been making a real effort to try new studios. At the moment I absolutely love Heartcore’s new Ride 2 Tone class, which fuses half an hour of spin with thirty minutes of Pilates moves. Not only is the space absolutely beautiful with huge light-filled studios and amazing changing rooms, the workout is the perfect combination of cardio and stretching.

Going native

tamara scrapbook native

I recently went for dinner with the founders of Rude Health to Native, a restaurant in Covent Garden that focuses on foraged foods. Loved by food critics including Jay Rayner and Grace Dent, I knew to expect a range of unusual flavours. The menu is built around seasonality and what wild food is available, so we went for the Chef’s choice. Alongside ants (yes ants), we sampled wild boar, flower sprouts and some delicious Pheasant Dumplings washed down with biodynamic wines.
Reading List: The Wish

I attended the launch party for my friend Bill Griffin's new book, The Wish: The 99 Things We Think We Want Most.  In 2014, Bill set up Crowdwish, a site where users share the one thing they wish for most in the entire world. Every day, Bill then attempts to fulfill the top-ranking wish as voted for by the public.1,000 wishes later his book was born, featuring 99 of the sites best wishes ranging from ‘I wish I could do something about my awful mother in law,’ to an attempt to persuade Katie Hopkins to sign a gagging order – this book had me laughing out loud.

Happy Birthday to me!

tamara scrapbook tracksuit

I was really spoilt for my birthday this year with so many beautiful gifts, including some amazing new beauty products. Despite being in the office for a board meeting, I was greeted with lots of cake and a special breakfast from our neighbours Rude Health Café (including some incredible Sweet Potato Brownies). It’s safe to safe to say my birthday was quite food-centred, after a day full of cake I then met 20 friends for pizza and prosecco. Run club the next Monday was definitely needed.
Back on track

Our new boho collection is full of so many pieces I can’t wait to get my hands on. Alongside printed reversible leggings, beautiful yoga vests and tees in shades of blue, my number one piece has to be our tracksuit. The Retro Classic Track Top and Bring it Back Luxe Pant are our take on the nineties style, but with a modern update in the form of amazing silky-style fabric. I can’t wait to wear mine with a plain white tee and Superga trainers, if I can ever get it back off my daughter that is! 

For more from Tamara see her edits and story here]]>
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Creative Director style: Why I wear the Zero Gravity leggings /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-zero-gravity-leggings/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-zero-gravity-leggings/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-wear-the-zero-gravity-leggings/ Meet your new wardrobe heroes. Sweaty Betty’s Founder and Creative Director, Tamara Hill-Norton has highlighted her favourite new season pieces and tells you how and why she wears them, including the ultimate shaping bottoms the Zero Gravity leggings.

tamara zero gravity
Model Charlotte wears the Zero Gravity Leggings and Lateral Run Vest

The Zero Gravity leggings are our brand hero, I challenge anyone to try them on and not feel instantly transformed - they are a bum-sculpting miracle.  

Why I love them

The key to a good pair of leggings is the material and our signature Italian Sensitive-sculpt fabric defies gravity to make your legs and bum look amazing. I always feel great when I put on a pair. They are instant confidence boosters as they lift and amplify my natural shape and hug in all the right places.

As much as I could talk about the sculpting benefits of the Zero Gravity leggings all day, the reason we introduce a new pair season after season is their performance enhancing benefits. I wear them to run, spin and for barre as they are so comfortable and feel like a second skin. During a difficult workout, the sweat-wicking fabric and muscle-compressing benefits really ensure you go the distance.

How I wear them

I need versatility in my workout wardrobe as I am constantly on the go. Every Monday I am a loyal member of the Sweaty Betty run club and after a busy day of meetings it is great to not have to change more than my top. My current go-to workout look is a pair of Zero Gravity leggings worn with the warm merino blend Breeze Long Sleeve Top (it's freezing right now!). When the weather gets warmer I can’t wait to wear them with the Boyfriend Run Tee and a supportive Ultra Run Bra

When I’m not working out, I always think layers are key when styling leggings. I like to throw them on with a longer line top like my big patterned knitted poncho for easy weekend style. For a smarter look, this season’s Senses print looks really chic worn with a high neck top and platform trainers, my current favourite is the Oasis Sweat. Plus, with over four styles and prints available, I've currently got quite a selection to choose from. 

Shop the Zero Gravity leggings today and view the new collection here]]>
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5 reasons to wear reversible leggings /blog/5-reasons-to-wear-reversible-leggings/ /blog/5-reasons-to-wear-reversible-leggings/#comments Wed, 08 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/5-reasons-to-wear-reversible-leggings/ Who says you can only wear your leggings one way? We like our leggings to offer 2 options, print and classic black, so have started a reversible revolution. To celebrate the launch of the new Urdhva Leggings, Founder and Creative Director Tamara has summarised why you need a pair of reversible leggings in your wardrobe.
rerversible revoution

Double the style

I call our reversible leggings the day to night leggings as they are just so versatile. I usually wear mine printed side out for my yoga or barre classes, then switch to black for everything from office meetings to drinks with the girls. I find if I add a cool blazer and my Isabel Marant Brent Sneakers, the Urdhva leggings look really smart, as the mesh panels add a real edge to any outfit. 


All of our reversible leggings are designed in such soft and comfortable fabric, particularly the Chandrasana’s. There is perhaps no activity where supportive and comfortable leggings make as much of a difference as yoga, so each pair has been designed in the perfect lightweight, opaque blend to support your workout. We’ve also ensured they are high-waisted with a drawcord, so you’re not forever pulling up your leggings in class (plus, this is so flattering on the tummy).

Exclusive prints

Every season we reinvent our signature leggings in new and exciting prints. This season we were inspired by the vibrancy of Morocco, so the new palm tree prints recall the greenery and plants from the beautiful Jardin Majorelle.

Downward dog safe

There is nothing worse than being that person in class with your underwear on show to everyone at the back. This is why all of our yoga pants are 100% opaque, so you can downward dog or plie without a care in the world.

Easy styling

With mesh panels, a vibrant print and a flattering fit, the Urdhva's are more than your regular yoga pants. Whether in the studio or at meetings, I love to style mine up for barre with the matching Kapotasana Bra and a sheer loose vest like our Flaunt It Tank. As it’s so cold at the moment, I’ll also add a warm mid layer top for warming up like the beetle blue Akasha Top. Post workout, I’ll reverse to black and add my Isabel Marant sneakers (they are so warm that I can’t take them off) and a chunky knit like the Resto Luxe Jumper

Are you Team Palm or Team Chic? We want to see how you're wearing your reversible leggings with #reverseit. Join the reversible revolution and shop all reversible styles here. ]]>
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What to look for in your skiwear /blog/what-to-look-for-in-your-skiwear/ /blog/what-to-look-for-in-your-skiwear/#comments Tue, 24 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/what-to-look-for-in-your-skiwear/ beautiful and technical ski styles. Welcome to ski uncut.

what to look for in your skiwear
Model wears the Uphill Ski Parka, Astro Ski Pants and Luxe Knitted Bobble Hat
Protective Fabric 

Sorry to state the obvious, but it goes without saying that the ski slopes can get extremely cold. Therefore, our skiwear is constructed in the best technical fabrics to protect you from the elements. All our jackets and trousers are completely waterproof and windproof, plus they're lined in a eco-friendly, insulating thermal lining to ensure you stay dry and warm. Our base layers are equally technical, they're completely seamless for comfort and dry really quickly when you sweat. 
RECCO® Reflector

This is a new feature for our skiwear this year that I am so excited about. The RECCO® Rescue System is designed to ensure you can stay safe on the mountain. A two part technology, ski resorts and mountain rescue teams carry RECCO® detectors, which send out a search signal. The RECCO® reflectors then bounce back a signal that directs the rescuer straight to the reflector. We’ve included this technology in all our ski jackets and ski pants to keep you extra safe on the slopes.
Three Layering System

When you experience extreme body temperatures, it's so important to get the layering system right. I've found three layers keep me insulated best: merino or seamless base layers, followed by a fine mid layer fleece and finally by my outer jacket. A heat-regulating hero, our merino fabric is a staple in my multi-seasonal workout wardrobe. It's not only super-soft on skin, the advanced technology ensures it maintains body temperature and locks in warmth on colder days.

The essential extras  

Our skiwear is designed to make your life easier. I am quite a hard skier so like to stay as hands free as possible, so our Uphill Ski Parka and Method Ski Jacket have a pocket for your ski pass and an attached goggle wipe. Warmth is also a priority, so the Backcountry Ski All-In-One and Exploration Ski Jacket both have removable, adjustable hoods, storm cuffs with thumbholes and an inside snow skirt to keep snow out.

Beautiful and Technical 

Like the rest of my wardrobe, I like my skiwear to be flattering. As an avid skier, finding a warm, high-stretch ski pant that looks amazing on the body was vital, and with the technology of softshell we were able to create the Astro Ski Pants which fit really well. Our jackets are equally technical and beautiful, they all have small details that combine style with substance. The Method Ski Jacket had an asymmetric zip and printed panels, whereas the Uphill Ski Parka has a sleek removable faux fur trim.   

Embrace the base

Our base layers are designed to stand out on and off the slopes, we not only create bright, stand out prints but they are seamless, warm and sweat-wicking making them the ideal choice for both skiing and winter style. I'll be wearing the Jardin Seamless Top and matching Jardin Seamless Leggings for running, outdoor workouts and nights in with my girls.

Shop Sweaty Betty's new Bond girl inspired ski and snowboard collection today here. Share your slope style with #IamaSweatyBetty]]>
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Tamara's 31 Days to Fit workout playlist /blog/tamaras-31-days-to-fit-workout-playlist/ /blog/tamaras-31-days-to-fit-workout-playlist/#comments Thu, 19 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-31-days-to-fit-workout-playlist/ 31 days to fit

Need help feeling fit as f**k? In need of workout motivation? Well fear not we'll have you desperate to get on it in no time with this on point playlist. Curated by our Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton, just put this on and we can guarantee exercise motivation.

tamara workout playlist

I often find January exercise requires an extra kick, so every New Year's Day I put together a seasonal playlist for added motivation. I like to listen to a variety of old classics and new music, which I usually steal off my teenage daughters Spotify (they are far more on it than me!). When I'm running or sweating it out I like a good beat, plus for yoga and stretching I usually look for slower, more chilled music. 

This year I've gone for a real mix of my favourites from years gone by (I love the Eurythmics), songs that remind me of travel (give the Brazilian beat of Parov Stelar a try), current classics and songs that I love to dance to (Swedish House Mafia never gets old). I hope you enjoy and maybe unearth some new tracks you haven’t listened to before.

Tamara's Motivation Playlist

Booty Swing - Parov Stelar. 

Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics. This classic never goes out of fashion.

Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

Rio - Netsky Digital Farm Animals. This song reminds me of one of my favourite cities in the world.

When Love Takes Over - David Guetta and Kelly Rowland

All of Me (Tiesto Remix) - John Legend

Rockin' - The Weeknd. Starboy was one of my favourite albums of last year. 

Alarm - Anne Marie

The Ocean - Mike Perry

Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers. Amazing beat for running and HIIT sessions.

Promesses - Dimmi

Millionaire - Digital Farm Animals

Hymn for the Weekend (remix) - Coldplay. An upbeat remix of one of my favourite songs.

Let It Be - The Beatles

Start a Fire - John Legend. My favourite cool down song.

False Alarm - Matoma

Headlights - Robin Schulz feat Ilsey. When I put this on it really gets me through any challenging moments in my workout.

One Day (Vandaag) - Bakermat

Would I Lie To You - John Gibbons

One - Swedish House Mafia. Even when I'm running along the Thames in the cold, this song can transport me to Ibiza.

Spoken Word - Chase & Status

Gecko (Overdrive) - Oliver Heldens feat Becky Hill

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify and find out more about Tamara here and share your own workout playlist in the comments below. Join us for your fittest January ever at with exclusive workouts, wellness tips, exclusive recipes and more. Share your workout selfies, recipe snaps and tag your friends with #31DaysToFit. ]]>
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Behind the scenes on Sweaty Betty SS17 /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-ss17/ /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-ss17/#comments Thu, 05 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-ss17/ Designed in London, inspired by Morocco, welcome to Sweaty Betty SS17. To kickstart the new season, we shot our favourite products and hero pieces in a East London warehouse. Founder and Creative Director Tamara takes you behind the scenes. 

behind the scenes ss17

This season we were really inspired by London style and how women are wearing clothes here with an urban cool edge. We really wanted to reflect this in the styling and location, so chose an East London warehouse that was really utilitarian and gritty. To add a Moroccan element we added some amazing props, including plants, chests and traditional rugs.

behind the scenes sweaty betty ss17
Charlotte wears the Laila Leggings and Zohra Top

When we were casting a model, I was looking for a English Rose with an edge. Step in Charlotte Wiggins, a Liverpool girl who lives in London and has walked for Burberry (among many others!). Charlotte not only looked amazing in the collection, but she was so much fun to have around and constantly made us laugh in between takes. 

behind the scenes ss17

I've worked with the photographer Julia Kennedy for the last two seasons and it's been a really natural collaboration, her images really take the collection to the next level. She flew out to Iceland to shoot our last campaign days after having a baby, so it was great to work together again.  

sweaty betty behind the scenes ss17
Charlotte wears the Chandrasana Leggings and Earthshine Sweat

To beat any January blues, I wanted our prints to be really fun this season. From goats to cacti and bright florals, these are made to stand out. One of my favourite images this season is our goat print set against an amazing rug, though Charlotte had fun in the foliage. 

behind the scenes video

Our video this season is one of my favourites ever, shot on the rooftop of The Old Truman Brewery with views over the entire city. On this video shoot we not only threw buckets of water over Charlotte (which she did not complain about once), but it was also an excuse to have a dog on set. Watch the full video here.

Shop the new collection today, and get your daily fix with @sweatybetty on on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Read our exclusive Q+A with Charlotte here. ]]>
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Tamara introduces Spring Summer 2017 /blog/tamara-introduces-spring-summer-2017/ /blog/tamara-introduces-spring-summer-2017/#comments Thu, 05 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-spring-summer-2017/ January at Sweaty Betty is not only time to get back to the gym, it marks a new direction. For the first time, instead of focusing on activity, we’ve created four different stories filled with our favourite products and hero pieces. Intrigued? Founder and Creative Director Tamara fills you in on what to expect.
sweaty  betty goatsModel wears the Earthshine Sweat

When I started Sweaty Betty in 1998 I wanted to reinvent activewear, creating one wardrobe that will take you from barre to bar, so to speak. As activewear evolves, I’ve found I no longer look for specific clothes for yoga, running, spin or even the office – I want pieces for every occasion. With this in mind we have adapted our way of designing, dividing SS17 into four stories which are carefully edited. This means you can style up everything really easily, choosing the colours and prints you like for your workout.

This season we were really inspired by the urban cool style of London and how women are dressing in the city. However, travel is always central to our design team and this year it was Morocco. I spent some of my childhood in Gibraltar and my bedroom window overlooked Morocco, so I was really excited to take the design team there. Marrakech is such an amazing city with so much hustle and bustle, that each of the four stories naturally developed from our time there.  

sweaty betty nomad
Model wears the Jamila Jumpsuit. Model wears the Moon Bra and Power Leggings

Inspiration:  The Nomad collection is inspired by the Berber culture of North Africa. This tribe’s pagan beliefs and semi-nomadic lifestyle are translated into a new story, with pieces that draw upon the earthy palette of traditional Berber houses, the cycles of the moon (super reflective leggings) and oversized wares of the tribe. This is the collection for our quirkiest prints to date, you'll find goats in trees, a protective Hamsa hand and tattoo inspired styles.

My favourite pieces: I am not kidding, I am obsessed with the goat print Chandrasana Leggings (pun intended)

sweaty betty textilesModel wears the Infinity Bra and Zero Gravity Leggings. Model wears the Atlantica Tee and Danca Pants.

Inspiration: In Marrakech there is so much going on and the infamous souks are a true assault on the senses with an onslaught of colours, sights and smells. This collection is really inspired by the sensory overload as we discovered the marketplace, there is so much to see, touch and buy.

My favourite pieces: My wardrobe is calling out for the Atlantica Tee, I love that you can wear it two ways as a tee or jacket.

sweaty betty boho
Model wears the Berber Cardi Coat. Model wears the Shanti Bra and Contour Leggings.

Inspiration: This is inspired by the luxe traveller visiting Yves Saint Laurent in his iconic Jardin Majorelle. Just outside the city, the colours and plants are absolutely amazing here, so the beautiful palm trees, cacti and azure blue and red shades translated to beautiful reversible leggings, optical prints and bright separates.   

My favourite pieces: The workout essential Contour Leggings in an optical print, though I am VERY excited about the tracksuit (coming February)

tamara introduces ss17 retreat
Model wears the Oasis Sweat and Danca Pants. Model wears the Thermodynamic Leggings

Inspiration: Little palace's among the city walls, Morocco's Riads are an oasis of calm from the craziness of the city. This collection recalls the peaceful interior feeling of the Riad, where women are able to shed layers and embrace tranquillity. These beautiful spaces with intricate tiling, fountains and spacious rooftops inspired loose easy separates and our coolest layers to date.

My favourite pieces: The Taha Tee is super soft with a high neck, I love it.

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