blog Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 en hourly 1 5 reasons we love the bum-sculpting Zero Gravity Leggings /blog/5-reasons-we-love-the-zero-gravity-leggings/ /blog/5-reasons-we-love-the-zero-gravity-leggings/#comments Mon, 02 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/5-reasons-we-love-the-zero-gravity-leggings/ Zero Gravity Leggings. The sleek sister for your sweatiest workouts, the Zero Gravity Leggings aka the bum-sculpting superhero are a long standing Sweaty Betty favourite. To celebrate their launch in a new print, our Founder & Creative Director, Tamara has summarised why you need to try these iconic leggings. 

zero gravityModel wears Zero Gravity Leggings


There is a reason the Zero Gravity Leggings have been nicknamed the bum-sculpting superhero, once you've put a pair on you will feel instantly lifted. We've found an amazing Italian fabric with the perfect combination of compression and stretch to really hold you in. This combined with carefully placed seams and a flattering low hip measurement, creates the ultimate in sculpting. 


As much as I could talk about the sculpting benefits of the Zero Gravity Leggings all day, the reason we introduce a new pair season after season is their performance. I wear them to run, spin and for essentially any sweaty workout as they are so comfortable and feel like a second skin. For difficult workouts, the sweat-wicking fabric and muscle-compressing benefits mean if you are a runner, they really will change your life. 

The extra details

You would never believe how many times we fit our garments. From design to completion we ensure they are extensively tested for fit and performance. We always try to remember those extra details. So from a drawcord at the waist, to breathable mesh panels and a back pocket that fits your iPhone - these leggings are designed to make working out easier. 

From gym to gin

When we are designing at Sweaty Betty, we always keep being able to wear your activewear beyond fitness in mind. The Zero Gravity Leggings are so sleek and comfortable you can easily wear them for a sweaty workout and then out to dinner. When I’m not working out, I always think layers are key when styling leggings. I like to throw them on with a longer line top like our Rye Knit Jumper.

Prints and colours

With over 10 styles and leg lengths available, it's safe to say there is a Zero Gravity for every workout or day of the week. My current favourite are the Japanese Landscape print, these are our new darker take on florals and look amazing for autumn. 

Shop the Zero Gravity Leggings today and view the new collection here #SBZeroGravity. ]]>
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Tamara why I love the Power Leggings /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-love-the-power-leggings/ /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-love-the-power-leggings/#comments Wed, 06 Sep 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/creative-director-style-why-i-love-the-power-leggings/ Power Leggings are a popular choice. After working for almost twenty years to perfect the fit and fabric of our leggings and with the Power's we think we've nailed it, here's why our Founder and Creative Director Tamara is obsessed. 

power leggings tamara
Model wears the Power Leggings and Upbeat Padded Bra

For almost twenty years, we’ve been perfecting the fit and fabric of our leggings so that they make your bum look amazing. We’ve sourced the best technical fabric, fitted them in-house and placed our seams carefully to really flatter the bum and legs. When I put on a pair of Power Leggings I feel like everything has been sucked in, so I know they're doing the job.

I can do anything

I always say if you have to take one legging anywhere, it would be the Power. Whenever I am packing for a weekend away, I always include a pair in my bag as they work for any weather and any sport from running to barre or spin. The super stretch fabric is made to perform for multiple sports and is really sweat-wicking, so I always feel comfortable and confident. 
The fit 

With a high-waist to flatter the tummy and hips, carefully placed seamlines and a high lycra count, the fit of the Power Leggings is amazing and yes, bum-sculpting. 
The fabric
The Power Leggings are crafted in our super stretch fabric which is has compression properties while allowing lots of movement, so they aren't at all restrictive. Plus, being sweat-wicking and quick drying they are really high performance when I go running or spinning. 

The perfect length 

We designed the Power Leggings in the 7/8 length as it is universally flattering. Hitting on the perfect point of the calf to lengthen the legs, they also double as a full length style for petite ladies.

The limited edition print

Naito is a cool Japanese artist living in Berlin who creates floral artwork with an edge. I felt his graphic dark florals would slot perfectly into our collection, so we collaborated together to create this beautiful print. It looks amazing on the Power Leggings, they're almost too good to wear to the gym, especially with the matching Reversible Bomber Jacket and Upbeat Bra

The selection
The Power Leggings family consists of over ten prints, styles and colourways meaning there is endless choice. This means I can choose a pair for every occasion, the Tokyo Blooms Power Leggings are the pair I wear outside of the studio, the print looks amazing styled up with a bomber jacket and sheer tee.

If I'm working out it has to be our incredible Power 7/8 Mesh Leggings in oxblood, they are super sculpting and sweat-wicking, plus I am obsessed with this colour and the wetlook panels. I usually choose the 7/8 length, as it's universally flattering. Hitting on the perfect point of the calf to lengthen the legs, they also double as full length if you're petite.
Discover the world's most versatile leggings the Power here. Show us how you style yours with #SBPower on Instagram]]>
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Tamara introduces No.1 Carnaby by Sweaty Betty /blog/tamara-introduces-no1-carnaby-by-sweaty-betty/ /blog/tamara-introduces-no1-carnaby-by-sweaty-betty/#comments Fri, 25 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-no1-carnaby-by-sweaty-betty/ No.1 Carnaby by Sweaty Betty with three floors of fashion, fitness, food and beauty. After dreaming of this concept for years, our Founder and Creative Director, Tamara gives you the lowdown.

tamara hill norton

Tell us about No.1 Carnaby by Sweaty Betty?

Ever since I started Sweaty Betty, it's been my dream to create a space where you can experience our lifestyle under one roof, with the best of fashion, fitness, food and beauty. It's our 20th birthday next year, so after spending years dreaming up the concept, we felt like it was the right time. We've curated a space where you can shop our new collection, workout daily with London's hottest studios, eat the best healthy food in town from Farm Girl and get your hair blow dried at Duck & Dry. 

Where did the idea of the concept come from?
When we were talking about the concept for No.1 Carnaby by Sweaty Betty, the idea was to create a space that is a destination as much as a shop. The store is right in the centre of London, so I wanted it to be a place where you could hang out with your friends, go for a class, get a cocktail and your hair done all under one roof. 

How did you choose the partners?

I handpicked all of our partners myself, as I wanted to make sure they had a similar ethos and values to Sweaty Betty - to live a balanced life that goes beyond fitness. When I met Rose from Farm Girl and Yulia from Duck & Dry, I was instantly struck by how they've created something so new and exciting. Our studio has a different takeover every day with a mixture of our favourite workouts in London and Sweaty Betty ambassadors. In fact, Fight Klub actually teach a class in our Support Office once a week.

What's going on during opening week?

We've planned a really fun range of events, there are free classes at The Studio so everyone can try it out and you can get your leggings monogrammed for free, which is so cool. Plus, on opening day, the first 100 customers will receive a free pair of our Power Leggings. 

Why Carnaby Street for Sweaty Betty’s new flagship?

Carnaby is such an iconic London location with so much history, so as a British brand, No.1 Carnaby is the ultimate address. We’ve dreamed of having a flagship like this for some time and this location just ticks all the boxes.

What do you most love about London?

I love the diversity of culture and people, it ’s such a cosmopolitan place to live which is so inspiring creatively.

If we should try on one thing in-store, what should it be?

It has to be our bum-sculpting leggings. There are two in particular: our Zero Gravity leggings, which is made of an Italian fabric that is very compressing and sculpting. And our other one is the Power leggings, and that’s a bit more stretchy, but also super sculpting.

What are you most excited about?

Everything! This will be like a permanant incarnation of Sweaty Betty Live, I actually may move my office there. I can't wait to be able to workout, eat, get my hair done and shop in one place, you'll essentially find me enjoying a super latte and Farm Girl's amazing avocado toast constantly. Plus, I'm pretty excited you can get a cocktail there too.

Finally, describe No.1 Carnaby in three words?

Fashion, fitness and fun!

Find out more about our new flagship No.1 Carnaby by Sweaty Betty here.]]>
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Introducing London Edit AW17 /blog/introducing-london-edit-aw17/ /blog/introducing-london-edit-aw17/#comments Tue, 22 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/introducing-london-edit-aw17/ London Edit, a limited-edition collection that eptiomises the seasonal theme filled with innovative pieces with a fashion edge. Inspired by Japanese design and Scandi style, the new 9-piece collection is our most exciting yet. We caught up with designer Jess to get the lowdown. 

london editModel Chiharu wears the Sakura TeeShirayuri Skirt and Shion Leg Warmers with the SBxPinnacle Bike

What was the inspiration behind the London Edit?

The AW17 collection followed on from an amazing design trip we took to Copenhagen and Stockholm, where we were inspired by an exhibition on Japanese design and the amazing street style we saw there. When we returned to London, we created a moodboard and decided to fuse Scandi and Japanese design aesthetics.

Our London Edit collection is always the starting point to our design process. This time we were really excited about the seven principles of Japanese design, which encourage a really minimalist and clutter-free approach. This can be really seen within Scandi style and the cool styling of the urban commuter that was really prevalent on our moodboards. 

How did the design process begin?

We began by looking at how the Japanese used to make their kimonos. They started with a single square of fabric and were inspired by the purity of this. So we replicated the process by taking material and folding it into the body to create amazing new shapes. We loved the folding, tucking and pleating, creating beautiful pieces from a few pieces of fabric with as little wastage as possible. The first piece we created wasthe Kiku Vest with this amazing asymmetric detail. 

As we experimented, we spoke of how in Copenhagen cycling plays such a huge role in the culture. All the Scandi girls cycle to work and look amazing; so we decided to fuse the two ideas. 

What's your favourite thing about the collection?

I love how we've taken some fashion fabrics, particularly denim and added little fluoro trims in unexpected places. These pieces are quite sporty and cool; they're a whole collaboration of fashion and fitness with a Sweaty Betty signature.

What makes these pieces so special?

It's all about the fabrics, we've combined technical details with our more fashion fabrics to create a softer silhouette, We've hand selected materials including durable Japanese denim and eco-friendly fabric that contains recycled paper, which is really new for us. 

Can you actually wear these pieces to cycle?

Yes! We wanted to create technical pieces that fit with the idea of a girl who commutes but is unwilling to compromise on fashion. All the fluoro tape you see throughout this collection is reflective, so you can cycle in the dark. Plus, as always it's all in the details. The Shirayuri Skirt has a zip you can adjust on your bike for more movement and the Sayuri Tapered Trousers can be rolled up to stop them getting caught in your wheels. 

And there's a bike?

Yes, we have teamed up with Pinnacle to create an exclusive SBxPinnacle bike that fits perfectly with the collection (find out more here). 

What's your favourite piece?

It has to be the Tsubaki Cape it has the style of a kimono but is really technical, with fully waterproof fabric and reflective taping. It's a really cool update on a classic cycling jacket, designed to be worn beyond your commute. 

Shop the limited edition London Edit today. With only 9 pieces in limited quantities act fast to secure a piece of fashion history. ]]>
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SB x Pinnacle: The exclusive collaboration /blog/sb-x-pinnacle-the-exclusive-collaboration/ /blog/sb-x-pinnacle-the-exclusive-collaboration/#comments Mon, 21 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/sb-x-pinnacle-the-exclusive-collaboration/ Pinnacle to create an exclusive bike. A collaboration between our in-house designers and Pinnacle bike design team, there are only 100 available to buy. We caught up with our Founder and Creative Director Tamara to find out more. 

sb x pinnacleModel Chiharu with the exclusive SB x Pinnacle Bike in the Tsubaki Cape

How did the collaboration come about?

We are a British brand and as all of Pinnacle's designers are British, we couldn't resist such an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a home-grown company on our first bike. Our shared goal was to create a bike which was the perfect fusion of urban cool and performance. In the words of my team: 'why can't your bike look as good as your leggings?'

Why a bike?

I cycle to work daily, so we wanted to create the ultimate bike that combined fashion with function. Our new London Edit collection was inspired by Scandi commuters in Copenhagen, so we drew upon this to reinvent the classic city bike in a fashion palette.

Tell us more about the bike itself?

We were really lucky that Pinnacle were keen to build a bike from the ground up. As I commute by bike, we considered British roads, the unpredictable weather and fellow cyclists, to ensure the finished product would really perform. Throughout the whole process, we consulted Pinnacle designers to ensure the best spec on the bike for performance, and then added our own touches.

What are the Sweaty Betty touches?

When the design team and I were in Copenhagen last spring, the spring blossoms inspired the palette of our London Edit collection. We took this beautiful pink shade and added our signature fluoro pops, plus a white leather seat to create a really cool bike. 

Is the bike technical?

Yes! Like our clothing, we were determined this bike would be as technical as it is beautiful. The result is a bike with a clean aesthetic which can be used for your commute or longer weekend rides. 

What are the exact features?

The bike has a number of features including Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub gearing, Shimano disc brakes, 650B x 42C Panaracer tyres, internal cable routing and a durable aluminium frame. Essentially, it's fast, agile and comfortable for an easy commute.

Finally, where will you be riding it?

I cycle along the Thames from Acton to Fulham three days a week, so look out for the pink bike and Sweaty Betty waterproofs!

Shop the exclusive SB x Pinnacle Womens Hybrid Bike here. Remember there are only 100 available so act fast for a piece of fashion history. ]]>
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Tamara introduces Autumn 2017 /blog/tamara-introduces-autumn-2017/ /blog/tamara-introduces-autumn-2017/#comments Wed, 19 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-autumn-2017/ Twice a year, Tamara takes our design team on a trip to a global location that has inspired her creatively. For AW17, they headed to Stockholm and Copenhagen. From Scandi style to an exhibition on Japan, Tamara fills you in on what to expect from the new collection

introudcing aw17Model wears the Dharana Tee and Power Leggings

I'm really excited about the Autumn Winter collection which is a fusion of Japanese and Scandi design aesthetics. This followed on from an amazingly inspirational trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen, where we attended an exhibition on Japanese design.

On our return to London we created a moodboard and fused these two cultures, combining Scandi style with the seven Japanese principles of design. I love their minimalist approach, fashion, interiors and food, so we took this and combined it with our signature style to create cool, effortless pieces that you can wear from studio to street in raw, sustainable materials.

This collection really takes us beyond fitness. We've taken fashion fabrics and added our own signature to make it quite sporty and cool. We've designed six collections to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Light & Shadows

light and shadows aw17Model wears the Sublime Quilted Jacket and Contour Leggings

Inspired by an amazing yoga studio in Copenhagen and the effect of the lights through the windows as we practiced, Light & Shadows is really zen and easy to wear. Traditional Japanese and Scandi style rules are quite understated and beautiful, hence the muted palette of this collection with lots of grey and graphic prints inspired by bamboo. 

My favourite piece: I am obsessed with the Contour Leggings for summer. They are so lightweight and comfortable for every workout.


aw17 origami collection
Model wears the Tosca Bra and Power Leggings

Inspired by the Japanese art form, Origami is our boldest collection this season with amazing red and blue shades inspired by the HAY stationary shop in Copenhagen. These are the statement pieces you'll wear to stand out, from geometric printed leggings and bras to our amazing Harvest Yoga All-in-One

My favourite piece: I love the bum-sculpting Power Leggings in the bold print above. Most of our prints are quite muted this season, so these really stand out. I'll wear them with a darker top and a mid-layer tied round the waist (my tip for making your bum look smaller). 


aw17 renew
Model wears the Infinity Bra and Power Leggings

Renew is our standout summer collection with the most beautiful print and our take on denim. This season we've taken fashion fabrics and added technical details like fluoro trims and waterproof seams. It's a fusion of sports luxe with activewear.

My favourite piece: My family and I are about to go away for a summer in The Hamptons, so I'll be packing the Purity Bikini. It has such a flattering cut and will perform all-day at the beach.


aw17 gardens
Model wears the Blossom Knit and Zero Gravity Leggings

Japanese houses have a really unique philosophy of bringing the outside in, with nature shaping the home. Inspired by this approach and the traditional Japanese garden, Gardens is filled with lightweight floral printed leggings, super soft knits and loose layers in teal hues. I love the way we've introduced our own darker take on florals into this collection; it's really new for us. 

My favourite piece: When we were designing we were really inspired by Japanese origami and how they pleat and fold. The Hinoki Pleat Tee reflects this in a really understated way, I'll style mine with our Shizen Trousers


aw17 minimalModel wears the Time Out Luxe Jacket

The Scandi silhouette is really understated and cool with a really simplistic colour palette. With soft paired back details, boxy shapes, natural fabrics and an amazing new blossom pink, Minimal's chic culottes, loose tees and muted prints are designed to go from studio to street. 

My favourite piece: One of my absolute favourite pieces this season has to be the Time Out Luxe Jacket. It has a pure Japanese aesthetic with sporty grey sleeves. You can wear it with leggings or jeans and it just looks amazing. 


introducing aw17 rituals
Model wears the Enso Culottes

I'm calling it now; our olive shade is the new neutral. Rituals combines the art of traditional Japanese rituals with a classic Scandi palette. We wanted to create beautiful, fashionable clothing that you can workout in. I feel this collection is perfect for this.

My favourite piece: Culottes are my absolute go-to for a transitional pant and I love these Enso Culottes. In a really flattering boxy shape with a tie waist belt inspired by Japanese kimonos, they're just waiting to be styled with an olive tee. 

Shop the new collection today, and if you’re looking for fitness and fashion inspiration follow @sweatybetty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram]]>
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Behind the scenes on Sweaty Betty Autumn 2017 /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-autumn-2017/ /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-autumn-2017/#comments Wed, 19 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/behind-the-scenes-on-sweaty-betty-autumn-2017/ Designed in London, inspired by Scandi style and Japanese design, welcome to Sweaty Betty AW17. To kick start the new season, we shot our favourite products and hero pieces in Palm Springs. Founder and Creative Director Tamara takes you behind the scenes. 

behind the scenes palm springs
Chiharu wears the Dharana Tee and Power Leggings

Our autumn collection was inspired by a fusion of Japanese and Scandi aesthetics, so for this shoot I wanted to find somewhere minimal and cool in warm weather (yes, this was a slight challenge). We eventually settled on Palm Springs, as the mid-century houses in California, with their clean, simple aesthetic really suited the philosophy of the collection. 

behind the scenes aw17

Shooting in Palm Springs was amazing, the weather was beautiful as were the locations. In 35 degree heat, it's safe to say we dreamed of jumping in this pool. In fact, our model, Chiharu actually did after a long day of shooting.

tamara daisy palm springs

My daughter Daisy joined us on the shoot which was so fun. We spent a few days together before joining the rest of my family in California for a spring break. 

chiharu behind the scenes
Chiharu wears the Shanti Bra (left) and Simhasana Sweat and Urdhva Leggings (right)

Chiharu was born in Tokyo and has a really high-fashion look which I felt was perfect for the studio to street style of this collection. She was so sweet and quiet, then transformed entirely in front of the camera and nailed every single shot. We always look for really strong, athletic models and Chiharu is an avid rock climber whos Instagram is filled with pictures of her bouldering and lifting weights, which I thought was really cool. 

behind the scenes fashion
Chiharu wears the Time Out Luxe Jacket and Urdhva Leggings (left) and Blossom Crop and Zero Gravity Leggings (right)

This season alongside our signature styles, don't worry there are plenty of bum-sculpting leggings, I love our fashion pieces more than ever. These are cool, conceptual pieces that you can wear from studio to street so I wanted to make sure the surroundings were as beautiful and functional as possible. The house that we shot in had amazing views and was so white and clean, meaning the collection really stood out. 

behind the scenes

It's always really fun to go away with the team and this time was no exception, we worked hard all day but more than made up for it in the evening. I've worked with our photographer Julia Kennedy for a few seasons now, and not only does she bring the collection to life, she's great fun too. We had a particularly amazing night partying at The Ace in Palm Springs, where I found myself dancing next to Erin Wasson, who is just as beautiful as you'd expect. 

Shop the new collection today, and get your daily fix with @sweatybetty on Instagram. Read our exclusive Q+A with Chiharu here.]]>
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The Sweaty Betty story /blog/the-sweaty-betty-story/ /blog/the-sweaty-betty-story/#comments Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/the-sweaty-betty-story/ From Notting Hill to San Francisco, it's safe to say Sweaty Betty has travelled far since 1998. From spotting a gap in the market to over 50 shops worldwide, our Founder and Creative Director Tamara shares her story.

the sweaty betty story

When I started Sweaty Betty in 1998, it's safe to say women's activewear was a very different market. After graduating, I was working as a buyer at Knickerbox and we started to do a little bit of sportswear. I was buying this when I came across an American brand that was just starting out. I’d never seen anything like it. It was all bright colours and it wasn’t designed for men and then transformed for women, which was what the market generally offered. I was just like, “Wow, this is incredible!” and thought this is a real gap in the market. 

After being made redundant, I decided I wanted to fill this gap, reaching out to women who live active lifestyles. Whether a yogi, runner or skier, I wanted to reinvent activewear to make clothes that make women feel powerful and amazing. Despite a few 'are you mad' comments, I teamed up with my husband Simon and found a site in Notting Hill to open our first shop, though first we needed a name. Teaming up with my fiancé (now husband and CEO of Sweaty Betty) Simon I wrote a business plan.

We then needed a name, I wanted to challenge the notion that it’s not cool to sweat. Who cares if you’re a Sweaty Betty? So I took the ultimate cool chick Betty, juxtaposed this with Sweaty and we had it.

We then found a store in Notting Hill, London an up and coming area (at the time), there was a really nice gym and one of the first Pilates studios and we were where the early customer was — they just got it. We filled our store with beautiful and technical workout wear for run, ski, yoga, swim and every discipline for the British fitness enthusiast. Not that everyone was quite there, my first assistant quit on the day before we opened, but I persevered and it taught me a lot about our customer, I also discovered yoga (a lifesaver).

Affirmation then came from the Evening Standard, which named Sweaty Betty as “one to watch” two weeks after it opened. Then ‘Sports Retailer of the Year’, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, a WGSN award and awards for our ecommerce, retail and design teams. We've gone on to top designer collaborations, make an appearance on the London Fashion Week runway and open a new 3 floor flagship on Carnaby Street.
I am now a mum of three, or four if you count my dog Ennis and we have over 50 shops from London to San Francisco, including concessions in Harrods and Bloomingdale’s.

We design our collections seasonally inspired by a place I've travelled to, and that fused with our inherent London style creates collections which are uniquely Sweaty Betty in style but ever-changing season to season. Our all-female design team create beautiful styles that go from studio to street in the best technical fabrics. I think it's safe to say we're obsessed with fabrics, if we can't find them we make them. 

These are clothes for busy active women. Like most women I try and squeeze in a workout, whatever and wherever it may be – so beautiful clothes that work for both are becoming paramount in my life. What's next? I can't tell you everything, but I can promise more London-designed activewear that will help you create a fashion-forward wardrobe for daily life.

Find out more about Tamara here and shop Sweaty Betty's new arrivals. ]]>
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Tamara introduces Summer 2017 /blog/tamara-introduces-summer-2017/ /blog/tamara-introduces-summer-2017/#comments Wed, 29 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamara-introduces-summer-2017/ four stories filled with beautiful pieces to take you from studio to street.  
summer 2017 souk
Tarah wears the Demi Drape Yoga VestZero Gravity Leggings and Holistic Dress


Inspiration: The vibrant colour palette of Marrakech's infamous souk was juxtaposed with London street-style for a collection full of bright shades, tile prints and mesh tees. Morocco’s souks are a true assault on the senses, from every angle there are new sights, smells and textures.

My favourite pieces: I love bright prints for summer and our tile print Zero Gravity Leggings. definitely tick this box. I love how many colours they have in them, this means I can throw them on with loads of different tops.  

summer 2017 traveller
Tarah wears the Celestial UnitardSalma Vest and Dina Culottes.


Inspiration: The Nomadic Berber tribe of Morocco inspired this collection full of luxe layers, celestial prints and super-soft leggings. This range is inspired by the sun and stars, expect to find plenty of beautiful backs, an amazing reversible unitard and our most beautiful swimwear to date.

My favourite piece: Spring is here and I am obsessed with culottes. Ever since we designed these cropped Dina Culottes, I’ve been dying to get my hands on them to style with a white vest and my Stan Smith’s.  

summer 2017 riad
Tarah wears the Drift Wetsuit and Glo Bikini.


Inspiration: The Moroccan riad is a striking contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, which is a constant hub of activity. It is amazing entering a riad. They are small palaces of tranquility among Morocco’s busy streets and the one place where a woman can shed her countless layers. Our cool shades of blue, loose separates and beautiful prints are inspired by evenings spent among the lush surroundings of Riad Yamina, cocktail in hand.

My favourite pieces: I am going surfing in Mexico this summer with my family, so it's safe to say the Drift Wetsuit is at the top of my packing list.

summer 2017 hippie trail
Tarah wears the Lagoa Poncho, Practice Tee and Urdhva Leggings

Hippie Trail

Inspiration: Monochrome prints, oxblood shades and sleek swimwear were inspired by the free-spirited traveller journeying from Marrakech to Essaouria. We really looked back to the seventies with this collection, I based it on the cool bohemian style of the women who hung out with Jimi Hendrix on the ramparts.

My favourite piece: I always try and go to a festival every summer and living in England, waterproof layers are an essential. I’ll be beating endless showers and cycling along the Thames in the Lagoa Poncho.

Shop the new collection today, and if you’re looking for fitness and fashion inspiration follow @sweatybetty on FacebookTwitter and Instagram]]>
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International Women's Day: The women who inspire Tamara /blog/international-womens-day-the-women-who-inspire-tamara/ /blog/international-womens-day-the-women-who-inspire-tamara/#comments Wed, 08 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/international-womens-day-the-women-who-inspire-tamara/ Founder and Creative Director, Tamara has shared which five women inspire her the most.

Amelia Freer, Nutritionist

international womens day amelia freer

I met Amelia for lunch in Notting Hill last year and love her down to earth philosophy on healthy eating and nutrition. I’m a firm believer in balance around food and I love how sensible she is and how she doesn’t promote an authoritarian approach to healthy eating. Amelia said to me that she encourages her clients to ‘eat less and move a little more’ and to cook from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients. This is a method I certainly agree with. With clients including Boy George, Sam Smith and Victoria Beckham her book Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan is released this month and I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.

Meet Amelia 

What is your morning routine?

I start the day with a black coffee - I look forward to it every single morning. Then for breakfast, I always try to eat a little protein, some veggies, some healthy fats and a portion of fruit. Eggs and avocado is my staple breakfast, though sometimes I have leftover supper – I don’t mind eating curry for breakfast. 
Where is your favourite place to eat out?

I don’t eat out that much but when in Wiltshire, The Beckford Arms and when in London, The Providores in Marylebone is always a favourite.
What’s on your bucket list?

To spend time working with elephants, go to Bhutan and to learn to play the piano.

My Mother

international womens daytamara
My Mum, centre left

My parents inspired in me a love of adventure. We moved around the world as a family growing up and my Mum was always so enthusiastic about travel and immersing herself in the local culture. She also has an incredible enjoyment of life and people, she's constantly busy and incredibly sociable and just loves being with people (as well as her herd of alpacas).  She is patient and wise and I love how she treats everyone with respect and kindness. Plus, she looks amazing in our goat print Chandrasana Leggings!  

Lizzie Currie, Athlete

international womens day lizzie currie
Lizzie wears the Backcountry All-in-One

My friend Lizzie is one of the most inspiring women I know. She’s not only a fellow Mum of three, but an incredible athlete who is always on the lookout for a bigger and better challenge. What I admire about her is how driven and committed she is in terms of endurance sports and setting herself goals. In the last few months alone she has cycled across America and is about to take on the toughest footrace on earth, the Marathon des Sables, where you run five marathons in as many days. Alongside this she is really good fun and always looks incredible in our product, rocking fluorescent colours better than anyone.

Meet Lizzie

What is your morning routine?  

I have 3 children at 3 different schools so every morning starts with a 6.30 alarm, a cup of hot lemon in bed then a multitude of wake up times, breakfast offerings and hunts for missing uniform. Every morning I make a fresh juice or smoothie for everyone to have before they leave and make sure I drink mine too. By 9 am they’re all at school and I can hit the training schedule. 

What has been your favourite challenge to date?

My favourite to date was Race across America in 2015 - a 3000 mile bike ride from the west to east coast through the most stunning scenery. I raced in a team of just 4 cyclists and this was a frantic and epic journey like I’d never experienced before.

What’s on your bucket list?

If I survive the heat of Marathon des Sables then the Badwater Ultramarathon would be next on the bucket list - a 135 mile race through Death Valley. I would also love to run the Grand Canyon - just for fun!  

Victoria Beckham, Designer

international womens day victoria beckham

I admire Victoria for her success at reinventing herself in the face of the cynical fashion world. Her tenacity, passion, focus and desire to succeed are quantities I admire. I also really like how she has moved with the time and is providing a cool, contemporary sports luxe look to empower the modern woman.

Jess Schuring, Founder Heartcore

international womens day jess
One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to change up my fitness routine and I’m not sure if this would have been possible without Jess. One of the first people too really ‘get’ the boutique fitness scene, she bought Heartcore to London ten years ago determined to provide a seriously tough workout in beautiful surroundings. Like us at Sweaty Betty, she considers an active lifestyle to be a choice of how you live, not just as part of your life. She also has a very cool dress sense and I love the studio design – you feel pampered as well as worked.

What is your morning routine?

My mourning routine changes depending on my work commitments but it always starts with a large glass of water followed by a black americano. Whenever I can, I get my workout in early but if I don't have time, I compromise with a shower and a cold rinse off to wake me up and get going. I check my emails and the news with a second coffee and a light bite to eat - either a banana, oatmeal or scrambled eggs.

What makes Heartcore so effective?

First of all, I’d say that we very much care about everyone who comes to train with us and that we give our very best to get everyone into the best shape possible.  All our training methods focus on working the muscles under tension for the long/lean look, working towards muscle fatigue by designing certain sequences and keeping downtime to a minimum.

What's on your bucket list?

Inspire as many people as possible to life a healthier, happier and more courageous life. Make the world a better place. Learn how to sail and travel more, especially in Africa and South America.

Which women inspire you? Tell us in the comments below as we celebrate #IWD2017. Find out more about Tamara here]]>
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