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Here the Roadshow team and local fitness bloggers share their insights into healthy living, Glasgow style. 

Sweaty Betty Glasgow boutique
Picture by Fiona,

Eat and drink… 

Riverhill Coffee Bar: Roadshow Manager Georgie fuelled many hectic mornings with an espresso from this Gordon Street gem, located between Glasgow Central Station and Buchanon Street. You can spot it by the queue outside. “Don’t be fooled by its size, this coffee bar churns out some of the city’s tastiest brews, and offers quirky baked goods including vegan and gluten free,” says Georgie. “It’s an amazing on-the-go option, with the vibrancy and friendliness that many high street chains just can’t offer.”

Martha’s: “This is my all-time favourite when eating in town,” says Glasgow-based fitness blogger Fiona, author of “Crazy good food, super healthy and brilliant for lunches!”. This central café offers fast, natural food, and they’ll even deliver their freshly made soups, salads and daily specials. 

Ox and Finch: One of the most popular restaurants in the Finneston area of Glasgow, this is a great place to sample several dishes. “Their sharing plates look so artistic and it makes for great Instagramming with your friends,” says Glasgow Boutique Manager Robyn, who also runs a fitness blog at

Work out… 

The Arlington Baths Club: According to fit blogger Fiona, this is THE gym to go to. “Their USP is a pool with trapeze equipment and travelling rings above it! Plus you can unwind in its traditional Turkish baths.” 

Omnipotent Crossfit: Glasgow has a prospering Crossfit community, and this central studio hosts popular WODs (workouts of the day), yoga sessions designed to complement the Crossfit training program and open gym sessions. 

Do yoga and Pilates… 

Infinity Hot Yoga Glasgow: This studio in the heart of Merchant City offers both heated and unheated yoga and Pilates classes. It’s owned by Sweaty Betty Glasgow’s own Yoga ambassador Colette Ward, who learned many forms of practice and Ayurvedic therapy while travelling in Asia. “You always leave class with a big smile on your face,” says Robyn. 

Go running… 

The River Clyde: “There are some gorgeous places to run in Glasgow, but my favourite route goes across the Clydeside bridges. You can do anything from 3-20 miles,” says Fiona. 

Try outdoor sports: 

Glenshee and Glencoe: These favourite Scottish ski resorts are just a couple hours north of Glasgow and make for a great weekend trip. Snowsports lovers also flock to Soar in Braehead, where visitors can ski year-round in the indoor ski arena and even have a go at ice climbing. 

Glasgow Climbing Centre: “Climbing is really popular in Glasgow,” says Fiona. “My personal favourite is the Glasgow Climbing Centre, which is in a beautiful, refurbished church with bouldering walls extending into the eaves.”

Glasgow Wellington statue]]>
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The best activities to do off the slopes this winter /blog/the-best-activities-to-do-off-the-slopes-this-winter/ /blog/the-best-activities-to-do-off-the-slopes-this-winter/#comments Thu, 23 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/the-best-activities-to-do-off-the-slopes-this-winter/
Ice skating 
“During the winter season I love to ice skate outdoors in cool locales with romantic rinks, from NYC’s iconic Rockefeller Center and Central Park, to London’s Somerset House. This year I hope to visit Brighton and skate around the Royal Pavilion.” – Jen, Direct Marketing Manager

Japanese spa-hopping 
“I love combining snowboarding trips with a mix of unique off-slopes activities. Top of my to-do list is Japan, where the snow is meant to be the best in the world – a traditional Onsen steam bath would make a great way to wind down after a full day on the knee-deep powdered pistes.” – Louise, Content & Events Marketing Manager

Open-water swimming 
“I grew up in Canada near the Rockies, where every New Year the ‘Polar Bear Plunge’ sees the bravest swimmers submerge themselves in the glacial waters of Lake Louise. I’ve never done it, but each time I witness it I feel a pang of regret for not taking a leap of faith. I hereby swear that next time I’ll be the first one in.” – Brit, Copywriter 

Traditional sledging 
“I love snow days, especially when I am home in Kent. My family lives in the middle of the countryside, so when there is heavy snow you are literally stranded until it melts. The Weald of Kent has some big hills where we spend the day sledging down them as fast as we can, on old-fashioned wooden sledges. Then we create ramps and jumps out of mounds of snow to make it more extreme.” Georgie – Marketing Coordinator

Husky sledging 
“Number one on my bucket list is husky sledging. I’ve heard it’s very physical because you have to lean against the dogs to direct them, or they’ll run off in the wrong direction! You can take in some iconic European valleys in the process – it’s popular in Scandinavia, France and Switzerland.” – Emma, Digital Marketing Executive     

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired with some new ideas for your winter adventures! Share your favourite seasonal activities or bucket list holidays on the blog, Twitter or Facebook to join the conversation. 

To recreate these looks from our Morzine shoot, shop Ski Base Layers today. 
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New Sweaty Betty concessions launch in exhale /blog/new-sweaty-betty-concessions-launch-in-exhale-/ /blog/new-sweaty-betty-concessions-launch-in-exhale-/#comments Wed, 22 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/new-sweaty-betty-concessions-launch-in-exhale-/ barre and yoga studio exhale. Exhale members across seven exhale locations will now be able to shop Sweaty Betty’s most popular dance and yoga pieces, updating their workout wardrobes with premium fabrics and statement prints as they come and go to their favourite classes or unwind with one of exhale’s mind and body treatments.   

To coincide with the launch of this new concession, Sweaty Betty talks to exhale founder Annbeth Eschbach about the principles behind her innovative fitness and wellbeing programmes. 

exhale founder Annbeth

What’s exhale’s point of difference compared to other US fitness studios? 
Everything we do at exhale must meet two criteria: activating the mind and body and contributing to a transformational process. For example, if you participate regularly in our core fusion classes you will develop long lean thighs, a lifted butt, washboard abs – and you would also emerge with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Before every class we encourage students to clear their mind of thoughts and focus on their breath, reacting intuitively to new physical sensations throughout the session. 
What opportunities do clients have to progress their fitness when training at exhale?  
We don't believe in being a one trick pony. We believe that in order to deliver on our promise for transformation we need to offer a variety of experiences. Transformation only happens when you shake things up, confuse the muscles and experience new things. For this very purpose, we introduce a new class and a new therapy almost every year.

What exhale class do you most enjoy taking at the moment, and why?  
I love exhale’s newest class: Core Fusion Extreme (CFX). It’s a HIIT class that moves through power stations consisting of high intensity work with brief moments of active recovery, including balance, flexibility and stretch exercises. This hour of power incorporates gliders, heavy hand weights, a plyo box, core balls, TRX suspension training, cardio explosions and intense core work to push your limits. 

Can you describe the lifestyle you promote for your team and your clients? 
From the moment we gave life to exhale, we knew that we needed to work from the inside out to build and sustain a special wellbeing brand. We needed to put processes around our intentions to ensure the consistent delivery of the exhale brand promise. So back in 2003, the founding team made a commitment to our vision and mission and crafted a set of “core values” that define all our behaviours and protect our uniquely soulful culture. We live by our mantras and believe that we can make a difference and accomplish more by being present, honest, engaged, collaborative, positive and authentic.
Which outfit from the current Sweaty Betty season are you most excited about? 
We are so excited Sweaty Betty is now available at exhale! I love the Off Beat Dance Leggings and Mukha Yoga Vest, but I look forward to each new season because every Sweaty Betty piece is the perfect combination of flattering, fashionable and technical. It’s a great new relationship for exhale because Sweaty Betty shares our aspirational drive for holistic wellbeing.  
Sweaty Betty is now stocked in the following Exhale Spa locations: Upper East Side NYC, Central Park South NYC, Back Bay Boston, Miami Florida, Dallas Texas, Venice Beach California and Santa Monica California. 

exhale core fusion class

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The reversible leggings to conquer inversions /blog/the-reversible-leggings-to-conquer-inversions/ /blog/the-reversible-leggings-to-conquer-inversions/#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/the-reversible-leggings-to-conquer-inversions/ Urdhva leggings

Urdhva yoga leggings

Then there’s the matter of ensuring they move with you through every pose and flow, never distracting you with the need to readjust. “I always look for a higher waistband so you’re not forever pulling your leggings up in class,” says Sweaty Betty’s Yoga Pro designer Laura. “I love that the Urdhva leggings have this feature, as well as an adjustable drawcord for safe measure.” 

Finally, you deserve to feel comfortable while also looking stylish enough to go from the studio to the street in the very same outfit. The statement space dye print of the Urdhva leggings can be emphasised in one of two ways: with a bold all-over print or with contrasting side and hip panels against solid black. You can style your practice whichever way you like, coordinating with your favourite tops and jumpers. “The Urdhvas come in such a soft yet technical, sweat-wicking fabric, but on top of that look really different and striking,” adds Laura. 

Find out more about the Urdhva Yoga Leggings now, then put them to the test with these favourite poses from Sweaty Betty’s talented Yoga Ambassadors. 

Jo Yoga Ambassador
Sweaty Betty's Fulham Yoga Ambassador performs an exemplary Triangle Pose 

“My favourite pose is half pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), although it used to be my least favourite! Our hips are like a dumping ground for emotional stress and tension; I love the way in pigeon you can literally feel negative energy and emotions releasing and melting from your hips and out of your body. Sometimes this pose can take your breath away with its depth, and make you shed a few tears along the way too!” – Jo Arthur, Yoga Ambassador at Fulham 

Mollie - Hampstead Yoga Ambassador
Can you do a handstand splits as well as Sweaty Betty's Hampstead Yoga Ambassador?

“I love the headstand, because it’s just magical. It is a combination of so many elements – strength, balance, trust, alignment and concentration – that it creates a special quality of meditation in the moment.” – Mollie Morris, Yoga Ambassador at Hampstead

Kelly - Shoreditch Yoga Ambassador
This variation on the Lord of the Dance Pose by Shoreditch Yoga Ambassador Kelly looks beautiful.

“I love arm balances and inversions.  If I had to pick one, the forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana) is probably my top favourite. To be up in an inversion allows me to feel liberated and strong both inside and out – not to mention they are super fun!” – Kelly Kay Burns, Yoga Ambassador at Shoreditch]]>
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Sweaty Betty inspiration: The Ballerina Project /blog/sweaty-betty-inspiration-the-ballerina-project/ /blog/sweaty-betty-inspiration-the-ballerina-project/#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/sweaty-betty-inspiration-the-ballerina-project/
Ballerina Project

Dane Shitagi, the photographer behind this Instagram phenomenon (which you can see for yourself @ballerinaproject_, uses his links with world-class ballerinas to photograph them against unexpected backdrops. By taking the ballerina off her traditional stage – and, often, out of her traditional clothing – he gets an exclusive insight into her individual “heart and emotions”. In many snapshots the dancer is captured in gritty subway stations, in iconic city settings and against graffiti-strewn walls in the likes of The Bowery in NYC. 

Perhaps for the first time in history, Shitagi has made ballet accessible to everyone, and drawn exciting parallels between such distinct art forms as classical dance and contemporary parkour. Feeling inspired, #TeamSB chose London’s Southbank to shoot much of the AW14 collection, offsetting this season’s statement pieces like the Off Beat Dance Leggings and Parkour Sweat Hoody with the bold and busy artwork spray-painted on the concrete walls of the undercroft. 

London Southbank Parkour Hoody

Like Shitagi, Tamara continues to push the boundaries of both fashion and fitness, and to encourage wellbeing enthusiasts around the world to think differently about their workout – and what they wear while doing it. Shitagi has been cited saying that location in his photographs is secondary to the ballerina. Personality is at the heart of the Ballerina Project, and at the heart of everything Sweaty Betty does is the customer, complete with her own distinctive personality. By equipping you with a choice of fashion-forward workout wear for every discipline, #TeamSB hopes you have everything you need to bring your personality to the fore. ]]>
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5 reasons you need to buy thermal /blog/5-reasons-you-need-to-buy-thermal/ /blog/5-reasons-you-need-to-buy-thermal/#comments Mon, 13 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/5-reasons-you-need-to-buy-thermal/
Thermals for outdoor training
Mecia wears Fleece Earwarmer, Element Windproof Gloves, Orbital Down Gilet, Tension Training Top, Compression Distance Run Tights and ASICS Gel Fuji Trainers

1.    Thermal is a technical masterpiece, available in ultra-flattering designs. 
‘I love the Pulse Training Top. The merino fabric feels amazing and keeps me so warm while wicking away sweat so I don't overheat. As well as being technically impressive, its seam lines are really flattering.  I always feel confident when I put this on for an outdoor workout!’ Lisa, Outdoor Training designer 

2.    Thermal gives your everyday wardrobe an update, too. 
“The Competitor Run Hoody in Neon Peach Blossom is my favourite. This is a great all-day or pre-workout piece as it keeps me warm before my training and has a very soft, cocoon-like feel thanks to the brushed back fabric.” Mathilde, Workout Core buyer  

3.    Seasonal prints keep Sweaty Betty's thermal pieces as fashionable as they are functional. 
“I absolutely love the Body Map Thermal Run Tights, perfect for my early morning run now the autumn weather is here. The soft brushback fabric isn't too hot because mesh panels at the knee give just the right amount of ventilation, and the reflective piping and printed inserts give a nod to the seasonal Camo Floral print.” Charlotte, Sports Luxe and Dance buyer  

4.    Thermal symbolises the return of the hoody. 
“I really love the Escape Luxe Jumper in the Italian fleece, which keeps me warm for everything from my morning commute to before and after my workouts. We've been using this premium fabric for 16 years because it generates so much warmth without adding bulk. And it has an amazing slouchy hood/collar, which I can pull right up when it's extra cold! The contrast colour sleeves give it extra urban edge, too.” Laura, Yoga and Dance designer 

5.    Thermal delivers outerwear and hand warmers in one. 
"My favourite thermal item is the Orbital Down Gilet. Its lightweight down insulation is perfect to keep me warm on cold runs along the River Thames and early morning outside bootcamp sessions. The hood protects me from the elements and the zip pockets keep my hands warm on the walk home." Sally, Ski and Run Statement junior buyer ]]>
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Welcome to Morzine: Sweaty Betty's iconic Winter 2014 shoot location /blog/welcome-to-morzine-sweaty-bettys-iconic-winter-2014-shoot-location-/ /blog/welcome-to-morzine-sweaty-bettys-iconic-winter-2014-shoot-location-/#comments Fri, 10 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/welcome-to-morzine-sweaty-bettys-iconic-winter-2014-shoot-location-/

A hidden treasure contrasting against the urban jungle of nearby Avoriaz, the rustic town of Morzine in the French Alps was the perfect backdrop for Sweaty Betty’s new Winter collection. A suspension bridge hangs over the pretty town, a spectacular architectural structure amid a stunning Alpine landscape, which set the scene perfectly for shooting the urban-inspired collection. 

Sweaty Betty’s Creative Director Tamara found this unusual scene courtesy of close friends Olly and Emma who run the Mountain Mavericks chalet experience and regularly take clients on tours of the lesser known back trails (scroll down for top tips for a stay in Morzine by Olly and Emma). Tamara knew it was the perfect spot for the Winter shoot when on her very first visit she spotted several runners wearing Sweaty Betty thermal leggings. 

This is a neighbourhood that’s active year round. From the outdoor Parkour run park that complemented many of the Winter collection’s most urban pieces to the Olympic sized pool and ice rink, the people of Morzine emulated everything Sweaty Betty stands for. Empowerment through exercise. Defying the elements in the name of personal achievement. Staying social while keeping fit.
So it was here in this winter wonderland that Team SB tested each run and ski piece, exploring Morzine’s winding roads and legendary pistes. All the while, clear blues skies and perfect powder snow were in constant contrast with road signs and other urban influences. Rather like the outfits sported by Sweaty Betty’s models during one of our most majestic shoots to date.
  Morzine Mountain

Experience Morzine with the Mountain Mavericks

1.    The Stash in Avoriaz is a great area for practicing tricks. Built by Burton, The Stash is built with 100% natural materials.
2.    The Paika restaurant in Les Gets is a truly lovely spot for a respite, which is off the beaten track. You will find La Paika in the Le Turche area of Les Gets on the Vorosses piste.
3.    The Kinkerne by the Prodains lift serves some of the best Vin Chaud in the area and is a great stop on your way home from Avoriaz.
4.    For an off-skis workout, the wooded pathway down by the Dereche is a fabulous place to get running with natural, wooden exercise stations to mix up your session!

Want to book a holiday with the Mountain Mavericks in Morzine? Enjoy an exclusive 5% discount when you use the code SWEATYBETTY at the time of booking. 
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Introducing the Winter 2014 collection: Tamara's top picks /blog/introducing-the-winter-2014-collection-tamaras-top-picks/ /blog/introducing-the-winter-2014-collection-tamaras-top-picks/#comments Thu, 09 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/introducing-the-winter-2014-collection-tamaras-top-picks/ The latest installation of Sweaty Betty’s Autumn Winter collection is here, with ski and outdoor running enthusiasts in for a real treat. Creative Director Tamara tells us what winter training demands inspired the collection, and how her favourite pieces will help her stay fit and feel confident through the season. Plus, we give you a first look at some of the amazing images we captured in Morzine while shooting the collection. 

What differentiates your winter training regime? 
I love the more extreme elements of exercise and the pride that comes with overcoming the outdoor conditions. There’s also something special about training at night. When it’s dark my sense of awareness becomes even sharper, and I think it’s beautiful the way bright lights reflect off urban architecture. You’ll see that in the likes of the City Lights print on the Ultra Run Jacket

Are there any key winter activities that inspired the collection? 
I was hugely inspired by ski touring – climbing mountains without using machines. You need to be really fit, and there’s a real beauty in climbing where no one else is, then reaching the top of the mountain and skiing down through unbroken powder. It’s quite scary at times and really exhilarating! 

Tamara ski touring MorzineTamara and friends at the start of a day ski touring in Morzine. 

Describe your capsule winter wardrobe… 
Layers! It’s so important to keep your extremities warm and avoid any gaps between fabrics that could expose your skin. I’ll move away from no-show socks to long socks and Chaines Leg Warmers. Accessories like gloves and fleece headbands are essential. Most of my outfits consist of thermal leggings like the new Body Map Run Tights, a long-sleeved top and a gilet

Which new in winter product are you most excited to wear? 
The Avalanche All In One. When I first had the idea of modernising this old-school ski look, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be versatile or warm enough. But I recently wearer-trialled it in Morzine (read more about our shoot location on the blog tomorrow) and loved how secure it made me feel. It’s really sculpting and creates a flattering silhouette you don’t often see on the mountains, and with the right base layers you’re good to go for the whole day. I even wore it for ski touring, folding down the top half and wearing a sweat-wicking base layer plus a merino or fleece top beneath.   

Tamara Sweaty Betty Uphill Ski Jacket

Tamara wears the Anon Wren Ski Helmet, Uphill Ski Jacket and Downhill Ski Pants

Sweaty Betty Avalanche Ski All-In-One
Mecia wears the Luxe Knitted Bobble Hat, Anon Majestic Ski Goggles, Avalanche Ski All-In-One, and C Zone Powder Mittens

Tamara Sweaty Betty Orbital Down GiletTamara wears the Hypo Glisten L/S Top in Neon Peach Blossom and Orbital Down Gilet]]>
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You're invited: SB Meets SBC /blog/youre-invited-sb-meets-sbc-/ /blog/youre-invited-sb-meets-sbc-/#comments Wed, 08 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Sweaty Betty /blog/youre-invited-sb-meets-sbc-/
SBC’s name has also been a hot topic of conversation, polarising opinions and provoking some people to question the message it sends out. But whether you love or hate the name, SBC stands for the very same principles Sweaty Betty prides itself on: empowering women and making fitness fashionable. 

SB Meets SBC

Now you can judge SBC for yourself, by attending an exclusive event at London’s Ace Hotel on the 25th of October. There will be a full-body conditioning class, coaching by SBC founder Russell Bateman, goodie bags and more. Plus, Sweaty Betty social media fans can enter to win £250 worth of new season kit and a bespoke SBC training package! Just follow @sweatybetty and look out for details coming soon. Click here to sign up now.  ]]>
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Tamara's scrapbook: Iconic shoots for SS15 /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-iconic-shoots-for-ss15-/ /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-iconic-shoots-for-ss15-/#comments Tue, 07 Oct 2014 00:00:00 +0000 Tamara /blog/tamaras-scrapbook-iconic-shoots-for-ss15-/ After absorbing the English park life in Gunnersbury Park in London, Sweaty Betty’s Creative Director Tamara was excited to seek out a serene Swiss location to capture the other half of the SS15 imagery. Then it was straight back to London to the celebrity-frequented Holborn Studios on Eagle Wharf Road to shoot the season’s most fashion-forward looks. Here she shares her perspective from behind the lens.

Badi at Lake Zug

I chose Lake Zug in Switzerland because a friend was sending me weekly text messages of her training sessions on the Badis (decked bathing areas) at Walchwil, while she was training to be a yoga instructor. Everywhere you look, you’re immersed in a kind of silver light from the sun reflecting off the lake. I especially love this swimwear shot, with the model dangling her feet from a diving board.

Lake Zug swimwear

We also shot in these incredible on-site teepees, where our yoga-loving model felt right at home. Afterwards we enjoyed eating from the earth with healthy dried teas, home-grown vegetables and locally reared meat.

Switzerland Teepee

Much of my inspiration for the Spring Summer collection came from my time at Wilderness Festival this August. It was a surprisingly holistic wellbeing experience with 5K runs through the woods, wild swimming in the lakes, meditation and foraging (as well as crazy outfits and dancing in the Valley at night). You can expect to see a lot of these festival elements come across in next year’s edgiest pieces. The mood of our London shoot is nicely summarised by this "flash tat" and this bracelet I bought in Ibiza against the popular Neon Floral print from the current Autumn Winter collection.

SS15 Press Shoot

And guess where this is? Even back home in London, there is beautiful nature to take in at every turn. Holborn Studios overlooks the canal, helping us to draw parallels with even the most rugged beauty we found in Switzerland.

Eagle Wharf Canal

The Spring Summer 2015 collection will arrive in-store and online from January 2015. We’ll keep you posted with all the launch details right here! ]]>
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