Sweaty Betty

Using only the most innovative fabrics and garment technology means Sweaty Betty remains at the forefront of functional, performance-enhancing women's activewear.

Grown without pesticides, this all-natural, biodegradable and sustainable fabric is the ideal choice for yogis.



Perfect for flowing through asanas and inversions, the fine fibres make it soft and smooth to the touch.

Crafted with micro gaps in the fibres to make it highly breathable, bamboo absorbs moisture quickly to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.


100% opaque

The interlock jersey technique features two threads layered one on top of the other; making the garment 100% opaque for full coverage during Downward Dog. As the 100% opacity comes via the knitting technique rather than the density of the fabric, the garment is still lightweight.


The natural fibres of the cotton make it an ideal choice for yogis.


With a soft, brushed feel and high-stretch capability, this fabric fits snugly to the body, flowing smoothly from asana to inversion.


The Sweaty Betty design and buying teams created this exclusive cotton composition in order to deliver 100% opacity in a soft, natural fabric.


Bonded technology involves gluing the seams together (rather than stitching) to prevent chafing and improve comfort.



Bonded in hot temperatures, the adhesive melts into a strong, durable seam that will stay secure during even the toughest of training.

Bonding the seams using this technology means the fabric becomes fully reversible.



Patented by Italian company Eurojersey, this fabric features a high Lycra content for unique elasticity allowing a greater freedom of movement during workouts.

The manmade fibres are smooth and matte, providing a delicate fit against the skin.

Allowing air to circulate between the fibres, the wrap-knit construction wicks moisture from the body for extra comfort.


The open structure of the fabric means it is quick-drying; ideal during high intensity training or warmer weather.


The Dedicate Luxe Vest will be available in September

The Garden Luxe Trousers will be available in September.




Seamless garments are engineered by weaving the fibres into one circular piece of fabric, which is then constructed into a slim-fitting, lightweight garment.

This form of garment engineering means there are no uncomfortable seams to cause chafing or irritation to sensitive skin.

Seamlessly-engineered garments feel softer and smoother to the touch.




Naturally thermal, the Merino fabric regulates body temperature to ensure the wearer stays warm without overheating.

Merino fabric's capability in wicking sweat from the body makes it perfect for base layers.


Biodegradable and sustainable, this natural fabric used by Sweaty Betty is sourced from farms with high animal welfare standards, certified by New Merino.

Natural and antimicrobial, this fabric is a superfine wool sourced from Merino sheep. Odour resistance means fewer washes and a longer-lasting garment.




The integrated silver ions that make up the innovative Q-Skin fibres prevent antibacterial build-up, allowing skin to breathe and remain odour-free.

To ensure the product stays fresher for longer, the silver ions are designed to release gradually, preserving the unique features of the fibres over a longer period of time.

The silver ions are embedded into the microfibre during the knitting process, making the fabric hypoallergenic.

reduces lactic acid build up

reduces muscle fatigue

The Compression-made fabric pulls muscles tighter together during exercise to keep the lactic acid at bay, enabling the runner to stride faster and further.

Each time a runner's foot hits the floor, the muscles vibrate from the impact – an effect known as oscillation. As a major contributor to muscle fatigue, garments crafted using Compression technology reduce the oscillation effect to improve overall performance.

improves circulation

As the name suggests, garments crafted using Compression technology compress the muscles during workouts to increase blood flow and circulation. By feeding more oxygen to the muscles, performance is enhanced.

improves recovery time

The Compression-made fabric stops the muscles from swelling and aids circulation to help the muscles repair more quickly.


elegant drape

ultra warm

This world-class Italian fabric is crafted in a unique hybrid of cotton and fleece, making it luxuriously soft and smooth.

The composition of the fabric means the garment creates a beautiful, flattering drape.

Naturally insulating, this fabric ensures warmth in colder weather.

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