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At Sweaty Betty we send out millions of catalogues each year and want to ensure the use of this additional paper in our business is sustainable.  Therefore all catalogues are made from certified FSC paper. In 2011 we  even discarded the plastic wrapper on the catalogues and find that they travel in the post just fine without them.

doing our bitCore value #5: practise what we preach
At Sweaty Betty we like to practice what we preach and everyone working here is a sports participant which we try to encourage. From Yoga in our office on Wednesdays to being part of the cycle to work scheme which allows everyone a tax free bicycle to travel to work on.

plastic no thanksBags for life
However hard we try, we cannot seem to get plastic out of our business entirely. The latest in our battle to become greener saw the introduction of 'bags for life' across all boutiques. Complete with bold, bright colour ways and a series of motivational quotations splashed across the side, they are certainly an upgrade. Other initiatives include a change from plastic to wooden hangers and plastic to recycled paper bags in 2004 as well as a continued effort to reduce all accessory packaging.

saving energy
Saving energy
We want Sweaty Betty boutiques to be beautifully illuminated to highlight our stunning product but without burning holes in the ozone layer. In 2004 the introduction of timers in all boutiques meant product shone in the day when it needed to and no energy was wasted overnight. 

creating new jobsKeeping Small Businesses Alive
Enzo and Allesandra live in Italy where they run a family fashion business. Sweaty Betty first stocked their product in 1999 and over a decade later we continue our annual visits to their network of Italian cutters and seamstresses. We strive to achieve relationships with suppliers that are mutually beneficial and hope all of our suppliers become long-lasting friends like Enzo and Allesandra.

We believe diversity breeds creativity and prevents complacency. That is why we enjoy working with people from all corners of the world. Our highest count to date is 19 different nationalities working together at Sweaty Betty, fortunately everyone speaks English. The next thing we need to work on is our girl to boy ratio which currently sits at 50:1, watch this space...

creating new jobsCreating new jobs
Did you know small businesses account for over half of the jobs in the UK and generate almost all the new jobs in the UK economy, according to the Office for National Statistics. We are pleased to be playing our part and especially proud to have created over 250 jobs from scratch since Sweaty Betty was founded in 1998.

giving backGiving Back
Giving back is at the heart of Sweaty Betty and goes hand in hand with our purpose: to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness. We give back to the local communities around our boutiques by hosting over 50 free fitness clubs each week. We also hold free Guest Instructor Evenings every month, where fitness experts impart their knowledge to our loyal customers.  We are earning our place within our local communities as a reference point for well being.

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