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What is SUP DOG Yoga? Jessica Bellofatto answers our questions...

posted on Thursday, 8th August 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness
Having arrived in the Hamptons a week ago, the Sweaty Betty Road Show is picking up the pace. The Road Show team will be joining forces with Jessica Bellofatto, founder and director of Kamadeva Yoga in East Hampton for a SUP DOG Yoga class.

We caught up with Jessica to talk about SUP DOG Yoga and why she loves it so much.
Tell us about SUP DOG Yoga and your background. How did you discover it?
I have been a yoga teacher and practitioner for close to twenty years. I began paddling six years ago, and I remember thinking when I started that the wide, long surface of a stand up paddleboard would be a perfect yoga surface. Since I was doing a lot of tiring distance paddling, it felt completely natural to sit down on the board to rest for a bit, which organically transitioned into yoga postures!
Why is SUP DOG Yoga so great?
First and foremost, I love the added challenge of practicing yoga postures on an unstable surface. It requires a higher level of concentration, breathing awareness and focus in general. The other thing I love is being in nature, especially on the water. There is no better feeling that lying in Savasana with your hands off the board, skimming the surface of the water.
What are the benefits of taking SUP classes in addition to regular yoga classes?
SUP classes really test your yoga practice. Often people rely on their flexibility and 'hang' in their joints. If you do this on the board, you fall in. You truly have to engage your muscles, draw energy to the midline and then extend out into space.

What is your favorite time and place for SUP DOG Yoga?
Early morning and sunset are my favorite times to be on the water. The light has a magical quality, the water is at its glassiest and it's just spectacular.
What are your favorite poses in SUP DOG Yoga?
Headstand and Wheel.

What inspired you to bring your SUP classes to the Hamptons?
The Hamptons is my home. I live here full time and raise my children here, as well as own and run a yoga studio year round. We have a short summer season, so I’m grateful to be on the water and in the sun and call it work! I also teach SUP and YOGA retreats in Rincon, Puerto Rico several times a year with Gina Bradley, owner of Paddle Diva – doing SUP DOG Yoga in the crystal Caribbean waters is a special experience.

When you are not teaching SUP, what other workouts do you do? 
Everything! Surfing, running, biking, swimming, and of course yoga on land. If I am forced indoors, then TRX.
If you’re in the area, join the Road Show team for a class.
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