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Training in the F f f freeeeeeeezing cold!!

posted on Monday, 29th November 2010 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
Hello!! How is everyone finding the cold cold weather? No snow here yet- we had a flurry on Friday but no real snow! What is it like where you are? I'm wrapping up warm in training! I have been wearing my Sweaty Betty Control leggings in training... I love them! They are so comfy, flattering and most importantly WARM!!! I have them in grey, black and have just got the raspberry colour, they are brilliant.

I am now in week 4 of my new strength based programme and am feeling a lot better than last week. I was shattered last week! Since I started it, I have felt more tired than usual but despite this my training has got better and better! I can feel (and see) changes in my fitness, strength and body shape and have achieved P.B's in a few areas too! I went to the Alexander Stadium last week and was a guinea pig for a force plate test. Force plates are used by lots of athletes to measure and monitor their strength and can be used in different ways- I did an isometric pull which is where you pull a weight (which is too heavy to move) as hard as you can, pushing your feet into the floor. I did manage to lift the 200kg though!!! It was really interesting and it showed that I was able to pull over 4 times my body weight! 

I need some advice!! Does anyone have the Ascics GEL-KAYANO 16 or the GEL-KINSEI 3 trainers? I am looking at getting a pair but just wanted to see what they are like!


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