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This common problem could be affecting your health & energy levels...

posted on Wednesday, 12th May 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

I have been researching parasites... And before you think that doesn't affect me, read this.... Here's the high level...

If you eat meat, if you eat raw food, if you travel to countries with mosquitos, if you drink water, if you breathe, if you drink coffee, even if you walk bare foot on the ground you can be assured you've got them... Some health practitioners believe that worms are at the root of all health conditions, so whether you are ... carnivorous, raw, vegan or vegetarian, you prob have them too.... Get this - coroners report that they find them in not some, but ALL autopsies.... my non-scientific discovery and summary is this: they like us, we feed them, they are everywhere in the universe, and it seems like if you are alive you probably have them too... BUT heres the good news, you can get rid of them - And here's how.... Do a parasite cleanse, take garlic, drink apple cider vinegar & during the cleanse get morning colonics and start rinsing all washed fruit and vegetables in guess what? Apple cider Vinegar!!! Another wonderful use for ACV! IN love and light, from my heart to yours, many blessings xxx

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