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The Mince Pie Workout

posted on Friday, 11th December 2009 | find under 


CHRISTMAS is but two weeks away and I don’t know about you but I haven’t quite achieved the perfect equilibrium of fitness to festivities! Today, I managed to buy a lot of those ‘awkward’ presents (you know the ones I mean) and a squeezed in a bracing run before heading out to find something suitable to wear for Sunday night’s ‘Carols by Candlelight’ service I’m singing in.  Successful balancing you’d think?  Except that I have yet to sit down and eat a meal today, it’s all been grazing … tut tut, not very good on the old digestion or energy levels.

So, I thought, if some of you, like me, are struggling to juggle shopping, workouts, Christmas eating (Christmas drinking), Christmas activities, a mince pie workout could be just the thing to help.

Is it possible to transfer the tips and techniques we use for our regular January to November workouts, to December workouts (aka Christmas shopping trips)? More specifically, can we burn enough calories in one shopping trip to cancel out a mince pie?

And before I have the nutrition purists camp shouting at me, we all know it doesn’t quite work like this but hey – we’ve got to chill out and have fun sometimes!

Very Important Mince Pie Statistics (VIMPS)

According to www.thatsfit.co.uk, the number of calories in a shop bought mince pie can range from 270 to nearly 500 … gasp! So - and sit tight for the high level statistician in me now - let’s split the difference and average it out at 385 calories, ooh and of course we need to factor in a cheeky glass of champagne (90cals in the average glass). So how can we burn off 475 calories in our super shopping mince pie workout??

Shopping Basics versus VIMPS

Let’s say the average post-work Christmas shopping trip lasts 60 minutes. According to the Mince Pie Calculator (yes there is one - provided by www.walkingworks.org.uk) a 10 stone person walking for 60 minutes at a slow pace would burn an average of 145 calories, which isn’t going to get us far with the VIMPS. Crank up your speed and you could burn 337 calories in an hour, so get moving!

Special Mince Pie Workout Booster

“We still need to find an additional 138 calories,” I hear you cry. According to Australian nutritionist Matt O’Neill (www.smartshape.com.au ) caffeine before a workout (we’re talking shopping workout here) can help you to burn an extra 30% more calories. And research from the University of Utah found that exercising in the cold burned an extra 7% of calories.  So make the most of the cold snap, grab an espresso en route and you could turn your 337 calories into 462 (we’re rounding up here).

And finally … scientists at the Mayo Clinic discovered that chewing gum burns up to 11 calories every hour. So we’re at 473 and we have fabulously minty fresh breath. What about the final 2 calories? Leave the crumbs.

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Meliuli on The Mince Pie Workout
By Meliuli - 28th September 2010
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