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The body

posted on Tuesday, 29th December 2009 | find under Fitness

One of the hardest things for people to understand is how much your body matters when you are in training. When your body is your tool to success your physical frame quickly takes on a role of significant importance. Almost every desicion that you make is weighed up against the effect it will have on your lifeform. I choose my breakfast based on the activity that i have done that morning and what my muscles are screaming out for and not what i fancy. The afternoon slump that most of us experience is made even tougher when your glycogen levels are depleted following a 6am pre work run. Train stations that i pass through on various shop vists are subconsciously graded based on the availability of post training snacks and my bag is less gucci and more squirrel friendly nut carrier. It takes a lot of understanding from friends and loved ones to be around you when you are in training. This is something that i am aware of not only as an athlete but as a bystander to athletes. A training timetable often takes presicent over a social one. A teetotal lifestyle can be a stark reminder of others wishes to indulge. An early night tucked up with triathletes world is a "good night in" to very few people. It can be a lonely and solitary existance at times and the younger you commit the harder it seems. I am grateful that i not only work in an enviroment in which sport is accepted and understood but that i have close relationships which respect my goals and within which i can often find training solice.

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