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Tamara’s scrapbook: Active family time in California

posted on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 | find under Tamara, Travel

Among the principles at the heart of Sweaty Betty is an emphasis on inspiring youth to exercise and sending positive messages about strength and wellness from a young age. As a mother of three, this is especially important to Tamara. And on Tamara’s most recent family holiday to LA, it was clear her children adopted her view of nature as a playground for active living. Here she shares some of her holiday highlights…

Tamara Hill-Norton holiday Venice Beach

Tamara's daughter Daisy enjoys a sunset cycle along Venice Beach in the Jiva Yoga Playsuit

Wellness as a family pursuit

“I grew up in an active family. We were always skiing, sailing and playing tennis together. We used to joke that whoever we married would have to pass the "volleyball test” and prove they were prepared to step up to the net during holidays. Being healthy was just a way of living, and we didn’t view it as an effort. This has definitely influenced me today and I try to pass this outlook onto our kids. When we go away, we try to do things together as a family and make healthy choices a part of their everyday life.

“When we got to LA, we couldn’t wait to sample the incredible fitness studios and everyday activities loved by locals. My daughters came out of Soul Cycle feeling on top of the world, and were so sad it doesn’t exist in the UK (yet). They’re already planning on going to Psycle London with their friends to chase the same euphoric endorphin rush.

Sweaty Betty LA surfing

Tamara's daughters Daisy and Honor enjoy the surf                                     

“Surfing was another major highlight. Riding the waves is so addictive and we could all do it as a family so we kept going back for more and bonding in the ocean. Admittedly I had some catching up to do with my kids!

Sweaty Betty Core Power Yoga LA

“I was personally excited to get back to Core Power Yoga in Santa Monica, where they have a great retail boutique within the studio. Sweaty Betty is being stocked in a few of their outlets and it was an amazing feeling to see the new season product looking so beautiful within such an inspiring space. The class was great, and wow was it hot! After a seriously sweaty yoga session, I felt completely detoxed and walked out with a virtuous clean bill of health.

True Food Kitchen LA

Tamara's daughter Daisy at True Food Kitchen, Santa Monica

“It’s so easy to eat well in LA, too. This ‘Inside Out Quinoa Burger’ was a popular option on the menu at True Food Kitchen, which was one of the many places we stopped for a healthy meal.”

Preview of Sweaty Betty in LA

“After getting a closer look at the laid back and effortlessly healthy LA lifestyle, I have renewed excitement and anticipation for opening our first West Coast boutiques in the next few months. It has always been my dream to expand to California as it perfectly embodies the active lifestyle we represent at Sweaty Betty. The weather and the endless fitness opportunities make it so easy to be active.

Sweaty Betty Venice Beach skate park

Tamara's children at Venice Beach Skate Park

“In fact, I am so drawn to the LA lifestyle that much of the new Tomboy collection is inspired by this West Coast home of wellbeing. Cool monochrome prints and plaids were everywhere – you’ll see traces of this in new season pieces like the Isolate Capris and Adrenaline Run Capris. Confident styles for the confident attitude palpable within the Venice Beach skate park. At Sweaty Betty we’re thrilled to channel the skater girl spirit and that nonchalant California style.”

Find out more about the new season inspiration, Sweaty Betty’s favourite wellness trends from the West Coast and our Insider Guide to Venice Beach. Follow us on social media for the latest news about our upcoming US boutique openings.

Windsor Ambassador
By Harriet Chettleburgh - 3rd September 2015
Great blog! Tugged at my heartstrings as I've family in this part of California and can't wait to take my own two children there to visit! Being active outdoors as a family is truly wonderful. I recently took mine (aged 7 and 9) swimming in our local lake - it took them outside their comfort zones (a few shrieks when they felt the weeds brush against their legs!) and they absolutely loved it! In October we're all going to Hawaii (I'm competing at the World Ironman Championships) and they'll both be taking part in the children's "Dip n Dash" race, where they swim in the Ocean and run along the beach. Before the summer holidays I spent a day at my children's school doing mini workouts for each class. We did Animal Moves (panther crawls, crab, bird dog etc) and it went down a real treat. So much we can do to inspire future generations...
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