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Tamara's Scrapbook

posted on Friday, 14th March 2014 | find under Tamara, Fashion , Fitness, Nutrition
Sweaty Betty's founder and creative director Tamara has her finger firmly on the pulse of what's hot in the worlds of fitness and fashion in London. Whether it’s trialling the latest classes, road-testing new activewear, or styling up the latest collections in her own, sports-versus-fashion way, each week we will be sharing the latest from Tamara's scrapbook.

Never afraid to speak her mind, Tamara's weekly blog will inspire, inform and sometimes spark a debate. This week, Tamara sweats it out at a new spin studio and has tickets to see Beyoncé live at the O2. 

Monday 3rd March: Run Club
Every Monday, 15 girls step away from their desks, pull on their trainers and hit the pavement. Our nightime run club is a weekly staple for the SB support team, and while we may all be firm friends in the office – come run night, it’s all about where you finish in the race. Today, our Harrods ambassador and ultra-marathon runner Annie brings her killer abs and motivational speeches to lead us on a 5K route along the Fulham Palace Road. Keeping up with this amazing athlete and beating last week’s PBs well and truly got the blood pumping! Annie continues the training by whipping us into shape with a hardcore abs session that leaves us destroyed.

Tuesday 4th March: Beyoncé Concert
I love a strong woman, so the chance to go and see Beyoncé live at the O2 was something I was never going to miss! Health-conscious Beyoncé and her athletic dancers looked incredible, and had such strength that it made the show even more dynamic than past concerts. She remained pitch-perfect song after song, not missing a single step of the energetic dance routines – and neither did I! Her stamina was inspiring, and just goes to show how hard performers have to train in order to last the night.

Thursday 6th March: Spin Class at Psycle
Thursday morning saw me heading to London’s Mortimer Street to try out the hot new spin studio Psycle. I cycle to work nearly everyday and love a good spin session, so I was intrigued to see the new concept that Psycle has launched in London.

Combining cycling with dance moves, hand weights and stability exercises, Psycle spin classes take place in a dark, disco-lit room to a pumping soundtrack. Basically, a dance class...in a nightclub...on a bike.

The studio is beautiful; the interior styling bright, elegant and welcoming, with the beat of the music creating an air of excitement and exhilaration. While I waited for my session to begin, another class was just finishing, and out walked the female instructor looking serene and composed, shortly followed by a group of ripped men, all looking completely exhausted. As I headed into the room, I wondered what I had let myself in for!

Putting my mind immediately at ease, however, was master trainer Tim Weeks. Tim worked with us back in 2012 on our Run Britannia event, and I knew he didn't suffer fools gladly. After explaining the format of the class and what to expect, we began spinning; moving from song to song with different workouts tailored to the beat, designed to work different body parts. My favourite was a series of ultra-challenging, ballet-style moves to tone and tighten the core. The 45-minute class was fantastic - tiring and tough yet fun and addictive. Afterwards, my legs, abs and arms felt heavy and achy, yet super energised too.

The showers at Psycle are also worth a mention. Stocked full of British brand Ila, I left the studio not only feeling amazing after my workout, but smelling it too! Quite the change from the average spin class, that's for sure.

Friday 7th March - Sunday 9th March: West Wittering
Like the rest of the British population, the news that the weather was going to be unseasonably warm this weekend prompted an immediate change of plans to ensure we would spend those heavenly two days off enjoying the great outdoors. For my family and I, this meant a trip to our beach house in West Wittering. It’s my seaside refuge from the city buzz, and we've been coming here for years; my husband going kite-surfing while my children and I take the dog for runs along the beach, followed by sunset sailing trips.

It was during one such visit to West Wittering that I found the inspiration for our current SS14 collection. Beach huts, nautical themes and competitive sailing numbers inspired bold prints and flowing shapes, while the stunning scenery and unpredictability of the British weather made it the perfect setting for our 'Against The Elements' photoshoot. I couldn't resist adding a few of my favourites from the photoshoot below.

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