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Sweaty Betty x Women Who Win

posted on Friday, 21st April 2017 | find under Behind the Scenes

At Sweaty Betty we are all about empowering females, not only are our clothes all designed by women for women but our support office is approximately 85% female. With this in mind, we were unable to resist teaming up with The D10 to host a 'Women Who Win' Networking panel. On a Thursday night in SoHo we brought together a community of fit women to discuss how The D10 and a love of sport can serve as a platform to grow your own professional network. Here's what went down.

the d10 and women who win
From left to right: Laura Placentra, Samantha Santaniello, and Sloane Klonsky

Who are The D10?

The D10 is a nationally televised athletic event to support pediatric cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). Consisting of 10 events (a 400m run, football throw, pull-ups, 40 yard dash, dips, 500m row, vertical jump, 20 yard shuttle sprint, bench press, and 800m run), this amateur event is not for the faint hearted. 

What did the event consist of?

To educate women how The D10 and other athletic platforms are underutilised tools that can assist women in moving up in their fields. The D10 can only be competed in as a team, so we were on hand to help build a new fitness community. 

What happened?

Three inspirational business women (and current The D10 competitors) Laura Placentra, Analyst at Citi Bank, Sloane Klonsky, VP at Morgan Stanley and Samantha Santaniello, Data Sourcing & Strategy Associate at Point72. lead a panel discussion about using sport as a springboard for success.

To ensure the event wasn't too serious, there was 45 minutes of shopping, drinks from Fit Wine and snacks from Health Warrior Chia Bars and Muscle Milk (always necessary) before and after the panel.

What did we learn?

We had to share a few of our favourite answers from the panel below.

Why did you get involved in The D10 and how has it impacted you?

Laura: It has greatly impacted me personally (physically and emotionally) and professionally. Due to the training and the strength you gain going through this process, you naturally gain confidence. You are getting stronger and doing things you didn’t think you could, which is so cool to see. This has translated to work as I am more confident going to meetings, approaching clients and colleagues, and also taking chances and risks.

Samantha: It has introduced me to a group of strong, determined, and amazing women. 

How have the relationships you've forged through sports benefited you professionally? 

Laura: Confidence has been the biggest change for me. I always thought I was confident and knew what I wanted professionally, but I have seen a significant change in my role and approach to the job after training and competing.

Samantha and Sloane: We all work in male dominated industries, and its amazing to be able to stand shoulder to should (or top of head to shoulder in some cases) with these guys and say “I can do 9 pull ups, can you?” its add a sense of comradery and respect that may have been hard to achieve in another way.

What does it mean to be a competitive female athlete both on the playing field and off?
Sloane: It's empowering! The female movement is really strong right now, so to be a part of something that aids in female strength and power is great.

To find out about future events at our Sweaty Betty shops please sign up to our emails here. Find out more about The D10 here.
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