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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...

posted on Tuesday, 3rd November 2009 | find under Fitness, Nutrition

So the race is done! And the above quote from a book about marathon running best sums up the race. I won't lie - this one really pushed me to the limit! But a day to remember for sure. It took me half an hour longer than planned (yep, I totally lost the plot at 16 miles...but kept running, however slowly!) but at least I made it!

Bigger than this was the experience. Here are my top 5 moments (over and above all the lovely well-wishing texts received in the build-up):

1. Central Park (the finish!) - how beautiful, crisp, cold and sunny and the place was lined with crowds willing us to make that last gasp to get over the line.

2. Meeting the amazing fellow runners on the way round. I was privileged to run with a Marie Curie nurse for a short part of the early course. He was too fast for me but a few of his stories will stay with me...

3. The bands playing along much of the route be it Brooklyn or the Bronx....they even sing your name from time to time if they see it on your tee-shirt! They keep playing even though Paula had been and gone 3 hours earlier!!

4. At 20 miles, I realised after 4 miles of self-doubt and pain, that I was actually going to finish the race, albeit more slowly than planned!

5. The chocolate milk energy drink handed to me by my sister-in-law at the end. One of the best recommendations I have ever had - pure nectar!!!!

There were low moments (at no stage did anyone mention what a hilly course New York is!), but I have done what I set out to achieve. The woman who couldn't run a mile without stopping in January, ran 26.2 (without walking or stopping) and with all the help and support of great friends, made some small contribution to a very worthy cause.......

What's next?! Any suggestions...?

Lisa on Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...
By Lisa - 28th September 2010
Well done ET, very proud of you. I have set myself two challenges for 2010 a bike ride and a run and I too cannot run a mile - probably not even for a bus. Your achievement has given me hope! Merry Christmas to you and all the other Betties xxx
nicola on Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...
By nicola - 28th September 2010
London and Paris marathon next year...?!?
yolanda on Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...
By yolanda - 28th September 2010
We are all so proud of you! I for one am looking forward to a mile by mile breakdown. Rest and relax now...hhmmm wonder what the next goal will be? x
Ida on Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...
By Ida - 28th September 2010
Well done!!!
simon on Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...
By simon - 28th September 2010
You are a legend. Unbelievable (unless of course you know you (grammar?) in which case it is no surprise you achieved it). And you never walked - are you serious??!!
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