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Pace & Go redefine 'Spring Clean' for Sweaty Betty

posted on Friday, 15th April 2011 | find under 
Guest Instructors Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon put new meaning to a 'Spring Clean' by dishing out a serious workout session.

What an awesome night! Jenny and Wayne (aka: Gladiators Enigma and Doom) arrived to the store full of enthusiasm and excitment, promising a class of hard core fun.

12 lucky ladies joined us at Sweaty Betty Kings Road for a Spring Cleaning fitness session. 

Wayne started the class with his "crazy warm up" and boy he wasn't kidding! We were sweating buckets after 10 minutes and very thouroughly warmed up.

Things got seriously hot with some intense core crunches with Wayne counting down the stomach toning reps while Jenny shouted instruction and encouragment.

They are the perfect hardcore training couple- incredibly fun, full of energy, passion and absolutely gorgeous! Very aspirational!

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