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Meet Susan Dyson. You'll be sculpting your body with her Hiitgirl workout for the next 30 days...

posted on Friday, 22nd August 2014 | find under 
The Hiitgirl workout is a central part of the 30 Day Sweat Challenge. On your challenge card you'll see that there are up to three, 30 minute high-intensity Hiitgirl workouts each week during the month-long challenge. Attend one of the free weekly, instore classes or find the online workout coming soon at sweatybetty.com/GetFit4Free.

Susan Dyson is the founder of this innovative and hugely popular workout method. Her studio is hailed as one of the best fitness studios in London and Hiitgirl is considered one of the best ways for busy women to workout; Susan’s short HIIT-style routines are specifically designed to blast fat and build lean muscle.
Sweaty Betty was keen to find out all about Susan’s background in HIIT and what makes up her weekly workout routine.

Susan Dyson, Founder of Hiitgirl
“I suppose I always been the typical cardio person. I used to run and swim competitively so I always found it easy to jump on the treadmill at the gym,” Susan recalls. “As I got older and busier I found most of the usual fitness advice about long slow cardio and 90-minute yoga sessions simply seemed unattainable - I didn’t have the time or the inclination any more so, 3 years ago, I sat down with my partner to investigate how I could spend as little time as possible in the gym and still get great results. The best solution turned out to be tough 30-minute sessions that combined interval training with balanced cardio and resistance moves for all-round fitness. It turned out that’s exactly what other women were looking for too, and so Hiitgirl was born.”
“With 2 children, 2 dogs and a husband, I need my workouts to deliver maximum benefit in the least amount of time! To do that, I try to concentrate on quality over quantity, starting with 3 tough Hiitgirl workouts per week. I can get so much done in each 30-minute session that I don’t need to worry too much how busy my week gets as I can always fit them in. When I have more time I also aim to do one running session plus a bit of quick yoga with a 30-minute Jagati session to help my somewhat poor flexibility. It’s also important to make sure there’s enough rest and recovery time between each tough session so I never do two Hiitgirl workouts without a day of rest in between.
Being active outside of exercising is also pretty important so I’m never without my activity wristband. It’s funny how addictive these apps can become and once you start to build up a few month of data, it’s really useful to see how what you do each day can have such a profound effect on overall activity.”

 Susan puts a Hiitgirl class through their paces

A typical workout week:
Monday - Hiitgirl - 40/20 intervals. Muscle and meta moves. Tough!
Tuesday – rest day
Wednesday - Hiitgirl - 30/30 intervals. Mainly meta moves.
Thursday – rest day
Friday - Hiitgirl - 30/30 intervals. Mainly muscle moves
Saturday - Jagati Yoga
Sunday - Run with the dogs – not always though, sometimes I need a relaxing Sunday!
Physical Therapist
By Elizabeth Ortiz - 31st August 2014
This sounds great. I work full time, 2 children, married, and 3 dogs. Time is sparse. This will work for me:)
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