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Listening to your body is the key....

posted on Friday, 30th April 2010 | find under 

Learning how to listen to our bodies is the key to living a happy, healthy life. Our bodies are our minds, and our minds are our bodies. There is a connection between the mind and the body; they are one. The body holds so much wisdom - imagine if we had to breathe ourselves or filter 1 to 1½ gallons of blood as many as 400 times a day passing through over 1 million tiny filters in the kidneys.... Imagine if we had to do that consciously?!!

Often from personal and professinal experience, I notice that when we stop listening to our bodies, somewhere in our lives we have stopped listening to our dreams. Our bodies are guided by our highest truth, they are guided by our hearts....When the mind and body are working together in balance we create health, harmony and balance in our lives...

No matter how long you have been disconnected from the inner wisdom of your body and your own inner knowing you can certainly start listening to your body right now... 

To be honest it's probably fair to say that everything you have ever heard about weight loss is a lie.... It doesn't have to be hard....  And it can be a whole lot of fun....

  • I love food
  • I love eating
  • I enjoy lots of yummy food all the time
  • I eat more now than when I was overweight

I lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for over 10 years....  Losing weight for good is not about deprivation in any way shape or form...Losing weight is a journey of transformation - a transformation of old thought patterns, behaviours & breaking old habits... I did it and I know that you can too...

We must always start with acceptance from where we are. Then secondly to make a decision about what you want to create and finally to make small, progressive gradual steps towards your vision. It is important that you not make massive, radical changes that are unsustainable...  If you can't see yourself eating and living how you are today, say in a week, a month, or a year from now, you are probably on a diet....  And we know that diets don't work...But making small cumulative changes in our daily habits do...... When we set ourselves up internally for success, miracles happen in our external world (God, the Universe, nature, Law of Attraction, Angels, Guides - basically whatever you believe in) provides all that you need to be successful in creating your vision..... Don't be surprised if the right information just comes to you in the form of incredible people, opportunities, mentors, specific books falling off your book shelf, signs, messages, intuition, all these things will start to "miraculously" appear in your life....

When the student is ready, the teacher appears....

If you want to transform your health, and/or your body,  I know that because I did, you can too.... you can create your dreams, whatever they may be.... You can create a life that inspires you....

In love, health and prosperity,

Katrina x

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