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LA trip days 1 and 2

posted on Monday, 15th February 2010 | find under 
Honestly, you wouldnt believe how many people wear our sort of kit all day every day.

day 1

I am here in Lala land to make sure we are keeping up to date with what is happening in the  activewear centre of the world.  Honestly, you wouldnt believe how many people wear our sort of kit all day every day.  It helps that the beautiful weather and being by the beach is a huge reason as to why everyone is mad keen on exercising here.  You cannot blame the weather EVER for your laziness.  It is 25 degrees .. oh well, maybe you could claim it is too hot...

Not so us, we are up at the crack of dawn (jetlag rather than over-zealousness really) to get our bit of exercise in.  Yesterday we ran to the beach - we are staying in Santa Monica about a mile and a half away from the beach - in order that I could do an anusara yoga class at Lululemon Santa Monica. It was well and truly packed and full of american LOVE, it being Valentines Day.  It was also HOT and sweaty.  Most of the girls there were wearing Lulu, so I think i looked quite different in my signature sweaty Betty fluoro sports bra and seamless tights and cami.  Fly the flag, of course.  Simon carried on running to Venice Beach to check out the beach action there - loads of paddleboarders, skateboarders,volleyball players and the normal runners, dog walkers etc on the boardwalk.  Packed.  In February!

Bit of celeb watching during lunch at Chateau Marmont ("french" castle hotel up in West Hollywood) - Nicole Kidman celebrating a birthday lunch with some friends next to us.

Shopping at Robertson Boulevard.  Amazed at how many british brands are there now: agent provocateur, all saints, reiss, ted baker.  Funnily enough, most of the American brands are available over in the UK.  The American's speciality is their cotton and super soft finishes.  Vince, Splendid, James Perse and Velvet are all experts at it.

Day 2

Waking up a bit later now...6.30 am as opposed to 4 am yesterday.  head downstairs for breakfast from Urtth Cafe - amazing pastries, fresh strawberries, granola and millions of different types of tea.  Decide to go for hike/run up in the hills.  Drive approx 8 miles north of santa monica to Topanga State Park to run along a ridgehead up there.  By 9 am it is already hot and we are sweating after 10 mins.  There are snow-covered mountains to the east and beaches to the west.  Wow, this is a fab place to be.

We go to the Malibu shopping centre next.  It is the type of place you expect to see Jennifer Aniston and sure enough, in the new AMAZING James Perse store we are in the fitting room next to Marcia Cross (Bree from Desperate Housewives).  This is another v cool shopping place, jeans brands like Earnest Sewn have opened their first store outside of New York, there's 7 for all Mankind, Juicy couture and the most amazing foodstores selling cupcakes on steroids, the tastiest sandwiches in the world and awesome salads.

In the evening we meet up with some yummy mummies from Brentwood who are into their power yoga and tell us where to go for the best yoga and clothing to look at.  Everyone in LA who is into their yoga is a devoted follower of teachers, not a type of yoga or place...the teacher is key.  We are having supper at this cool hangout R&D kitchen in Montana and there are a few empty stores nearby.  We are tempted...

nicola on LA trip days 1 and 2
By nicola - 28th September 2010
What is anusara yoga?
Seema on LA trip days 1 and 2
By Seema - 28th September 2010
how exciting!
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