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Keep going!!

posted on Monday, 8th March 2010 | find under Tamara


So........ I had my last injection today and I am now allowed to weight bare around the house now. I had a really good hydrotherapy session in the pool and really felt like I had progressed so much since last week! I had pretty much full movement too which is really good and I managed a fair amount of weight baring whilst doing small squat jumps in the pool which I am really pleased with. It's really good actually, if any of you are experiencing knee pain whilst exercising the pool is definitely the way to go to maintain your fitness and strength. I started the session with small squat jumps with my whole body in the water and then moved it up so eventually I was squat jumping in hip depth water. Still a way to go but definite improvement! I did squat jumps, squats into calf raises and single leg squats too. I use the pool to stretch out as I have been on crutches so I need to keep the leg moving and as stretched out as poss.

Went to the Bath Half Marathon yesterday to support my boyfriend who was running his first half! It was a great atmosphere, lot's of fantastic supporters and enthusiastic runners all working hard. I really liked how it included everyone from novice runners raising money for charities to the pro's (who were incredible!). I think the top male runners were probably running the whole course at a pace which was probably as fast as my sprint haha! I enjoyed watching and Matt did well and enjoyed his first run! Well done to everyone who ran yesterday!

Would be happy to pass on the exercises that have been helping me to you if they will help with your training, just let me know!!

It's off to the gym for me now.... :)

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