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jivamukti yoga and urban vitality bootcamp

posted on Monday, 14th February 2011 | find under Tamara, Nutrition
Went to jivamukti yoga on kensal Rd last week. It was great, rammed full - our mats were cm apart - reminded me of LA yoga classes. We chanted at the beginning for quite a while and were encouraged to devote our practice to small living things around us, like ants and spiders.  Worryingly, I couldnt remember coming across an insect in the last few days! The yoga then moved from being spiritual and meditative to really energetic and flowing, very like power yoga. Felt fantastic and very sweaty afterwards.  Weirdly at exactly the same time as my yoga class, Simon in New York was meeting a new ambassador for us who is a Jivamukti instructor.
Had our product strategy day at the park club on tuesday which culminated in a great bootcamp session in Acton Park, taken by John from Urban Vitality. It was sunny and felt like spring. He was nice and not at all scarily military, but put us through our paces. Am feeling really achy today - even yoga yesterday hasn't helped to stretch me out.

Power yoga session and spinning class last week were the busiest I have seen them this year.  Perhaps the sunnier weather has started to inspire people to get exercising??  maybe people have started to sign up to summer events and competitions.  
Progress on my new years' resolutions:
Headstand still wobbly, but practiced forearm stands on Wednesday too
Running is out of bounds as I'm doing physio for ITB knee but hopefully that won't last long
Boxing - have bought my 4 year old son some pads and gloves as he's really into it! Am looking into seeing if I can get an instructor to teach us and some friends down on the beach at the weekend. That would be nice wouldn't it? 
I havent yet signed up for a triathlon this summer, but am continuing to cycle and swim especially as I cant run at the moment 
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