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It's the Final Countdown ...

posted on Wednesday, 21st July 2010 | find under 

SO it's here!  The final week of your four-week body blitz.

Have you made it?  Have you stuck to it? If you have, fantastic.  Here's an electronic pat on the back and a massive hug to boot.  Has it been really tough?  You've actually quite enjoyed it really haven't you?  There's nothing that gives me a buzz more as a trainer than seeing the rosy glow in a client's cheeks who has got totally hooked to that fabulously fit feeling.  Hasn't happened to you yet?  Perservere, it's worth it.

It's funny but this week has suddenly seen everyone's exercise motivation kick into action.  Statistically gyms have relatively low membership uptakes in the summer months but I've always found that summer is the time people want to get in shape.  I've had calls about training, classes and queries about getting in shape from all angles this week. Maybe it's the fact that (and I hate to say this but) August is nearly here and therefore we only realistically have two months of summer remaining to show off those sexy, toned bods.

What I suppose I'm trying to say is, that if your four week blitz didn't go quite as planned, it's never too late to get into a fitness regime. Maybe it's time to question your lifestyle. Set a fitness goal (the Adidas 5K is coming up in September) or do a friend a favour and ask if you can train together to help motivation.

And if you're looking for some last minute quick fixes, what to do in just a few days to help you look your loveliest and most beautifullest ever here's the low down:

  1. Cut out the wheat - so sandwiches, pasta, wheat-based noodles. And if you absolutely have to have carbs, make it small amounts of rice or potatoes (but the fewer the better if you want the best results).
  2. Cut out the yeast - that means bread but it also means WINE and BEER!  So skip the post work drinkies for one week in favour of a brisk walk in the evening sunshine, or better still, get your work buddies to join you for that walk.
  3. Cut out the refined sugars - now I know that you are a true goddess of pure-eating but if perhaps you tend towards the afternoon sweet-tooth fairy now is the week to kick the habit.  Believe me I know how hard this is but it will be worth it (your skin will love you for it too).
  4. Cut out the fizz-factor - It's a wind making machine and it's either full of sugar, fake sugar (in my opinion even worse), or fruit sugars in high doses. If you're in need of a sweet drink hit you could switch your can of pop (love that expression) for some diluted fruit juice or coconut water which is great for rehydrating the body.
  5. Cut down on caffeine - it will increase your water-retention and the bloat factor. If you really can't quit (you don't want to wind up with a monster headache and huge detox zits for your big event) then minimise and stick to having it early in the day with lots of water to wash the toxins away.
  1. Eat more dark green veg - they are fabulous for your bowels and will help prevent bloating in the long run. That said, you may want to avoid fart factor foods like cabbage and broccoli the day before your event ;-)
  2. Eat more oily fish - I know you know but as well as being great for your skin it'll help your bowels (as above).
  3. If you do get gassy, try peppermint tea or warm water to help flush the unmentionables through your system.
  4. Get out and about!  Run, swim, walk in the fresh air, especially on the morning of your event if you can.  It will give you a lovely rosy glow.
  5. AND FINALLY - after all of your hard work given yourself a little talking to about how wonderful you are, how clever your body is and just how beautiful and special you are. Smile, stand tall, pull your shoulders back and enjoy yourself.

Until next time .... x



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