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How to Get Pippa's Posterior ...

posted on Thursday, 5th May 2011 | find under Fitness

YOU may have noticed that Pippa Middleton's bottom has been subject to public scrutiny ever since she followed big sis' down the aisle last Friday.

Since then, I've read a number of 'how to get Pippa's bottom' articles from various trainers suggesting everything from taking the stairs to mind control ... ?

I'm afraid to break it to you but whilst Pippa does have a fabulous figure, those kind of super slim, just curvy enough to not look boyish, just toned enough to not look scrawny figures are not created by any diet or gym class.  And no matter how many sets of stairs you take, if you weren't born with Middleton'esque genes, Pippa's bottom will always remain on Pippa and not on you (good for Pippa - she'd be in trouble otherwise).

Far from wishing to distress you all with this news - which I should add is entirely my opinion, backed up by a good few years of experiencing bottoms and being something of a bottom shaping expert when it comes to personal training and Pilates (just in case a royal libel case should ensue) - I am writing to share with you an amazing fact, that EVERY BOTTOM CAN BE BEAUTIFUL.  And that rather than trying to change your shape with fashions, which will more than likely result in years of disappointment, I'd encourage you to embrace the shape of your bottom and make the most of it.  Be it large, small, sticky outy, flat, square or even a little droopy, get thine arse into a gym and work it baby!  MAKE YOUR BOTTOM BEAUTIFUL.

My top 5 bottom toning exercises:

1. Deep squats with proper weights (don't even look at those fairy weights - most girls can out squat men in the weights room);
2. Step ups with a barbell - try 20kgs on your shoulders stepping up onto a weights bench;
3. Single leg squats - start with no weight trying to sit up and down from a chair or bench on one leg;
4. Sprinting up hills - a great all round leg and butt toner as well as a cardio, calorie burning blast;
5. Squat jumps - as you jump, squeeze your glutes and progress to squat jumps with weights.

Proper Weights..
By TOTKat - 9th May 2011
Great to see a post pooh-poohing "fairy weights" - love it! Squats rock.!
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