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How to Burn off a Chocolate Egg

posted on Tuesday, 6th April 2010 | find under 

I trust you all had a fabulous and eggylicious Easter weekend and hopefully managed to get lots of beauty zzzz's following last week's sleepy blog.

All that rest feels great but holidays can muck up your circadian rhythms and leave you feeling a little sluggish.  Add to that too much choccy egg eating and even a fit girl can be forgiven for feeling less than bouncy.

So beautiful Betties - I am here in my Fairy Godmother capacity today getting back to basics.  How can we burn off all those extra, eggy calories?

If you've been following me for a while, you might remember my Mince Pie Workout with all its Very Important Mince Pie Statistics (VIMPS for short).  Well this is VIMPS the return.  How to avenge the Easter Bunny's chocolate curse with only a four day week to play with.

So we have our egg.  I'll be using my lovely hubby's Green & Blacks, butterscotch egg as our example here (all very scientific). One 180g milk chocolate (with lots of lovely crunchy bits) egg, cracks the calorie scales with a whopping 985 kilocalories ... ouch!

985 calories sounds painful but let's break it down.

Listen to your body: All of us has a natural body fat set point.  Get above this by over-indulging and your appetite will naturally drop, get below this and you'll be ravenous and your body tries to store everything you eat as fat.  So if you've over-indulged don't panic. Listen to your body. Have a few lean days (just make sure you don't go longer than 4 hours without food). Over a four day period, cutting back on a skinny latte and a couple of digestives every day is a saving of 1000 calories = one chocolate egg.

Get your runners on: I know that you know that running is good for you.  According to www.runnersworld.co.uk a 130Ibs person running 10 minute miles will burn 98 calories every 10-minutes.  So 25 minutes of gentle running every day = one chocolate egg.  If running isn't your thing then walk (it's not rocket science).  According to www.goodtoknow.co.uk, brisk walking burns on average 360 calories per hour. So 40 minutes of brisk walking every day = one chocolate egg.

Try a Body Attack or RPM class: If you don't have enough time for four workouts this week, an energetic class like Body Attack or RPM will get those endorphins going as well as burnng bumper choccy calories.  According to www.lesmills.com, just two classes = one chocolate egg.

Do some gardening: No I haven't suddenly gone all Alan Titchmarsh on you BUT the sun has come out and there is planting to be done. It could be a trip to the local garden centre; mowing the lawn (or offering to do someone elses); or planting some salad and herbs ready for summer months.  According to www.goodtoknow.co.uk gardening burns up to 300 calories per hour.  So two 25 minute runs + a brisk walk to the garden centre + an hour of gardening = one chocolate egg.

Happy Days!

More calorie burning efforts coming soon.




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