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Free to run wherever...

posted on Saturday, 20th February 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

I have mainly done sport for competitive reasons. As a young athlete I wanted nothing more than to be a cross country skiier. This automatically relegated me to bottom of the cool list...snowboarders get Oakley and  Quicksilver- me I got pebbledash effect lycra and a balaclava. When I came to England to do my GCSEs my dad pushed me to trial for the GB cross country team (competition not too fierce) but instead of following my little dream i decided that i just wanted to fit in. Being in a new culture and place with new people and a language was more thann enough without having to explain a lycra suit and the joys of Langlaufing. The next sport that i embraced was boxing and i grabbed my pugialist dream with both hands. Nothing would get in my way this time!

This has meant that i have trained only to train. Every run i have done has been in preparation for a something. Every meal i have eaten has been noted in my head and worked out in terms of fuel. I know the exercises i need to do to maintain the correct muscles to do the job. I have never done a spinning class, never been to aerobics, never used the weights at the gym. I have a specific and exact training scheme that has worked for me, in my sport, with my body. I didnt need to diversify and if i had it may have proved detrimental. When a sport is so tightly ingrained in your life the joy of trying something new is always outweighed by risk of injury and the safety of the old fashioned tried and tested. I trained purely to get results.

I lost my motivation for a a week or two post boxing retirement. I had bad pneumonia and was in and out of the hospital before going to shops. Luckily my mojo (and lungs) are back and along with it a new found training freedom. This week i have done Power Yoga twice. I even faced my fears and went to a public class. I have got myself a swim coach and will learn to swim (or float at least). I am doing my first spin class and Arina and myself are doing Power Plates together in Harrods. Next week will be kettlebells and more yoga. Alex and me will do bikram at a great studio in Cape Town in April. Yesterday I boxed with Charlie and for the first time in ages i laughed when i messed up. I left feeling amazing not disappointed with my mistakes and conscious of my need to improve.

Tomorrow...well tomorrow will be a good old fashioned run. The first long run after recovery. Whats great is that for once I am not doing it because i have to but simply because i really want to, and that is motivation enough for me.

shan on Free to run wherever...
By shan - 28th September 2010
go Yolly go! after reading this i went out in -4F with snow falling and ran a lap around my neighborhood. keep going to yoga! shan xxx
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