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Finding your Fitness Fun

posted on Friday, 15th January 2010 | find under 

THE snow is finally thawing on my hill in South East London.  Finally I could get out for a run today. 

  • Trainers on? CHECK.
  • Thermal layers on? CHECK.
  • Gloves on? CHECK.
  • Ear warmers on? CHECK.
  • Feeling good Betties? CHECK!

It may have been a mere twenty minute lap, squeezed in before I forged on with my Friday to-do list but the rush of fresh air to my brain, skin and lungs was such a winter tonic.  And minimal as it might be in January, I felt I absorbed a tiny bit of that precious Vitamin D for my efforts.

I'm fortunate to enjoy being active - I believe that the human body is designed to move and most scientists would agree with me!  However, I have my de-motivated days as much as the next person.  I also know how to design an effective, periodized training programme and I don't need to be convinced that interval training is the most effective way to get fit and stay in shape.  There is however (in my opinion) little to beat the feeling of being outside, come rain or shine, jogging freely through a park, up a hill, or down the road.  At this time of year, the cold air gives you a free facial as blood rushes to the surface of your skin.  And don't even start me on how great it is for your thighs and bottom, not just in toning the muscles but as the cold increases circulation it can have a dramatic effect on any of that unmentionable, bumpy, orange peel.

Clients and class participants often tell me sheepishly that they should train in the gym but hate machines.  Or they should get on the cross-trainer but it bores them. 

What's really important when it comes to getting fit and staying in shape is that you find something that you enjoy!  For me it's a round of golf, or some brain processing time whilst I run around the park. For others it's their favourite Pilates class of the week or the latest release of Body Attack. It could even be walking or secretly working out in your living room with a fitness DVD.

Yes, do the effective stuff!  Especialliy if you are on a fat stripping programme or training for an event but try not to lose sight of the fun stuff.  The key to making an exercise programme stick is in finding something that you enjoy and then unashamedly relishing every moment of it.

So Betties ... Trainers on? 

And whilst you're doing that look out every day next week for my uber goal setting tips.


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