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Exercises for long, lean legs

posted on Monday, 4th July 2016 | find under Fitness
Swimwear season is nigh, meaning the quest for long, lean legs is ever present. Looking to tone your lower half? Our ambassadors have shared their favourite exercises for toned pins. Your shorts will thank you.

Christine Sundt, Kings Road 

ambassador lean legs chrissie
Christine wears the Jive Dance Capris

Sit on a mat or the floor with legs long leaning in a slight diagonal backwards with the arms set in a low ‘V’ behind you and resting on the fingertips. Extend and slightly rotate your legs so the heels are inwards and the toes are separated. Remember to keep your abdominals drawing in and up and retain gorgeous posture with wide collar bones and a long spine throughout!
1. First start with 10 leg lifts, lifitng the right leg up to a high diagonal and lowering to hover just off the mat, take two counts to lift and two counts to lower.

2. After completing this complete 10 little pulses right at the top of your range trying to elongate the leg with every pulse

3. Then completre 10 tiny circles outwards then 10 circles inwards.

4. Finish with 20 pulses to the ceiling with the option to lift the arms off the mat into a high V position, befor shaking out the legs and repeating on the left side.

To find out more about Christine visit ChristineSundt.com

Sheena Jongneel, Montana Avenue, Los Angeles

ambassador long lean legs sheena

Set up: Lie on your back, hand palm over hand palm behind your head. Bring one leg straight up to 90 degrees, the other hovering above the ground.
Technique: Twist the torso to the opposite elbow reaching towards the knee. Scissor switch the legs and twist to the other side. Repeat 8-10 times

Find out more about Sheena at UpRiseWellness.com

Sam Eastwood, Richmond

ambassador lean legs
Sam wears the Sunrise Tank and and Kicker Run Capri

1st position heel raises for long lean legs! These are one of my favorite leg (and actually bum) move ever!  So easy to do and actually you can do it anywhere even while brushing your teeth!

1. Externally rotate the thigh bones so the back of the thighs are heading towards each other and feet follow into 1st position (facing outwords to ten and two o clock).

2. Standing with your feet in 1st position, inhale your belly in and come up onto your highest high heel possible really planting the big toe into the floor. 

3. Now walk the heels together so they're touching.

4. Still squeezing the back inside of the thighs together, bring the arms up, pull the belly in again not letting the heels come apart.

5. Move slowly down to the floor on an exhale. Inhale back up to the high heel and repeat. You'll really start to feel all the muscles in the legs working!

Find out more about Sam at SamEastwood.com

Harriet Chettleburgh, Windsor

ambassador long lean legs
Harriet wears the Athlete Vest

A great leg and glute strengthener, the squat jump requires no equipment and can be done anywhere! Works the quadriceps, hamstrings, gastrocenemius and soleus (all legs!) as well as the gluteus maximus and rectus abdominis. 

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and squat down as if you were performing a regular squat (weight on your heels, chest up and shoulders tall). Engage your core and jump up into the air explosively. Land with control and lower the body back into the squat position. Repeat and aim for 12-15 repetitions in total. Be careful to land with control and if you experience any knee/joint pain stop immediately.

Find out more about Harriet at TheRightFit.co.uk

Claire Watson, Bath

ambassador lean legs claire
Claire wears the Chandrasana Leggings

This move engages your hamstrings, quads, and glutes in one move. Trust us, you're going to feel this.

Stand in a sumo position with feet slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart, toes pointing out, and your weight on your heels. Squat down slightly. Shift weight onto left leg and press back up to standing, bringing right foot off the ground and right knee up toward chest. To help with balance, imagine that your left leg is firmly rooted in the ground like a tree trunk.

Find out more about Claire at BathYummyMummies.co.uk

Melody Davi, Madison Avenue, New York

ambassador lean legs melody
Melody wears the Santa Marta Leggings

1.  Start standing with left leg forward/slightly turned out and towel/slider/paper plate under right foot. 

2. As the left knee bends (keep your knee stacked over the ankle), reach  the right leg to the left corner behind you (looking as though you are giving a curtsey)

3. Stand back upright, bring right leg out to the right side.

4. Continue lunging slowly on the same side for 1 min, then repeat on the other side and repeat this three times.

Find out more about Melody at MelodyDavi.com

Tash Wynn, Hampstead

ambassador long lean legs
Tash wears the Urdhva Leggings

1. Stand with your feet in a small ‘V’ shape, toes just a few inches apart and hold onto a chair if you need to. Lift your heels 2 inches off the floor, making sure your heels still touch.

2. Bend your knees to create a diamond shape between your legs, that’s your starting position! 
Drop 1 inch, and lift 1 inch, keeping your knees over your toes and your back straight - repeat 15 times.

3. Stay in the bent position, and press your knees out a little wider, working your outer thighs - repeat 15 times. 

4. Sink your tailbone all the way down to your heels and return back to the start position, nice and slow, repeat this 8 times.

5. Hold halfway down, and take tiny pulses for 10 final seconds of thigh lengthening and strengthening! Make sure to give your thighs a little stretch afterwards to encourage longer, leaner muscle development.

Find out more about Tash at DanceFlowLift.com

Rosalia Chann, Global Ambassador

how to get lean legs

1. Start on your forearm and knee. Make sure that the shoulder is in line with the elbow and the supportive knee in line under the hip. Extend the working leg and point through your toe. 

2. Moving slowly, lift the leg slightly past 90-degrees and pause for 2 seconds at the top so that you feel the outer glute and thigh. Lower down and repeat 12-20 times.

Find out more about Rosalia at ModelFIT.com

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