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Enhance Your Recovery!

posted on Wednesday, 16th February 2011 | find under Fitness
I love the feeling of a good hard training session- but I hate the after effects!! Over the last few months I have started using shake to help my recovery. I have started using a sachet of  For Goodness Shakes after most sessions. Its a carb and protein mix (3:1) and is designed to energise, rebuild and hydrate you after exercise. I am not a big fan of milkshakes but I don't mind the Superberry flavour! You can buy the sachets now- or yo can buy bottles from most supermarkets. Have a look at their website to find out more!


I have also tried the lucozade recovery bars. I'm not going to lie, most of them taste pretty horrible!! However, I don't mind the Lucozade Strawberry Oats flapjack bar. I also use this as a snack on competition day, before a heavy training session- or even as a meal replacement with a shake. I have found them in supermarkets before and its worth trying one out first as you can only order in bulk online.


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