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Destination Christmas

posted on Thursday, 15th November 2012 | find under Nutrition

With Christmas just around the corner, here's the story of how our beautiful festive windows came to be.

At SBHQ Christmas begins in July. Believe it or not before summer had even truly begun, we had were glitter spraying antique books, designing festive deer heads for our mannequins, making paper chain decorations and homemade snow globes from jam jars, printing custom made SB print tissue paper (and that's just for one store out of 30...), the list goes on.

The vision behind this years Christmas window was to set a Sweaty Betty 'Christmas at the cabin' scene, taking inspiration from the Adventure collection and extending the journey. After well over 600 hours of arts and craft sessions from our truly dedicated VM team, we hope the window displays are enough to get you feeling well and truly festive. Find your nearest boutique here and let us know what you think.
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