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Day 15: Anya's Challenge: Wall sits

posted on Friday, 12th September 2014 | find under 
As the Master Trainer of London’s most talked-about workout Barry’s Bootcamp, Anya Lahiri is the ultimate authority on sculpting and toning the female physique.

Challenging you to hold a wall-sit for as long as you can, Anya demonstrates both the beginner and advanced options in a video, plus reveals the benefits of her chosen challenge.

Anya wears the Training Over Tee GF4F, Upbeat Padded Bra in Neon Peach Blossom, Shakedown Workout Short

Why do wall-sits?
“Wall-sits are great as they challenge some of the biggest muscle groups in the body - the quads and glutes (butt cheeks). Doing this exercise means you are firing up big muscle groups and hence burning big calories,” explains Anya. “They are awesome for increasing muscular endurance in the legs and strengthening the muscles around the knees and the quads, which helps to prevent Runners’ Knee. The advanced option also works the inner and outer thighs and activates your hip flexors.”

Watch the video to take Anya’s challenge:

Anya wears the Athlete Workout Vest in Cut To The Chase Print

Now it's time to move onto the day 16 challenge.
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