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Day 14: Self-healing by Neom

posted on Friday, 12th September 2014 | find under 
You’re halfway through the 30 day GetFit4Free challenge and throughout these two weeks you’ve been making the time for mindfulness, as well as working up a sweat. By now you’ll know that even small changes to the way that you think feel and act can have a big impact on your life. Our second mindfulness challenge, from Neom Organics expert Emma Mills, is perfect if you’re short on time but still keen to exercise your mind.

 Model wears the Grace Legging and Virasana Yoga Bra.

The mid-way self-healing exercise
This is a meditative, five-minute challenge that has been chosen specifically for mid-way through the 30 day challenge. When you are busy going from A to B  to C without a break, it’s vital to give your body and mind a little time to rejuvenate.
This exercise involves focussing on a healing ball of white light. Over the five minutes you’ll allow it to restore your energy, motivation and health from the inside, out. It’s a perfect pick-me-up for half way through the challenge. Use half-way through the day to keep your mind on track too.
Use this skill for the second half of the 30 days, to rebuild your energy and avoid all other distractions in reaching your goal. It’s also a great way to release any old nagging doubts and bring in a fresh sense of focus.

How to do this exercise?
1. Sit in a safe and comfortable place, eyes closed. At this point I like to light the Real
Luxury Neom Candle; using essential oils give me a greater benefit from this exercise. Set a timer for five minutes on your phone.
2. Imagine that there is a large ball of positive white light floating just in front of you.
3. Notice that, as you breathe in naturally, you can take in fresh new air, from that bright white ball of light and as you do, it brings a good feeling.
4. As you breathe out, anything old and unhelpful comes out of you and goes into the ball of light. Notice that as you breathe out, this old energy is transformed by the ball of light, back into healthy bright light again.
5. Spend a few moments just naturally breathing in and out. You will begin to notice the scent of the Neom candle here. Continue to imagine, or visualise that the fresh bright white light can travel down through your nose and throat, into your lungs, down each arm, gently moving down into each area of your body bringing you into a state of relaxation.
6. You might even imagine that the white light is coming in and cleansing you from the inside out, using your mind to imagine all the cells in your body just being refreshed, cleansed. Out with the old, in with the new.
7. Give yourself as much time as you need, remembering some parts of the body might feel like they need more cleansing than others.
8. Continue until the time is up or you reach a natural ending.
9. Thank the ball of light and imagine that it can float somewhere near you, where it can live for now. The next time you need a little healing you'll close your eyes and your ball of light will be right there ready and waiting.
10. Now your mind has had a chance to just be, you can begin to embark on the next set of challenges.

Calgary's sugar free challenge 
Today is the seventh day of your low-sugar lifestyle - congratulations for sticking to the plan! Hopefully you've enjoyed the recipes and can feel the benefits of going sugar free - you can now incorporate the recipes and food swaps into your future food choices.

Here’s one last simple recipe for your repertoire.
Avocado on gluten-free toast
Serves 1
1 ripe avocado
2 slices toasted rye bread
Dried chilli flakes
Pinch of salt, optional
Drizzle of olive oil
Squeeze of lemon
Slice avocado flesh into cubes. Add on top of toasted rye bread and smooth with knife to cover surface. Add pinch of salt and dried chilli flakes for added flavour. Drizzle some olive oil and squeeze some lemon on top to finish it off.

In celebration of the 30 Day Sweat Challenge, Neom Organics is giving you the chance to win £500 worth of prizes. Visit the Neom Organics website to find out more and enter. 

Now it's time to move onto the day 15 challenge.
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