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cycling in the snow

posted on Tuesday, 30th November 2010 | find under 

My top tips for what to wear to cycle to work in the snow:

  • thin base layers, especially good in bamboo (like our Sweaty Betty glisten top) as it is warm and snuggly but will also wick away sweat
  • Sweaty Betty's all-weather jacket with the hood up under your helmet
  • waterproof trousers.  most are unattractively voluminous and are not very breathable.  Our designer is working on some slim-fitting ones for next year with zips all the way down the legs for extra ventilation
  • SB fleece headband to keep your ears warm
  • SB fleece neckgaitor to keep your chin and cheeks warm
  • ski goggles
  • sheepskin mittens I find the warmest - (celtic sheepskin company)
  • best boots ever from UGG, waterproof and so warm.  Adirondack tall I think they are called:

alternatively you could just wear a warm coat , look attractive and get the bus.  but that's a bit like giving up isnt it?!

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