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Crisis Manager OR Proactive Pioneer?

posted on Thursday, 25th March 2010 | find under 

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." [Pilates]

LAST weekend I had the pleasure of getting stuck in to some more Pilates training.  Whilst I love my weekend time outs, training is so important for keeping me inspired and giving me the tools to be the best that I can for my clients and class participants.  But most importantly, I've got all curious again.  Reading. Researching. Exploring. 

One of the fundamental concepts of Pilates exercises is that through regular practise, you can get your body and physical health to a place where it is better able to cope with the demands of modern living.  Our bodies have not yet evolved to cope with desk jobs, warm houses, technology and pollution.  Mr Pilates argued (as early as 1934) that through his exercises, everybody could get their bodies back to 'normal health'. This is not a state of trouble-shooting health problems and injuries but of complete health.

"Not even the medical fraternity as a profession really understand the natural laws of life as applied to normal living, hence the reason for that profession's failure to benefit civilization by proper teaching of health control." [Pilates; Your Health; 1934]

Now don't get me wrong. The NHS and medical profession today do a fantastic job under incredible pressure and constraints.  But it is often about trouble-shooting and crisis management and I'd argue we've become normalised to this culture when it comes to our personal health. We go to the doctor if we have a problem. We see a physiotherapist when we have an injury.  But what can we do or who should we see if we want to prevent a problem?

Through my classes I encounter so many people who have been advised to do Pilates by a health professional because of an injury.  Or their muscles have got so tight that they cause pain, so they come to Pilates.  Or they've gotten a little more rounded than they'd like to and so want a trainer to get them back to svelte-loveliness.  In fact the majority of people who start Pilates or training do so to fix something.  Fortunately, they then get hooked and stick with the habit for life.

So I have a call to action for you this week: Where in your health or life are you crisis managing where you could be proactive?  Do you have muscle soreness or tightness that you'll only fix when you pull a muscle?  Do you have frequent pain from tension that you're putting off sorting until it becomes chronic? 

Be a pioneer like Mr Pilates, take control of your health for yourself and be a glowing health report rather than an over-worked, over-stressed, must-try-harder Betty.



Danielle on Crisis Manager OR Proactive Pioneer?
By Danielle - 28th September 2010
Hi Karen, Thanks for the message about the show. I was asked to present there by the organisers. Hope you are wellx
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