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Change it up a little!!

posted on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010 | find under 

Now call me an optimist, and feel free to kill me if it rains tomorrow...but we have had two days in a row of blue skies!!  Woot!!  You may have noticed that even your boss is in a good mood, truly, a little sprinkling of sun puts even the nastiest of ogres into good spirits!!  So anyway, on my commute in this morning I sat there thinking up all of the fun exercise I could do:

a) Outside, cos I'm not going to get drenched (and yes I have heard of April showers, but this is England, and we've just had two days of blue skies, so in my mind, it's officially summer!!)

b) In the evenings, cos it's getting lighter!! Double woop!!

c) On my lunchbreak, cos again I'm not gonna get drenched!!

Whilst again my spirit might be a little assumptive, and it may now rain until Christmas, I'm striking whilst the iron is hot!!  When it's nice outside girls, one must sieze the day...carpe lunge-us (an actual word, promise!!)

So get your thinking caps on!!  We're at the beginning of the month, so you can get some new training goals together. They could be big, like competing in your first race, or fabulous small steps like taking the stairs instead of the lift.  Either way sweeties, Spring is certainly on its way (depsite my pretending it's summer...it's summer in my head anyway!!)  Yep, Spring starts officially on March 20th, so how about putting an extra spring in your step in anticipation of a new season!! 

So what's it gonna be?  Walking home for part of your commute?  Getting out and about for a brisk 20 minutes at lunch?  Or doing a little park circuit when you get home?  Whatever it is girls, nows the time to get that bod in gear!!


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