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Breathe to Boost Energy...

posted on Monday, 29th March 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

Stop. Notice. How are you breathing right now? Did you know that one of biggest health problems is lack of oxygen to our cells? It has even been suggested that if a cell is deprived of oxygen for even just 48 hours it can mutate. And we don't want that - no, no, no!!! So the best way to get some oxygen into your body is proper breathing - you don't even have to go to a yoga class, a pilates class, or a gym class - just sit and breathe deeply right now into your beautiful lungs... feel the air fill you with energy, open your arms, expand your lungs, expand your life, and breathe! Smile..... Know that your breath really is your life line, it is more important than anything else in the world; more important than money, than water, even than food...... Om shanti...  www.katrinahealing.com

Katrina on Breathe to Boost Energy...
By Katrina - 28th September 2010
Yes, wow, that's so interesting.... I met a man recently who shares his secrets for health success. He has 2 major success tools for longevity - living raw food and breathing. This man was 58 years old, yet looked no older than 40 years old! Such a powerful testimony to the power of food and breathing...
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