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Boring but important

posted on Wednesday, 7th October 2009 | find under 

13M people expected to be affected by obesity in the UK.  2% of train travellers get to the station by bicycle in the UK compared to 33% in the Netherlands. 

Both of these statistics were in the same edition of the Times last week.  We are doing our best to inspire women in the UK to become more active and the challenge is a big one. 

Here is what the Times said: 'It costs the NHS £4.2BILLION a year to treat diseases caused by obesity.'  'Many of the diseases could be reduced by a more active lifestyle.' 'A parliamentary select committee said in 2004 that it costs £886 per head of population a year to provide what amounted to a national sickness service whereas "we spend £1 per person a year on sports and physical activity which could actually prevent a lot of that sickness"'. 'The Government will announce today that it is creating 10,000 additional secure cycle spaces aat stations as part of a commitment to "put cycling at the heart of transport policy"'. 'The Department for Transport has set a target of getting an additional 2.5 million people cycling regularly.'

I wonder if we could get cycle racks put outside each of our shops?  Where to start on that one?

Simon, MD

TJ on Boring but important
By TJ - 28th September 2010
The Chiswick store is already one step ahead there, with 2 cycle racks outside the store which are almost continually in use. To compliment the fab new cyclewear what about running some basic cycle maintenance classes so your customers are confident they can keep their bike in a safe and workable order for the daily commute or the weekend ride and can also carry out simply tasks like changing a tyre so they are not stranded halfway home with a flat tyre. I'm sure there are many who would have happy to pay for something like this. Also are we going to see some of the Bettys in the Sweaty Betty cycling gear doing the London to Brighton this year??
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