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Are you eating enough?

posted on Friday, 14th May 2010 | find under 


•    Precious amino acids and building blocks of life.
•    Heavenly low fat appetite regulator.
•    Fabulous blood sugar stabiliser.
•    Elixir of youth.
•    Staple diet of athletes.
•    And better than any beauty product for strong nails, healthy hair and skin.
But typically, today's diet industry still focuses on cutting calories rather than getting to grips with nutritional balance. 

So are you getting enough and are you getting enough of the right stuff?

A study by Professor Adam Carey (famous for ITV's Celebrity Fit Club as well as being a nutritional advisor for Maximuscle and many national sports teams) published in this month's Functional Sports Nutrition Journal, picks apart previously accepted RDAs for protein as a little suspect and on the whole, too low.

Current guidelines for girlies are 0.8g of protein for every kilo of weight.  So say a woman weighs 60kgs that's 48gs a day.  This pretty much works out at a chicken breast, one egg and a latte.

However, I'm going to assume that most of you reading this blog like to move your bodies, stay in shape and generally lead pretty active (and hectic lives).  The recommendation for training adult females is from 1.2 to 1.5g protein daily per kilo of weight. That's more like 72 - 90gs of protein a day, which is more like 2 chicken breasts, 2 eggs, a yoghurt and a latte. The higher protein requirement is to maintain lean muscle tissue and help with repair and recovery between sessions.

And I'm really sorry veggies but you cannot get the amino acids you need to support training and muscle repair from nuts and pulses alone.  Amino acids are the building blocks in protein that help to grow or repair muscles and cells. Meat and eggs are the best sources of protein for training girlies with fish coming in as a close contender for top spot.

What's a girl to do?

In a nutshell (excuse the pun).  If you are training, moderately (or indeed pregnant or recovering from an injury or illness), aim for 3 protein based meals a day.  That means cereal alone in the morning is just not going to cut it - but then I know you know that already.  If you are vegetarian then I'd strongly recommend you see a nutritionist who can advise you how best to support your healthy body without having to consume a free range farm's worth of eggs every day!

And of course - enjoy your food.  If you think you might be low on protein and are struggling to stabilise your appetite you will be amazed at how quickly increasing your protein intake will stop your appetite in its tracks.

Until next time .... Karen x


vikki on Are you eating enough?
By vikki - 28th September 2010
An excellent article, it's hard to get out of the calorie counting mindset but I'm working hard on getting a balanced diet.
Meliuli on Are you eating enough?
By Meliuli - 28th September 2010
As always, I love the article! You couldn't explain it any better! It's not so much about the calories... after all, the most important is having a balanced diet Smile
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