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Amy Guy Guest Instructor Interview

posted on Wednesday, 25th August 2010 | find under 

What is your future goal?

I train for the Modern Pentathlon which consists of Fencing, 200m freestyle swim, show jumping, 3k run combined with pistol shooting. I’ve competed for team GB horse riding and have competed for Wales in athletics previously. My goal is to make Team GB for the 2011 summer season in the Modern Pentathlon and to compete at the 2012 Olympics. GB are very strong as a nation at the Modern Pentathlon so competition is tough, but I’ve set my goal and will do everything in my power and ability  to try to achieve it. For me sport is about competing, and this involves setting yourself achievable targets and about pushing yourself to your physical limits.

What is your power song?

I always listen to music when I’m training in the gym or if I’m on my 5k endurance run. It really helps me get in the 'zone' and free my thoughts from things going on around me. I have a mixture of songs on my iPod shuffle, but I will let you know a few of them. The others are a secret!

•    You raise me up - upbeat version
•    Against all odds - upbeat version
•    Don’t stop believing - Journey
•    Mr Brightside - The killers (I actually ran 2 complete marathons running with just this one song playing on repeat!, it keeps my running strides in time)
•    Eye of the Tiger
•    Footloose

What is your favourite time to work out?

I work out/train in the mornings from approx 7.0-8.30am and then in the evenings at approx 7.0-9.30pm. There are advantages and disadvantages for training in the morning. Training in the mornings gets me started for the day; it boosts your metabolism throughout the day and makes use of those hours that would normally be unproductive. However you are less mentally alert in the early morning so I try and do my technical training in the afternoons or early evening as this not only improves my performance but also it reduces the risk of injury. Also exercising too early can cause serious sleep deprivation over time as you are not getting your full 8 hours depending on what time you go to bed.

Describe your Guest Instructor night

My next Guest Instructor class will involve using Kettle bells, Swiss Balls and Medicine balls and will focus on performing Dynamic core strengthening exercises. Core strength training may be a relatively new, buzz term in the fitness industry but athletes have understood its value for many years. The core region consists of far more than just the abdominal muscles. In fact core strength training aims to target all the muscles groups that stabilize the spine and pelvis. It's these muscle groups that are critical for the transfer of energy from large to small body parts during many sporting activities. Core training should be incorporated into your normal exercise program so that you reap the benefits while still meeting your other training goals. You can do this by integrating core training into a warm-up or cool-down, or into the body of your exercise program. We will combine classic core exercises with cardio movements so that the participants will get a great over body workout. Most of the exercises can be performed in two ways, standard and slightly more challenging with a progression movement which means the class will cater for all fitness levels.  Quite a few of the exercises will performed with a partner which always makes the evening fun and spirited!

Provide a tip on how to get fit for free

Use the outdoors as your gym! I love training outside whenever possible - the fresh air makes those though cardio sessions much more bearable. Parks offer great training areas, park benches can be used to perform a whole variety of movements - triceps dips, lunges, and elevated press ups. Open grass areas can be used for sprint drills and many parks have 'pull up bars' which you can use to perform hanging pikes or leg raisers. Just be careful about the surfaces you will be using, make sure benches are dry as wet slippery wood can result in nasty accidents and make sure the ground is even before you start performing any sprint drills etc. Rabbit holes are a nightmare and will give you a severe ankle injury if you are unlucky enough to put your foot in one! And always make sure you have a few layers with you when training outdoors, you may lose a few layers when you are mid workout and your body warms up but you don’t want your body to get a chill during your cool down or return home.

Call our Kings Road 125 store on 020 7349 7597 to book a place for Sept 28th 2010.

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